D. Knox or D. Schultz

D. Knox or D. Schultz


I'm buying Knox Everywhere I can. High snap count. Targets. air yards. Red zone looks. 24 years old. high powered offense. He literally checks every box. Schultz doesnt check all those boxes. both great assets. but knox legit I think can be a top 3/4 option in league for the next 5 years.


Schultz is seeing more targets than Knox though


Thinking that this declines. Especially with Gallup coming back.


This right here


Michael Gallup is a FA this year


So is Schultz


I feel like Ced Wilson is already getting the main role Gallup would be getting. Which is minimal behind the 2 top WRs and the TE underneath.


Schultz probably leaves Dallas sooner rather than later from what I remember. Unless Dallas brings has more space. Maybe what they went ahead and cut smith idk


What are you giving up to get Knox? I have Schultz right now but kind of want to try snd get my hands on Knox because I agree, the situation is extremely good for him


I like Schultz 6 targets a game vs Knox 4.8 Looking over the past previous 3 years for top 10 TEs. None of them had below 5.8 targets per game. Okay: checked again. Gronk has done it. So not many.


Someone offered me Hockensen straight up for Knox and I'm strongly considering it


This is a no brainer! Knox will never see 10+ targets in any game


I accepted the trade! Seems like a typical sell-high/buy-low situation. Hopefully it work out. Thank you for the vote of confidence!


Targets aren't really there but other than that I agree.


Talk to em then


In the last two years with Dak as the starting QB, Schultz has more games with 8+ targets than he does with less than 6. Knox has more games with 4 or fewer targets this season alone than Schultz has less than 6 with Dak in 9. The way I view it, Schultz has a much higher floor than Knox does. Knox's scoring this season is built on a pretty unsustainable TD rate (the only two TEs with the amount of TDs he's on pace for are Gronk and Jimmy Graham in their best seasons). The KC game is currently an exception to Knox's season, having almost as many yards as his other 4 games combined. Knox is still a good young TE prospect (he is a year younger than Schultz) but he's getting insanely overvalued right now based on his last game against a team that has been making opposing offenses more efficient than the Greatest Show on Turf. If you're going to target him, you should wait a week or two for the value to settle back down.


I'm in line with you. Schultz has been getting more targets for longer, and Knox's production is a bit more on the fluky side "for now" as it's come through with minimal catches and has been incredibly TD dependent. For all we know it could be a flash in the pan and defenses will start to keep track of him better. He and Allen could also develop further still, but there's a lot of unknowns there. Schultz is already a set it and forget it starting TE though. He gets more volume. I don't think Gallup coming back is going to change much at all for Schultz as their roles in this offense are completely different. It's not just about who's #3 target. Schultz is being put in a very "poor man's Kelce" role, where he's got the underneath routes and is the safety net for the QB to still get positive plays when they're busy trying to cover Cooper, CeeDee, and Gallup/Wilson. Gallup(who's role has largely been filled by Wilson while he's out) is more about making the defense have to respect the sideline and stretch the field with more than just Cooper. Gallup is there to gash the defense when they get too busy trying to focus on covering up Cooper and Lamb, and oh ya Schultz underneath. There's really just way too much going on in this offense for the defense to stop what's going on, but Dak and the Cowboy's offense have already shown that Schultz is a big part of that offense and their plans to move the ball. That won't change with Gallup's return to the lineup.


This is my take also. Overall Schultz is just good at football and Dak loves him. If Dallas resigns him and let's Gallup walk he could be a top 5 dynasty TE going forward.


I like Knox. He's a guy that was drafted for his traits and it was understood he'd take time to develop. When a guy like that starts to show out like Knox has been, it should set up alarm bells that he's taking a real step up. Shultz is in a decent situation but isn't the same kind of guy that Knox is. Either way, if the Waller owner isn't a taco, they're asking for a ton more on top of either guy before they make a move so prepare yourself for that.


Yeah doubt I’ll be able to snag Waller as he’s competing but. Slim at RB. I offered Schultz, Z. Moss, 23 2nd & 24 1st


Got both off of waivers this year. I'm riding Knox


You are riding Knox? Do you broski


Well you didn't have to go and make it weird. Lol


Lolol jokes aside what a nice waiver grab though. I managed to grab him in one league too. Trying to determine if he’s a sell high or a firm hold and I’m torn


I've got Knox and Schultz. I'm also a cowboys fan and I put Schultz on the trade block today. I think Schultz may have the safer floor, but with Gallup coming back and him being a FA at the end of the year that was the deciding factor.


