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I would say lsd or mdma






I really Wana try this, never heard of it in the uk


It’s rare to come across it in the street, but there’s a hella lot on the darknet.


There's multiple different variants. My personal favorite is 2c-i. The visuals are the best. I've done 2cb 2cc 2ci and 2cp. Might have done more but cant quite remember.








This is the one.


Absolutely this. Never got around to trying 2CB, and LSD was always my go to for getting really really deep into some music. The combination when you time it right is just incredible, it’s really a hard feeling to describe but candyflipping is still up there as one of the most intense and addictive highs you can get. Atleast for me


Candy flipping is OP


No, LSD + MDMA + Nitrous. There we go lmao. I was dancing like a madman chewing on a piece of gum that day. Every movement felt like I needed to really REAALLYY push into it. Felt so orgasmic.


I confirm. Best combo on the planet.


I need to try this




+ shrooms


I agree but am I the only one that thinks alcohol is up there. Always have a great time at a show drunk.


The right amount of drunk is good too little it too much and it’s not great


Mdma and 2cb in general but I really love some uptempo hardcore edm on speed aswell. That is just special to me. I also really love singing along with band music while drunk.


Uptempo hardcore represent!


Can't stand uptempo kicks, I'm more of a Raw Hardstyle guy


check out mind compressor I like his stuff. Did you hear Riot shift - plague city? Solid


Fresh new kicks!


Uptempo >>>>


I love listening to metal on LSD, shit sounds so crushing and massive like my house could come down on top of me. Very intense, very cool. Weed is also great for music, I always find myself thinking about what it actually took to record and produce the music though moreso than the music itself 😂


Yeah when I'm on weed and I hear music I like to think of myself back in time hearing it released for tge first time and it being so fresh co pared to what else is about ba k then for that era. Makes me really appreciate what artists have actually done for music and how it has progressed to be completely different almost every decade.


Weed makes me break down the layers of a song. I can hear weird notes from instruments i didnt hear before.


weirdly for me (and im pretty sure its weird as noone i know has this problem), i cant seem to hear lyrics. i can hear a song over 100x and maybe catch the chorus if im lucky. i hear the singer as another instrument. i can hear the notes, pitch and the melody and the percussion of a singers voice.... but rarely can i catch the actual words they use. the only songs i can remember the lyrics to (and only a sall portion) are ones i have literally heard over 100x and happened to bring up the lyrics to try and sing along to MANY times over. give it a few months and those lyrics escape my mind but i can still recall the exact voice playing in my head with the same "shape" of sound without recalling a single word from it. sometimes i can kinda work it out by replaying the singing in my mind over and over again and matching the syllables from the sound to form a word. but rarely does it work. weed for some reason, helps me hear lyrics for a bit. even if i cant really remember them after.


I am the exact same way. It's so hard to hear the words


Do you guys have add? I’m the same and I think it could be add.


I think you’re onto something


I’ve got in undiagnosed, and often fixate on certain songs play them way more than anything else for a short window. Recently I’m stuck on this song mantra the volume Ozzie hip hop. Check it


Yes can confirm. ADD diagnosed and same thing.


I was kinda low key hoping to click your profile and have it actually be danny fucking carey. Glad to have another metalhead around. Metal and drugs are perfect together and not enough people know this.


yer a fkn menace listening to metal while on acid, i bet you eat babies for breakfast xD


I was having a bad trip with a couple of semi mates, left them and went home to listen to Meshuggah and that set me straight 😅


some people just want to see the world burn in hellfire youre clearly one of em xD


Not at all hahaha I think it just helped get me out of my head and groove to something I knew I enjoyed


Hey you're not alone! Metal is actually calming sometimes. Guessing you were listening to "Clockworks" or "Bleed"? My personal favorite is "Rational Gaze". Meshuggah is metal trance. Meaning it goes very well with a plethora of drugs lol.


