shit ton of receivers going first round


Christian Kirk contract reaction


I know basically nothing about this guy and no one is really talking about him. Potential value target?


Good value pick. Especially if you don't see Wentz being there 2023.


He had the second best combine of the first round receivers after olave from what I remember. He impressed everyone. Looks just really solid. Reliable is a word that comes to mind


He was nasty at Penn State


When he Mossed Wade with 1 hand and walked in for the score I had an erection lasting longer than 4 hours.


He's overrated. Won't be able to physically hold up on the outside. I watched an OSU corner literally walk him 5 yards out of bounds in press coverage... There's a lot more press run in the NFL so I could see him struggling to transition.


\+1 dotson = darnell mooney lite lol


I love him as a second round pick. Was really good at Penn state


He was taken 16 overall. He's not gonna be there in your second round.


Most of the best WRs in fantasy weren’t even taken in the first round. He’s definitely not a lock when all of the other receivers drafted tonight are going before him + Green Bay & Kansas City haven’t drafted WRs yet + no RBs have been drafted yet


Eh, depends on the league probably. See Tony.


Different draft class and doesnt have the Toney red flags. You'll get Pickett and perhaps 3 RBs above him. After that for him to drop to 2nd round hes gonna have to be WR 8 or beyond in your draft. Not happening with that draft capital


Yeah, Toney got knocked down a lot because of all the QBs for sure.


poor mans Devonta Smith at that size?


Is this the end of Dyami?


Last year was the end of dyami unfortunately


yeah hes a bust at this point, team wouldn't draft a WR if they saw enough in practice at least.


Burks truthers are steaming probably lmao


Number 1 target Treylon Burks


And we have a good idea of his role and it's a really good one for him


Why Tenn is a good spot


60 days ago there was a post in this sub that asked whether Treylon was a generational talent.


Not really. It's a bad landing spot. McLaurin is their established alpha. Wentz has never supported a 1K yard WR, much less 2. Metcalf fell to the end of the 2nd round 3 years ago, but landed in a great landing spot (#2 WR job on his team from day one, arguably the best deep-ball QB in Russ), so I'm not sweating about Burks at all. WR is the one position where landing spot matters more than draft capital.


Never supported a 1k WR? Is pittman a joke to you? To play devils advocate wentz NEVER had a WR till pittman who was good enough to be a 1k WR


Pittman only got to 1K yard due to 129 targets and 17 game schedule, yet still managed to score only 6 TD. That's Wentz for you. He'll probably be able to keep McLaurin afloat, but you're delusional if you think he'll be able to support 2 fantasy relevant WRs lol


I never said or ever thought he can support 2 but he can support 1. Also what a terrible argument saying he only got there due to that many targets and games, you need to do more research before saying that type of statement as an argument against someone


Besides Pittman, I’ve definitely heard the stat that he’s never produced a WR with over 1000 yards. Is that untrue? I don’t feel like looking each year Edit. After looking, he’s never had a receiver over 1000 yards just from him. Foles helped the only player go over. Wentz has never done it by himself until Pittman


I mean if you disregard all the WRs who had 1k yard seasons, there aren't \*any\* QBs with 1k yard season WRs. Ever. Quite a shocking stat really


This isn’t the Patrick Mahomes is average if you take away his good games comment. I’m saying that until Pittman, Wentz has never thrown 1000 to one receiver in a season. That guy probably heard the same stat I did before this Pittman year


Ertz had 1100 yards in 2018 though so the stat is slightly misleading


ertz isn’t a wr, it’s not misleading at all


Ertz plays as a *receiving* TE and the comment above said that Wentz has never had a *receiver* over 1000 yards. So yes, it is misleading.


*with The help of Foles


Well he had ertz at the Eagles but besides Ertz and pittman no, a couple 750-800 but he's also as I said above in another reply in the same comment thread he hasn't had WR of any real talent until pittman either. I was also more replying on the person making some argument that pittman only had over 1k because he had 129 targets and 17 games. Thats blatant cherry picking without context at all, also most fantasy players know targets are eventually earned not just given while also trying to say he only had 6tds. Tds are not a sticky stat and should never really be used as a basis in an argument.


> Wentz has never supported a 1K yard WR, much less 2 Wentz is garbage but to be fair to him, he's never had a WR in the Eagles that could play a full season other than Jeffery... once. Saying he never supported 1 player to do it is a bit of a stretch when his TEs were the only ones who could stay on it.


What an unsexy spot. Does he fall to the mid 2nd in rookie drafts now or does his draft capital solidify him as a back end first?


Dude he got drafted top 20 he’s gonna cost a round 1 rookie pick in this year’s class


So did Kadarius Toney. Questionable talents picked this high by franchises with questionable management make for slips in drafts


Toney had more to do with character concerns for me


Tony wasn’t top 20


Yes he was…


1. he was 2. even if he wasn’t, the difference in hit rates between 16 and like 22 is nonexistent


Maybe. Maybe him going to a Carson Wentz team that already has TMc causes him to drop. Guess we will see how the remaining wideouts and rb's shake out.


I think his adp will end up being late 1st. 1.09-1.12 ish


With the Watson and Skyy landing spots I wouldnt be surprised to see him fall further. He might end up being the best steal in rookie drafts


I doubt he goes 1st round if he still held that high of a value with little school bros moving up


Dotson will be #2 in that offense behind Terry, and Wentz is throwing them the ball. I don’t want any piece of Dotson this year


You realize dynasty is a long term game, right?


Notice how I said this year?


We don't read full sentences on Reddit!


We Reddit!


We don't read on Reddit! There I fixed it for you.


So why wouldn’t you draft him and sit on him?


I’m still not convinced this isn’t Chris Godwin


what? lol they aren’t even remotely similar other than going to penn state




Who would have thought that Washington would make a horrendous pick in this spot?




A lot of people assuming he will be the WR2 next to Terry. But they also have Curtis Samuel and Logan Thomas coming back from injury. Plus McKissic decided to return. Lots of competition for targets and Wentz is supposed to keep them all relevant? I feel like this is the worst of all the 1st round WR landing spots by far.