I'm not going to lie but I kinda like the dresses.


If there’s one thing I’ve learned from fundie snarking it’s that my style is apparently “White Christian Nationalist Wife” dispite how far that is from my personality.


My wife calls it “blessed be the fruit” style.


Same here apparently


I have one of their dresses! It’s beautiful!


What is the company? I'd like to check them out.


Ivy city co. I have the starry night dress in blue and it is the most beautiful thing I have ever worn. Pricey, but the quality seem high.


Thank you, I will definitely check them out. I love dresses and I love things that seem to have a high quality.


Omg just bought this exact dress for my baby shower and now I’m like oh crap will i look like a duggar?!😳


Noooo it’s so pretty


I thought so too and can’t wait to wear it. Can’t be looking like a Duggar though 😂


It's too late. *They're coming for you and they're escorting you back to the compound.* ^(Run.)




I have that dress too!! Isn’t it amazing?


It’s so good! I’m going to wear mine to cirque de sole next week


Love it!! Hope you have an awesome time!


Bethany Baird wore won of these to her sisters wedding and called it Ivy City Cow 🐮


Is this a fundie owned company?


Somewhere in the comments another user pointed out that the women who own the company are "super Mormon," so not IBLP fundie. But owned by women who are possibly quite conservative and religious?


Per [another comment from last year/:](https://old.reddit.com/r/FundieFashion/comments/rr6c37/thought_about_buying_a_dress_from_ivy_city_co/hqg7c3f/) > Ivy City’s official brand and the owner’s personal IG follow plenty of hardcore right wing, conspiratorial, anti-feminist, etc accounts. They’re also LDS [Mormon] so a percentage of your purchase is going right back to the church.


Thanks for sharing this info! My weird vibes feel validated right now!


Thank you for the feedback, very true many fundies are dutiful tithe payers regardless of denomination, worth considering when giving them engagement/ purchases.


I think that it’s great to be considerate of who you are giving your money to, though I feel like basically everything we purchase is money going to people who are ultra religious or hardcore conservative. It’s starting to feel like “liberal” business owners are the people who drink alcohol and have premarital sex, but still financially support religious extremists and are against womens rights… :(


I have no idea


Me too!


They are pretty


Right?! They look cute and appropriate on the girls, and the moms are carrying it well.


Ms too!




Ngl this is much cuter than the standard loose round neck top, denim skirt, dirty sandals combo that most fundies go for. Can deffo see some of the Bates girls going for something like this.


I honestly love these. Lol am I a bad snarker?


Nope, I’m feeling a strong crossover with the cottagecore queer community


Trad fundie moms and the cottage core queer community, and also worship leader Christian camp counselors and stereotypical queer style. The fashion similarities are crazy.


I dress a lot like the Mormon missionaries in my neighborhood because my fashion icon is [Elaine benes](https://duckduckgo.com/?q=elaine+benes+dress&t=iphone&iar=images&iax=images&ia=images&iai=https%3A%2F%2Fi.pinimg.com%2F736x%2F66%2F75%2F87%2F667587355742d71dcffbb5e84e44e738--long-floral-dresses-spectator-shoes.jpg) so they’re always trying to recruit me. So I’ll ask if I could bring my wife to my afterlife planet or if I have to move to hers and that usually freaks them out


Lol, I love this.


Same. I am terrible and would but this kind of stuff. Now I don’t dress up often but I think this so fun on occasion


Same I was like wow this would be so cute for the little tea house me and my daughter go for girl time.


Lol same i think they're super cute


I could see myself wearing something like that to work, especially in hot Midwestern summer


I'm in Florida, and yeah, I DO wear them. Bought a bunch earlier in the year.


Oh yes! I'm in FL, too. Just started wearing dresses again this summer. (But not these ones.) Dresses are so much cooler! After this hot summer...I'm not going back! I forgot how they let the air flow...lol


Right? These are super cute! Where I come from, the fundie look was ankle length denim skirts with whatever t-shirt (I’m a child of the 90s, so my family reunions featured a lot of tweety bird and such 😂).


True! And I definitely see the fundie "influencers" hoping to have some sponsorships with them for YouTube or insta


I’d defs wear one of these to go twirl around in a field or something, a la Kelly Havens


What is it with fundies and sandals? I understand wearing them in summer, but they seem to wear them almost year round! Do their feet never get old?


