After a little discussion in disord I'm betting the cliff hanger is Erin with the only area of real Earth sun and the Black Parade was going to fight/kill the queen of the Undergrove because Vince and Erin had a bad breakup.


absolutely what I immediately thought too. And Grant was coming to kill erin, steal the mini sun (dooming all her trees) and use the tape measure to make it star sized also, the door was made of flesh because erin refuses to use wood in construction




I mean, it’s way under ground, so the sun is definitely a giant….. light made of flesh, ***dying noises***. But absolutely, the bad breakup would makes much sense. She’s definitely the Queen of the Undergrove.


Damn, I didn’t even clock the Vince connection! Great catch. I’m still holding out hope for Barry to be the mid-season heel-turn, so I was betting on him buffing the black parade w mud golems (hence the black tears) and fighting Erin for the last of the forest.


I know that I’ve already stated this before about May Hales maybe being a black sheep of the D’Internes, but my second suspicion would be that she’s the daughter of Erin and Vince. I know there’s no concrete evidence yet, but she definitely makes me think of Erin the way she is always the supporter of the main party EDIT: I just came up with something crazy; whatever happened to Dr. Notme? She was a part of Erin’s mind as a sort of alternate personality that does not share memories with her. Essentially, Notme can see everything Erin does, but Erin doesn’t know what Notme does as a part of the Doctor-patient confidentiality. What if Erin has gone mad in this world but Notme grabs control periodically to stop her every now and then? Let’s say, she’s about to kill Grant and the teens until Notme jumps in and helps them escape, trying to talk them into saving Erin instead of killing her


I think it's obviously Erin. The door is made out of meat because she can't use wood. The under Grove is a play on how it's a tree Grove and the unfamiliar light they're feeling. Is that of a pocket sun or something like that to help the trees grow. Remember the kids have never seen the sun so feeling it for the first time would absolutely cause them to cry.


So like.......it's Erin O'Neil right?


Grove could also imply it’s the druids in Oakvale.


I feel like Lark and or Sparrow would've gone if that were the case. Where it's Grant, the only other logical option would maybe maybe be Killa Demall


I really REALLY hope yeets biggly comes back


Oh god yeah


Will, you’re probably not reading this because of your new baby BUT I heard and appreciated the Black Parade specific references and I’m sorry no one in the recording has your level of musical taste


I have a sneaking suspicion he proposed the name of the episode and I love it


You know, I think Disenchanted or The Scariest (Sharpest) Lives might have been better. I hope the next couple episodes are all MCR songs. Too bad this isn't an Oak arc because "I'm Not O-A-K" would've been fuckin' GOLD!


The rest of the cast is really sleeping on the track puns, they roasted him like a house of wolves. It'll definitely be the podcast's famous last words.


Give ‘em hell, Will


I like how this episode really pointed out the dichotomy of scary and normal. Normal was himself and disappointed every adult in his life, whereas even under the facade scary is given nothing but love by both of her parents, a love she pushes away. They are also both pretty motivated by self hate, but in different ways. Normal wants to be someone his family with love because they don’t love the real him, and scary thinks no one will love her because her dad left. While I’m not as big a fan of this season, there are still some interesting parts and I look forward to seeing where it all goes.


I am **very** suspicious of Lark Oak. Immediately forcing everyone to leave after being in Doodler brain? Being really scary so the rest of the dads are scared by him? Something’s up. Edit: Not to mention he was the one who unleashed the Doodler to begin with…


I think Lark’s behavior is more because of him being the one to unleash the doodler. He blames himself for all of it so is determined to destroy the doodler no matter what that means.


gives me S1 willy vibes


Also, he’s the person with the most intent on not only stopping but killing the Doodler.


I think it's one step further -- that the Doodler wants Lark to possesses him or use him as a conduit or avatar or whatever. So it's a double whammy to Lark of being the person who originally set the Doodler free AND could be the reason the world ends again. He's deadset on killing the Doodler no matter the cost because he doesn't want to be that again and this time with the fore-knowledge of it.


>!The queen of the undergrowth is so definitely Erin O’Neal. Everything being made of meat, being a plant based woman with intense power, it all points to her!<


>! I absolutely choose to be-leaf this !<


Goddamn psychic damage


I need someone to give me a numbers crunch on the statistical odds that Anthony anticipated us predicting this and has prepared just for such an event by not making this Erin, stat!


Hate/loving how charming and affable Anthony is making Willie. It's gonna make his inevitable betrayal hit so much harder. >!Also did Erin O Neill somehow steal [a portion of] the sun? How powerful is she???<


It's to the cast's credit and Beth in particular that they're really selling the teens getting taken in by Willie's manipulation. Despite knowing Willie is The Worst I'm never screaming at Scary that it makes no sense for her to buy it.


