Desmond Ridder, I love him shamelessly and wholeheartedly, and I’m ready to be hurt by him


My buddy, who took him at 1.08 and proceeded to be roasted incessantly, is right there with you.


Tell your buddy I took him at 1.12 (and Malik Willis at 2.02). There are dozens of us drafting Ridder in the first round… dozens!


Ridder me this.


Honestly I like him better than Mills purely because his team doesn't have 3 1st round picks to go get one of the '23 elite prospects. If he's half decent, the Falcons will be more than happy to fill out the rest of the roster and let Ridder start for the next year or two


Excellent point.


Give me Darnell Mooney baby


Traded all my kids away for him


Win win trade


Is this Jigga94 from dynasty league football forum?


Got him for the 2.03 from the manager who didnt like him at all. Very excited to see what he can do this year


He’d need to take a major leap in his efficiency. He was the WR31 in ppg last year even though he got 140 targets.


Tbf I think the efficiency improvement would need to come more from Fields than from Mooney, which I think is relatively likely for a 2nd-year QB


michael pittman




Lol love this reply


I’ve been trying to trade for him all offseason


Name an alpha reciever who’s struggled under matt ryan? you cant! fuck russel gage looked so damn good tampa picked him up


Jameson Williams… I just… I just really really think he’s going to be great.


People are for some reason sleeping on his playmaking ability at 6'2" with 4.3 speed.


I’ve done a bunch of rookie drafts this year and he’s gone 1.06 or higher in most of them. I haven’t noticed people sleeping on him.


those that love him think he should be going at 2 or 3 at latest. if i had a 1.02 id take him over walker or london.


Excuse me good sir, I am going to need you to keep it down. I am trying to pick him at 1.05.


I got him at 1.05 so there's a chance


Got hin at 1.08 in 12 Team SF. I'd say ist's very League dependent. Some people just don't Like the injury/lions. I'm also in that camp tbh but at 1.08 he was clearly the best player on the board. The Player himself might be the best prospect in this years draft.His seperation Last years was insane


I got him at 1.11 in my main 12 man league and was ecstatic.


You play with tacos bro


Anything lower than 1.03 is too low.


Shit, just noticed your flair.


Not even anything to do with the flair. The only wr close to JAMO in this draft is Wilson, but the dynastyff community is too busy getting high on their own supply with Burks and London.


I mean it probably has a little something to do with the flair lol Unless you were equally as high on Jamo prior to the NFL draft I drafted him myself so I believe in the talent but the best WR could be any of the top 5 imo


I had Burks as my WR1 before I starting scouting but that quickly changed to Williams when I watched the tape. Dude is electric and is just a big play waiting to happen.


Shhhh, I’ve got 1.06 and if I don’t get him I’ll be very sad.


I'm willing to be wrong...but I just don't see him being a huge volume guy which could lower his ceiling. I think his route running ability was a bit overstated and I question his hands.


To me, I heard an analyst describe him as a “shiftier Tyreek”, I rolled my eyes but then watched his tape…. He’s ridiculously talented. And I feel like the Lions are on the up and up offensively, so just think he checks all the boxes I’m looking for. I love him.


frank gore




Idk man, he just turned 39 so he probably only has like 5 years left


This is the correct answer ❤️


Your crush finally has got the time to date 😘


Davis Mills, future god of the game. Tom Brady but 20 years younger.


Can only hope he’s a stud! Traded for him in a rebuild.


How recent and what did it cost


Honesty I got really lucky. Put 1.02 on the block in March and got back 1.10, Mills, and Bateman. At the time it didn’t feel like enough when I accepted but dynasty changes quickly.