I'm torn as well. I'm also really torn on which one to play on any given week. Last week my gut said Knox and everything else said Schultz. I went with Schultz. Still won though. This is weird territory for me as a late TE/Waiver the guy. I never have high performance TE value


Schultz is probably going to be the cheaper of the two. **Dawson Knox** * Finally seeing the fruits of his off-season labor pay off as the team and Josh Allen trusts him more. * He currently leads the Bills with RZ TDs (3) but is 2nd in RZ targets (6) behind Stefon Diggs. * Knox is 4th on the team in targets (24), behind Diggs (48), Beasely (35), and Sanders (33). He has a target share of 13.41%. **Dalton Schultz** * Benefitting from the run game (Zeke & Pollard) and the passing game (Cooper & Lamb) * 4th in RZ targets (4) and tied for 1st in RZ TDs (2) * Schultz is 3rd on the team in targets (31), behind Lamb (40) and Cooper (37). He has a target share of 17.71%. **My thoughts** Dawson Knox is utilized more as a TD machine operating with fewer receptions than Schultz. Schultz has as many receptions as Kyle Pitts does (26). But this is only 8 more than Knox. People are talking about Gallup, but I believe Gallup siphons some of the touches from Lamb/Cooper and not necessarily Schultz depending on how many 3 WR sets Dallas may play - which I actually don't have a stat on. But, counter-point to Knox is that the TD regression might be coming for Stefon Diggs. The same could be said about Emmanuel Sanders, though. If you want a higher TD variance, you'd lean Knox. If you want more receptions, you "could" lean Schultz. Long-term: Dawson Knox has at least another year under contract with the Bills. Schultz could be gone next year and he might have priced himself out of an attractive contract for the Cowboys to keep him. Short-term: Depends on how cheap you want to be. I believe Knox would be worth more than Schultz. Personally: I bought Schultz for that reason. Dak just looks for him when he's in trouble and the threat of Zeke and Pollard has left the middle of the field wipe open for Schultz. Long-term, I wish I could have bought Knox sooner because I readily believe in him after he tried to clean up his drop issues and was heavily invested in learning from TEU.


Knox bc Schultz has to deal with Gallup coming back IMO.


Oouu nice take forgot about gallup


Gallup is a FA this year


And now I just realized I posted this in dynasty :) I still lean Knox with Blake Jarwin and Gallup around.


Shultz for me but it's close.


I also own kittle so kinda pointless to keep all as a contender. Torn between the two


I had the choice to grab either a couple weeks ago and the only thing that moved the needle for me was that I had Josh Allen.


if you're getting waller and you already have kittle, who cares which of the two you're left with? i'd gladly ship them both to be fair! and anyway, i don't think there's much between them.


I was also in this situation last week and ended up deciding to keep Schultz & upgrading a 2nd to a 1st with Knox. I kept Schultz for the consistent volume. Schultz didn't do much last season except when Dak was healthy, and in his 8 starts with Dak under center he's averaged just under 7 targets per game and over half a TD. Sure it might fall off a bit with Gallup's return and a healthy Cooper, but even when the cowboys haven't thrown much this season Schultz has gotten his (and then some).


Knox for fantasy. Tied to Josh Allen for at least another year, meanwhile Schultz is a FA and has likely earned more than Dallas is willing to pay.


Makes me so sad. I wish Dallas had extended him during the summer, but I get it - they have a ton of decisions to make this off-season.


D. Arnold


Fortunate to have both 😎


I have both and will be selling neither unless a really good offer comes along. I've been struggling at tight end forever, thanks Engram and Howard. I think Knox is the better long term asset, and both are about equal right now. I'm not sold on Schultz being downgraded with Gallup back. I think that offense is good enough and the role Schultz plays Gallup won't eat into it.


I also own kittle and goedert so I’d like to sell one of these guys lol


Sell Goedert


I'm in full-rebuild mode, am VERY slim at RB, and grabbed both off of waivers this season. This morning I offered the Cam Akers owner Knox or Schultz and a 2022 late 2nd for Cam Akers and he jumped on it immediately. He took Schultz & the late 2nd for Cam.


That’s interesting but I do like that for u


I have a log jam in dynasty I have kittle on IR I had Knox as his back up I picked up Schultz when kittle went to IR And I have Friermuth on my taxi. Any clue how to Wade through this when kittle comes back?


I’m just as clueless as u reason why I made this post. I own kittle, Knox, Schultz and goedert. Someone has to go lol




What do you value these guys in TE premium? Having guys left and right offer 3rds which seems way too low


PS I’m probably selling Knox. Something just feels like Robert Tonyan 2.0 to me


In TEP that definitely wayyy too lowww


Very happy in the league where I have both. Very unhappy in the league where I dropped both.


I drafted Knox as a rookie…held him for TWO YEARS….then I dumped him this past offseason 😢🥺 then I drafted Pitts, but it still stings


Yo not to steal this thread, but legitimate trade question involving both lol. I have the opportunity to ship Baker Mayfield (SF) for either A) Knox + early 1st Or B) Schultz + late 1st Which would you take?


Easy, get the early 1st and chance to draft another qb


Early 1st


As a contender, I just bought Schultz off a rebuilder for a late 2’d next year and couldn’t be happier. In Dallas, especially if he resigns, he’s got the potential to be a top 5 TE moving forward. With Knox I’m more on the fence because he gives me Tonyon vibes from last year. And so far that has not worked out at all this year. I think he’s better than that because he’s in that Buffalo offense that is just insane, but personally that’s why I lean Schultz.


A lot of ppl are mentioning Gallup coming back which could take some targets away from schultz