An average Weekend League for Tony Pulis FC

hahaha this is class. i hope you get that weghorst sbc

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hahaha this is class. i hope you get that weghorst sbc


How do you head so well? Any manual settings or timed finishing?


This! I did dzeko sbc for my, mostly, serie a side but I don't use him because I can't utilise his heading like I want to. I can be 6 yards out, all alone with an open goal and my header will still end up closer to the corner flag than the goal.


Headers are manual this year, so unfortunately it is literally just a case of aiming better. It took me a while to figure out as well though, because I was used to just aiming for the corner flag whenever I wanted it towards the corner of the net.


Maybe I should be more specific here, I am not talking about the direction. More the power and the height. Even with TOTY Ramos I get weak headers.


Try hold LB+RB when heading for a downward header.


I do that and just head it into the floor. Constantly.


Same here my headers go anywhere but towards goal ffs 😂


You might be timing the jump badly




It depends on if it’s contested or not. If it’s an open sitter and you press the button too early it’s pretty easy to fuck up the header, I’ve done it quite a few times this year lol. I had Werner jump and literally miss an open net header completely once. Like didn’t even touch the ball because I pressed it too early lol. As for contested headers I’m pretty sure both players at least go up automatically but I still try to time it like it’s an open header. Here’s also a vid on the contested ones https://youtu.be/oytCWmXRP4o


Just for the record, this is absolute bullshit. I saw this dude saying this a while back and started tracking and have countless mechanics on clips of perfectly aimed headers going off to Mars.


Well you still have to consider shooting accuracy, heading accuracy, composure, shot error etc... so it's understandable if they are going a few yards wide whilst aimed perfectly at the corner. But if they are going miles wide then that isn't the game.


Yeah, you're full of shit and my 6'2+6'3 both 99 jumping 99 heading acc strikers aren't failing because of their stats, and I can literally see the arrow for where I'm pointing.


I mean I don't know what to tell you, I use Dybala and I have no issues whatsoever. But it is literal fact that headers are manual, that is not something you can debate.


I don't need to debate it, I can look at the fucking mechanics indicators and see that what you're saying is absolutely not true. Like you might have been able to pass this off as reality prior to the mechanics indicators being there, but when we can watch the shit frame by frame and see exactly what happens, everybody can clearly see when you're just flat out full of shit.


Can you provide me with a clip so I can see your headers? Like I said, if a header goes yards wide then that is normal (and unfortunately you can't really control height, other than doing downwards headers). I'd genuinely like to help you out, but I'd appreciate it if you weren't so aggressive


... you control height with power, come the fuck on man and no I'm not wasting any more time on you at this point


I've got Dzeko and he seems to just never jump for anything. I had SIF Morata before and his 91 jumping is just outstanding


I’m finally in peace knowing that people using fullbacks at CB got what they deserved… thank you <3


Haha, came up against someone using TOTS Jesus Navas at CB yesterday. It didn't end well for him.


Flip me there are actually people playing a 5 8 RB with 50 strength at centre back


all about that pace abuse brother other stats don't matter to some people, they just see quick player and think they are a good player


Did you do Isak? Hes a god in the air


The best thing is when they move their keeper i always try to score directly from the corner and most of the time one of my tall players stands by the far corner and puts it in if it doesnt fall in directly


What Chemistry style have you got on Dzeko? Cause he never seems to be able to jump when I use him


Gotta be sniper for the +15 jumping. But even with that Weg and Ajorque are so much better in the air.


Cheers bro. I had SIF Morata before him and his 91 jumping was insane. Hope he gets a TOTS


Exactly the same as me haha Loved SIF Morata. So much easier to link than Dzeko too. Might actually go back to him after Serie A TOTS.


I paired him with 84 Muriel too. Unreal combo if not a bit sweaty


I absolutely love your videos. Out of curiosity, Where do you usually finish in fut champions?


Thanks. The highest I’ve got this year is Gold 1 but I usually just stop at Gold 3. Was 14-6 this weekend. 👍


By curiosity, why do you stop? Lack of time or rewards aren't worth it?


Bit of both. After playing Friday and Saturday night there’s just other things I’d rather be doing on a Sunday tbh (like making stupid videos like these haha)




Would complete in a heartbeat




Down votes on reddit are dumb in general. Just ignore them and make your point. I've never got the hang of headers, every time I try a early cross its straight to the keeper. But clearly some have picked up on how they work. Good for that crew for doing something other than sit deep and spam Bridge.


You only need to look at my downvotes on reddit to see that i agree with you


Take my up vote as a counter weight make


Especially on this sub lol. Fifa players who use reddit are a special breed.


For me the key is doing it during counter attacks and crossing it early to the other side striker making a run. My starters can't really head the ball but I sub Edouard in every game and his goals per minutes is on a completely absurd level compared to any of my other players. He plays about 25 mins per game and has about 60 goals in 80 games in d1 and wl. As a fucking sub. About half of those are headers and 90 % of those are carbon copies of the exact same goal. Tots Buendia crosses from the right after a l1 pass to get him open on the wing, cross between goalie and d-line. I tried to start him but it didn't quite work the same for some reason.


