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Body hugging dress above the knees?! Are we sure that's Anna Duggar??




Above the knees and a zipper up front, scandalous!/s There is nothing wrong with zippers on the front dresses. It's probably easier for her to pump. Just pointing it out because my Fundie family would eat me alive if I wore this because "only harlots have zippers up front."


I choose to believe those zipper pockets open to bare skin so she can pump that way. Fuckin genius design.


Regardless of other design elements, black is the perfect color!


But where is the pump? She’s not carrying it. And she should be pumped as often as the baby would nurse, at this point every 2-3 hours. I bet at the end of the day she is ready to explode!


Hopefully someone carried it in for her. Or maybe she had to leave it in the car. Also wouldn't be surprised if she weaned this one early to get pregnant before Jpredator goes to prison.


My fucking god woman, let that snatch *heal*.


I suspect her snatch has never been healed since the day she consummated their marriage.


I feel bad for newly wed Ana. I remember pest bragging about how there were 8 beds in their honeymoon rental and how, "(we) slept in every single bed".


Healing doesn't matter when you're in a cult that tells you to be joyfully available for your husband or else you're sinning and causing him to stumble.


oMZg tHaTs MisOgyNy i wAs dOiNg cArtWheeLs aFteR UNMEDICATED BIRTH aNd CoOkiNg ThanKsGiviNg FoR 5793 ONLY 7 HOURS AFTER!!! /s For realsies though.....I agree, I get it. She's been doing home births, and whether it was easy or not, it still hurts, she still needs to heal, if not physically, then mentally. PPD is a beast, even with her 2 year spacing. Even with an emergency C-section, I still had reactionary vaginal atrophy and was still leaking at 6 weeks postpartum. I question if she had any proper post birth care for her or the baby :( NOPE. Gotta slap on those heels and support the monster whether she wants to or not.


Dude my MiL says that she was back to making tortillas hours after giving birth. They're are people that martyr themselves and it's not there flex they think it is.


I hauled my broken ass into a car to follow my newborn to the NICU an hr away like 4 seconds after my legs started working after the epidural. And at the NICU he was the patient, I wasn't..shitty bed, shared bathroom, no shower. It **sucked** 0/10 do not recommend.


This will be week 6 postpartum for her. Very possible for her to get pregnant if they are trying. I really hope it doesn't happen. She can't even be a decent mother to her other children.


Ugh, I know. I really hope she hasn't weaned but she may have just because of the stress she's going through right now. She seems to be one of those women who don't ovulate until they wean but if she wants another blessing or if she's just way too overwhelmed to deal with nursing, she definitely could have weaned. She's probably still using post partum pads and trying to heal any tears from the birth.


If Pesty wants it she would be joyfully available. /s


Willing to bet this baby is formula fed (not shaming! My baby was formula fed the day he came home from the hospital…) her reasons for formula feeding are Sus.


Formula fed bc daddy is being persecuted and mommy needs to stand by his side. M1 is probably splitting night feeding shifts with Hannie. Also flashback to Anna shading Kendra for struggling to breastfeed.


What! When did Anna shade Kendra for not being able to breastfeed? How cruel! What did she say?


Kendra was making nursing cookies with brewer’s yeast to help her and she asked Anna if she ever had trouble with production as well. Of course Anna put on her most high and mighty tone to say no.


What a bitch! I had an oversupply with my first baby and hardly any milk with the second.


Anna’s big mad everyone likes Kendra and Kendra actually got to be on TV often because her husband isn’t total garbage.


That’s awful. I was a *wreck* because a I didn’t produce enough. I would pump for *hours and hours* and barely get a few ounces. I felt like such a piece of shit garbage mom. And some of the nurses were so awful to me - they just didn’t believe me. I honestly had such bad post partum and ppl treating me like shit for not breastfeeding did not help


Ugh I'm looking for an actual episode number or video post, but can't find it. Here's a [post](https://www.reddit.com/r/DuggarsSnark/comments/j28spt/is_kendra_who_anna_was_supposed_to_be_and_thats/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share) that references the shade. I believe Anna was bragging about her milk supply around the same time Kendra's milk had dried up.


Jill Rodrigues has entered the chat and would like words with Nathan Keller's sister Anna Duggar


Sluttish Anna Duggar!