Yeah I remember that week when 1.02 was considered Malik Willis who was supposed to get top 10 capital lol, seen someone trade Najee for like 1.02 and some filler


I think I’d rather have Bateman than 1.2 straight up…


Muthafuckin ETN


I feel like ETN is about to be the new age CMC and I’m all for it. I can’t wait to see what he does this year, scooped him up everywhere I could


Haha now that would be something but I could easily see him emulating swift. Ceiling is top 3 dynasty RB imo with his involvement in passing game + likely being primary RZ weapon on the jags (literally who else could it be)


Middle of last season I traded my first rounder (ended up 1.10) and a ‘23 3rd for him and got some shit from league mates for getting fleeced. Didn’t care at the time and now that’s looking like a deal in my favor


Zach Wilson


To pair up with garret wilson!


Stop. I can only get so erect.


Let’s push your limits…. Elijah Moore!!


STAAAAHHP!! It hurts!!!


2023 picks


If your team isn’t going to compete for the ship this year I’d advise selling any non foundational piece for 2023 picks. And if you have a contender in the league and someone with multiple 2023 seconds dangle that first and pick up some seconds. Look at the talent that fell to the late first, early second in SF leagues last year. Take that same number of potential first round QBs, add one more alpha WR, and a buttload more of potential first and early second round RBs to go with a deep WR class again.


yung joka


The Dill-Dozer himself, AJ Dillon


Was Lacy then Burrito Supreme?


Kendrick Bourne. Total depth guy but his ranking in the WR90s on KTC. Dude racked up 800 yards and 5 TDs on just 70 targets from a rookie QB. That’s more than 2 half-pt PPR per target. And he’s just 26 years old. Look I’m not saying I want him as my WR2 but surely there arent 90 receivers more valuable than Kendrick Bourne.


JK Dobbins!


Guy is gonna start the year on the PUP list. Trade him while u can


I think if they were concerned they would have brought in more than Mike Davis and Tyler Badie🤷‍♂️… sounds like he will start camp on PUP, but everything points to him being ready for the season. We will see I guess


Bateman. Master Bateman.


AJ Dillon


Dude's getting 350 carries this year. GB gonna run it A LOT!


Rodgers is the highest paid QB at $50 mil/year and you think they’re gonna utilize that talent for HANDING THE BALL OFF? (I don’t disagree given their situation but it is silly when you think about it)


I know it's silly to think about it. I actually believe the Packers are gonna run it 550-600 times this year. With their $50M QB just completing key 3rd downs.


That play action is gonna be ~hot~ 🥵


Yea.... AR12 might average over 9 y/a. Crazy to think about


>I actually believe the Packers are gonna run it 550-600 times this year. With their $50M QB just completing key 3rd downs. Brought to you by the school of Shanahanigans.


100% agreed


Michael Gallup


Kmet - dude will be fed this season. At just 23, he put together a decent season last year in a disfunction ass offense. he’s primed to be a top target in year three and finally (hopefully) has some stability. He’s had 2 play callers and 4 QBs in his 2 years already. Kmessiah to the moon


Hollywood 🕺


Hollywood has been a target hog throughout his whole career, and now he’s in an offense with Kyler Murray, his former college QB who is among the most efficient passers in the NFL. I approve of this take.


Came here to say this!


Nico Collins!!!


Absolutely. Texans offense is poised to take another step and he brings that Big Boy size that Cooks and Metchie lack. Plus a full offseason with Mills getting starter reps? Sign me up.


Exactly! Sometimes it feels like people forget the Texans are still an NFL team lol. I like Mills, and I like what Collins can potentially do this year, and going forward


I feel like all Texans players this year are exceptional values.


Needs more !!!!!


Kmet & Arob


Elijah Moore and Amon st Brown


Trey Lance.


David Bell


I love Bell. I think he’s a guy the NFL spent too much time over analyzing at the combine. I think when Deshaun and him finally get to play together special things will happen.


I agree the NFL over analyzed him. Sometimes you can just see that a guy is a good football player and take more in that than testing. I feel like film > data is the way to go when you have a guy who can tear up big 10 defenses like that.


So In 2 seasons


I agree. I think/hoping he'll turn into one of those ol' reliable possession receivers. Mans tore it up in college and obviously was not even an elite athlete, as his combine shows. When you don't even have to be crazy athletic to achieve success, I feel like those guys turn into gems.


