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Highlights of my "overdosing" (took more than suggested because I was uninformed) were the classic experience of smoking a cigarette only to find I didnt have any. Was just going through the motions for several minutes before realizing there was no cigarette. I had a long conversation with a friend from elementary school, turned away, then back, he wasn't there. Couldn't read regardless of size of letters for days because my eyes kept "glitching". The first couple hours I was practically crawling on the ground the whole time. It was a nightmare that lasted over 24 hours.


I’d love to hear a whole trip report.. if your willing I had a 3 friends take it on a lake they all separated at some point one found on a mountain 20miles away one walking an imaginary dog around the lake and one drowned… the one walking the “dog” said he saw Superman come out of the water build a cross and crucify himself among other crazy things the one who didn’t make it was a swimmer who was into team swimming im assuming he just exhausted himself


It was just over 20 years ago so my memory is a little spotty on most of the details. I had a pod of datura seeds. My girlfriend and I didnt know how much to take so we split the pods contents (seeds) in half. Probably ate 30. We were at a concert. I was a complete spunion and remember crawling on the ground in the lawn section of Alpine Valley amphitheatre for a period. Smoked an invisible cigarette more than once. Talked to childhood friends who weren't there when I turned away and back. After all of that, drove 8 hours home but could barely make out the highway signs. I would have to look at them peripherally. Took a couple days for my vision to come back and about 3 to 5 months for my existential anxiety to wane. I will always suggest against trying datura because it takes a heavy tax on your "soul".


I suggest the same where I grew up datura grew everywhere even at school so people where always either going to the hospital or making up stories but the friends I had that went camping in the lake time 9 pods thinking they were seeds and 10 leaves and made a tea.. they were missing for 3 days and high the entire time to there recollection the fact that they were all so tight and that one of them died had a huge affect on them I think they’re both dead now for sure one was not doing well years ago due to ptsd and feeling that he was the reason for his friends death.. the other fell of the face of the earth so I’m not sure but I can’t imagine the high of datura just like you can’t imagine what lsd or mushrooms are like until you’ve tried them.. it’s scary to think you were talking to people not there and the cigarette thing is very common on datura as well as brushing hair with invisible comb.. at least you survived was your gf experience any different good bad?


Holy shit your friends really went above and beyond even the amount I did. It had to have severely traumatized them just to take that much, let alone to have a friend die in the process. I'm grateful I didnt get too far gone back then. The couple people I knew who did too much at once were never really the same afterwards. Always seeming distant and like their attention was somewhere else. My girlfriend had a similar experience to mine and as far as I know went on to be a normal adult with no major repercussions. Haven't talked to her in over 15 years, though.




Dead Reunion '01 or '02. Cant remember.


One died?!


I had a very deep 3-hour discussion with a chain link fence on some shitty mushrooms. The fence legit made me depressed.


The mushrooms were fine, it was the fence that was shitty.


Once when I was on LSD at the mall, I started talking to some guy outside, and it took me a good few minutes to realize this guy had something like Downs syndrome. lol ... that did cause me to do *a lot* of thinking about how I treat people, and the assumptions we tend to make about strangers, though...


I apologize for laughing at your pain but this comment legit made me laugh out loud. Hope you're doing better now 💖 fuck that fence, he ain't your friend!! 😂


Oh that’s the worse Withdrawing from nicotine while confused as to why you’re withdrawing is the worse Happened on 2-3G DXM OD Complete black out Horror trip


2-3 GRAMS!? Of DXM!? That is insane you’re a bad man. Happy you’re alive


Yeah that’s terrifying. I did 1.8 grams once, attempting to reach the 4th plateau. Thought my heart was going to explode


The heart never explodes does it?


Your aorta can rupture with cocaine. Aortic dissection is the medical name.


Why in the goddamn would you do over 2 grams of dxm lmao.


Cos I had 100g pure and underestimated its density Cos I’m the type that does all the research on everything, I decide I’m educated enough to eye ball doses BUY A SCALE BUY REAGENT KITS BUY EVERYTHING YOU NEEED




Can attest to this as well. A whole pack of Benadryl and I had a full blown conversation with a friend at 2am, dapped him up and everything, asked me for a phone charger and when I turned to grab it, the lights were off, he was gone, and I was still laying down on the couch across the room...