I legit think it’s because those are the only types of shoes left in the thrift stores & they’re likely to be very cheap. Also sizing for open sandals/flip flops matters a lot less so siblings can share which is handy if you have 11 daughters, you also don’t need any socks to wear them like you would with sneakers/trainers (and imagine having to wash and keep track of enough socks for 19 kids all with different sized feet!!) & sandals can be passed down once the older kids grow out of them (whereas closed shoes can only be worn by other people who have the same/within .5 of a shoe size). I’d guess that it’s a matter of practicality & frugality, as basically everything is with these lot!


Honestly I’m kind of a fan of these dresses 😬 they look pretty flattering for pregnancy/postpartum


That's why they wear them. The eternal pregnancy.


Perfect for Schrodinger's uterus!


This looks like a picture from a nice lesbian couple's wedding.


I wish! The vibes I get from the website are the opposite of progressive


I've noticed a lot of fundie stuff is accidentally very gay.


The single best reason NOT to spend your money there


They’re super Mormon and have done collaborations with Lindsey Arnold from DWTS


Ohhhhh. Modest dresses from women in Utah... I am now connecting the dots.


THAT explains the high back square neck. Gotta cover those magic undies.


This was my first thought at well, but I'm queer AF lol


Same! If they only knew..... 😂


What a sweet lesbian couple and their two kiddos. They probably homestead and they are teaching the kids to can food that they grow in their garden. Their cottagecore house is my dream.


r/fundiefashion the footwear is a choice…


Very true. Looking at the 4 different pairs of shoes I cannot tell where they would be going... Puddle filled sidewalk, fancy party, the Edwardian Era?


I wondered if anyone noticed! The girl on the left is wearing shoes that Nelly would have bragged about for WEEKS! (Little House on the Prairie. I loved that show when I was little. Laura and I would have been besties!)


Ok, I admit I find a few of the mommy and me options cute, but there is no way I’m dropping $70+ on a kid dress that they will outgrow in 6 months. And $130 for a dress that looks like one I could pick up at Target for $35? Yeah, no. Also those elastic bodices look like crap as soon as a single strand of the thin elastic snaps because it makes a weird bubble with no gathers.


Weird ungathered bubble like a rogue nipple


Right it's overpriced! And sooooo much smocking! Plus as I looked through the website it seemed to be marketing a lot of their stretchy or button up dresses as good for maternity and nursing too, which gave me "keep popping out babies" vibes 🤢


I’d buy because I love floral patterns :) Just checked the store .. pricey 🫠but they do afterpay.


These are actually not that bad. It’s the damn indoctrinated mindset that will accompany these dresses in the fundie circle that makes me sick.




I have massive self esteem and body issues so I prefer dressing modestly. So my wonky head thinks these are pretty but I immediately want dark modesty though: black, eggplant, forest green, etc. That being said, algorithms are a funny bitch. I had to help my mother in law research candidates for our local primary last month (she is a republican but doesn’t want to vote for anyone that supports Trump- she thinks he and his ilk are cray cray) and now I’m getting republican ads and twitter suggestions. This staunch and unapologetic atheist, liberal, feminist, is in hell.


No shame in preferring modest clothes! On top of snarking, I had been searching for midi length, work appropriate dresses, so perhaps that influenced my algorithms too. Lol I can only imagine the ads you see these days (I too have republican, but non-Trump extended family members) All I can say is bless your heart (and your search history)!!


I totally get it. I was raised fundie lite so it's possible the purity culture still has its roots in me, but no matter what I just feel more comfortable and confident dressing fairly "modestly". I also just love flowy clothes like maxi dresses and such, and I think it's because deep down I want to be a witch lmao. I say whatever you feel comfortable with, that's where you should be. If dressing modestly helps then more power to ya!


My clothing style is more modest than any Christian or Muslim I know in real life and I'm a lifelong atheist. Modest clothes can be super cute, functional and fresh. I'm definitely not into the Little House cosplay style. I've also received Republican and pro-Trump ads which I think was related to me going to a survivalist website for gardening advice. I'm just trying to grow some fresh potatoes, I don't want to buy some t shirts that day "Kill Liberal Snowflakes" or whatever.


Fucking freaky how quick the algorithm pushes you down that path!


I know! The gardening/cottagecore/homesteading-to-white-supremacist content pipeline is real and I don't know what we as internet users can even do about it except click "this ad about homophobic bumper stickers is not for me".


It looks like aubergine is one sale! And it has pockets! https://ivycityco.com/collections/natural-fabrics/products/gabriella-dress


No shame in dressing modestly if that’s what you choose! Heck, I don’t wear many low cut tops/dresses either. But I don’t judge people who do. Unlike Jana who’s out here photoshopping her modesty standards onto other people. Like, chill, Jana.


