Its an addiction


Straight into my veins


I'm a recovering addict. My teams have thanked me for it


Underrated comment of the year lol


And it can't be fixed.


Part of the fun is making moves before Free Agency, the Draft, and the Offseason so that each of those events can either boost or lower the stock of the players you aquired and then being able to circle jerk of Reddit good or bad 😅


i know him… he’s me


Yeah like I'm trying to acquire shares of Mooney and Claypool and offload Mike Williams and Terry McLaurin.


Price check on trigger fingers? /s


Trigger fingers ROS?


Disagree here, every player has a range of value. Each player is at a certain point on their value spectrum right now and it can change based off that player’s situation after free agency and the NFL draft. If there are players who you think will rise in value between now and August then feel free to go buy them now but factor in the risk of the situation changing for the player. There are certainly deals to be had, especially for players that disappointed in 2022 there are disgruntled owners out there looking to cut bait and run. Just last week a league mate offered me CEH for 2.05 in our 12 team SF league. I don’t particularly like CEH or think he’s a great player but its easy to argue that his value will be higher in August than the 2.05 so I took the deal


Dynasty fantasy football is low key a sports stock market. Rookie picks are universal value that appreciates to its due date though so you could make an argument both ways


It's not low key at all. I mean redraft is the same thing, just over a shorter span. Just buying and selling based on perceived values can take you a long way imo.


I’ve been playing fantasy for about a decade now, dynasty for around 5-6 years of that. I’m really starting to sour on redraft, dynasty is just superior in almost every way. I find trading so linear and tough to pull off. I encourage you to allow FAAB dollars as part of trades (make it so no one can go over the starting allowance. I.e if you start with $100, that’s the max your wallet can hold) Also if you have a solid group, add another year out of rookie draft picks - can get the owners to throw in half the buy in as a down payment so no one blows their picks up and fucks off


I've been playing dynasty for quite a bit now. We can trade years into the future if you pay for those years and FAAB can be traded for but we don't have a stipulation on your budget limit, seems a bit hit ridiculous to me and would discourage trading not encourage it, or at least trades involving waiver money. There are so many different ways to play this game though just finding what works for you with guys that also agree is a great start. To the other point, I LOVE redraft. It might be because I only play one each year, but I love how much values fluctuate within a year and love trading so it works for me. I had well over the amount of trades of my league mates combined in my league and ended up winning it (against a team that barely made moves, almost the polar opposite). If I'm not connected each year, it would be hard to sit on my dynasty leagues in the building years, plus the value I see in redraft helps shape the value I use in dynasty.


Yeah I mean I’m still in 4 redraft leagues and it’ll stay that way. I love the draft so much haha. I do find micromanaging the waiver wire weekly to be a bit of a grinding chore when I’m in 7 leagues. Partly why I like dynasty so much is because there isn’t a tonnnnnn to do there as everyone is mostly gone anyway


Yeah, just the 1 redraft and 2 dynasties (about to be 3) work for me for now.


I generally agree but there’s a select few players I feel very strongly about moving. Also these are the games everyone watches and you can capitalize on public perception of a player after a performance.


Waiting doesn’t help anyone. Theres always pros and cons. Work the system in your favor.


This is what I was thinking. Don't trade away the 1st pick because it will only go up in value...so shouldn't I go trade for the 1st pick if I don't have it?


I’d say you acquire any 1’s you can for a reasonable price. You can likely flip them for more either just before the draft or during the draft.


Pros and cons. It’s not definitely going up in value. The hype for rookies will go up but there could easily be not a sure fire #1 and then it plummets. Don’t trade just for the sake of trading.


In my experience, picks peak in value right before your fantasy draft (or during). First round picks can fetch a good player mid season, but often times they can be cashed in for much more on draft day or the days leading up to it. Folks are itching for football and to plant their flag.




Yeah obviously. I agree with you. This isn't a hard rule that I put on myself, and if there are errors in my league's market then I take advantage of it.


I just joined 2 Sleeper Dynasty leagues recently. One has had little activity and the other is trading like crazy. In both leagues I like my team a lot and would be willing to make tweaks, but I am not going to trade just to trade. In one of them Devin Singletary was traded 3 TIMES today in a 3 hour window. I think some people are just bored and making REALLY bad moves. In related news I will likely look for a better league to join.


That’s, like, your opinion man.


You make trades now because you can potentially get better value now. If Juju went to the chiefs his market value probably goes up to a first so why not nab him for a second now


Dang, thanks for explaining all this to us simpletons


Moved deebo and m Williams for 1.02 1.09 and 2.02 Did I fuck up?


Deebo? Possibly...


I moved M Will and Woods for 1.12 and a late 23 1st.


If you draft well you have equal replacements at those 1sts with the 2.02 added to take all the risk. Bad deal. Not kicking you, but the hopes for those picks are they become Deebo and M Willaims.


I don't think so.


I'd probably want all that just for Deebo if they're 22 picks. At least the firsts


I didn’t want to hear this. I NEEDED to hear this.