Yeah it was probably the scariest experience I've had under the influence of something. I've had awful trips with other things but nothing compares to complete delirium.


Yeah that’s the worst class/effect


sounds like when i have molly binges and the next few nights of sleep are just like this. or during my trip if i have the lights off. i’d be laying in bed and having a full conversation over the mic w my cousin while we play some apex legends, then realize i’m actually just tripping… then go back to playing in my head like “ight im back bro my bad got a little distracted” and he fr would be like it’s cool g 😂 being in a quiet and dark place when tripping makes it SO much easier to see/hear what your brain is consciously, but mostly subconsciously, thinking. personally i think it’s cool asf lol


okay yeah same, molly is funny. going to sleep after a big roll i be scrolling on my phone fully laughing at twitter then open my eyes and there’s no phone in my hand. weird stuff.


I’ve never done datura but I’ve done plenty of DPH, I always wondered if Datura has more of an organic feel to it, despite being sinister, because it comes from a plant.


Sup G59 bro. I wouldn't know if datura has a more natural feel since I've never done it, but I doubt it because the main pathway it inhibits in your brain is the acetylcholine neurotransmitters. So it's an anticholinergic, causing pretty identical effects to DPH, albeit stronger. Opiates like heroin, and oxycodone, although semi-synthetic, feel very natural. Most opioids have a natural feeling high, even if they're fully synthetic. Main thing seperating them is dosage and euphoria. I can't fully describe the natural feeling of the high, but it's very earthy and warm feeling.


Whoa. No thanks.


I know several people that explained the experience as going to hell and back.... why


Because it is such a long scary nightmarish journey. Like descending to the pits of hell and walking backwards all the way home.


Yes, why would you take that?


Datura fan here, its really good stuff if you use the correct amount topically or smoked. Otherwise its quite literally the worst shit known to man. Its still absolutely stunning looking though.


do you have any experience with "flying ointments"? i got one a while back but i noticed no effect, idk if i severely underdosed or what, i also heard that commercial flying ointments are heavily underdosed to begin with so idk, always been interested tho


Yeah, they are awesome and super dreamy. I always made my own from erowid recipes.


If you had to compare it to something, what would it be?


There really isnt anything like it, except other nightshades which have different alkaloid concentrations


Came here to post this. Literally just listened to a trip report of someone who ate some while in jail(they found it while picking up trash on the freeway) and spent a few days in the psych ward and ended up in the hospital.


Where do you listen to trip reports? I’d love to check some out.


[Vivec](https://youtube.com/c/Vivec) Most reports are pulled from erowid/shroomery as well as some personal stories and user submitted reports


I love erowid, glad I can listen now! Thanks!


Legit have 100+ doses in my safe rn found some on a hike 😭


Throw that shit in the garbage


Garbage* lol but really all these stories I’ve read of the horrors… I’m intrigued. I don’t wanna try it but I do but a “safe way”. Idk what that would look like though. Maybe like a straight jacket in a padded room with surveillance?


My uncle took some, he said he wanted to go through the window to speak to ""his neighbour that was down there""" (it was 3am). There was no one. I don't know how but his mom happened to wake up and had to guard the window all night. They lived on the 7th floor.


Yeah everything op described are there unpleasant frightening hallucinations and dangerous to the body


The active ingredient scopolamine is found in motion sickness patches on Amazon. Some literally say datura extract on the box. Crazy.


Dunno if this rates as "Drug" but I'd say BZ / Agent 15. It's a chemical weapon that causes hallucinations for 3 days with "symptoms" coming back for up to 6 weeks and some reported cases of permanent change of character / personality. Oh yeah and it's lethal if dosed slightly wrong.


It's a chemical that alters the mind/body when consumed so I'd say it constitutes as a drug. Pretty much any other drug could also be weaponized. At varying levels of effectiveness lol


"Let's all kill people with DMT smoke grenades!"