He feels like a better in college guy. We will see.


He feels like a ppr machine






Romeo Doubs !


Allen Robinson, cheap and has a lot of green flags for a breakout year


Skyy Moore




Wan’Dale Robinson


Kj Hamler


Really…? Would love to know your mindset. Thinking he’s gonna be another Lockett?


I can't help but think he is the guy that's going to excel in that offense.


Davis Mills


John Metchie and Khalil Herbert


It will always be D'Andre Swift.


Pickens at 1.05


I think John Metchie as a late 2nd rounder (I got him 2.11) is the steal of the rookie class and will make waves quickly.


He was my guy last offseason and he's my guy this offseason. ALL ABOARD THE Travis Etienne hype train.


More of a sleeper pick and a rookie so not this year, but Chig Okonkwo. I’m loving what I’m seeing.


Okonkwo is going to be incredible. The reps he's been taking in practice make him look like the best athlete the Titans drafted this year which says a lot.


Courtland Sutton. I’m so excited to see him another year removed from the ACL tear and with a hall of fame QB.


Kadarius Toney. You just don't see anyone make NFL defenders look that dumb that often. It was like every other play that he got the ball he put someone on skates. The risk is substantial, but I think the upside is insanity and for a mid 2nd or an older vet like MT I'm buying that every time. Other guys I love at their current price/ADP include Dobbins, Gibson, Aiyuk, Pickens, Olave, Hockenson, DJ Moore, Tyquan Thornton, Kevin Harris.


Yeah people forgot quickly how hard Toney popped. And I don’t mean the yardage in the cowboys game but people always make the excuse of every other WR not being available. That makes it even more impressive to get open every down and make a play if your team has nothing else. Only concern for me was the Robinson draft. But again probably makes sense given the injury issues of the Wr Room last year


Chase Claypool after telling us how good he is. That confidence


That post on another sub talking about off-season hype “Chase Claypool on Chase Claypool:”


Kenny Gainwell


Rashaad Penny


kadarious toney. the path to that upside is so real. he can be a cranked up version of sterling shepard, who daniel jones has loved peppering with targets whenever he can. and that’s not even factoring in everything else like an improved line, improved coaching staff, and the offense having nowhere else to go but up after so few TDs.


100% agree. Watched his big game last year and he looked so f****** athletic. I like the Giants to improve this year and Toney to be the major beneficiary.


Sterling Shepard has nothing on Toney’s abilities to bust-a-move! Let’s just hope Kadarius doesn’t implode, that’s my biggest concern. He seems a little on the wild side.


I like a little crazy in my wrs. A lotta crazy is a whole other story.


Where on this scale would you say you like your receivers level of crazy: | Nuk ——-————— | ———————- AB |


agreed! he’s way more dynamic but most importantly he gets open and daniel jones can make those throws (unlike the type of throws golladay’s game needs).


Regardless of Toney blowing up or not, I just have to chuckle at all of the people who kept mentioning all the other WRs/TEs on the roster last year as a reason Toney would fail long-term on the Giants. This is dynasty.


ETN and Lance


Unsexy to most of the sub, but I think Mixon could finish as RB1 this year. He's so good, he has little to no competition, is in a high powered offense, and now has the best Oline he has ever had.


Not a lot of passing work seriously limits that upside for the rb1. Top five again is definitely possible


Jahan Dotson I think everyone is overlooking him due to his size, but I think he makes a big impact on Washington especially with Scary Terry upset about his contract situation.


Brandon Aiyuk


Mike Williams




Ronald Jones. RB1 season incoming.


That's too hot for me to touch.