She would be exiled from Africa in that sluttish attire! /s lol


SEVERELY sluttish


I fucking hate that she wore that dress because I love it and want it for my own wardrobe. Except I’d wear it for career purposes, not for standing beside a man who watches horrific child sexual abuse material and molests his kid sisters.


Exactly. She’s wearing a beautiful dress just to go stand by her “man” and listen to all the sick shit he did




i can see her knees! where is my bible, i need to pray.


do you think they’ve deliberately made her dress less fundie and more secular? Trying to dial back the religion angle for the trial maybe?


Yeah, I think it’s most likely an attempt to appear relatable.




That was my first thought. And a cute closed toed heeled shoe? When did she become a whore? Maybe she's giving pest something to look at to try and win him back # /s No woman is a whore my fellow snarkers!


What a harlot!


Maybe she thinks if she uses a “necessary sin” of seduction, she can get her husband set free 😂


She probably feels this is her fault because she wasn't available enough for her husband. Regardless, fuck her for supporting this trash.


Interesting that she's been consulted to dress in a way that goes against the Duggar modesty standards. The defense knows the cult beliefs are toxic to a jury IMO...


For sure the defense instructed her NOT to dress like a captive concubine helpmeet


100 percent part of the strategy. So she had to buy an entire new wardrobe for this?


She kept the tags on it so she can return it afterwards


buy used save the difference maybe? that dress gives me a lot of early 2010s vibes LMAO


To me it appears she asked her older sister that left fundamentalism what she would wear and she gave her this or picked it out for her.


Is this the first time we are seeing her knees? Weird ass time to pull out this dress.


I was wondering if this might be why she was doing the 2 armed hug/cling as they walked in. Like she was trying to hide her modesty behind him (I could not type that with a straight face btw)


That dress breaks so many of their modesty rules taught in that awful booklet. Not only is it tight and short to showing above the knee, there are accents in bright gold zipping where her cleavage is and across both breasts. I have zero issue with the dress, but their modesty pamphlet does!


It’s an interesting choice all things considered. She looks…normal, which is maybe the point. It’s always possible it’s a calculated choice, like I believe the masks are (to hide expressions that received much criticism.) They don’t want the jury to look at Anna as a long-suffering countenance-emphasizing fundie frump who is naive and unworldly and blindly obedient out of necessity, or Josh as bored and turning to thrill-seeking depravity as an outlet from the strictness of his cult’s rules.


I agree - it's a calculated choice. The masks may be required as it's a federal building. They might have them on outside to cover up those stupid smirks the press has commented on.


I'm glad she's there and (assuming she continues going) hearing first-hand testimony about what a horrible human being her husband is. I hope it changes something for her. It would be nice if she believed her God wants her to protect her children instead of supporting her awful spouse.


Why do I have this feeling the day the details are brought forward one of the "children will need her" and she won't be able to attend? Obviously an excuse, but I can see JB and Josh not wanting her to hear the full details. Gotta keep her brain washed.


She was there yesterday and heard Bobye’s description of Josh molesting his sisters for three years. I wonder what she was thinking/feeling hearing that.


Probably that it was his sisters' faults.


Or she thinks that he was doing something normal that all boys do. Nope, most boys don't molest their sisters.


Her brain is so washed at this point it's silky smooth.




> not wanting her to hear the full details You know what, given what the full details are, that would actually be a kindness, even if an inadvertent one.


Same. Maybe hearing how terrible it is will change her mind


I'm sure pesticle has groomed her into believing that everything they say about him (or show that he had) is a big lie. She still won't think he did anything wrong. It will all be a set up against her greasy assed, fat pig of a headship. She will be traumatized and won't believe what the govt is doing to her poor j****y 🤢🤢🤢🤢 Edit: typos


I’m just surprised at how many business outfits she owns considering the fact that she’s never been employed


I imagine her going on a shopping spree with Meech and them doing a movie montage in the dressing room.


Maybe Meech has a matching zipper dress!


She uses hers as lingerie.


OH GOD NOOOOOO. (Although Jim Boob could probably manage a zipper. You know that idiot can't work a bra hook.)


This is absolutely what I pictured. But what song would play over a shopping for court for my pedo hubby montage? It isn't Walking on Sunshine, of that I am certain. I mean. Unless they're both on a lot of xannies.


Stand By Your Man?


Bad To The Bone


Jail House Blues.


I would put money on his lawyers advising her outfits


You're exactly right. Guarantee they advised her to look as non fundie as possible.