Clockworks probably, it was just as Violent Sleep of Reason came out and I was proper digging it. Rational Gaze a classic too


Tools discog was made for acid


😂 there is a fine line I'll give you that. I've definitely had to turn stuff off because it was, like, "too evil" and freaking me out lmao.


i feel that lol. i once came home of a like 250ug trip, still in the trippy state, thought id smoke a joint on the outside with some chill music to take the edge off. but then all of a sudden my mom got up from bed cause of our neighbors upstairs being too loud again (it was 7am). she was so angry and pissed she turned on the sound system, turned the volume to the max and fkn blasted "du hast" by rammstein. i know its not "hardcore" but i just wanted to chill out, have a smoke and go to bed. no need to say i felt terrorlike in my body lol.


Hahaha. Man thats the kind of shit that only happens to you tripping lmao always the silliest most unlikely shit


Yeah lately I listen to whole lot of genres. And Saturday I played a whole bunch of different songs in different genres while on shrooms, but nothing literally NOTHING came as close to how mind-blowing music was, as the music from the last 2 albums of Wintersun (a Finnish epic metal band) did. Same story with LSD. A lot of music sounded great but Wintersun was like music created by gods


Yeah! I'm a big fan of Wintersun's first album and just generally stuff that is really hyper melodic and guitar-centric. The chuggy syncopated rhythm stuff like meshuggah dont do it for me, especially on drugs lol




Yeah that sounds like a terrible time lol. I aint really with that rhythm-focused 90s stuff in general. I like to get lit up and listen to a mf with a cross the size of my head sing about demons and magic or listen to judas priest holler about robots raining fire from the sky and ripping sick solos


Tool, Gojira, Rishloo 🤘


Im an old school dude. I like to put on Candlemass and think about the well of souls staying sealed and shit lol


Then you need to listen to Sleep - Dopesmoker. It’s an hour long song and takes you on such a journey. I dropped acid and listened to it 10 times over. It’s a 1 hour long song, lmao


I need to try this




really? I find the opposite true. it's actually the only drug I dont appreciate music on. It sounds like detached incoherent sounds when on ketamine.


I believe it. On the right amount of ketamine I had the craziest audio enhancement I’ve ever felt. I was in the therapists office and this place always gave me enough to make me forget I was me for a good 15 minutes. When I started coming back, I could hear conversations of people out on the street and in the lobby when I couldn’t before. And that’s through the music which my therapist was playing while he read a personalized type of guided meditation. Very powerful


For some reason in a clinical setting I always thought they'd give you like a bump of ket (injected obviously) but no where near enough to forget who you are. Thanks for informing me about that, learn something new everyday huh


It's a big ass dose when doing that kind of talk therapy with ketamine. The goal is to be far gone enough to begin having visions and such. The Johns Hopkins shroom trials use doses equivalent to 5 grams of shrooms which blew my mind also, thats a fucking heavy dose


Probably a lot safer doing 5 grams with a psych in a controlled environment than doing 5g in the woods or at a music festival though


Definitely more manageable that way but they did still have a 15-20% risk of the patient freaking out and panicking. Also worth noting that the participants have legitimate death anxiety too which probably contributes to that high freakout chance




*ketamine and serotonin releasers is god mode


So even more ketamine? :')


When I did ketamine (only did once so idk how good of an answer this is), I hated a lot of the music I usually listened to, it sounded wrong and almost dysphoric. When I put on burial tho, shit got crazy.


But also I’ve never done ketamine not in a clinical setting, other than a couple lozenges from the pharmacy and cream which doesn’t affect me a whole lot.


Idk how a dissasociative could enhance music for anyone.


DXM has crazy music enhancement, and I'm definitely not alone in thinking so.


dxm also has major serotonin action have done both ketamine and dxm, and music on dxm sounds wayyy better


Ketamine and music go so well together lmao


And as everyone else said u clearly haven't tried DXM ahah


I listen to voyage 34 by porcupine tree one time on three hits of 1p LSD, 250mg ketamine, a couple bowls of weed and a steady supply of balloons, when my limbs worked enough to hold it to my face. I thought I was trapped there forever


Jazz on Ketamine = crazy


Either acid or DXM


LSD ☮️🌈🤘 + music




MDMA introduced me to psytrance, dubstep, basically electronic rave music.


