This all sounds about right

This all sounds about right


Michael would love Zoom as a meeting host, playing god like that and all the ‘whacky’ backgrounds he’d concoct.


Totally agree. His film making dreams would shine, but as a solid B plot he’d hate it by the end of the episode because he will have accidentally left a meeting running while he fell into a koi pond in the background or something.


Oh he would totally mute toby or kick him


Then he would sulk as he gets his host status removed and try to interrupt the meeting as much as possible.




Now I’m realizing how predictable my favorite shows are


I wouldn't say that. Id say the characters are so well developed that you can "see them doing things" the same way you could a well known friend.


Doesn’t that just mean they’re predictable?


It's predictable with extra steps.


I knew you were going to say that




Just like real humans yea


Would you rather have them always do completely random shit that makes no sense for their character traits?


Lmao, i suppose if youre determined to shit on this parade i wont stop you


I can picture him so clearly saying “I just want everyone to know that I have muted Toby and I can’t hear a word coming out of his stupid mouth)


"Alright we're gonna go into breakout rooms for the next part." > Everyone in room A. > Toby in room B.




He’s mute Toby for not raising his hand to speak lol.


Running gag of him always leaving Toby in the waiting room lmao


Agreed. Zoom was built for the Michael Scotts of the world. People who like Zoom are basically saying, “MORE meetings.” Pam would hate Zoom. Jim would like it for the pranks. Dwight would request co-host access and be denied, then sulk. Stanley would be a photo. Phyliss would switch off her video but leave her mic on while she had a nooner with Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration. And so on.


No. More. Meetings!


No, more meetings.


*happy Stanley Face* 😃


I love you this is spot on! Stanley is a photo!! Haha


jim would do a freeze/cutting out prank so he could leave the meeting early (':


Angela would be covered in cats for every call


Assistant to the Host.


I could totally picture him just calling Pam at odd times like 10pm just saying nonsense like “Paaaaaamm” And Pam trying to telling him it’s after working hours but he’s thinks working remotely means she has to answer at all times.


> but he’s thinks working remotely means she has to answer at all times. Too real


A reminder that it's perfectly okay to set boundaries with your employer.


This comment is buried gold. A lot of people forget (myself included) that just because you have a job DOES NOT mean you are a servant at your managers beckoning call. Regardless the pity/stern mind games they try to play you with.


This is why salaried positions are a trap


"I'm not a cat."


Truth is stranger than fiction, I suppose.


He would pay for premium background packs, the ones that have slight movements. and he would make his name into cringe-y jokes. Stanley, Angela and Erin would also be anti-vaxxers (each for their own "reason"). Meredith and Kevin would wear their masks under their noses. Ryan would would be an anti-masker, but not anti-vaxxer. He would get the vaccine and start wearing a mask *after* he was vaccinated and everyone else stopped wearing them. Oscar, Jim, Pam and Phyllis would push for longer work-from-home. Kelly would go on an Amazon shopping spree and have all her stuff delivered to the office.


The part about Ryan is spot-on haha. 'cause he doesn't need some higher-up in his ivory tower to tell him what to do with his body, but then when the mandate is lifted and he's vaccinated he can't believe how people are complacent and don't take this thing seriously despite the scientific evidences that the virus is floating around, so he'll start wearing the mask, refusing to touch anything or anybody in the office and being an utter asshole especially to Pam whom he considers a lousey mom who loves to endanger her kids. this is too real.


“Where’d you get that mask?” “I’d rather not say”


Well everyone else had gone remote, Creed would have stayed in the office and still gimme to work every day. People would think the background on his computer screen was a funny joke, when in reality it's actually in the office.


Meredith would have already had and recovered from COVID. Toby would be a conspiratorial anti-vaxxer. Dwight would have already vaccinated most of his family and close friends himself with his veterinary tools, to include an ambush vaccination of Angela for her own good. Creed would be selling a “cure”. Michael would be vaccinated because Toby was against it.


