Sell to a contender with QB issues as soon as possible for as much as you can get which should be a 1st+. Do not buy Hurts.


As a contender with QB issues I've tried to sell Hurts. No one will even consider him in my league so I'm rolling with him through the season and hoping he gets another shot elsewhere.


As a contender you really just have to just roll with him. Any savvy rebuilding team will stay far away.


Haha, in the same boat...him and Daniel Jones are my qbs.. and I'm 7-0. I'd love to get a more reliable future option, but no one's even interested


Rebuilding teams are avoiding him. Contenders don't want to trade with me either because they don't want to extend my window. I have him and Russ on IR so I've been playing Goff and Geno but only have one loss so far .


You’ve been playing Goff and geno over hurts?


No I've been playing Hurts and then one of either Geno or Goff. it's been ugly but I'm lucking out with my PA while Russ and CMC are out.


Either a 3rd rounder or 4 1sts, somewhere in between there. GL👍


Don't remember if it was just before season started or during first couple weeks, but in a freshly started 14 team 1qb league, I got offered Hurts and a first for Josh Allen. I immediately shot it down, then proceeded to get told about how it was actually a fair trade.


I don't get this sentiment from some owners. Like even if it is a "fair trade" that doesn't mean I want to accept it lol.


Outrageous... definitely closer to a 4th


As an Eagles fan. I wouldn’t touch him. He’s struggling making normal NFL throws or not seeing guys wide open


I’m holding Hurts only because I’m a contender. Otherwise I would try and sell him for a 1st+ in Superflex as quickly as possible.


not a contender, got a 1st in superflex, thank you!


For dynasty sell him for whatever you can get. If you're a buyer, don't buy


I'd only buy if I was explicitly competing. Other than that, gtfo


How fun would it be to buy him as a contender, then he get benched for Minshee during the fantasy playoffs?


I bought him when I was undefeated and Wilson went down. I did not want to stream the likes of Jones, Darnold, or Carr. Especially since I played 2nd and 3rd place in the next 3 weeks. I overpaid, but so far he’s held me down. I just need him to at least last until Wilson is coming back.


What did you pay


I hate to say it, but the dude held me hostage and I parted with my 1st. If I can win the league, the money will be worth it. I am 7 years in with two finals losses.


I’d easily take Hurts over a late first


I mean it's pretty easy to draft a long-term starting player there instead of a guy who won't have a job in a year or two


Yeah, the money motivated me.


KTC has you winning that for a late first. You did what you had to do. Good luck brother


Thanks! I sure hope so. I so far have Thomas, Wilson, Carson, and Barkley out. Hurts, Conner, and Harris have been sooo clutch for me. I really want to go all in and win this ship.


I think the Eagles are pretty far away from that but I could see it


I sure hope so brother.


Depends on the price if you’re contending.


Ya you're right, I was answering in terms of dynasty outlook


I sold for 1st round pick and Gallup in SF


He went for Julio and Daniel Jones in my league after week 2


https://www.reddit.com/r/DynastyFF/comments/qfifbi/get_out_on_jalen_hurts_while_you_still_can/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share Not necessarily a price check but some input on his value


Go buy in single QB leagues


I offered Baker and a 1st a few weeks ago and was rejected. Kinda glad he rejected it now lol. I can’t shake the feeling Jalen is great for fantasy but not reality a la Blake Bortles and 2019 Jameis


Wouldn't buy him. But would sell for a first if you can get one or 2 2nds?


ended up getting a first, thanks for the help


Nice if really hurting for QB now. Mills should start for awhile for HOU, mostly on waivers. Also could jump the gun and get Minshew and wait for Hurts inevitable benching


tyrod could be back this week no?


