I just ordered 54 beers

I just ordered 54 beers


*"driver was a bitch and kept asking for ID , first time I got denied i* *even left a big tip at first I better get my money back lol"* How did you think this was going to turn out


Lmfao right like leaving a big tip isnt suspicious at all


Nothing better then a solid side bush beer. Always used to stage my paraphernalia by the side bushes by my window. So nostalgic to think about


Damn I don’t have to hide my drinking or smoking anymore but I want to do this now just to make me feel sneaky


😆🤣 lmao, thx for this


It really was one of the simpler joys in life, so much gratification came from a successful bush to window to box spring transfer


Best was chucking stuff out the window to grab it on your way out the house. Had that down to a science


Homeless man is your beer man


^^ this. If you can afford $50 worth of beer, you can def afford to throw a homeless dude $5 or even just a free beer and get all you want 😆


Hell, I would buy it for underage kids just for some extra $$ ... There needs to be some kind of app to link up ppl doing this kind of transaction


honestly i would like this lmao


Fuck yes, if anyone reading this got some dev skills, plz get on this ASAP 😆


That would probably be illegal and the app would get shot down and blocked everywhere like 5 days later sooo.....


in theory you wouldnt openly admit what its for a bit like how cashapp is commonly used for drugs. it could work


Get a job at a restaurant those cool older folks will buy u stuff too lol just tip em or share some


You you not have any older friends or parents that would buy some for you? Or even just get a fake ID.


Make your own booze bro You can make it with apple cider


How do you start?


So you’re supposed to buy a bunch of things like a stopper and such However, a lot of times I do it by accident just by leaving opened apple cider in the fridge for a few weeks. If it’s carbonated, I believe it’s alcoholic


Thanks for the response man. I’m going to have to read up on this, sounds very interesting.


Goto a forest preserve with the homies?


Beers only get “skunked” or change flavor if left outdoors or in changing temps that cause the cap to fail cO2 to escape . Warm indoor storage is fine. Hide it in a good place. Just Put ‘em back in an ice chest for a few minutes before consuming . Beer distributors have warm kegs and cases all over the warehouse . idk why i read so many kids think u have to keep em cold when sealed. Maybe an excuse to share ;-)


I think the only solution is for you to move. When you get a new place, get a keg and charge $5 a person at the door, even if it is your mom


What if your mom throws a $5 sandal at you kicking the door open?


lmao, good luck. maybe if she goes out?


Yeah tough situation she’s been out all day and I had all day and i stupidly decided to order when she got home


That strategy to get brews is smart asf




I’m on the third floor 😭


grappling hookÉ


The beers will prob get skunked or atleast worse tasting and reduced shelf life if you arent able to keep them cool.


Wasn’t me who downvoted you I’ll give you an upvote though


Oh im sorry then my bad, must just be someone who doesn’t like windows lmao. You should get ice and a cooler so the Beers shelf life and taste isnt greatly reduced. And the bag idea is probably the best bet, just make sure its not visible, i would keep them outside for as little as possible for the best experience


You're wrong about this. Extreme heat can fuck up beer but every other temperature is fine. Those beer aren't being refrigerated during storage and transportation either. So you can imagine how hot the back of a trailer gets on the highway and while being parked at truck stops which are just oceans of black asphalt. You do have to keep sour beer refrigerated though....that's very important.


Get some coke


OP rather next time go out and find a homeless man. Even a fiver for that kinda guy would be a heaven sent so he would grab you beet 100% and you would help a man to get some food/drink (most of the time drink really) which he can't afford, so it would be a win-win situation


Bro. I deliver alcohol to people and I literally can’t complete the order without scanning their id, I even tried scanning my own ID once cuz the elderly woman couldn’t find hers and it denied it because it wasn’t the right info.


lol this post takes me back to my teen days