I’m right there with you! Another atheist with body issues here and no joke, I’m following Modli on Instagram because I think most of their swimsuits are just my style 🫢


The dresses are fine, I guess, but the boots on the girls (especially the one in pink) don't look comfortable at all.


they’re rain boots? at least 3 kids i know have lived in rain boots for months at a time because they like them/think they’re comfy. unless you’re talking about the ones on the left which you’re right, they don’t look super comfy


The blush dress? She's standing on the outsides of her feet, like they hurt. The more I look, it seems like everyone is standing strangely, except for a girl in pigtails (flower print).


oh damn i was mistaken, i thought you meant the children’s shoes! the adults’ shoes definitely look like they don’t fit/aren’t comfortable


I hate that those are pushed as "modest", because it makes them feel all Christian purity based. I think they're cute dresses, and would absolutely wear them (especially living in the climate I live in where flowy dresses with full sleeves are really nice to have.) But I wouldn't want to buy from this company.


These dresses are great for summer, actually. I work in an Uber conservative office, and with a pair of ballet flats & undies, they're THE easiest way to get dressed almost instantly! My coworkers call them my nightgowns, and they ARE that damn comfy. I bought a bunch at the beginning of Spring. No snark from here, sorry.


My snark is not related to the style/ quality of the dresses. (Though puffy sleeves aren't my vibe) My snark is because some of the dresses' descriptions imply they are for women who are constantly switching between maternity and breastfeeding. Modest dresses for pumping out babies that you can also turn into a matching family set gives me a weird vibe.


It's all good! The models they use DO give off that "Stepford Wife" vibe! *LOL*


I HATE these dresses....they remind me of Little House on the Prairie sleepwear


Mine advertises hijabs and islamic clothes.


I would wear this... But I'd also wear short shorts and a bikini with zero though about the fate of my eternal soul 😂


Haha I get advertisements for modest bathing suits because of this. Suck it haters, you’re seeing my body in a normal bathing suit.


I was wondering why I was getting so many ads for pest companies. Then it clicked….


Bahahahaha!!! The snarking effects the algorithm for sure


Low key cute doh


All I see is a happy lesbian couple with their beautiful children.


I’ll never understand when someone describes a dress as “functional”. Have they not tried pants? Or shorts? Those are items of clothing that are functional.


By "functional" they 100% mean "can easily breastfeed while wearing, can accommodate an entire pregnancy from start to finish in a single size, and can withstand vigorous daily laundering like a set of hotel sheets." No pockets though. They definitely niched down their target market.


Why would I need pockets when my husband's the only one who uses the car keys and holds onto all the money?


And anyway if it doesn't fit in your diaper bag it's definitely not going to fit in a pocket.


This is so accurate!


This sounds exactly why I don’t find dresses functional!


Right give me some comfortable leggings with actual phone sized pockets any day!


Eh, not fundie but I prefer dresses over pants. Even loose jeans are scratchy and even the comfiest loose pants arent as great as bare legs. Plus, its not like I can get away with shorts or leggings at an office. I also find them easier for (mild) winter. You can layer pretty nicely without it looking as bulky as pants.


My boss is clueless and says he doesn’t know a policy about leggings but since they’re black and not jeans it must mean they’re nice pants. 😂 We only dress nice when the big wigs come into town (which is never) so I wear a dress those days anyway. I definitely prefer dresses or leggings over anything else. I don’t wear dresses when I need functional clothes though. I can’t bend down, ride a bike or horse, crawl, or anything like that easily in one without them getting tangled up or in the way.


I'm in the same boat as you. When I lived in the tropics I went all in on wearing dresses to the office, and I will never go back to wearing pants.


I'm much more comfortable in an ankle length dress over pants. But I've always loved dresses over pants. So for me dresses are more functional. But, unfortunately, that's not at all what they're talking about.


Yeah, like the apron you put over the dress is functional. The dress is a dress and from here it doesn't even look like they have pockets.


IMO, nothing is functional w/o pockets!


IMO, nothing is functional w/o pockets!


I personally prefer dresses to pants. It's the closest thing to throwing in a nightgown that you can get away with, and they are plenty functional


Somone needs to show these people a nice pair of cargo shorts if they want functional


Yes! Bravo! The ultimate in function over fashion! Or maybe those cargo pants that zip off into shorts 😆


Idk, I think they're functional in a "I only have to grab one item instead of trying to compare a matching outfit" kind of way


I hate that they make something we all know is SUPER toxic look so cute and innocent. Like...we all know what's behind the curtain, assholes. Stop trying to put lipstick on a pig.