That's what they say, but IDK considering their record (1-5) I see ZERO incentive in playing the 32 y/o QB. Why wouldn't they keep developing the rookie and evaluating him on the field? I think they are saying that he is "coming back" to save face for Tyrod and not say he got benched for a rookie. Then come game day they will say he's inactive or some BS, But just my guess I could be totally wrong tho


I hope you’re wrong for my sake lol, I have Cooks in redraft and Collins in dynasty, I need someone that gets them the ball lol


He puts up points when he plays obviously but there are already talks of him getting benched this year for Minshew. I’m not touching him with a 10 foot pole.


I got him last year in in the 4th, so playing with House money, got TLaw waiting in the wings, so we're riding this puppy into the playoffs


Sold him for kirk cousins and Mike Evans in august. Value probably much lower now even tho he scores points I can see those minshew rumors manifesting themselves sooner than later.


I got Mac Jones and a mid 22 2nd for Hurts the day before the article about Minshew possibly taking over came out. In SF 10 teams


Sold preseason in SF for two 1sts


Right before the season started I traded him for a 2022 2nd to a competing team. (I have Burrow & Stafford) The trade partner & I both agreed that a top 3 finish was more plausible than not this year, & he really didn’t want to give up a second but I wouldn’t budge. As good as he’s been for fantasy this season, I don’t think his value has changed much in dynasty because it *feels* like his long term value is up in the air.


I want no parts of Hurts.


I just saw hurts how for a 2nd and Trevor Lawrence…..


He’s really bad in real life. Take what you can get if you aren’t a contender


I just traded Jalen hurts, a 2022 late 1st and quez Watkins for Patrick mahomes. But I think that’s a steal


Holy smokes yeah that's a steal, good work


wow someone bought onto the numbers without context lol, or panicked on mahomes, i sold hurts for just a 1st and am happy


Yeah they panicked on mahomes and wanted those consistent high pts to compete this year


That’s a simple a dumb trade in his part. But good for you.


Straight fleece job


That guy shouldn’t play dynasty lmao


Contending in SF, tried to buy from last place for a 2nd and 3rd. I was told that offer was not even close.


Just sold in a 1QB rebuild. Got a 2022 mid 2nd, 2023 late 3rd and Trey Sermon. I’ll take it.


If you are a contender in SF or don’t have a stud QB1 in 1QB his playoff schedule is too good to sell low on but if you aren’t looking to compete this year I would def flip him to a QB needy team for any first and second combos in 2023 and 2024. You’d have to look at it as a bet against him holding the job next year which would depreciate that contender’s future asset and should allow you to extract more value one or two drafts out than you may get this year.


Sell sell sell. contenders will pay for him, don’t buy, probably won’t start for too long


In a single QB league I flipped Hurts and Edmonds for Herbert and an early 2022 2nd. Dude had three great QBs but they all had the same bye week so I took advantage and turned Hurts into a QB I like better long term.


I took him in our rookie draft and I'm holding him until he's out of the league. Nobody is busting my door down for him, so I might as well see how it plays out


Pretty much this for me. I got him for free and literally the only offer I’ve received is a late 2022 second, so looks like he’s a hold. I’d certainly take two random seconds or a single first, but the offers just aren’t there.


I traded him away for Aaron Jones straight up in superflex. My other QBs are Stafford, Cousins, Carr. I still don’t know who won the trade honestly, since rodgers may be gone next year, and hurts may not even start.


Just Sold Hurts + Mckissick + 2 2nd’s for Matt Ryan and J.K. Dobbins looking to compete next year 🤷‍♂️


Traded for him (I’m 6-1 and superflex) for Javonte Williams + Allen Robinson and 23 1st. Have Kyler as my QB1.


youch, unless you needed a 2nd qb and really are all in for this year. I wouldnt have given javonte + 1st ​ Hope you win it all buddy


I have Najee, Elijah Mitchell, Ekeler (moved him for Monty + Mclauren), D’Ernist, and Darral Williams


Bought him, Chark, and 2023 3rd for Goff, Allen Robinson and 2023 1st… then sold him, Pringle, Hines, and 2023 3rd same day (today) for Daniel Jones, Juju, 2023 1st


Goff, arob, pringle, hines and a 3rd for Daniel Jones, Chark and juju. I’d take that.