Meredith: "I've had covid plenty of times, it ain't that bad!"


Except for the third time… that one was rough.


I would think the after messing with settings he would eventually find the whacky backgrounds and have scenes throughout the episode that feature Michael on a green screen.


Kelly would hate it because of lack of filters


And instead of using his desk phone, Michael would Zoom call everyone for inconsequential shit like asking Pam to come into his office to take notes.


Michael would have a business suit top on but he's in his underwear downstairs and accidentally reveals this when the doorbell rings.


Michael playing with the backgrounds could be a whole cold open. They could probably do a half season at least of the office for just pandemic stuff. Going from the shut down to working from home to the hybrid model. People still need paper in a pandemic. Stanley would be in love with the work from home, probably figure out how to fake being on zoom. *sigh* in a better timeline they have it.


He'd ask Tobey to explain something and then just mute him before he could answer.


He would make a video background featuring himself multiple times, and his “clones” would walk around doing things for him. Michael Scott 2.0 would bring him coffee, Michael Scott 3.0 would be dressed up in some wizard costume ready to give advice from the “future”, etc. And he would play along with it way too much while the others tried to get him to focus on the meeting.


Michael would be ok with zoom. But he wouldn’t be wearing pants, then he would accident expose himself.


Multiple times.


"Yeah, okay, well I didn't think I'd be standing up so much, and I heard one of the benefits of this work from home stuff is not having to wear pants."


Sounds more like Meredith. It's casual day!


Meredith would be pouring alcohol into a red solo cup in frame and someone would say, "Meredith we can see that!" She'd rant about if she's being forced to work at home around her kid, she's drinkin


You know who someone is, ANGELA and her cats...


“And my thing isn’t small, it’s average. Most men are this size, right Jim? Actually, Oscar would know.” Oscars screen goes black. Everyone starts disconnecting. Creed is the only person left with Michael. Tries to sell him knock off penis pills.


Who's your Viagra guy? You're paying way too much for Viagra.


He would *NEVER* let the squad work from home. Be away from him for that long? Abso-fucking-lutely not. Hed make bubble cubicles before he ever let them not be near him.


Okay and now I want a bubble cubicle pandemic episode.


Or social distanced in the warehouse


Jim playing social distance pranks on Dwight with a broomstick and gas mask.


I was keeping on theme but I also definitely think that Michael would fight back hard against a WFH environment. He would absolutely try to argue that these are the *exact* times when people should stick together, maybe closer than ever before!


That’s hilarious


He’d make everyone work from HIS home.




He'd visit everyone's houses daily


Jfc, I read that in Michael's voice.


(winter episode) Michael, it's 13 degrees outside. "Pam, pants are optional now, you can't formalize this Friday!"


Dwight joins the zoom meeting with no pants on, the Office has just joined the meeting and people are connecting to video: Dwight, speaking without pants on: Hello everyone. I want to start this meeting by telling everyone to set their computer in a blank, non colored room so the government cannot monitor you during these. It's important that... (interrupted by Pam) Pam: Oh my god! Dwight, what are you doing! Put some pants on in front of us, our kids are running around in the background! Dwight: No can do Pam. It is a Schrute tradition to wear no pants during the hours of 6am-3pm during a summer solstice. Michael, just entering meeting finally: Sorry guys I just figured this thing out, they don't tell you to connect your computer to the internet before trying to join these meetings. What's going onnnOHMYGOD, DWIGHT! GOD! THAT IS SO DISGUSTING! PUT SOME PANTS ON MAN! (under breath) I think im gonna be sick... Dwight talking head: I don't know what's wrong with these people. Humans used to run around naked all day during work. Their "work" being hunting giant Buffalo for food, the only other honorable tradition next to paper salesman. They can get over it, or, they are free to go hunt Buffalo.