I would where those dress unfortunately


I think I’m broken- the yellow dress on the left is actually really cute, especially on the girl


I am not a fundie but I like those dresses.


The child on the left is wearing boots akin to the wicked witch of the west or something seen on the cover of an american girl doll book and wow do I hate them.


This is a girl I went to Church/Highschool with brand. It's been over 10 years since I knew her, but it was interesting watching her progression from semi-secular back into super hard core Jesus phase.


I need a dress like the ivory one on the left to go see Florence + the Machine next month I wanna look cute for the coven


Ain’t nothing “functional” about a cream dress that will stain the second you put it on.


Perhaps if it was in a Blessa approved beige/brown hue? Lol


Ok but drop the name of the company, that pink one looks kinda cute.


It's in the bottom corner of the screenshot. "Ivy City Co." I'm sure Blessa would like the store's name. It fits in well with the grandduggar names.


Are we allowed to like the dresses??? I'm from the south and this is what half of my closet looks like.


I think it's like Chick-fil-A. The product is nice and a lot of people like it, but there's some problematic ish in the background with this brand. Also it's just weird I'm being advertised dresses that are marketed as good for maternity/nursing/kids clothes when I have no children and have never been pregnant. So I'm blaming algorithm's confusion on the Duggar snarking.


Oh no, I wasn't talking about this brand, just the style in general. I tend to wear more modest clothing and I have a ton of what I call "prairie dresses". I didn't know the brand was problematic so thank you for the education! Now I'm off to fall down a rabbit hole to find out why instead of working. lol


People mentioned earlier that the owners of the brand follow some ultra-right wing stuff on Instagram and are associated with the LDS. But I don't know much about them... Personally I just got some obsessed with baby making/ purity culture vibes from the site, but I could be reading too much into it.


they are in love


I bet you can see their collarbones


I looked at the website. These dresses are sooooo pretty.


I totally support fashionable modest clothing for women who want to cover up for personal or religious reasons. This is pretty nice actually, I think. A lot of women like to feel pretty, and being modest doesn't have to equal looking like shit


I agree that it is great to have options for fashionable modest clothing. I also appreciate brands that are size inclusive and list the measure of each item per size! There are positives to this brand that I'm not trying to knock. I just found it funny that Google recommended this to me as someone who is not in need of maternity, postpartum, or children's clothes. And I got some weird "obsessed with having babies" vibes from the site.


It is kinda funny the Google recommended it to you, and it's also unfortunate that the company is weird and republican


Is it really modest if it's a way for them to draw attention to themselves? 🤔


Whoa whoa whoa. Are we suggesting self-reflection as opposed to the judgement of others?


There is nothing wrong with being into modest clothing, so long as you aren’t wearing modest clothing to feel better than other women and slut shame them


What a cute couple!


Price point is not fundie. They seem to usually spend less on clothes.


Tell me why these are actually so cute… (I’m not gonna be a beige mom I promise)


Instagram keeps recommending these account for me that sell long denim skirts, so I totally relate! (Those are fine if others like them, but I much prefer mini skirts lol)


The dresses are pretty but I do not want to give money to the company


I snark, but am also a religious Jew, so the algorithms just have no idea what to do with me.


Personally, I think those women look sexier than if they were in jeans


Ok but that’s adorable


These are very nice dresses. Especially the ones on the left. And this is me, a Catholic who wore a bikini at the age of 7


This is like how bc I regularly bully trad wives on Instagram by calling them groomers, that instagram just sends more my way! And I tell them that they too are groomers and they go totally nut nut


Holly hobbie.


Prairie dresses in calico. Nothing new.


I love these! Very size inclusive! I have an acquaintance who models their 4x size, which isn’t their biggest. Lots of nursing friendly dresses too.


I thought they were Kristen and Bethany at first.


Ok but they are cute




Those actually look nice from the back. Seems appropriate for a fall family photo shoot.


I get what you're saying about google deciding your snark surfing choices mean you want to own modest clothing being a misunderstanding, but I am really struck by how these dresses are 2000% cuter than any of the horrible performative modesty outfits any of these fundies ever seem to wear.


My biggest confession is that I secretly love fundie influencer style.


For me it's the Christian dating services


Okay but I love both and would totally buy them for me and my daughter 🤣


I really like those dresses!! I’m atheist and rude, but I’d wear the shit outta these dresses


This sub is how I learned about Calypsa modest swimwear, which I love! Never been fundie, but always felt way too exposed in regular swimwear, so the extra coverage is perfect for me.