So good when Freddie got updogged 🤣


My player jumped from Matt's cucumber rolls into the reaction, what happened?


Paraphrased from memory: Will: My teen fact is for Freddie, actually. Freddie: Ooh! Will: The raccoon that Normal tamed a few teen-facts ago wasn't actually a raccoon. It was a goingondog. Freddie: What's a goingondog? Will: NOTHING, BITCH, WHAT'S A GOING ON WITH YOU, DOG?!


I NEED video of this moment


I very much enjoyed Will Campos murdering Freddie Wong


Ooh a five footer episode but oh man so fun. The chaos of the kids trying and failing to negotiate was so on point. I love Granny Erin O'Neill so much. Also Erin's spell to combine the realms needs 300 years of human life? If only we knew a quasi immortal human warlock whose lived for hundred of years. 🤔


If the 4 youngins (Scary, Link, Norm, Taylor) and the 5 oldins (Lark, Sparrow, Grant, Terry Jr, Nick) were to pool their life forces for Erin's spell, they would each give up 33.3 years of life. That could be further subsidized by 1) Willy, who is seemingly an immortal warlock(?) 2) Nick, who is half hell demon, and therefore, probably long lived 3) Any allies, such as their granddads, Erin herself or her trees, and of their allies on Earth and 4) any unwilling sacrifices they can pull in (I dont think anyone would have minded if 10+ Papa Johns employees were to be sacrificed for example)


Nick isn’t human, so his years wouldn’t count.


Ooooh, good idea there!


Can they trade the memories of the several lifetimes they all had in the simulator?


Also c'mon guys what kind of tree takes notes? A palm pilot 🌴


Or a Secretary (UK pronunciation)


Has anyone created a megathread of all the answers? There are so many good ones, this is my favorite fan response since the Great Cheesoid Celebration of 2019


I like that the podcast continues to reinforce that Lark turned super hardcore, with Erin's comment about Normal grabbing the tape measure and threatening everyone being something Lark would have done.


I cant wait to get more into Lark's arc. He's clearly been a fking psycho since Ep 1 of Season 1, but he just got increasingly more likely to go insane with chaotic rage. Yet, he seems to be convincing disturbed by the Doodler and fights against it. It doesnt gel well with the end of S1. Theres so much story to fill in inbetween


You ever cringe at the time you misspoke a word during a conversation in middle school and kind of want to die? Imagine you unleashed a Lovecraftian horror upon multiple realms in middle/grade school instead. Kids are dumb, and they grow up to be adults who remember how dumb they were. I think Lark goes that hardest and withstands the Doodler the most because the weight of his shitty kid-decision has been a literal shadow over his head since the day he stabbed his father.


I think Lark actually being Normals dad would be an awesome twist and family dynamic to explore. Lark had a son but knew he couldn’t be a good/normal dad so Sparrow agreed to raise him as his own. Fits with the overall fucked up Oak family dynamic too!


That would be a cool storyline!


I think your onto something like this, I don’t remember the specific quote but something Anthony mentioned in the episode made me think this was gonna be the case


Erin guessed Normal was Lark's kid because of the tape measure thing in the first comment. (Unless you're talking about something else?)


Could Normal even confirm this? Like wouldn’t a DNA test not work since Lark and Sparrow are twin saved therefore have the same DNA?


So a standard paternity test doesn't get detailed enough but if you did a full genetic sequencing you'd be able to be more likely to tell. Differences in genes due to spontaneous mutations and environmental effects grow over time. That's way to expensive currently but not impossible, not a guarantee. With future tech, maybe, with magic, probably.


Would it even change that much? Normal turning out to be Larks biological son wouldnt really mean anything in the end? The whole "real" parent stuff is pretty meh, especially considering there's an adopted child among the cast. Lark was still in his life and taught him a bunch of stuff so I don't see why Lark would hide it, since he's clearly been around all of Normals life. I just don't think it would change much or be that interesting of a twist


This entire episode is them at the top of their game and I’m in hell listening to this in the office


nick just going straight back to hell after matt suggested it had me giggling like an idiot at my desk


I love it when Matt torpedoes other players for a bit, like in the life simulator.