I would put money that anyone but Anna choose the outfits. She only knows how to match the entire outfit of the person she will be sitting beside.


She 1000% did not pick this out.


Oh, you know they've been hitting the thrift store!


I bet the lawyers brought in a consultant.


Imagine getting paid to be an expert on "what should I wear for my husband's CSAM trial".


Imagine the cost of having an expert help you with that. Jim Boob is shelling out a lot of money for this.


Jesus, Anna looks scandalous in that dress! Jana better hurry up with the photoshop! Can’t have the golden boy walking around with a hussy on his arm!


Not the time or the place but she looks GOOD having just had her 7th (!!!) child and Pest for a husband.


I wonder how she’s going to be able to keep a straight face upon hearing all the horrors her husband has done. I get she’s brainwashed, but still. I thought for sure JB would end up keeping her home.


I think she zones out. Just completely blocks out what is happening and any emotion that could come up. I'm sure she has practice with selective hearing with 7 kids and her whole life she was taught to stuff her feelings far far down.


The masks hide expressions. I wish we could see her mouth when she was walking in.


I guarantee there’s a little vomit in her mouth, I can’t imagine the anxiety levels right now.


We’d see it muttering prayer non stop. I bet she does that when they discuss the charges too


Ugh. Did anyone see the video clip of them walking in? She is clearly walking funny and has a death grip on his hand. I can’t help but think she has some very painful postpartum issues, but Josh and his lawyers insist on her being there so he comes across as a family man 🙄 Seriously, someone stick an ice pack between that woman’s legs and let her take a nap. I’m sure taking care of his postpartum wife has never even crossed his mind for any of their children.


Could be the shoes. I don’t imagine she’s used to wearing the slightest heel, and only being one month postpartum would make it even worse.


I wonder if he has ever held the door for her in his life.


Looks like she's in heels. I cannot imagine walking in heels that soon after giving birth. Things are so wobbly and loose still. I've only had one kid so far, and it was a textbook easy pregnancy and delivery. My vagina was totally healed up and back to normal by 6 weeks post partum, but my hips and pelvic floor and abdominal muscles were very unstable. I was only wearing birkenstocks or very supportive tennis shoes for months afterwards. I have to imagine that things get less stable and take longer to heal with each pregnancy and delivery. Currently pregnant with my second, and I definitely feel like things are just more wobbly and unstable.


She looks like reality of what’s going on has finally hit her like a ton of bricks…


Thats what I'm thinking. She looks just drained




Yes, unless she leaves the room.


I'm shocked at the length of this dress. Anna has always dressed particularly modest... Also, interesting that no one else from the Duggar family showed up to support him. I guess JB can't since he's a witness but what about Michelle?


Anyone else going might not enter at that time/at that entrance. They may go through the regular seating process as the rest of the gallery. I could see John David going, not as support, but to find out the truth without getting it second hand. I might be giving him too much credit, though.


I find it amusing that she suddenly has these business like clothes to attend court instead of her long skirts and baggy sweaters


I think the lawyer’s paralegal probably went shopping at TJ Maxx or Ross for her and brought a bag in the office of however many dresses she needed for days in court expected. I absolutely know of lawyers who have had to help their clients dress properly for court by getting them the right clothes since they were completely incapable of doing it themselves and adding it to the bill as expenses. I am highly doubtful she picked these out herself and you know Meech doesn’t approve.


Yes, they are not remotely fundie appropriate. Even the shoes are not something she would ever wear.


She’s got her court shoes on. Makes her look more classier.


Let’s hope J*sh doesn’t have a lucky court stah.


I seen yah at the courthouse wit ya pedo husssbannn.


Brown shoes with a black dress ?


Having a hard time deciding if this is an accident, or a Jenelle reference.


Was looking for this comment 😂😂 love a teen mom/ Duggar crossover


She looks kinda in distress , no? I just saw the video; https://twitter.com/garrett_photo/status/1465699032223793165?s=21


How awkward to walk holding on to one of his hands with both of hers? She looks like a kid that doesn’t want to go and is being dragged…understandably.


He drags her everywhere.


Mostly down, tho


Very underrated comment


I took it that she was clinging on to him for dear life. Like she knows he’s not going to be around soon. As a military spouse, this looks like how some couples look before one goes on deployment. The spouse is clinging on, the person deploying is trying to walk normally. Definitely a sign of desperation.