I like to think micheal would force everyone to come into the office only to zoom call with each other


I was thinking he would get dressed, come into the office, and sit at his desk every day without pants on because his office is where he does his best work and zoom meetings just means he doesn't have to wear pants like everyone else.


Yes, of course!


In ridiculous bubble cubbies that distort the sound quality so boone can actually hear each other.


Stanley is so annoyed by the cubbies. Nobody can hear Phyllis inside her plexy glass cubicle with her mask on. Kelly HATES social distancing in the annex. Ryan is a conspiracy theorist. A whole scene on Angela and Oscar trying to teach Kevin how to properly wash his hands but he can’t get it right. Angela angrily keeps making him do it over. Andy’s color coordinated fabric masks that match whatever form of pastel he’s wearing that day. The IT guy returns. Still can’t decide which form of extreme Dwight will take on covid. Angela’s cat catches covid. Darrel and Jim outside talking about BLM events and Ryan overheard and butts in with his two cents which nobody asked for. Pam has a hard time with the diaper shortage and mentions it to Angela who tsks and shames her for not hoarding paper towels wipes and diapers in the first place. Won’t lend her a pack. Cat cam shows house full of cats in a room packed to the gills with towers of diapers and paper products climbing all over them. Hank does a temperature check on Michael who has a fever and is throwing a tantrum because he won’t let him into the office. Toby holds an in-office zoom meeting and tries to incorporate a pod system of scheduling but nobody is cooperative. Michael doesn’t want anybody to work from home so he shuts down the idea. Keeps muting Toby because he logged into Google Meet first and has the host controls. Also Michael uses the rainbow cloud background when everyone else’s settings are normal. Phyllis is terrible at online meetings even though they’ve been doing them for months. Has not learned to mute/unmute/silence computer without making that horrible screech echo. Everybody thinks Stanley’s screen froze because he blinks so infrequently. This is fun. /r/redditwritestheoffice


Ugh my old boss did that. Stupidest shit ever.


European offices are naked all the time!


“You don’t know me, you’ve just seen my penis.”


If it was an iPod, it would be a Shuffle


“I didn’t see where it started but I saw where it ended”


Zoom calls to discuss his most recent Zoom dates would be mandatory on the work agenda.


Michael would play with all the zoom video filters and backgrounds. And he’d totally load the picture of Jan on accident for his background. You know the one.


“I saw where it ended but I didn’t see where it started.” “Dangling participle.”


He’d create different characters for each zoom meeting.


Guys look at my background! Look! I'm on a beach!


Michael would bring dinner to Jim and Pam and comment “this food is so bland I can’t taste it!” Pam would turn with a very serious face to the camera.


While reaching for cheese puffs.


The one thing i know for an absolute fact Michael would do would be forget to press the mute button and say something innappropriate


Yep and mean to send a chat message to jim but send it to everyone by mistake..


Or Ryan


Michael would be the one to demand a pants check and then everyone is exasperated Meridith isn't wearing pants


Or mean to send a message only to Jim and and do that flawlessly. However, he'd harass Jim with jokes and laugh hysterically during the meeting until someone calls him out, then pretend he was paying attention to the meeting the entire time just for Jim to expose him. Edit: after this Michael would sulk and try to ruin the meeting for everyone else by constantly interrupting them or mute others.


Or you'd see him walk around in his underwear or forget to mute video/audio and get into a fight with Jan.


Yeah David, Ryan's being a little bitch again


Dwight had his own hazmat suit, he would be self quarantining on his farm first and mocking everyone else for not being prepared.


Dwight would fully embrace the incoming social decline.


He’s definitely ready for the world to have a new plague.


Jim would somehow convince Deight he was the one responsible for COVID because he once said the world needs a new plague. Edit: I meant Dwight, but we all know lol


Dwigt I forget it bruva.






he would have bought up all the toilet paper and sold it for a profit like the dolls


“Fact: I have collected enough food and toilet paper to last a man for 3 years. They all thought I was crazy, but look who’s laughing now.” -in Dwight’s voice-


Is Dwight really a traditional toilet paper kind of guy? I see him making his own TP out of hemp and using it


He’s got a bomb shelter and tons of canned food


At the end of the episode he'll realise there had been a tear in the suit the whole time. See, Mose had made a hole in the suit because he'd been playing around in it (while Dwight was at work) and laid eyes on a certain scarecrow...