I think he might have changed, and I myself for thinking it


She was absurdly powerful in s1, just no one really thought about for ***meta*** reasons.


I feel so bad for Terry Jr


Yeah when I realized he “died” because of what she said so heart broken


Ester fucking killing it with the sound design again, that random encounter but killed me.


In meta-reality, they encountered a giant centipede monster, and then **joked** it out of existence… Well, they made it into a giant cucumber, which should not logically be there. Also hecks yes, the sound design was exquisite.


Reminds me of the wolves random enounter in season 1 on their way to Ravenloft.


Damn you /u/heybethmay! It was funny, but still.


There is a non-zero probability that a fan of this show passes away from natural or other causes and is left with only the flesh light cliffhanger as their closure for the show.


Tj messing up "you are enough just as you are" was both really funny and really sad. Very glad he didn't beef it, but I don't think he's out of the woods yet


I wonder if the reason he messed it up is that it’s one of the memories he’s lost to the doodler


Ohhhh fuck that would be heartbreaking


Devastating that they just left Will hanging on those great black parade references, got a good laugh out of seeing the title too


for real. Will has always been one of my favorites as well as the characters he plays, and that really cemented it for me haha. I feel like at least Anthony should’ve had a little more MCR knowledge tho


They could’ve fulfilled the “Terry dies” prophecy by having Scary put something from him into the gun and ordering the death of her clonefather.


Having a mob rip apart and eat the naked clone of your stepfather would be pretty metal--and maybe something for a therapist to address


My favorite ending to an episode so far 🤣


Paradiddle joke went above everyone’s head but it DID make me breathe out my nose a little harder…


Me too lol, but he also did not say the correct sticking or amount of notes for a paradiddle


absolutely, he butchered it but it was still funny


Man, listening to Terry Jr. interact with Scary and the other kids was such a delight. He's always been my favorite of the OG kids. It was definitely sad to see him hop away in the portal at the end of this. I think I realized why this system of finding one person, dropping them off, and then moving on to the next person hasn't been working as well for me this season as it had during season 1. I think during season 1, the kids were forcibly ripped away after they were found (and usually after some amount of breakthrough - the love wolf with Sparrow, the convo with Terry Jr., etc), which felt tragic and propulsive and felt like it gave the dads something to work on emotionally and a sense of direction w/in the broader narrative. But since the dads in season 2 just finish their quest and voluntarily hop in the portal, it ends up feeling like their conflicts with the kids are awkwardly unresolved as a result. There's still more to do and more to say, but it just kinda... ends? Idk, all their conflicts feel unfinished, so it feels a little like they're just going from thing to thing


I'm enjoying this season a lot more now, I feel like it's starting to find its footing (starting really with the papa John's stuff--so funny!) but I do still think season 1 is superior, and I think a lot of it does stem from this, the way the relationships with their parents are handled. The tensions/conflicts don't feel as organic to me, and that also results in them not feeling like progress is made on them. The one at a time quests, then, also feel a bit stilted because of that. Still enjoying it though!!


The part about Normal really interested me! He's my favorite teen, and the part that Rustputin was talking about made sense. I hope we get more about that later.


I'm sorry but "I don't talk to my dad. My dad's anime" did not get enough credit. MY DAD'S ANIME??????


Love the title of the episode. More MCR references. 😁


Just wanted to say that Will, I see your Black Parade references and it was greatly appreciated. The 13yo diehard MCR fan in me salutes you. lol That episode title is choice too lmao


THAT INTRO. This one's out of the park man. Can we get covers of this by all the chars?


There's a few more lines in the post-credits scene also :D Yeah they definitely need an Album for season 2 once all's said and done, the parody songs this time have been amazing.


I would buy a full length single version of the intro


I would buy an album of the intro. Just. Gimme Paeden voice. Or Walter, I'll take Walter.


That would be adorable


Pretty messed up over the fact that what broke Terry Jr. down into tears in season 1 was an "I love you" said by his stepdad, but in season 2 what broke him is an "I will never love you" from his stepdaughter.


Just... Just an episode and a half for Scary and Terry Jr? How efficient yet heartbreaking.


So is Willy going to use Scary to a) just figure out what the Doodler wants or b) figure out what it wants and use her as like a Doodler-vessel? I’d be shocked if he thinks her mind can survive the Doodlering - he’s definitely going to drop her as soon as she makes contact and gets her brain mushed. (Unless the power of friendship saves her, of course.) We know he wants to eat the Doodler, just need to figure out how the psychic connection plays into it.