That's only gonna kill their eagles though


Leave them there eagles alone.


Hey, teacher, leave them kids alone


Their what now?


I hear smoking DMT gives you eagle death


It's actually egret death get it str8 m8


-Hippy Ken M


Never intended to kill, but incapacitate for arrest. It's really crazy actually, the whole concept of psychochemical warfare (fuckin sick name honestly) was to win a battle without killing anyone. I'd reccomend reading [Chemical Warfare (Secrets Almost Forgotten) ](https://archive.org/details/pdfy-n4Fzxn9i0_qzuY_D/mode/2up) by Ketchum, it's online for free. It's written by the head psychiatrist of the psychochemical weapon program for the US army from the late 50s to early 70s, and the forward is written by Shulgin. They only drug they actually weaponized was BZ, however they looked into and spent a lot of money trying to weaponize LSD, unfortunately it was too unpredictable on how it would affect people. Other notable agents tested were PCP, fentanyl derivatives mixed with naloxone, etonitazine, THC (and synthetic THC derivatives), and a lot of delirants. [Here's a video of some volunteers on BZ](https://youtu.be/7ZabGSbXhEQ), I can kind of see what they're going for, but the 3-4 hour come up with 72 hour period of effects makes me question why BZ in particular was chosen.


Psychochemical warfare would be a great band name lol


I would not wanna dose the enemy with pcp


I'd rather dose my library partner with meth


Yeah I can imagine that one was abandoned for the same reason LSD was, in some people it'll incapacitate them, in other people it makes them more dangerous.


Right. It'd turn normal soldiers into kamikaze fighters screaming "there is no such thing as death!"


Ye, pretty sure we'd be making Bazerkers. And that never ends well


BZ is the thing from Jacob's Ladder right?




Yupp ! It has an anticholinergic action, so it's pretty much like DPH. So terrifying to even think about it as a weapon lol


Fucked up how the most popular otc allergy medicine can make you think you're ordering a big Mac at a McDonald's drive through when you're actually just sitting on the couch


That’s one of the more chill things that can happen. In high school I had an ex show up and knock on my bedroom window for like 8 hours while I tried ignoring her, but she was never actually there. I was certain my parents decided to take the dogs out at 4am and saw her, and I’d be in trouble for her being out there. My dog also turned into what I imagine satan would look like, and I had a huge spider descend from my ceiling and explode into a million tiny spiders which then crawled all over me before dispersing into the shadows. Oh and the goddamn shadow people. I can’t take Dramamine for car sickness anymore, and I can’t take Benadryl for allergies anymore. Terrible chemicals, diphenhydramine and dimenhydrinate.


wait are you guys abusing these to get high lol? I take 50 mg in benadryl sometimes to sleep and i’m fine lol


Not actively, but yeah there are a ton of people in this sub who probably found out that it’s a deliriant in high doses on Erowid back in the day and tried it. 50mg a day isn’t going to cause any of that stuff, it’s when you take like handfuls of the shit that it happens. The first time I did it, I got a box of 24 tablets and ate them all.


They got a documentary about this on discovey+. Dr. Delirium or something, idk I just randomly saw it on Wikipedia and got so hyped. I’m on an edible and half a norco too aw fuck i know what I’m gonna do.


Scopolamine seems unpleasant


Yeah id say scopolomine is the most dangerous. Pretty much this whole sub hates DPH tho so probs that as well Maybe air dusters as well Probs the top 3


My first ever drug was DPH, not intentionally though. I got my life's first and only allergic reaction to something, puffed up and the host of the party gave me a handful of them. He figured i would be smart enough to take them over the course of the night, i just swallowed the bunch and blacked out. Highlights of the few memories i've heard, or have getting told afterwards about, was screaming at a girl that she was an unfuckably fat cow (Which was honestly something coming to her, lol) and stripping down to my underwear and dancing on top of a bridge made for buses, whilst a power outage had knocked out the power in the entire city.


Scopolamine like the same thing in the patch for motion sickness? Is it like super dangerous in large amounts?