Watching Planet Earth muted +Jazz music is fantastic on LSD. Instrumental/orchestra music while rolling on MDMA is godly. Alcohol+ adderall+ weed is my go-to for festivals/concerts, specifically EDM/house music😍


alcohol adderall weed…. ptsd to my old work combo… rough days


Yeah work combos be like that. My work combo is usually a quarter tab, amphetamine, and Tetrahydrocannabinol.


i used to go to school on a quarter tab. should consider trying that again. but i will say Lucy and amphetamine together sounds awful


Lol love the Lucy nickname by the way, I call her Lacy. But it actually pretty nice if you don’t have too much amphetamine, which is a razor thin line.


Dude… we used to have roll parties at my apartment in CFL. We would drive to the beach where our dude lived and pick up to 90 double stacks at a time. Amazing quality. Blew our tits off. Then on way back we would invite over our core group of friends. Like 4 dudes and 4 or 5 girls. Blackout the apartment, throw black lights on. Buy glow sticks or steal them from wal mart on the way home, and then us 3 would pop our first ones on the 45 min drive back home. We’d watch planet earth with Aesop Rock playing on the speakers while there were joints being passed around and massages given. Peaking we would all go jump in the apartment pool and bring our glow sticks with us. Fearless. Man what i wouldn’t give to go back in time for even just a week or two. Some of the best times of my life.




I totally agree my friend


I thought this said ‘Fantastic Planet’ at first. I thought i found my people.


The best movie when tripping


If you liked Planet Earth, please check out the show called Moving Art. You can watch it muted or with the volume up since it has no narrator and instead has composed tracks throughout the series. I would recommend checking out the episode called patterns in nature.


Next time you have the chance, start Blue Planet (I'm sure any episode would work, but I recommend S01E01) and play Machinedrum's *Vapor City* I think you'll dig it


My secret place is BBC nature docos and music with a 2C-B + ketamine combo. 2C-B is a very tactile, sensory, psychedelic and combining it with the dissociative effects of ketamine seems to really promote synesthesia for me. Adding the right audio-visual stimulus gets all my senses mingling together into a lush sensual orgy of nature. No homo.




the drug cocktail you’re referring to is Tucibi (phonetically sounds the same as 2CB so I get the confusion) 2cb is a psychedelic synthesized by Alexander Shulgin in the 70s. it works on your serotonin receptors (like MDMA), i think i once read (but am not 100% sure) that fenylethylamin (the active substance in 2cb) is a synthetic version of the active substance found in mescaline (the cactus psychedelic). tucibi is indeed what you were referring to, it’s rising in popularity but its pretty much a mix of different kinds of drugs (in the netherlands it’s mostly a mix of ketamine, mdma, levamisole and tramadol but this differs per supplier and country which is why it’s best to test it if you’re gonna use it anyway).


Phenethylamine isn't the active substance in 2C-B, it's the molecular structure forming the backbone of many common recreational drugs.... so 2C-B *is* a phenethylamine, and so are amphetamines, cathinones, NBOMes, mescaline, and MDMA. Specifically 2C-B is a member of the [2C-X](https://psychonautwiki.org/wiki/2C-x) series of substituted phenethylamines. It is kind of similar to the structure of mescaline, but definitely not a synthetic version of mescaline.


Nah that's tuci/tucibi/pink cocaine.... completely unrelated to the compound 2C-B except for confusion surrounding the name.


MDMA>LSD>Ketamine>THC They each do slightly different things but I still think MDMA is the best, especially at high doses in a dark room with the bass up.




Try hearing Ott - Mir


Ott is such a gem. Saw him and the all seeing I on a solo trip at a local venue and melted into the floor.


this is amazing, heard it for the first time now and i love it


His other albums are amazing too! I highly recommend “Nothing Lasts But Nothing Is Lost” by Shpongle


Pound for pound, DXM


I got trapped in a song for eons, wasn’t fun


The key is to listen to a good tune When i peaked on it, “horse w. No name” came on and it was as if the spirit of walter white possessed me and i went through my own lil version of breaking bad in my head during those few minutes. 10/10 experience


just stared at a wall listening to the same song on repeat for 6 hours one time, best. night. ever.