I like that the 2023 first I acquired in the second trade should work out to be higher.


I was offered Hurts and 2.01 for two late 1sts and that seemed way too expensive. Probably worth a late first to me in the right situation but not more than that.


I’m in a situation in my 10 team keeper league (8players kept) where after this week I can be in position to trade my 2nd(projected late I’m 6-1) for Joey B to stack with Chase for the next 10 years. I may also be able to entice another team with Hurts(he badly wanted to try and stack him with devanta smith before the season and is still interested) and my ‘22 1st for Swift and maybe a 3rd? Derek Carr is my backup. Should I try and secure burrow first or would it be worth to send out the Hurts/Swift offer?


In my SF league, a rebuilding team traded Henry for Hurts, Gallup and a 2024 1st.


I may be in the minority but I think Hurts has kinda been fine considering that coaching staff is doing NOTHING to cater to him in any way. I mostly blame Sirianni for how shitty the offense has been. They are running a Philip Rivers offense and wondering why Hurts doesn't complete 80% on short passes. It's ridiculous In good matchups Hurts has crushed. I think he'll surprise as soon as he's away from the Eagles


In my league, this trade went down: Hurts, Melvin Gordon, Stefon Diggs, and a 3rd for Lamar Jackson and Aaron Jones....


Was offered a 2022 2nd rounder don’t know if I should ask for more


I swapped him this week for Stafford as a contender. I was very pleased both for this season, and moving forward.


1QB league I just sold him straight up for Watson


Trade that happened an hour ago: Hurts and Fournette for Teddy B, Julio Jones, Corey Davis and 1st (which goes back to the original owner) projected 3-5 range


If you can buy for less than a 1st, smash accept that deal. I’d consider even for a first. Imo he will 100% play out this season and 75% next season.


I drafted him in the 4th round. So his contract is rock bottom. Is he still with trading away? I'm at the top of the bottom half. Higher placement in the losers bracket gets me a higher draft pick.


I sold him last week. I sent Hurts, Laviska, and a 2nd and received David Montgomery. It’s a 10-team SF, and the manager was in dire need of a second QB.


Not sure I like this one, especially in a superflex. Trading the current QB3, Viska & a 2nd for a solid but injured RB who might find himself sharing the backfield with Herbert.


Same, this makes no sense in SF


I start Mahomes and Murray every week. I’ve also watched almost every Eagles game this season. I’ve been a Hurts supporter since day one, but I know when to fold.


I wouldn’t trade more than a late 2nd for him, and would only do so if I could get minshew too and was competing now. In SF, outside SF he’s basically worthless.


Just curious why you think the QB3 is "worthless" outside of SF. Even if you just start him this year and he continues to put up top 5 numbers and then he flames out, that could put a contender over the top.


Meh, the value of that in a 1 QB is minimal.


Would you do a 1st and hurts for Watson? I’m a rebuilding team and I’d be getting Watson.


Nah. Lot of question marks around Watson. That’s like 2 firsts for Watson. You can get better value


I don’t think any contender will give me more.


KTC has Jalen Hurts being worth more than a late 22 1st in SF. I would demand a late first at the least. People are overreacting — Jalen has been underrated and doubted his entire career. Sometimes you gotta bet on the person rather than the player. But that’s just my opinion 🤷🏽‍♂️


I traded for him but the hive mind has me spooked


What did you give?


Van Jefferson, Akers and TLaw for Hurts, Bateman, two 2022 1st round picks that should both be top 5


I mean the 1sts are nice but assuming this is SF idk why you’d trade T Law in the first place as a rebuilding team


I’m currently 3rd in my league with Burrow, Hurts, Garropalo and Z. Wilson as my QBs. Probably a contender, do I hold?