I kinda dont understand old terry jr. He knows what it feels like to be like scary, and he was kind of mature with dealing with ron. He sounds like he doesn't know how to parent


Honestly, being the mature one in a family as a kid and growing up doesn’t make you a good parent, it makes you terrified you’ll screw up now that you’re an adult and you’ve changed so much. Being mature for survival as a kid vs choosing to be a parent as an adult are two radically different situations.


Just because you can recognize patterns of emotion neglect doesn't mean you learn how to solve it. The season 1 dads were terrible people who genuinely fucked up and traumatized their sons, the sons were given very few tools to raise their own children before getting stuck on this quest to slay an eldritch god.


Yeah. I hope once all dad are reunited that they change and be better dads like S1 dads. It's sad to see them interact with their kids and don't try to make changes then and there, but it is stressful. Praying for growth.


True. I am letting a bit of it slide as his mind being messed up from the Doodler and memory loss stuff. When he was ghost appearing at their school they mentioned that that was making him act a bit different and more annoying and I’d assume much of that still goes for back on Doodler Earth.


I’m not on the Patreon, so I’m not sure if anyone has access to character sheets: Does anyone know if Scary rolled perception or deception with her +5?


Wild guess - I think what Lark saw when he looked what the doodler wanted was just... Nothing. Going full on cosmic horror, it might not even be aware of the Lifes it's destroying, a child playing with a toy rather then a malicious force. There is no reasoning with it. Their deaths are meaningless.


So... The majority of people seemed to have the same idea that Erin is the queen of the undergrove with all the plant theme, the fact that Grant said they used to like them, and it specifically being Vince who was in the Black Parade going to destroy the undergrove. I feel like this opens the door on meeting characters that haven't been entirely corrupted (minus the dimensional witch since dimensional magic is weird) Obsessed with the idea of them running into Barry at or around the church of the doodler But really with the idea of non corrupted (pr atleast not fully corrupted) people in this world all I want is to see Autumn Oak again. I feel like she could possibly fighting with the doodlers accolades at the church or something I will give Anothony real american dollars to bring Autumn back- I'm aware she would be like atleast 80 but I just love her dearly


…why are they doing ads for Amazon


I dont know how ads on podcasts work, but I know they can be region specific as there was a very cringey cast read ad for Beer52 a while back for UK audiences So the ads on this one for my region were for a job website called Reed


It's a cast read copy so probably a good chunk of money.


Okay I know WHY but not WHY, you know? Seems like these are the types to turn down shilling for an evil megacorp


Plot twist, they aren't.


Hmmm okay they are though


Yeah but they literally didn't, so they're not


Oh I misread as they aren’t shilling for an evil megacorp! I have entrenched myself in a brain tongue twister but now I see the error of my ways!


Oh shit lol, I see what you mean. It is kinda disappointing they're reading for Amazon, though, but what are you gonna do?


Frown, complain, tune in next ep


Ugh :(


And it was exactly the kind of stupid jingle that would have fit their usual parody song recaps, so I paid far too much attention before realizing that no...it was actually an ad, for real.


Amazon is clearly known world-wide as a blatantly evil corpation and if anyone doesn't know that already then they must have been living their entire life with their head in the sand. Them doing an ad for Amazon just takes money away from Amazon and supports the show. If someone didn't support Amazon but then started to because a podcast did an ad for them, then thats more on them the podcast.


I haven’t listened yet, but are they actually??


They actually are! Very surprising and kind of disappointing!


Fuuuuuuck. That’s beyond disappointing. What the actual fuck.




They do ads? I've never heard an ad read from them. Is it because I'm on Spotify?


Maybe? That’s interesting! I listen on Apple pods and there are 2-3 cast-read ads per episode


I see 🤔 lol well this is a dumb question, but are their ad reads any good? Not in terms of what the product is, but are they like in character or just themselves? The closest I've ever heard an ad from them was in that one episode where Elyse Willems promoted her podcast, which was pretty funny lol


They’re not in character but they are often funny!


https://www.dungeonsanddaddies.com/ad-reads They have an entire page just for ad reads.


I feel like a good roast to terry would be to tell him he’s NOT good enough as he is


That ending was, *mwah*, chefs kiss


She said it so aggressively too. Caught me off guard and had to rewind a couple times lol


Was the poet that Freddy referenced and Beth groaned at Rupi Kaur? Did Beth May groan because they enjoy or dislike her poetry? I cannot tell.


My heart can never help but to break for Scary.