I like this time for bargain hunting. If you can buy low on these free agent wide receivers or even look at backup rbs that can be valuable due to injury/covid. This isn’t the time to give up draft picks yet, draft hype is gonna come.


First year dynasty player and it's causing me to be cautious. I'm reckless as fuck in redraft, been scarred to make a move all season in dynasty. Partly because the leagues somewhat new and still "balanced" and nobody's super stack or completely rebuilding. If I do anything, it'd be trading my picks for players. Got the 1.09 in a 12 man, so idk maybe plug my TE hole or grab WR depth. Thinking Goedart, Knox, Aiyuk, or maybe Sun God. Been told a 1st goes up in value closer to draft, so if I do anything it will be in August.


Nope. Already traded Zay Jones, 2.12 and 4.11 for Robert Woods today


Wouldn’t free agency weigh in favor of trading now in certain scenarios? Yes, free agency is going to shake things up - sometimes for the worse. If you can read the tea leaves and get ahead of that, why wouldn’t you?


I feel like it depends on the people in your league. I asked around for Ridley, Mike Williams, JuJu, Gallup and everybody still had high prices.


Those are all guys whose situation will likely be much better due to free agency. Who are some receivers whose value is sky high right now but who also might lose their QB?


Diontae Johnson, Claypool, and Jeudy. With a bunch of teams needing QBs no way both Pittsburgh and Denver hit gold and sign Rogers or Wilson. But my cousin who holds all three WRs and won't trade for an RB even though he has Harris, CEH, and Gaskin. He also has St. Brown, Mooney, Toney, Renfrow. I have Jacobs, Jones, Fournette, and MG3. We'd be perfect trade partners.




I have the 1.01 and I’m not trying to make a trade yet, but I am putting feelers out. Talking to other managers to build rapport and gauge how people are feeling apart guys like TLaw, Fields, and Zach Wilson. Start opening dialogues and planting seeds early.


I'm in the same position as you and I'm doing the same thing


From what you said about draft picks exploding in value, wouldn’t it make sense to make moves to buy draft picks now then? Plus, There’s enough value fluctuations through the off-season that if you can use lingering emotions from the season to get good deals done, now can be an extremely helpful time to team build.


One exception is selling high on playoff "heros". I actually do love selling guys who ball out in the playoffs if it comes out of nowhere. EVERYONE is watching the playoffs, so people can become enamored with guys who produce in the playoffs out of nowhere. Think: Raheem Mostert 2019


TBF, while I agree with you, now is probably the best time to make some moves due to pricing for some of these players. Being able to project who is going to do well vs who won't and grab the ones at a fair value NOW is a great idea. The closer we get to draft day is the time when draft picks go way up in price. Then, come pre season, players will jump up.


Love how he tries to make players impressing at the combine (because their value will rise) and players disappointing at the combine (because good players can now fall later in the draft) somehow both seem good lol


Because it is good. Let's use my Isaiah Spiller example. Say he disappoints at the combine and starts being drafted in the mid 1st. If you have the 1.06 and he's on the clock, do you really think that there won't be at least one guy willing to buy at a higher price than the 1.06 will cost now?


Ya that example is probably accurate but there is a world where the combine and draft are both underwhelming so I thought it was funny that no matter what happens it’s a good thing




Sure, the value of picks and players could go up. They could also go down. You can’t just assume players you have won’t decrease in value.


Yeah, they might, but the point is that you can’t predict it. You won’t be able to make an informed decision on a player in January.


I already bought Joe burrow everywhere I could before he wins the super bowl though.


I had to move for Joe Burrow before his price became astronomical.


thanks for the heads up. however, since this is a pastime for me, i'll keep doing whatever i feel like, including buying ekeler for 3 1sts right after the superbowl.


Right now in startup drafts, CeeDee Lamb and Javonte Williams are going in the top 15 picks. I've seen Waddle go ahead of Metcalf, Higgins, and Samuel. Now I usually subscribe to the theory of waiting to see how the chips fall and I summarily agree with OP, but the outlier values that seem to be popping off and the ones who seem to be sagging should be taken advantage of. I'm not making many moves right now but if I have Lamb, Williams, and/or Waddle, I'd be trying to sell high. But people selling their 1.whatever right now are underselling it, for sure unless you get a homerun deal.


This is a smart and thoughtful post, thanks for sharing. But seriously, who should I draft at 1.01, I need to now RIGHT NOW


I think you can take advantage now if someone got burned late in the season by bad performance or injuries and buy the player low. Like, terry Mclaurin was pretty bad down the stretch. Mixon last year after stringing the manager along all season. A few months and the wounds heal and it’s all optimism for the new season.


CeeDee is not an alpha, adjust those keeper/dynasty rankings, pls and thanks


Cause you make the most gains during times of greatest uncertainty. Take out the uncertainty of FA and the draft, your range of outcomes goes down, as does the ability to profit. Not a great dynasty player, but after they showed their role, no way I was getting Conner or Melvin Gordon for a late 3rd. But I did, and now (that the talent has shown out) I can package them with other players. Not so much a "trigger" as looking for places where others are running from the uncertainty while I embrace it at good value. YMMV