Can you imagine his TP stockpile?


Dwight would also be the "social distancing enforcer" or something. When they return to the Office he would have a telescoping measuring stick to force people 6ft apart, moving desks around, forcing plexiglass in people's faces. Spray people with disinfectant when they cough or lower their mask, the whole nine yards. I get that Dwight said we should have a new plague but think of all the *power* he could hold over people by enforcing the rules. He would be channeling his inner Sheriff again and it would be perfect.


Dwight also cared about the people in the office more than those outside of it. He would mock the other office dwellers but he would do his best to protect them in his own Dwight way.


Joining a zoom conference in a hazmat suit.


Thank you! Much better interpretation of the character


Fr. No way Dwight would be anti mask


No way. Dwight would be the one confronting all the anti maskers


I mean, he literally let people sneeze on him. So it’s definitely one or the other.


He would have at first, but then a month into it, he would go against it


I think the opening joke would be Jim telling Dwight or Michael that he's on mute even though he's not. And the meeting proceeds with Michael clearly speaking but no one can hear him. Dwight rushes over to save the day and gets lysolled in the face on zoom for the whole office to see.


Michael hears you don't have to put on pants for Zoom meetings. Jim asks Michael if he's aware that he has to back up until he's six feet away from the laptop if people aren't wearing masks on Zoom.


I'm laughing so hard right now because I can picture this exact scene happening


Someone write this all down and tweet the creators. We've a reunion episode in the making!


Meredith has a 4K webcam she brought from home.


And a light ring, and a set a whips and shit up on the walls behind her. They are never mentioned or discussed. 40% chance Jim does a Jim look at the camera when the whips become visible.


I love this, well done.


I can see Michael wearing a full hazmat suit even if he’s 100% alone. 💀


I can imagine Andy and Angela as the real over the top cleansliness freaks. Angela would be worried about infection to her cats. Michael would accidentally burn his condo down after trying to sanitize a new George Foreman grill in the microwave.


Kelly catches covid from Ryan because, even tho he already tested positive, she can’t resist kissing him.


Kevin is repeatedly taking his mask off and putting it back on as Oscar and Angela keep yelling over each other at him.


Eating candy bars all day and taking it off occasionally to sneeze.


I can imagine Kevin pulling down his mask, just so he can sneeze…


Angela has a small bottle of sanitizer that she sprays everyone with. And a bigger bottle on her desk that she mainly uses on Kevin.


If anybody here hasn’t seen r/redditwritestheoffice check it out because there are some great covid “episodes” on there


Todd Packer obnoxiously drops by the office in a bat costume


“Must’ve got it from the hostess at China Garden that I boned them other day.”


Packer would get sick from taking Hydroxychloroquine


Hear me out, a Fauci costume then proceeds to explain how covid is all a hoax


I can see Ryan doing that


Superstore is probably the closest we'll get to that, as a workplace sitcom created by a former Office writer. Had some good episodes about the impact of COVID on retail workers. I guess with The Office, if it was still on the air in 2020, they'd all be working from home, which might have actually made it easier to film during a pandemic, though maybe tough to make the comedy work when characters aren't in the same room.


As far as I know, Superstore was the only scripted tv show to even acknowledge the pandemic. Everyone else has just pretended it never existed.


Do you mean sitcom? An entire season of Grey's anatomy revolves around the pandemic.


Or they don't watch literally everything.


*Mythic Quest* did full Zoom episode between seasons, and had an older character still having to work remote as season two opened (making actual jokes out of it too). Not on the same level as a prime time network sitcom, obviously. But was refreshing to see a show that “lived in our world,” at the least a little. Was super behind on *Superstore* so haven’t seen the pandemic episodes yet.