Interesting, yeah its a pity ea don't recognise heading as a skill in football and that they mess around with player dynamics. I couldn't get through my weekend league this week despite having a good record of 11-6. Every single team was park the bus and try glitch a goal with me having 15 shots on target vs 3 or 4. So have decided to call it a day on fifa, will give pes a run out if its good but can't support ea anymore with the way they set up their game.


Headers have been viable the entire year, this sub hasn't seemed to have cracked that yet. My mate and I have been running POTM Niane as our main striker the entire year and he's averaging 1.2 goals a game. I'd say less than 20% of those have been with his feet. LB+RB crosses are unbelievably broken but too many people are desperate to copy the streamers with stepovers and la croqueta cancels to work that out.




Not true. Arteta got memed for it but if you have big men in the box up against lil full backs and you keep crossing it you will absolutely score eventually and it won’t take long.


Yes but you're ignoring the risk of giving the ball away.. if you concede 3 goals it doesn't matter if one of your headers comes off


Every posession that ends in a failed header could have been used differently and you could have had a better chance at scoring. Just because you can score a few here and there doesn't make it viable as a high percentage play.


LB+RB is before making the cross or before the player hit the ball with his head?


Lb+rb with the cross sends it at head level, lb+rb with the header sends it downward, helps to keep it a little under control


Both, the LB+RB crosses get whipped at head height, and LB+RB when heading the ball does a downward driven header


Holy shit!! Another Niane user im in love 😍 jokes aside that man is a machine my favorite card this year also ran him till about fut birthday man his so solid in the air and finishes everything I got my one with marksman.


Marcos Alonso showdown card at corners ❤️


With my moments Giroud and PIM drogba. Keep them small 'CBs' in your team


I regret not doing his card, my team needs a LM that can play midfield. Only Chelsea card I haven't done smh


Crosses are useful, but not spammable, so people will just label it not meta and never even try to do them. But there is a lot of scenarios for it, especially with striker with decent heading stats.


people who say headers are not usefull have never used cr7. or the ordinary choice dalglish who bangs a Header at least omce a game


> at least once a game lmao


Notice how literally not a single clip in this is from open gameplay? Shocking news folks, you can find broken shit on set pieces in FIFA. More on this world-changing revelation at 11.


Since I got Cantona it’s like... the easiest way to score. Headers 100% work again.


Your throw ins are mental. Rory Delap levels


I think you must be hacking. Your headers go towards the goal.


You are a genius and I love you.




Editing on point


Haha thanks. I’m a complete beginner at editing and Windows Movie Maker isn’t the best so I’m quite happy with how it worked out.


This is amazing. You’ve scored more headers this wl than I have in the last year. The rage messages made me laugh a lot


Any tips on scoring headers or at least getting them on target?


We need to know how to score headers brother


This is one of the best things I've seen. That Edin Dzeko has still got to be one of my favourite strikers that I've used this FIFA, he's actually really good.


https://youtu.be/t_x4XzBnrww You want to get on this for your next backing track


Guns don't kill people...


Rappers do




Absolute Fucking Chad! Keep doing more of this, love it!! Those messages are hilarious. The only way to play is “through ball from wingbacks”.


- Greats different type of team and fits the gamestyle to match those players- "you are so bad,this is bad, just play normally" etc.. - Plays boring "i asked from streamer who to use" style, spams same skill moves and braindead through ball, gets elite. " Your are so good"


The content we deserve


I’m dying at those messages hahah




This is genius.


This brings a high smile I wish fifa was more like this.


Absolutely cracking stuff here. Just out of curiosity, have you at all viewed this thread from many FIFA’s a go? Myself and my brother used to play Pulis ball and have played it for like 5 years now. We had a cult of fellow allardyces and pulis lovers on the forum. https://fifaforums.easports.com/en/discussion/187409/the-crossing-direct-fifa-play-appreciation-thread


This might be the greatest video ever on this sub


The song...


All views expressed in the song are those of Randy Newman and not me. Outside of Fifa I have no problem with short people at all. I'm only 5'9' myself


Are those first three goals from throw in?


Yeah, they're just from the 'Long Throw in" trait not the 'Giant Throw'.


The irony of those messages is that’s a perfectly legitimate play style that punishes shit like full backs at CB. Those people probably only know how to score by spamming skill moves and through balls. Well played


Not heard that song for so long, thank you now it's going to be stuck in my head.


The fact you’ve done this with manual heading makes it even more impressive


we need a TOTS Weghorst


Take my upvotwe. That's class 😂


That’s what’s know as Alehouse tactics lol 😂 Well played fella , I’ve scored about 6 headers this fifa unfortunately half was own goals !


Great editing in this video. What control settings do you use for headers and crosses?


Rory Delap approves


The throw in goals are so funny. The strikers tower over the fullbacks haha


I think headers are the most "difficult" way to score in this fifa. Why are people getting mad lmao, it's literally handicapping yourself when playing like this


Amazing vid man. The editing is so clean with that music, must have taken you a while to put together


Thanks mate. Once I’d saved all the clips it was literally only a couple of hours syncing them up last night and this morning.