So my friend went sailing and when she got back, she was delirious, sick, felt like she was losing her mind basically. It turned out that she used a motion sickness patch, and then a second one got stuck to her foot and she didn't notice and accidentally dosed herself for days. So yeah the same thing lol.


Damn I had no clue that shit was like that, I’ve got at least 2 or 3 patches laying around I guess I better be careful.


After a quick google it would appear so yes. But large amounts i dare say is innacurate because simply being close to some and breathing in the particles of it will fuck you up royally so the motion sickness patches probably have ųg or less https://youtu.be/ToQ8PWYnu04


In my country, robbers use scopolamine to drug their targets, people usually end up in the hospital for several days. You can see that victims end up pretty fucked up, not only physically but there are reports of mental illness in the first months after being drugged.


Yea it's in that context I first heard of it. Heard it makes people completely compliant so they can basically be ordered to extract all the money from their bank account and give it to the robbers, like they lose their free will. Probably exaggerated but yea, nasty stuff.. Your country = Colombia?


I'm also a South American and yeah, plenty of that stuff in the crime scene, hard to get that chemical on your hands, I mean, hard to find


And thank fuck that it is, not a substance I want easily available


Yea, Colombia. It’s pretty popular around here and pretty fucked up


The large scale death and destruction caused by fentanyl is unrivalled by any of these more obscure drugs.


I won’t touch most drugs anymore because of it. Many people in my life are dead as a result of laced crap, was actually planning on stopping at the cemetery today for a friend. He thought he had coke, bars, and roxi. Toxicology report found 2 fent analogs in his system.


RIP to your buddy. It’s also taken away many acquaintances of mine and everyone else here as well if I had to guess…that’s the scary thing it’s not only very deadly but indiscriminate, a bad xan or residue from a pipe and that’s all it takes.


TY, like I just commented elsewhere in this thread, we were both sober a long time, I’m more cali sober but he was completely off everything until the night he died. He was depressed and didn’t take me seriously that fent pills were everywhere. Dead same night


I’m sorry about your friend 🙏🏼❤️


Thank you🙏.. fwiw I don’t condone the recreational use of opiates at all, maybe some occasional kratom if someone is feeling frisky. We were both in sobriety (well I’m more Cali sober), he hadn’t touched any drugs in 5+ years until the night he relapsed and died. This was just before covid and I warned him that fent pills were being sold everywhere.. but he was depressed and didn’t take me seriously. He expected it to be like the old days I guess, and was dead the first night.


If you’re gonna do drugs get a drug kit! They are inexpensive, can save your life and also save on expensive medical treatment if you OD.


I’m moving further and further from whichever drugs I find acceptable or even enjoyable to use, but I’m with you in terms of harm reduction. The problem is that many people don’t research drugs, they don’t read about or buy them online, especially addicts or people with mental illness. They’re not really intending to use sometimes, so they don’t order test kits. But even to that point.. test kits are not 100% fool proof. There can still be adulterants or some type of dirty synthesis without lab testing it. Most people are also weighing everything on amazon mg scales that absolutely suck for anything under 100 mg ime, really need an analytical balance for that. Research chemicals have ruined drug use. I can’t believe I actually look back at the old opioids like they were weak. I haven’t touched any opioid in a longgg time, but the new fentanyl/zene drugs as well as these other crazy stims and psychs from china have truly made drugs multiple times more dangerous. The stuff I hear about today is stuff that people worried about years back but it never actually happened.


Worst shit ever!!! Dangers to the body= complete and total death


Yes that is because the most dangerous drug is the one you don’t know you are taking.


This. Fentanyl overdoses from other contaminated drugs should be considered as "murder by poisoning" rather than "accidental overdose". Edit: remember to ALWAYS test your drugs, people!


Yes language is important - people don’t overdose on cyanide so if someone dies from fentanyl in coke, a bar, or even any opioid - that the user is told doesn’t have fent in it it’s a poisoning. Murder or manslaughter, 3 people died here recently from coke with fent in it, they called it an overdose. So insulting


The pharma industry and govt are responsible for this. Many people should be in jail for all the fent deaths. People at the top - also people at the bottom but not the users


really sucks. in the medical field when used properly, fentanyl is a god send. intense pain relief that goes away basically right when the drug is done being administered, and is used in such low amounts that a facility could never run out. such a shame how it has been abused.