Mythic Quest did a really great job! Ian and Poppy's struggle was really relatable. I highly recommend this show, it's on Apple+ but I found it on the high seas.


This Is Us


I watched Law & Order the other day and the masks were an absolute joke.


Stanley would be asking where his hazard pay is.


I disagree. I can see Stanley in a talking head "I've been getting paid to stay home. This has been the best year of my life"


Being forced to stay at home would kind of hinder his whole "I love cheating on my wife" thing though, so I think he'd go stir crazy pretty quickly.


But no Pretzel day tho


Or refuses to work from home until his internet is reimbursed


“Stanley, it’s not in the budget. I’m sorry.” — Oscar “Budget. Budge it. Oscar, why don’t you budge it?” — Kevin “Shut up the both of you!” — Angela


Dwight would either be in his bunker to wait it out or not wear a mask because he has the antibodies of a full grown man and those of his baby brother he absorbed in the wonb


I seriously doubt Michael would know how to work zoom lmao


Michael would show up at Pam's house while she is working from home to have her print off stuff for him.


Michael invited himself into Jim and Pam’s COVID-bubble.


I don’t know…he’s kind of a pro at photoshop.


He would just know that in order to access it, you click start and up pops the toolbar….


nah dude dwight would always wear some double strength mask or something, remember his hazmat suit in the lice episode?


You never know with Dwight… I remember someone sneezing on his toast and him eating it hesitantly to prove a point


Yes, Dwight has a super strong immune system, and everyone else coddles theirs too much. There should be de-sanitising stations. And if Jim needs to sneeze, he should sneeze in Dwight's face. He would welcome it. Erin runs across the office to sneeze on his toast.


I was in the self checkout a few months back and a guy chuckled when the employee wiped down the scanner and said “you know you’re just creating a super-bug by using disinfectant right?” I feel like that would be Dwight.


Michael LOVED FaceTiming with Pam in Brooklyn.


Meredith would be on Zoom not wearing panties.


Kevin would say he's been positive for a week and feels fine


Michael would hate zoom until he figured out how to use filters. After that, he’d abuse the filters and backgrounds until nobody could concentrate on the actual meeting.


Pam: One meeting we spent 8 hours with sombreros and mustaches on…that was the least offensive filter Michael had.


Michael would mute or kick Toby off the meeting completely


All wrong, Dwight would wear a HAZMAT suit with tons of Lysol and he would argue with Angela about who was the safety manager, Creed would try to sell sketchy vaccines, Michael would love Zoom and have infinite backgrounds, Stanley would work from Florida, Andy would have a Cornell mask, the list goes on


*Image Transcription: Twitter Post* --- > **Joseph Solomon**, @whatisjoedoing > > i just wish The Office was around for a pandemic episode. Dwight wouldn't wear a mask. he'd embrace the virus to build his immune system. Creed woulda had a black market vaccine months ago. Michael? idk. i just know he'd HATE Zoom. --- ^^I'm a human volunteer content transcriber for Reddit and you could be too! [If you'd like more information on what we do and why we do it, click here!](https://www.reddit.com/r/TranscribersOfReddit/wiki/index)


Angela would wear a hazmat suit. Jim and Pam would go insane homeschooling Cece and Phillip. Kevin would claim to be immune somehow but then catch it within the first episode. Stanley would just die because we’ve already seen his preexisting conditions, Phyllis too most likely. Meredith wouldn’t wear a mask…well maybe she would…just as a bra. Andy would tell stories of how him, Broccoli Rob, Butt Mud Brooks, and the rest of Here Come Treble all caught Ebola back in their college days and survived it.


Meredith would be patient zero.


Nah creed for sure, and he gives it to Meredith first. She gets blamed for it because he’s asymptomatic, but eating out of a noodle cup that says Wuhans best noodles.