Gabriel Davis


Been grabbing Chase Edmonds everywhere. What's not to like? Dude is talented. He looked good last year and is capable as a runner as well as a pass catcher. Tua throws to running backs at a reasonable rate. This offense projects to have plenty of production and scoring opportunities. Edmonds is the only back that they invested significant capital in. He will likely get the high value touches. He's going super cheap in dynasty right now. In the midst of a startup draft and he's on the board in the 10th. He's only 26 and hasn't taken much punishment over the years. If the Dolphins ascend, Edmonds ascends alongside them. I get that he won't be a stud RB but I can totally see him having an extraordinarily high floor with ceiling weeks as well. I think the Hill signing has suppressed his price.


> What’s not to like? The very crowded backfield that he’s in? I think he’s an efficient back but just won’t get the volume needed to be fantasy relevant.


I got him and a projected early 23 2nd for a loosely projected late 24 1st. Felt like it was free.


QB: Herbert TE: Kmet WR: Kyle Phillips RB: Walker


Looooove me some Kyle Philips.


Ashton Dulin to me is my hipster get him before he breaks out guy. I didn’t play dynasty but I picked up Thielen in redraft before he popped off and I am holding out hope Dulin is in line for a Thielen like blow up. I know it’s a stretch but if he does I will never let my league hear the end of it.


Strachan truther myself, but I definitely think some unexpected outcomes occur from the lower ranks of Indy’s WRs


Khalil Herbert


James Cook


Chris Olave and James Cook.


Christian Kirk


QB: Herbert. Or Zach Wilson for more spice. WR: DJ Moore. RB: Etienne. AJ Dillon TE: Ertz


>TE: Ertz I subscribe. Depending on him to perform this year


The one guy I went out and got everywhere I could this offseason was Elijah Moore. Watching what he did during that stretch last year just makes me giddy.


Dawson Knox. I think he can be the 4th best te this year.


Bold & I love it!


Mike Evans


A darkhorse for WR1 this year.


Darnell Mooney for me, 3rd year guy and clear #1 on a team whose QB loves him.


Parris Campbell. . . Still. Y’all forgot he had a bigger target share and more production then Terry McLaurin did on the same team in college. All he needs is to do is stay healthy… (please don’t be Sammy Watkins jr.) Also Davis Mills and Donald Parham truther I also drafted and haven’t cut Bryan Edwards…guess he’s my guy too, to still be rostered with so few opportunities to speak of. Guess we find out in Soon in ATL. I like my guys…but my guy last year was Andy Isabella…..


Hot take: by the end of the season Olave will be behind only Chase in WRs drafted this year or last. And he’ll be closer to Chase than #3.


Sam Howell. Genuinely thought he was the best QB in the class and could highkey see him taking over for Wentz. Not going to bank on it but Wentz seems to have worn out his welcome incredibly quickly on 2 teams within the past 2 years


Bateman. All the Bateman


Started a rebuild this offseason and my first priority was Trevor Lawrence. This is the lowest his value will ever be, I think people are underestimating how much Doug Pederson's coaching will help him, and in addition the Jaguars kept a pretty good o-line together and, regardless of how you feel about them, got him some legitimate weapons. He will be where Herbert is at this time next year and has an even higher ceiling.


As someone who just left a SF startup with Herbert and Lawrence, sign me up for this 🤩


Rookies: George Pickens. I think he's going to be very good. Good enough that PIT might let Diontae walk in free agency. Claypool will remain the #2 and Pickens will replace Diontae as the #1 in PIT. Vets: Saquon Barkley. I think reports of his demise are premature, and that he's got 3+ years of RB1 potential left in him.


Watching Dameon Pierce absolutely rage on any dude that has the audacity to try to tackle him.


Jameis Winston. Can’t get a cheaper QB in Superflex who has the ability and talent to put up a top 8 season. Russell Gage. If Brady kept the corpse of Julian Edelman fantasy relevant for a year or two I can’t wait to see what he does with Gage, who I think is wildly underrated and far from a JAG as some people have called him. Go watch Matt Ryan the last two years and see what he didn’t bring to the field in old age. Brady is a huge huge upgrade.