Bass feels like treble to me on DXM lmao


Weed+ketamine (what I’m doing rn) Super dope for some genres




Phenibut and 2cb is da best


Weed, especially edibles. DXM. Oxy. I’ll listen to different kinds of music. In all honesty, I love listening to songs about drugs (or songs that can be interpreted as being about drugs) when I’m high, tbh.


Unironically dxm shit feels like I’m traveling to different universes with every song


For whatever reason, DPH. Around 100mg causes the most insane auditory enhancement. It's like each layer of the song reaches into the core of my brain and tickles it from the inside. Haven't done it much of course, the plethora of other negative effects outweighs the benefit of good music


It gets more and more at higher doses. I knew it was going to be mentioned in this sub as it always is. Music started doing the same thing to me after I developed schizophrenia, not exactly the same but it was definitely much better. Nowadays, I always have something playing to drown out the background. The negatives of the best music enhancers are so terrible.


After my dxm abuse when shit corrupted my brain I low key got addicted to music I'm always having AirPods in my ears


You should try promethazine then. It’s what gave rise to the chopped and screwed/slowed+reverb genre. Nobody would care about slowed down jittery tracks if it wasn’t for DJ Screw. Yes, I understand codeine played a role, but you try listening to screw tapes off just codeine. It hits way less.


Mdma or lsd


LSD without a doubt


LSD and mushrooms are the best.


I can only do music on the tail end of mushrooms. I find it way too distracting during the peak and it makes it hard to hear what the mushroom is saying.


I can't understand why no one has said N2O, anything on nitrous is amazing.


Pop 5 Vicodin and a tab and listen to LSD by asap Rocky


Haven't tried vicodin. How is it?


Pretty much to be honest, think of oxycodone but weaker, but I personally feel a euphoric sense of anxiety loss. So lit


Haven't tried oxy as well. Regarding opiates/opioids, I have tried heroin #3 and #4, and O-DSMT. Puked my guts out.


Just so you know tramidol breaks down into O–DSMT


I getcha, this is my personal belief, though many disagree and that’s fine, prescription opioids feel simply cleaner, it feels like heroin 3, if it wasn’t atleast somewhat scary


Is Oxycontin and Oxycodone the same?


Oxycontin and oxycodone are just straight up oxy (with different release mechanisms (instant, time) etc.). Percocet is a mixture of oxycodone and APAP (think Tylenol/Motrin) which is horrible on your liver over time/at high doses (don’t exceed 3500 in single day) or an extended period of time. Hope this helps.


Definetely helps. Appreciate it my man.


Yes, just a brand, similar to Percocet essentialy


Alright bro, thanks, I will give them a shot, hope I won't throw up. I don't seem to react well with downers. Do you recommend any anti-emetic?


You might wanna try some Tums, maybe even an Aleive asumming you don’t go crazy with your opi’s


I personally haven’t tried any anti emetics, no idea, but a good rule of thumb to not vomit is to remember your first time on each different opioid, you probably will, if not every time, my first time I did too, it’s a tolerance thing


Alright thanks my man. Be safe 💜


There’s different number heroins? Genuinely curious


H#3 is freebase, supposed to be smoked off foil. H#4 is salt base, ideal for IV and snorting.


LSD and K


Dxm or gascid


Dxm and amphetamine






ecstacy. There will never be magic in my life like the first few times I was floored rolling by myself in the dnb room at raves.


Weirdly enough DXM is particularly good at that. However final answer is acid or MDMA because fuck everything else about DXM


About 200mg mescaline, feels like an audio jack straight to the soul. Any more and it's harder to focus on the music.


I find Phenethylamines in general give great music enhancement.






MDMA and weed. Acid is really nice too but I tend to avoid it because of anxiety


DXM on a third plat. The music almost *is* the trip, it's incredible.


Lsd for sure


Pnau on nitrous was nice.