Meanwhile .. 1.57 million fentanyl pills busted crossing Mexican borders . Mexican cartels never cease to impress me with their cruelty .




The Cartels generate more money than some small nations, there’s simply no incentive for anyone to stop them… if the US really wanted to go in there and shut them down they could, but they are in on it as well. They loved Pablo Escobar until he decided he didn’t wanna pay the FBI/CIA anymore then RIP Pablo.


> if the US really wanted to go in there and shut them down they could The only way to "shut them down" is to legalize, tax, and regulate.


Exactly!!! People will always do drugs and criminalizing addiction is like putting a bandaid over a bullet hole, and it does more harm than good. Banning substances only pushes more lethal synthetic replacements and restricting access to controlled substances even more now just causes more death and destruction.


I more or less agree with most of what you said but no thinking that the US could just shut them down is ridiculous


More like the DEA. Although they’ve all been caught with their hands in the cookie jar. The DEA has no incentive to Win the War on drugs for example, they would be out of the job, they would lose their power and authority, their gun, no more civil forfeiture, no more over-time hours at time and half, no more locking up the undesirables in prison. We can all be honest here, the war on drugs was a response to the civil rights movement. This goes for local PDs as well. Saying law enforcement is the biggest gang in the country is not a joke. It’s a fact. They do all the same things sometimes illegally, but also often legally.


They’re just people trying to make money. With the exception of literal murder, I don’t see a big difference between them and pharmaceutical companies and doctors that push highly addictive substances.


This is the real answer


Datura and PMA. Look up delirants on psychonautwiki


Or trip reports on Erowid. Crazy ass stuff.


I’m not sure about dangerous but salvia the scariest drug I’ve tried. I did it the first time when I was 15 and it scared the shit out of me. At 25 when I had more experiences with psychedelics I figured I was ready to try again. I wasn’t ready. I have a salvia plant now and plan on giving quidding the leaves a try as I heard it’s a slower onset and a lot more pleasant.


Salvia is not inherently scary, it's just the high doses. With plain leaf you can't really go wrong, quidding is indeed particularly gentle. Low doses are actually great against anxiety.


First time I tried it, I did the x40 extract and took two big hits. My ass got sent to the shadow realm. Never tried it again after that.


Yeah, that's to be expected. 40X is too strong to dose reliably, unless you have access to a lab grade ug scale. A good first time dose would've been 2 mg, so literally a few tiny flakes.


I kept doing salvia thinking I’d have a good time but they were all terrifying! The last time I ever did it I actually had a remarkably enlightening experience where I looked upon the whole universe and then two box lids closed shut and were taped up. I was in a factory where millions of boxes (of what I assume were other universes) were traveling along a conveyor belt with uniformed alien creatures as the factory workers. And then I opened my eyes and I was done tripping.


Lol idk why but I always get the conveyor belt when I do salvia


I've literally fallen through a vortex in the ground that just sent me falling deeper and deeper with the weirdest like typically trippy poster visuals. and then come.to just lying on the bed. it's mostly just intense visuals and falling for me, which I kinda like!


I highly recommend people check out the Salvia episode of Hamilton's Pharmacopeia. He has an extremely pleasant and enjoyable experience where he chews leaves (under the hospitality of a shaman). It's pretty informative too on the history of it and the traditional use in it's home country.


Watched a kid jump out of the backseat of a moving vehicle into a cornfield after smoking Salvia when I was like 19 years old. Shits wild.


Ye bro saliva the scariest ong… also the fact that we produce it in our mouth 24/7 is even more incovienient!


Sorry Mr. Martin it’s been so long since I was in your class. I almost forgot that you taught me to proofread my Reddit comments before posting.


hahaha its all jokes tho bro hope it didnt come off as rude


A+++ Would read retorts again!


dph basically simulated pyschosis


This shit is crazy. Memory loss, psychosis roleplay and potential brain damage, definitely the worst since you can buy it and consume it sooo easily compared to Datura or other plants


Fucking scary as hell.


