I'd say it's also worthwhile when recommending DG, to say it's a romance that goes way beyond the typical "confession = end" style ❤️🔥 (this is the no1' thing I tell ppl that'd potentially be interested) Aside from that, character interactions as they're realistic, but thrust into somewhat unrealistic circumstances (dat synopsis, lol) , are a main enjoyment factor in DG, how they bounce off each other, the dynamic etc. And you could also recommend it as trashy fun depending to whom you're interacting with, but the good kind of trashy fun 😉 It's never boring that's for sure.


Yeah its actually a great romance story but when people read the MAL synopsis its just natural to think "oh this was just another trashy, incest, harem" but it really goes waaay beyond that. Also forgot to mention i laughed out loud couple of times and smiled a lot of the time i was reading it, overreactions of characters, pouts(rui has the best pouts), those weird faces they make when they get jealous and just how wholesome it is at times. Overall character emotions and how they develop as the story goes is one of the best i've ever seen. It's definetly a series that i'll visit again in the future.


The initial thing that drew me to this story was that it was one of the first romance anime or manga that I came across that treated sex casually and in a realistic matter. This is about young couples. They are going to sleep together. Too often romance anime is just cold and sterile. They get embarrassed just holding hands. Sex, if it is mentioned at all, is this sacred thing that happens only after you are married. Which is just totally not how people act in real life (even in Japan) so it feels alien. A lot of the big name shounen are like this. Sex isn’t evil or something to be ashamed of (provided it is consensual) and Sasuga gets that. Now obviously this isn’t the only series that does this, but it was one the highest profile so naturally I heard about it first. And I find it is that way for a lot of fans. DG seems to be a popular entry series into romance manga for that very reason. As opposed to Generic Harem #27351. But yes, the characters are why I do love it so much. The situations are ridiculous . That doesn’t bother me as long as the characters are developed and act believably in those situations. Which in DG I feel they do for the most part.


Yes, honestly I really enjoyed it because it got deep into the relationships and less on fretting about how they should confess.


Did you also read the .5 chapters too?


A man culture, I see


Oh yeah definetly, peak spice chapters


I was mad at the ending, still is now with the "losing to a vegetable" but as long as the three are happy, im happy.


Totally understand why you were mad, it was bizarre choice to just >!switch between girls at the last minute but it all kinda makes sense if you look at from characters eyes; Rui completely changed from how she was from the beginning of the story, she learned to love and all kinds of different feeling from her releationship with Natsuo, had a baby, become a successful chef, she literally did everything she ever dreamed for. But Hina on the other hand quit her job, moved away for a whole year, tried to act like an older sister and bury her feelings in her heart. Even if she was acting like its okay for Natsuo and Rui to get married, she was always suffering. So in the end if Rui married to Natsuo, Hina would end up with nothing maybe never woke up from her coma. So it makes sense for Rui the one achieved his dream and have many things in her life to cherish for to leave Natsuo to Hina. I always wanted Rui to be happy and with how things turned out they are all happy with their life and what they ended up with.!< So yeah thats basically why i think its not the best ending i had in my mind but its best ending for the characters.


Overall I like this manga and it managed to tug at my heartstrings in a way that few series managed to do but the final stretch of the story was a bit undercooked. I have no problem with the ending since thematically it makes sense but the execution could have been better. For example, it's borderline criminal that we didn't get any interaction or an epic confession scene between Hina and Nat after she woke up from her coma.


Yeah totally, i actually got teary eyed at 3 points = >!Rui and Natsuo's breakup at chapter 216ish, Togen-senseis final moments at the summit, Rui and Natsuo's final "-Do you like me? -Yes, I love you. -Same here." especially last one really did it because their reactions were drawn so perfectly and even though they loved each other till the end they couldn't end up together. Almost cried at that point.!< Yeah a few more chapters to show their relationship after timeskip would be nice. It felt a little bit rushed but nonetheless i still like it.


when i first finished the series i cried for like 2 days cauz I was so invested just to see an un expected ending, in retro spect it isn't bad it just let down the expectations it built thru more than half of the series