Haven’t really gotten into anything too heavy compared to everyone here, but a good indica and some classic rock or atmospheric metal just sends me to a different plane


mdma or 2cb/2ce. Auditory echos from nitrous are kind of fun but only lasts about 20 seconds so Idk if that counts as " music enhancement"


LSD by far. MDMA and GHB would be somewhat distant seconds


ghb + speed, or O-PCE, because then the music touches you from the inside


Ear drops when I had an ear infection




I think keta when it comes to techno and probably just weed for like chill music


Ghb, Gbl or 1-4 BDO. These drugs take music to a orgasmic level for me personally. I can’t put it into words how intense it is.


lsd #1 4evr mdma &dxm come 2nd & 3rd forsure☮️


2cb for sure. once everything i look at turns orangy red i know it’s time to turn on some music and writhe around on the floor in pure joy




My first time trying edibles, i took what must have been at least 30 mgs at midnight and watched a Black Mirror episode. Shit was creeping me out but then this meditative music started to play for like 2 minutes and I had an out of body experience So i would definitely say weed but only when consumed orally for me. It just hits different in some way i don’t understand


Easily Lucy






Whippits and acid, dmt makes everything sound incredible too at lower dosages


Dont know if many people get up for it but smoking a bong around 4pm start drinking around 6 maybe 4-5 beers then another bong at 8 drop 2 points of mdma at 9:30 and then a few drinks through out the night if i can balance all 3 so im not to wired, drunk or blazed then I have the time of my life doesn’t matter the music Drum and bass, house all types of rock or even mellow chill music


Mdma or LSD by far


MDMA>DXM>LSD>Shrooms>Phenibut>Weed>Ketamine>Amphetamine>Alcohol With MDMA being my favorite/most enjoyable, and alcohol being my least favorite. All are awesome in their own way, each providing different aspects and types of music enhancement.


MDMA by a long shot, followed by amphetamine. You can't really beat the neurotransmitter flooding induced euphoria type music enhancement. Weed, 2C-B, MET, LSD and other psychedelics are pretty nice as well, the enhancement has a different, cleaner feel to it and I honestly prefer them for music just because they're so safe.


Nothing beats mdma,2cb and lsd


2cb 👾


Anticholinergics like DPH cause the most music enhancement or euphoria, it makes music 3d its hard to explain. Unfortunately, this doesn't outweigh the negatives. DXM, LSDXM, LSADXM are the absolute best pound for pound in my experience. Although, it will be intensely distorted.


mescaline and rachmaninoff


Ngl ket, because of the close eye visuals


Dmt. Acid and shrooms were great, mdma and flips made it sound super organic, 2cb makes me feel and see the music, cannabis creates an intense connection to the music... But dmt and music is just something else. It feels like the song is being written into your memory and senses at the same time, as if the whole universe consists of this song like it started it all and contains the answer to everything. You don’t just hear the music, you see it dance, you feel it touching you, you can smell where it’s taking you. Sadly there’s so very few songs that hit the theme perfectly but if you find one and blast off with it you’ll never forget that song.


Maybe not the most musically enhancing substance I’ve done, but one people seem to either miss, or maybe it’s just this way for me, is Nitros Oxide. I love putting on some nice headphones, whatever playlist I’m feeling at the time, and smacking away whippets. Super fun!


I listened to classical music on acid back when I was doing it and there were times where I’d have to take a break because it was so intense


4ho met is amzing for music


If your eating L and not listening to the Grateful Dead what r u even doing


Listening to something better.


Listening to Papadosio


Give us some recs !!






Shrooms for sure, daily stoner here so weed is always good too. Shrooms pull out the emotion in the song for me, I love listening to my favourites on them.


Ket, Molly, and ghb


I barely listen to music without Amphetamine anymore.


DXM, with LSD being a close contender.


For me it's 4-ho-met it's so awesome


If your on anything listen to the weekends new shit tbh








Ketamine and LSD combo, as you begin to peak you take nitrous oxide. 11/10 would recommend.




get high on cannabis and blast some Aphex Twin or Redpilotsun


yeah about acid and molly, on those two its just a 3d version + cinema while listening to music. but weed also already enhances it. n20 also gives me a short time to fkn be in the zone of my music. and psytrance. no matter what drug, what daytime, psytrance is my way to go <3


Mephedrone by far


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