I did it one time and decided that's something I will never do again. Could have ended pretty poorly. Not only was it incredibly not fun, I felt like shit for days after and had gnarly RLS.




psychological danger? Datura, essentially scopalamine with inability to dose precisely. Physical danger? Volatile solvents.


In highschool my friend and I looked for LSD and shrooms for nearly 3 weeks. Finding nothing and really wanting to trip, we bought 30 pack of Corcidin cough and cold, we thought it would just be a DXM trip without having to drink loads of cough syrup. We dosed 10 pills each and then redosed another 6 each after 1hr because they hadn't kicked in yet. This gave each us a heroic 480mg dose of DXM. Unfortunately, we weren't wise enough (yet) to pay attention to the additives and therefore ingested a ton of chlorpheniramine. Drove home then proceeded to trip balls. Huge perspective shifts (TV across the room looked 30' away, couldn't get off the bed because it was 20' drop to the floor, etc. ) Threw on Pink Floyd DVD, we're giggling and having fun. Then I started to feel very overheated, heart racing, face burning, etc. I looked down, and it appeared as through my heart was beating out of my chest. I started to freak out, sweating my ass off and telling my friend he needs to take me to the hospital. He naturally tried to reassured me that I was fine and just tripping. He even busted out a heart rate monitor and retrieved a thermometer from his bathroom to help confirm that I was not actually ill. Sadly, the monitor read 186 bpm, followed by "out of range." Thermometer read 103°. Well shit! No wonder I feel like I'm dying- I need to go to the hospital. I should mention I had brain surgery a few months earlier to attempt to correct a malformation in my lower cerebellum, part of which controls thermoregulation. So we also took this into account, increasing our panic. It takes us a long time to walk, stumble and crawl to the car and when we finally get inside he states the obvious - "I can't drive! We'll wreck before we even get there!" Fair enough, as I was of course in no shape to drive either. At this point, calling an ambulance would have been the best course of action but I really didn't want to get in trouble. Fear of punishment trumped everything else rational at that point, as it sometimes does. So we just made our way back inside and tried to calm down through deep breaths and concentrating on the music. It seemed to be working and we were chilling, hallucinating, etc After about 5 hours, I finally felt relatively normal. We hit the internet when we could function and looked up "Corcidin overdose," the symptoms included: tachycardia, hyperthermia, urinary retention, confusion, altered coordination, agitation, hallucinations, seizures, or coma from the chlorpheniramine maleate alone. Along with all the regular DXM symptoms from 300+mg dose. We are both lucky neither of us had a heart attack or seizure, nor did we end up in a coma or dead that day. We didn't feel normal for 3-4 days afterwards, and I never tripped off of DXM again, and definitely not Corcidin. The moral of the story: research and/or test all drugs before taking them, and make sure you aren't overdosing yourself on additives or other components. Also, do the math required to calculate your dosage and keep away from the harmful heavy trip when using substances you can OD on. Erowid.org was and is phenomenal for dosage charts, nothing what is the threshold, light, medium and heavy dose for a variety of substances. A simple check on there first could have saved us both a lot of fear, panic and body load. Stay safe out there!


Ah the triple C’s


Benzos and alcohol is pretty scary when you start to sober up lol


Oh the regret and shame of what you *do* remember, coupled with the fear of what worse shit you did while blacked out.


Benzos are the Devil’s drug, mane. Stay away from RC Benzos. I used to only do them for trip comedowns, then got hooked after managing a healthy script of Ativan for five years prior. Don’t get addicted, hardest big Pharma drug to “find a way out”. And the withdrawals can take you from this earth , just like Alcohol


I hear you... i was licking that yellow powder (ie consuming what i imagine was many many many mg of pure clonazolam) for 5+ years! A g a month, 35mg per day... only $1200/year to literally be in a constant blackout. People dont believe the amounts i consumed when i tell them, nor do they believe i was pulled off cold turkey. Thank god i lived.