What if she has been told that he’s going to take a plea deal if the judge admits the past molestation testimony into trial, and if that’s the case, this is actually their last day together? That would explain why she’s hanging on for dear life.


That’s an interesting take. I could see that.


I’ve been thinking about that as well


I hadn’t thought of that, interesting!


Is that what will def happen? He could go away today?


Sentencing is still normally a few months out from a plea deal or a guilty verdict. I guess they could send him off immediately but if he’s been out this far, no reason he wouldn’t still be until sentencing. My guess is this is super overwhelming for her and she knows the future is in jeopardy. Good. Think on that, Anna.


Can confirm. Husband is on his 7th deployment. I thought the same thing. She has this look of…I guess I see it as a combination of dread and resignation. I don’t know, maybe that’s just me projecting. But I’d recognize that look anywhere.


Hope you’re doing ok with the deployment. It never seems to get easier. I hope everything didn’t break for you the second he left. That seems to always happen to me 🤣


Funny you should mention that; my van just up and died yesterday. Right before Christmas, naturally while my husband is away. I was straight up ugly crying at the dealership and I’m still not 100% sure what I’m going to do. Classic case of the “destroyment” period. Last time it was our dog escaping from our yard the week after he left, running across the field and getting stuck in our neighbor’s barbed wire fence and causing multiple injuries to herself, resulting in an emergency trip to the vet and a $700 bill. 😖😖


Oh no!!! I hope you can get it fixed or get something figured out. Gaaah. Definitely done my share of ugly crying because of stuff like that. Last time literally the day after he left, I got two flat tires. Why. I hope you’re able to do something for yourself if not today then in the coming days. Hugs from an internet stranger who feels what you’re going through.


I swear car problems are the freaking WORST. I’m so sorry you had to deal with not one but two flat tires!! What an epic pain in the ass. Thank you so much for the support, kind words, and hug. It helps and it means a lot. I don’t know if you’re going through another deployment yourself at the moment, but if so…solidarity. And hugs right back to you. And if not, and your husband is home with you at the moment, then I am truly happy for you and I’m sending you a military support hug anyway. 🥰


That's what I saw as well.


Aw, that's sad (the military stuff). You Mama's are strong! Don't think I could do it 💜


A guess they no longer need hand sex.


Reminds me of their cringefest courtship.


The past couple times she was all smiles though. I wonder if they’re a little shook now


After yesterday I’m sure she’s not mentally prepared to go through this… like at all. I hate that I feel the least bit sorry for her


I wonder if yesterday's testimony from Bobye Holt was the first time Anna really heard some of the details of what Josh did.


Same. I think much of what we’ve been told she knew about is about to actually be revealed to her.


100%. She will hear the actual gross not sugar coated version now… her first dose of reality (well this is a morbid reality not all of us have lives like this) is slapping her in the face and it’s cold and depressing. No wonder she’s clinging to him harder right now…


I think that no matter what she hears or is told, she will not believe it. I think Anna will go into a further state of delusion. Honestly. She won't accept the truth.


If I were her, I’d probably be in a state of denial as well if this trial is where I first heard, well, all of it.


It’s the first time she has heard the *truth* … so I guess we can assume what that is/will do to her reality


One has to imagine that takes a bit of time to really unpackage too. I really really hope she and the Ms find their way to deep healing too.


Anna also knows Bobye and likely trusts her, so it might be the first time she heard the bad (true) version of the story from someone who they can't convince her is lying because they're a liberal/devil worshipper/hater/persecuter of Christians/etc.


But was she there? Did she even hear it?


She was physically sitting in the front row. Mentally? I'm guessing she checked out long before Bobye's testimony.


I agree, Jim Bob and Josh have been able to control the narrative up until yesterday and I think reality is going to hit Anna extra hard. She has no mental health support and no life skills and let’s add to that 7 children who also need support.


Plus one literally brand new… that poor baby is going to have such a stressful first couple of years.


I would be distressed too if my husband was likely going to jail (although not so much if it was for CSAM...)


But, like, distressed that he was a monster. Not distressed that his feelings might be hurt


Lawyers must have told them to stop with the smug smiles.


Clinging to him for dear life


I hate how he never has her walk though a door first, just drags her behind him.


I've noticed that. I think any time I've seen them walk somewhere, he walks at least a little bit ahead of her and if they're holding hands, he's dragging her like a suitcase on wheels.