Thats my tactic since i did the drogba sbc... It works very good for me and its so fun to Bully those fullbacks


Can you share rest of the team and tactics?


Free award goes to you my friend. More of this please!


Awesome, well played and awesome edit! Pretty sure some of your opponents didn't even know there's no offside rule in throw-ins.


This is refreshing and hilarious


if i played you i’d be screaming but this is hilarious


Hahaha class!




Makes the football look way more natural when you play like this. Really cool


Brilliant 👍🤣🤣🤣


Nice vid And also what's your problem with sandwiches


Header FC


Hahhahah this is too good


Those comments! Love it!


I'm in this video and I don't like it.


Hahah sorry, you probably beat me tbf. I can score headers but I can’t defend for shit.


No, I mean, [I'm in this video](https://i.imgur.com/NQICRhf.jpg) and I don't like it lol


This has to be one of the greatest things I’ve seen on this sub


This is the best piece of content I've ever seen on this sub. Bravo! (and amazing song choice)




Do you use "Giant Throw In" takers? Have I finally found another FIFA player that uses them????


I thought I was the only one. 😮 Check out the other vids I’ve posted on here for more throw-in based content.


Song choice alone is 10/10


This is the most satisfying shit i‘ve ever seen...did moments giroud and scored more corners in 10 games than the whole time i was playing fifa 21 until that moment


I would like to know how you score so consistently with headers.


This is a great video and you're a hero for playing like this


Good laugh was well needed right now sir so thank you 🍻


👍 Hope everything is ok. All the best.


You Utter Bastard! Brilliant!


Absolutely love this😂😂😂


That throwback to Rory Delap wow love it


Great video. What game is this btw?




Was trying to make a joke about how it’s like you’re playing a different game than me, haha


Haha I know, so was I. Heading was the meta on FIFA 19


You simply love to see it


Kinda love this


I've got Andre Silva TOTS with 99 head accuracy but I can't score a single header how do you do this???


He’s nowhere near tall enough. Go with Weghorst instead when he gets his SBC. 🤞


I'm just trying a full Portuguese team this year but thanks


Looks so fun lol


Seeing these full backs get absolutely dunked on is beautiful.


The timing of the music is genius. Love what you’re doing and enjoy the game!


Favourite post I've seen on here, ever


Wow, thanks. Appreciate it. 🙏


Now this is good shit. Lol at the PSN messages.


Saw a couple Rory Delap classics at the end. ULTIMATE RESPECT


I hate you, have my upvote.


The song choice made my day. class video my guy


This makes me smile


Song selection is unreal 10/10


Lol the song is perfect


This is beautiful 😂 Why do my headers always hit the corner flag tho? 😭


I found using passing headers got me so many goals on Fifa this season especially from corners


Lol those messages. Even if these players like Dzeko as Wout aren’t meta I’d rather lose to them and Pulis ball than the same annoying and boring Iso players who play like they’ve never touched a ball before that pass to Neymar Mbappe and Neres and spam croquetas, bridges and step overs for 90 minutes while getting every bounce back possible and scoring some joke of a goal


Lil baby legs, that stand so low You gotsta pick em just to say hello! Thankyou for this top drawer content, have a free seal




Love it, but I think you're showing a clear fault on the throw in system (how the AI doesn't move keepers or defenders to cover, and in other videos the GK going for the ball and missing with a direct throw in counting as goal) that might become another sweaty meta in some months. If tall players become "meta" in 2021 and throw ins remain this way, we're in for a ride.




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Another example of how ea makes you play anything except football to win matches


Are you mad


So for headers I keep it between the goal line and penalty spot with a small open space. Then select a player and guide him to the spot the moment ball is due to arrive. Then I use a driven header


Just get Ajorque and Weghorst and ping it into them (mainly with lobbed crosses). There isn’t much science to it, I don’t bother with any player switching or anything like that but it might help if you’re able to master it. Or are you talking about throw ins?


I’m talking about corners


«Play normal» as if anyone on this game does that. Fullbacks as centrebacks and all that left stick dribbling and skillcancel etc etc etc. fuck off hahah. Lovely video


Can you post what team you're using?


what is your full team?


https://i.ibb.co/BTTrfYX/E291-E3-B9-C908-429-C-BDB5-404-C3-FCB8-E15.jpg Set up like that in game. Mkhi is just to get Dzeko on chem, usually take him off for Vidal or SMS at half time. Antonio and FB Bale come on when Salvio and R.Carlos have low stamina. Have 2m in the bank so will need to start making some upgrades. Just waiting for Weghorst TOTS before I decide what to do.


What was your final record? Absolutely love this


What’s your team?


Could you give link to your squad, i wanted to link weghorst and that tall french striker but could not make them both 10 chem


I've got drogba and really want to abuse headers but I just can't do it


I still can't manage to score a header with my tots benzema somehow 😂


CR7 is insane if you know how to score headers. Also most people have short CBs like Alaba and Kounde so its even easier to score against those players.