WATER. You literally die if you don’t have it. BIG WATER has all of us so addicted to it we drink it everyday


U can overdose and die after too much water as well


Banned from /r/hydrohomies


There isn’t enough addicts let’s be honest


By the figures, alcohol of course, but I understand that's not exactly what you were asking.


This is distorted by nearly everyone trying the drug, over half of people using at least occasionally, and 10% falling into addiction at some point. It's definitely toward the dangerous end of things though.


Personally, I find alcohol is a substance that is just too overrated. It's kind of romanticized to a degree. It's fun to drink, and the first drinks are always great, conversation is always great. You feel like you can do anything. As things progress though, everything becomes gradually worse. After you reach the peak, you start going down and unless you 100% micromanage your drinking, it's inevitable that things will start to blur more and more, you will remember less and less of the evening etc. The worst part are the hangovers. That said, I feel like I never had a problem with alcohol. I drink 99% of the time socially, and I don't feel any benefits of drinking alone. My "beers after work" is weed. But at this point weed is such a consequence-free substance that it feels to me it's too easy to get addicted. Alcohol is completely opposite - it has so many consequences it's much harder to get addicted. Though, I suppose once you do get addicted, it's MUCH MUCH harder to quit than a lot of drugs.


> and the first drinks are always great You're supposed to end it there.


I agree. Alcohol is one of the worse drugs for me. Not because it's the most destructive but because the "high" for me is weaksauce, especially compared to the acute drawbacks, like vomiting, hangovers, etc. I particularly can't drink much more than a beer because I have chronic migraines and alcohol is a pretty sure trigger for them. With people who metabolize it better or just otherwise deal with it better it might be more worth it but if I want to escape my drug or choice is currently weed


Yeah weed is one of the best drugs out there, period. I just dislike being so dependent on it after years of usage.


I mean weed makes me paranoid as shit. I really wish I could smoke


The one you cant kick.


The right answer. Sometimes it’s not the drug, but the persons mental ability to resist the call of the void.


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We truly do live in a society


Hunter S. Thompson, who famously did every drug that he came within 100 feet of, said the one drug he’d never do again is PCP. I can’t vouch for that, but he had a lot more experience with drugs than me or anyone on this forum is likely to. But of course none of the very new stuff.


I liked PCP a lot when I was younger. It was pure dumb fun. I haven't touched anything in the last 10 years thought.


Nutmeg or diphenhydramine probably from some of the things I’ve heard


I've done both nutmeg (hundreds of times when I was younger and had little access to other stuff) and deliriants (DPH). They have ZERO comparison. Nutmeg was like an edible with weirdly mild psychedelic serotogenic effects. Only downside is it lasts like fucking 48 hours including the comedown and is physically heavy. Deliriants was like a ticket to the shadow realm speaking to friends who didn't exist, going in and out of scenes in my head on the bed thinking I'm "coming home" on the way infinite times. Fucking weird shit.


Sobriety Edit thanks for the award I honestly thought this was going to get trolled on I’m genuinely happy now.


Underrated comment




We live in a sobriety




It's only bad because it's synthesized shake and bake style. If it was made *and properly purified* in a lab, it wouldn't be horrific at all.


But I would argue that's the difference between "krokodil" and "desomorphine." The second is a pretty reasonable drug, all things considered, but the first generally refers to the low quality homemade stuff.


It's actually not that bad, it's some kind of opiate or opioid, only the way it's synthesized makes it extremely toxic. You basically inject gasoline and shit into your body and then you wonder why your body is dying


It's poorly cooked desomorphine. It's the iv phosphorous that rots the body not the drug itself


Any deliriant.


pro tip: don't search on google, search on duckduckgo;)






I get why people say it's scary but I don't think it's that dangerous. The only thing is a small percent of people get a fight or flight response which can be.. unpredictable. But who hasn't had to hold their friend back from doing something potentially destructive on (insert drug besides weed here)?




Salvia is cool actually. Just have to let go.


Salvia was the closest I've come to experiencing a movie like trip. One where everything sort of melts away into a new world with psychadelic guitar riffs playing as you fly through the sky.


Dnp and diuretics many bodybuilders will know the dangers of these. Basically fries your organs.