Including on their wedding night when Anna was also dragging the wheeled suitcase


Josh made it very clear in that episode that she was his blow up doll and nothing more. The way he treated her, looked at her, and talked about her was so creepy.


Is it possible she is hiding his hands? One of his hands was in his pocket, the other she was covering with both of hers.


She looks sore to me. Still quite soon post partum


Anna has always had a waddle. Even before babies.


The dress makes me so sad for her. I just finished reading this whole thread and the consensus seems to be that her wardrobe has likely been a lawyer-advised attempt at not “othering” them as fundies. Can you imagine what it would feel like to go your entire life thinking parts of your body have the express power to tempt men into sin and it’s YOUR responsibility to cover up and stop the danger that they might inspire. She likely feels straight up naked with those knees out. Oh god… I just feel for her as a woman and feel so deeply angry at all of the fucking men in the cult who systematically brain washed her for 30 + years with every interaction. She’s been so controlled and used her whole life. She has zero skills or agency that would help her understand the ethics of how to protect the M7 kids. I know Anna’s complicity with Pest is heavily debated here, but my heart broke for her when I saw those knees out. She’s a fucking prop. Her entire existence is not her own.


It's hard to feel for Anna but I totally agree. She looked so uncomfortable walking in and I'm sure the dress is part of it, being away from her children is part of it, and I think knowing her husband is a monster is most of it. I can't imagine how betrayed she must feel, having kept up her end of the bargain, to be in this situation. And she can't even have a proper reaction because she needs to "keep sweet" it makes me ill.


Why didn’t someone blur her knees?!?!!!


Jana’s behind on her Photoshop duties because she’s been taking care of all the M’s.


Thank you. I feel defrauded. Also, those zippers are really taking away from her countenance and it's offending me.


Hard to tell at this angle but that’s the first time I’ve seen him look nervous


UGH. Seeing her cling to him makes me physically ill. I’d do anything to have 15 unchaperoned minutes with Anna to try and shake some damn sense and understanding into her. My heart aches for the Ms. On one hand I hope they know and understand what is going on (the older ones obviously) so they can begin deconstructing the cult and trauma this early in life. On the other hand, I hope they’re completely in the dark so they don’t have to live with the reality that their father is a serial pedophile and their mother is an enabler who doesn’t care about their well-being. My heart goes out to all of the victims in this case and to anyone who is emotionally having a hard time while following such a heavy case. 💕


Oh Anna, that would be such a lovely look on you if you'd just lose the 250lb bangle on your arm.


More like 300+ lbs


He went in to the Rebers’ about 250 and came out closer to 300.


I wonder who took her shopping


Defense attorney’s consultant.


This. Exactly. Nobody in her world.


I’m so disgusted by her at this point. I know she’s brainwashed and a victim too but I can’t help it. She has 4 daughters at home who need to see their mother stand up for the victims, not this POS. If he did it to his sisters I think chances are pretty good he’d do it to his own children too. I hope he goes to prison partly so Anna won’t have the option to have him around their girls, she clearly won’t stick up for them on her own.


Yes anna definitely wear your sexy outfit today


Anna dressed for the club in 2009.


Heading to the bar 🥁


While Josh is heading behind bars


Anna got a brand new wardrobe just for court appearances. I'm so embarrassed for her.


She absolutely did! Maybe she dug out a few old dresses from her time as a ✨ DC wife ✨but I can’t imagine her current wardrobe had anything other than soft, cheap cotton maxi dresses from Amazon and gray t-shirts with white script that say things like “Jesus and Coffee.”


She’s giving little black dress a whole new meaning 🤢


I'd bet money that the lawyers picked it out for her or hired a consultant. Chances are they asked her what size she was and it just appeared. She may or may not have to give it back.


Standing by her man no matter the cost.


Ugh and she’s clutching onto him too. She’s still in denial that he’s done what he’s done.


I’m wondering if it’s an appearance thing, like she’s trying to appear more modern and “with it”. Not like they’d listen, but I wonder if the defense hired a jury consultant to tell Pest and friends how to speak and dress, etc to appeal to the jury. Boob clearly did not get the memo, but he has DILLIGAF tattooed on his forehead.


Great color choice Anna!!! Black for mourning.


Will her dresses get shorter every day of the trial ?