Matt truly understands how to inject chaos into every situation, it’s amazing.


I haven't laughed this hard since season 1--this episode had me cry laughing early on and just kept me laughing until the end. So funny!


My wife had to take my headphones off me to get me to stop laughing at Will murdering Freddie in the intro


I'm so glad i wasn't the only only, the folks at the pizza place think I'm insane for dying in front of them... Try explaining this to french Canadians, it's impossible


The Deez Nuts that goes around is the what's going on Dog that comes around


You live by the Goblin, you die by the Goin-on


Funny that on either side of the conflict, The Black Parade or The Undergrove, both groups are cannibals.


I will not stand for this Nerds Rope slander


Hah! I just made virtually the same comment. I was bewildered by them dogpiling on Scary lmao. What's wrong with Nerds Rope?


I like how they totally forgot the rule of what happens when a half human uses the gun. Totally knew Anthony forgot when I heard them bringing up the idea


What was supposed to happen,?


There was a specific rule about half humans using the gun. I don’t remember the exact rule but it was along the lines as it doesn’t make an exact replica, it becomes like a golem of some sort, and I’d agrro toward the half human, Taylor. But for comedy sake I’m sure they won’t care. Just thought I’d bring it up lol


Isn't Taylor quarter human since Nick was half human?


Good point didn’t even think of that. Looks like I might be wrong about this. I still definitely think that the rule was in place in mind by the creator of the item because of Taylor but you are correct


He would be 3/4 human if Nick was only half because his mom was fully human.


Yes sorry I meant to say 1/4 demon


Wow I don't remember that at all! I'll have to go back and relisten lol


They’ve been getting so much mileage out of that human gun. Every time it gets used is hilarious. I also wonder what’ll happen when the fake Taylor dissipates in Nick’s arms, lol


The intro is Fucking great


Beth gave me GOOSE BUMPS


[Me when the guitars dropped in and Beth went screaming voice.](https://i.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/facebook/000/022/615/CybuEaUVIAAF_HV.jpg)


Possibly my favorite intro they’ve done


I’m not embarrassed to say I listened to it maybe twenty times on my first listen.


This episode was probably my favorite so far in season 2! Everyone was in top form and I loved seeing Erin o'neal again!!


Shouldn't the gun shoot out a golem or something if the parts aren't human?


Nick going straight back to hell. Gold lol


Will's comment "we didn't say what the ball gag was gagging" is going to haunt me. Terrible. Cursed. Rowdy beyond belief.




Ahhh seems like something they all forgot!


What trees take notes? Mysteries. Like… mys-trees


I ugly laughed the whole time. This episode had EVERYTHING.


There's no reason that intro should've gone as hard as it did. So good holy cow haha. Great job Beth!


It’s out and I’m happy, I don’t have notes yet


I'm confused why Anthony did tilt tobleronas voice for Erin O'Neill


Wait, were the real Erin and the real Vince ever said to be in a relationship? I thought they were two separate, randomly chosen names introduced episodes apart.


They were separate names, it's just a coincidence that the real Erin O'Neal is in a relationship with a person named Vince


Goddamn will from the top rope!! 😱😱


Scary failing that save should have gotten her briefly doodlerized to some degree or something, maybe allowing her to commune with it before a long rest brought her back to her senses. I was immeasurably disappointed when Anthony just said "I don't want to do that" and burned her spell slots instead.


Yeah. They’ve done madness before in mountains of dadness. I think there’s a way of doing madness in ttrpg without making fun or light of people with real illnesses or disorders.


I think given time to prepare, Anthony would have made a different call and had something prepped. In the moment he did the DM thing and winged it


Gonna try rude tales. Thanks for the recommendation


Is the "just a little guy" bit a reference? Because it's a pretty popular joke from adeptus ridiculous.


