No. No chance. They put it in the same drug category as heroin because it's SO dangerous. It appears on all 5 panel and greater tests, and all urine tests.


For sure there is a chance. In many legalized states they don’t bother testing for THC anymore. Tons of people on this sub have pre employment screens specifically stating “no THC” which indicates they are not testing for it. In some states there are even laws protecting marijuana users stating that employers are simply not allowed to test for THC and are not allowed to discriminate upon hiring THC users, with exceptions for government/healthcare/safety sensitive positions.


Yes, many companies are no longer testing for THC. A good example is Amazon corporate. That wouldn't apply to positions that require driving or operating heavy equipment.


Every drug test will test for THC, but not every company will care about a positive for THC. It honestly depends on the company and the state, even in legal states, there are laws where employers can still not hire you for THC, but in other legal states, there are anti-discrimination laws that bar employers from not hiring you over THC


Do you know anything about those laws in CA?


I live in CA, they don’t have a law that protects employees. So an employer can still make their own policies saying “no THC here”, and DQ you in a pre employment test. Doesn’t matter that it’s legal for rec use in CA. But, a lot of employers don’t really care about weed honestly.