Did drugs make the problem you had worse

Did drugs make the problem you had worse


Better- I can picture how my life would have turned out had I not the opportunity to actually address those issues and better myself. Would I choose to be a heroin addict were I given a chance to make another go if it? Not sure, don't know if I would have survived another roll of the dice but I know I never would have changed anything had I not been forced to or die.


honestly got worse and then way better so all in all weed helped me and the other drugs i took now and then also helped me as they made my horizon bigger


My problem was that life seemed stupid and pointless, and drugs were part of the solution to that. One of the things that really helped is that I haven't experienced the kind of heavy trauma or deep hurt that people who get addicted to drugs usually have. It hasn't been all candy and roses, but life was tolerable before drugs. Just not very meaningful. I got really lucky, in ways most people don't. Now I can really appreciate that, and drugs played a big role.