Dameon Pierce. 110%. I think he takes over the backfield by week 4 or 5, or maybe even by the start of the season. He’s a good receiver, hard runner, and the highest ranked pass blocker in the class. More importantly he plays angry and doesn’t give up on plays. I don’t necessarily think he’ll be a JT or CMC level prospect, but I can see him being a very good 3-down back that is on par with Montgomery or Mixon. Solid high RB2, or low RB1 potential with TD upside.


RB Kenneth Walker WR Juju TE: Gerald Everett QB: Trevor Lawrence


Courtland Sutton and Hollywood Brown


David Bell. I think he’s gonna be a PPR machine, and I’ve never had so much faith in a 3rd round pick.


Allen Robinson


Mike. Evans. 4ever.


QB: Winston RB: ETN WR: Dotson TE: Kmet


Jalen hurts


The least hyped top 5 QB ever? I love him this year and beyond


Qb- Zach wilson i don’t care how bad of a stretch that team has the first 8 weeks that man has the ability to be a really good qb in this league if they continue to build like they have. Has the chance to take a leap with his current support staff if everything breaks right. Rb- melvin gordan- has a value of rb 47 in ktc and his worst year in recent history was rb 23. If he truly falls to that rank Ill keep stealing him if possible. Wrs- pitty city/ trey burks- pittman is finally getting a qb that is far more accurate than the last one. I expect big things, and lets forget about all of the asthma and conditioning stuff for a second with burks. Those to me won’t be of concern by the time the season is here. Trey burks should slide right into that #1/#2 role and be effective.


big Mike Williams




Jameson Williams!!! Idk what it is but I have huggeeeee optimism for him


Jameson Williams ​ and Joseph Burrow




Darnell Mooney makes my nipples hard. I traded Curtis Samuels for him last off season


Jaylen Waddle is bae Really into Etienne this offseason


Marquise brown :)


I’m really high on Justyn Ross. Grabbed him late in our rookie draft, if he is anything like he was in 2019 then KC may have gotten the best WR in the draft. If his injury comes back, I can let him go as a late round flyer.


CD Lamb. This is the year that we've all seen coming but you can still get him cheaper than you will next year. Jefferson and Chase are (rightly) over shadowing him but it's causing a depreciation of his value that should be sky high. 3rd year breakout that's easy to see and project based on what his profile out of the draft, what he's done his first two seasons in the league, and the targets that have been vacated for his junior campaign. He'll be in the same tier as Chase and Jefferson after this season and right now he's a tier or more below them by trade value. Cupp, Diggs, Hill, and Adams are the only other guys I have in the same secondary tier and they're all much (football years) older than him.




Bryan “If Calvin Johnson had a baby with Zeus” Edwards


The answer is always Mike Evans.


Zamir White. I think he shares the load with Jacob’s to start but I could see Jacob’s being phased out as the season goes on and even potentially becoming a trade candidate.


Rhamondre Stevenson. I was real big on Damien Harris as a prospect, held tight waiting for his moment. Wasn't at all surprised to see him become a damn good player. Doesn't matter. Mondre is an absolutely insane talent. He's gonna get touches and do big things. Heading into 2023 he's gonna be one of the top RBs around.


Jameis Winston Edit: I’m a Saints fan so I’m biased but, the last time Pete Carmichael (Saints OC) called plays for an entire season, Drew Brees threw for 5177 yards and 43 TDs.


Joshua Palmer


Josh Allen in shorts I'm seriously excited for James Cook though.


Allen Robinson


Justyn Ross…absolute steal…give him a year and he’s going to be CRUSHING it*!!! *Please read the Product Disclosure Statement designed to help you make an informed decision about my draft decision making and explains the features, benefits, conditions, and exclusions to help you to compare it to similar decisions. ‘Crushing it’ refers to both fantasy football and/or your hopes/dreams.


Christine Michael


I'm wide awake...


That was the hit song during his time.


Deep reference, always here for it though


Cooper Kupp