The recorded LDLo for DNP is 4.3mg/kg and there's *no* antidote. Treatment is just ice packs, dantrolene and crossed fingers. It can push your core temp to over 43°C (109.4°F). I have some for use as a pH indicator and the big word "POISON" stamped on the container is an understatement.






It’s was kinda hard to understand your paragraph.


Can confirm, xanax at first was great, but after waking up on the kitchen floor several times and going to parties I never knew I went to with over 50 new numbers in my phone of people I never knew turned into a problem. Then a couple years later it turned me into a monster. That same night of being the worst I have ever been I went into cardiac arrest. No one can say why, I’d say it was from the stress of everything that went on that night. I’m 100% healthy with no problems so whatever happened then was a one off thing I will NEVER take Xanax EVER again. If you have a family and love them, don’t do it. Even if you don’t have any family and/or hate them, still don’t do it


Dph, krokodil, spice


Desoxypipradrol. Strongest stimulant drug by a wide margin, has to be dosed volumetrically. 5mg with no tolerance will send you into psychosis. Also it lasts like 2 days.


Datura (aka Devil's Trumpet), DPH basically Deliriants in general


Scopolamine (Devil's Breath) - the "zombie" drug. It's often used by people in Colombia to rob people. You only need a little, and after the victim has inhaled or drank some, they can be very easily coerced into doing things. Vice did a documentary on it, it's an interesting video


Alcohol. Seen people get raped, killed, tortured, abused, lied to, make in a toilet to drink, still drink with bleeding hemorrhoids despite shitting blood, etc etc


I’d say datura and salvia have win on this. Also 5-meo dmt


MXE is by far the scariest drug I’ve taken. Absolutely frightened the life out of Me. Felt like a K hole, but much, much stronger. It’s like I went blind, and was in a acid trip. And not an enjoyable one atall.


From what I’ve heard - fentanyl… I’ve lost a lot of friends. From experience, accidentally ingested PCP once and the intense rage I felt was unreal. I was unhinged & it turned me off to pretty much all drugs.


Love / oxytocin. Makes you act irrational, changes your life priorities and is more fleeting then any high. Lets not start talking about the withdrawal.


The withdrawal has nearly killed me a couple times. Fuck. When my gf ended things unexpectedly in 2018, I had weeks where I didn’t know how I’d make it thru the next hour.


He said hallucinations and damage to the body




It’s pretty much heaven for the first 3 though




I remember watching videos of people high on A-PVP, those vids were scary to see because they couldnt stop moving and their body was going crazy


Friends who did spice said it was scary and not good One kept going on about the “scary pumpkins”


Yeah noids are insanely dangerous, it's completely different to THC and can kill if you take even a bit to much


I didn’t find k2 too bad. I actually enjoyed it the few times I did it. But then I found a spice package (can’t remember what it was but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t k2) on the ground once and smoke the contents and I was on the verge of a panic attack. Never had projectile vomiting or hallucinations or anything. And I had no idea it was severely addictive or even deadly!


I was put into a psychosis for weeks on end from clinically prescribed Vyvanse. Really hard to convince psych ward doctors that it was the medicine given to you by a doctor and not like, LSD or something. Took a full year to be back at what I’d consider “normal” Literally the most terrifying experience of my life. I thought I was getting messages and being watched and that I had to do things in certain ways of the world would end.


Sugar. It's a silent killer that's ignored by millions. Sure you won't get killed by it today or tomorrow, but the effects start to appear within the same day or two of consumption and can be lifelong if not handled correctly.


No one posted DPH yet? ​ DPH


ong, and its so horribe for u too, dph is the worst


To be honest: deliriants if we also count dangerous. But frankly, scary is psychedelics. I know people are gonna argue with that but obviously everything depends on dose. The thing is on deliriants you're in such deep psychosis that you're barely aware of what's happening. But if you took too much of a psychedelic and you're not mentally ready for it and get a bad trip, it'll probably be way scarier. Now that could also be dangerous when people are out of it tripping, but with deliriants it definitely is dangerous af cause you're basically a free man in complete psychosis out and about the world.