"DBL Community Survey" is now on!

"DBL Community Survey" is now on!


Would like to fill this out but I don’t understand why I would have to log in with my google account. Why is that necessary if I may ask?


The login requirement is Google's way of limiting it to 1 response per user. We have decided to keep that option enabled to avoid potential clutter. Although, **we have disabled the email registration, which means that we are not collecting the emails of those that choose to respond**. The only use of your login is for Google to identify if you have or have not already answered the Survey. Thanks for your understanding.


That’s fine then, thanks for the answer.


Lets gooo


Sick, another survey, I did my part! Cool that the results will be forwarded to a contact. As the person who conducted the "unofficial" survey last time, I super look forward tot he results! If feedback taken to heart, the discussed topics will defiantly be useful and help the longevity of the game.


Can i use this as a thread? I was linked to this page to use as a thread to as a question but its not a thread so...


You are probably looking for the [Weekly Megathread](https://www.reddit.com/r/DragonballLegends/comments/oibh2e/dragon_ball_legends_weekly_general_and_guild/).


Done! Thanks in advance for hearing me!


Filled it and tried to be as critical as I can but some of the points I made were the my personal opinions as I need to let it all out after getting shafted on all 3 banners this anniversary. I personally think they need to overhaul the game at this point




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