[Portlandia. There is no context](https://youtu.be/PoiDgJ1Qkdw)


Very late but I assumed it was a reference to [this](https://twitter.com/morganfailchild/status/1161446091352694785?s=46&t=x-n6J9btelOypL9e7zkjVg) classic tweet


Ok, I'm a little weirded out that there are so many custom Alberta adds lol, do we have that many Alberta specific listeners?


Arent the ads specific to the listeners region?


Yeah, but I'm not getting generic, I'm getting specifically recorded by the gang for alberta


Wait what?


Muuuuuuuucj better than the last ep. The intro was next level and I adore any plan with the human shooting gun. However I can’t help but feel that Anthony’s DMing has been a bit road blocky the last couple of episodes. And I know the dads aren’t perfect and a bit fucked up but they are all starting to feel really similar and kinda sucky. That’s being said, I’m just nit picking as a long time listener and patroon is want to do from time to time! I still love he guys, and the new little guys. He’s-just-a-little-guy Herman.


I was pretty disappointed that even Erin O'Neil, who was such a major personality in the first campaign, is yet another crazy mangler who is just as mindlessly antagonistic as every other NPC we've met in the apocalyptic Earth. Does it make sense? Sure, it's a combination of a grudge from being done dirty by the dads and her mind eroding from the eldritch abomination plaguing the land. But is it fun? Is it interesting? Is it worth bringing back the character of Erin O'Neil specifically when this episode could have played out the same way with a generic bad guy? That didn't land for me.


I get that feeling. You really do feel bad considering how much of a help Erin was for the Daddies. Narratively though, it should be Erin O'Neil. She is powerful enough to survive on her own, and we have seen that while she was good with the Daddies, she did have an edge on her and would turn on them if needed. Plus, it really hammers home the weight of the decision the Boys made by switching the worlds. AND c'mon Grant and the boys had it coming. Oh, and this way Anthony can give us another reason why the Sun nuke idea is bad. This all REALLY makes me worried to find Walter though.


Oh god don’t make me think about Walter. It was sad enough to see Erin go mad, but Walter? I will cry.


Had the same feeling. While it totally fits the story, I hated seeing Erin have such a bad relationship with Grant and the OG sons, considering she’s known them since they were just kids. I was hoping we would bump into an older more maternal Erin who had fond memories of Grant and was excited to meet the grandkids of the original dads.


For sure. It would have been interesting had she not known that Grant played a major role in killing the folks in the realms, and one of the kids brings it up by accident…. Or even that Erin is totally chill with everything since she only really wanted her plants (I even think she had a few “kill all people” plans in season 1), and now she has the sun and her plants all to herself in a sick ass grove.


This is partly why I'm still not thrilled about having the kids of the og dads do this in between seasons. It's a pretty irreversible, irredeemable thing to have these characters we love do and it makes every old character we meet that we should be excited to see again antagonistic towards them. Now, this episode is probably my favorite of the season, and it's the hardest I've laughed since season one, but I do still wish the basic conceit of the season were different.


I agree with that, I think It is a bit odd to decide that the kids have the highest kill count of all time and doomed an immeasurable amount of folk to death… but I think that might be because (speaking for myself) I don’t have kids? When Anthony made a comment about doing anything for your kid Matt agreed pretty quickly.


Can't remember the last time I laughed so hard, it was a great episode


That intro went so hard I need a full song, WOW.


I know! The last time they went this hard was the Jolene cover in s1!


Hey! What's with the Nerd Ropes slander? 🤨😂


Doesn't the gun copy only last like, 10 minutes if they dont fall to 0 HP? If Nick doesn't know about the gun he's going to be very confused and angry soon, and if he does know about the gun, he's still at least going to be very angry. Either way I think we're gonna see him popping back in to go 'What the fuck are you idiots doing?' in the next episode


Anthony’s return as Erin O’Neil was everything I hoped for. I’m so glad she’s back 🧙‍♀️


I'm still waiting for Anthony to pull some insane twist with the son-dads. I feel like they're still hiding stuff


Loved the opening! Beth did an amazing job singing! Also love Matt's undying loyalty to the IRL Taylor Swift.


Can anyone explain the weeb fake-Taylor jokes, pretty please?