Creed would likely mention something about the government/visiting a lab.


Michael would have a TON of fun with zoom


Michael would absolutely love Zoom. He’d be constantly changing his backgrounds to wacky pictures, and inevitably (though briefly) have an indecent picture of himself as his background. His inappropriate background causes corporate to end the WFH, much to Stanley’s dismay. Kevin would be complaining about not being able to taste or smell things and having shortness of breath, but reassure everyone that he got tested and that it was negative. He’d neglect to mention that the test was 2 months ago because he thought it was a one time deal. Kelly would be wearing designer masks. Ryan, of course, is an avid anti-masker. Per Angela’s instructions, Dwight sets up a makeshift COVID testing center in the lobby. Jim pranks Dwight by heating up his forehead prior to the test and displays a temperature of 109 degrees. He’s sent home and earns himself a 14 day vacation, but then actually ends up catching COVID. Andy lives in a crippling state of paranoia and is very vocal about social distancing


Y’all remember that one episode about sabre hygiene day where pam held a meeting about antibac, hygiene, coughing into the shoulder, etc? I literally watched that episode once and now i skip it every time cause honestly it just feels like watching more coronatalk on the news


And Stanley dosent care, Anglea would wear a PPE kit Ryan would start a new website


A great opening would be Michael calling a zoom meeting to get help creating a viral tiktok dance video.


Dwight was the only who's prepared for an apocalypse and he'd treat covid 19 as one. He'd wear his hazmat suit, staying at schrute farms eating almost expired canned products.


dwight you ignorant slut.


Ryan would get COVID and be excited for a 2 week break from Kelly, and she would catch it on purpose to spend quarantine with him. Todd Packer would make fun of everyone for wearing masks cueing the big mask debate episode. Kevin would be anti-vax and drive Oscar crazy. Stanley/Phyllis would get hospitalized causing Michael to hold a mandatory get better party that would become a super spreader event. Someone would say it was caused from a man eating a bat and Creed would sneak out in the background with a brown paper bag he took from his desk. Toby would say something like “Well I never had much company before the pandemic, so it’s kinda like nothing has changed”. Michael doing his Ping character would be an every episode occurrence.


I’d be all for that lol


Either Dwight would embrace the virus or he would make absolutely sure everyone was social distancing and wearing masks, and he would have a lot of fun doing it.


Meredith wouldn’t wear pants or panties on zoom. What do you expect ! It’s her damn house !


She’d get up too, and they’d have to blur her ass.


There was that one episode where Dwight asked everyone to cough and sneeze in his face in order to build up his immune system, and he regretted the decision almost immediately.


I feel like Dwight would be more on the other side of the spectrum. Enforcing mask mandates and social distancing. Sanitizer and hand wipes, while giving Jim looks of disgust for not cleaning his headset. Yelling at Kevin for wearing a mask that doesn't cover his nose. There's so much material there.


Stanley creates a zoom background which is himself sitting in a chair and never attends a meeting again


I swear I've seen this tweet last year... so this guy probably stole the tweet


I could also see Dwight living in his bunker!


Dwight would have a mask


Michael wouldn’t bother with Zoom. As soon as corporate gave the order to work from home, he would insist that they all get together at each other’s homes: Oscar’s on Monday, Angela’s on Tuesday, Dwight’s on Wednesday, and so on, as though it were some sort of working slumber party rotation.


Seeing the lice episode I doubt Dwight would do that... I think he might go more the other way. He'd be in a bunker stocked up with his assortment of canned foods.


Who would be the annoying bitch telling everyone to put there mask on? Oscar or Angela? Both?


Or Pam. "Hey, you know, you should really wear your mask Micheal. " \*Looks into camera shrugging*


the office wasn't ever a topical show, so they would have never made an episode about it. Also there's an episode where Jim tricks Dwight into agreeing to everyone sneezing on him.


At most there would be a cold open about it but only in one of the later seasons. Like the planking in I think season 8.