I know...are those knees we see now on the former Ms Modesty judgmental of all others skirt lengths before? My how the tides have turned to appear less fundie weirdo to a jury. Won’t go swimming unless her knees are covered but sure as shit will parade into court with them on full display teetering in heels she can’t properly walk in all to appear like more of a normal wife because I’m sure the lawyers told her to be a bit more modern. I guess all your ideals about dressing for jesus go out the window when you worry about who’s gonna take out the trash now.


Well well well, how the turn tables


She is gonna be in a thong and pasties by the end of the trial if this holds


Anna’s dress a little short and a little tight there..


Here's what I hate about the above the knee, tight zippered dress... It's flipping cute, she looks great, and I just have this awful feeling that someone has told her she needs to wear this to appear more approachable in the court room and to the press. It gives me "subtle way of influencing the public and looking good for the defense team and J*sh" vibes. If she has been encouraged to dress this way rather than deciding of her own convictions to wear this, then she is probably feeling VERY uncomfortable, vulnerable and exposed right now. As much as I despise this family and everything they stand for, it just feels like yet another way to use and abuse the women in their lives, and that makes me feel all sorts of angry.


Hard agree. This is very off-brand for her and I doubt she would have picked out this outfit (or any of the other ones) herself. Most of her regular outfits are lighter with either pastels or more lively colors. Black is not an Anna color. Hell, even our Business Casual Queen Jinger™ would not wear this fit.


Every mother makes that choice - do I stay home with my newborn baby or do I go to court to stand by my husband who’s being tried for cp.


“Josh I’m not comfortable wearing this — “ “Shut up and show those knees! We NEED you to seduce that judge!”


She is death gripping him with both hands.


I feel like this is a good indication she is not breastfeeding. Even at a month old they are still being fed on demand and if you skip feedings/go to long your going to be leaking and/or engorged. She could be pumping during breaks but scheduling that to leave during a trial seems a bit much. I don’t see a pump. Maybe one of the lawyers has it? Idk she’s probably not breastfeeding and I bet we will be seeing an M8. Your freaking fertile after stopping breastfeeding. I don’t understand her at all. She should be taking care of her newborn and resting. Her feet up watching Netflix or reading the Bible while sipping a hot beverage. He has done her so dirty but she lets him. It must be her having a martyrs complex? Who knows.


Right???!!!! I have four kids and I literally could not imagine having to put on an attractive and somewhat form fitting dress with heels (in all honesty I think Anna looks pretty good, much as I hate to say anything positive about the Duggars right now), and be away from my newborn baby who is fed on demand at one freaking month postpartum. With the exception of my first baby, I had ridiculously easy deliveries and for the most part, easy recoveries. Doesn’t matter. At one month postpartum, I was breastfeeding on demand, had leaky boobs, was still bleeding, exhausted after being up most of the night feeding the baby and caring for my older children during the day, my hormones and emotions were all over the place, and in general I felt like I had been run over by a truck. If someone told me I had to dress up and sit in court, away from my nursing baby, for hours every single day, I would have burst into hysterical tears. The postpartum period is ROUGH under the best of circumstances. I can’t even stress how helpful, involved, and patient my husband is. He’s the guy who will rush home after an 11-hour workday to help me out with the kids and give me a much needed break. We all know damn well Anna doesn’t have that in Pest. I don’t want to feel sorry for her (and I don’t, for staying with a child molesting, CSAM watching pervert pedophile), but I do feel sorry for her for this.


Maybe her level.of stress is keeping her milk from voming in regularly.


I want to cry for her children. Imagine leaving your newborn to stand next to your pedophile husband. I have no sympathy for her though, she’s fucked in the head.


Same. I couldn’t leave my kids for this shit. Dying of cancer? Yes. That’s a perfectly good reason but definitely not for this. I am convinced she is just as bad as him or she thinks this is her golden ticket into heaven. Her motives are as sinister as she is.


I totally agree with you but it's a strategic move to have her there. They're betting on getting sympathy points with the jury. I'm going to guess she didn't have much choice in the matter.


Well, he definitely hasn’t been spending his time working out.


He’ll be doing plenty of that later


The first time kids had a bottle because you are in court with your criminal husband.


Why did you have to post a photo showing her private parts though


My gosh that outfit is Duggar-scandalous


Not looking so smug now are they? They're wearing masks but you can tell by the eyes and body language.


That’s quite a Nike ensemble Anna has on there. And J’Fuckface looks like a grease trap as usual.