I'm so glad! She looks so much better.


I’m glad to see they’re feeling better, even has a little blep!🙂 I guess the real test will be after the anti-inflammatory? Touching Vanya’s neck, or putting on a leash. Good to hear things are improving!🐕


I'd consider getting her a body harness or a gentle leader for a while. OP's first post made me so angry! Whoever did that to this sweet dog deserves the fires of hell


I think harness would be good idea.👍Perhaps one of those Thundershirt(c) calming shirts first, with chest harness over that? Give Vanya a little extra comfort.🤷‍♂️


This makes me so happy, I’m glad she is feeling better!


She’s honestly one of the best looking dogs I’ve ever seen. So glad she’s feeling better.


Thanks 🥰 she’s a beauty


What a beautiful girl! I hope that “trainer” never gets to harm another dog again. Good on you for advocating for your dog


Word is definitely getting around not to use this trainer.


Can’t tell you how relieved I am to see her ears back up. It is absolutely insane that these places exist. Seems like every story you hear about boarded training is a horror story. It’s just terrible. Anyways so glad to see your pup calming down. It’s very possible that she might have some PTSD, but you seem like such a good owner I’m sure she’ll continue to improve. Good luck and I think everyone here will always love to hear updates so don’t be a stranger.


This is the best GSD face.


I’m really happy to see she’s feeling better. Good job to you for protecting her and helping her heal.


I saw your last video this morning and it fucking broke my heart. So glad to see she's doing better.


I’ve been following your posts about this situation and I am just so proud to see your resilient baby coming back to happiness and comfort again! Good dog!!!! (And good job, human, helping support her through it)


Same. The original post broke my 💔. It's great to see her ears up and light back in her eyes. She looks so much better. Keep up the good work.


She’s so beautiful. Glad she’s starting to feel better. ❤️


She's so pretty!


So happy about this update!


This is such a good pic!!


She’s very photogenic 🥰


What a beautiful girl. You can see the light in her eyes again


Good girl and good on you! Glad it was a quick turnaround for those radar dishes to pop back up!


man that post of before and after really shook me, even went to my 1 yr old golden shepherd mix and loved on her after i saw that vid. thnx for the update and i am soooo happy this girl is turning around. good on you and thanks for the update!


I'm happy ur doggie is on the rebound..🥰 But.. with rimadyl there can be more serious side effects , such as kidney or liver damage, when given long-term. FYI .. y my vet stopped using it.


The vet said to give it to her for 3-5 days and then see how she’s feeling. It’s definitely not a long term situation. Thanks for the information, though! Always good to keep these things in mind.




Please note sub wiki on dominance. There is no such thing as 'alpha' in domestic dogs.




No.... I'm a trainer.


I don't know much about long term effects but my dog unfortunately developed a stomach ulcer from Rimadyl after being prescribed it for his neuter surgery! He was probably on it for 2ish days and had diarrehia the whole time. Eventually his stool looked like coffee grounds (pooping blood basically) and we didn't know what was causing it at the time so we rushed him to the ER vet. They triaged him and figured out it was a stomach ulcer pretty quickly after he was seen a few hours later. They gave us some antibiotics and we took him to his regular vet asap when they were open. Our vet said that stomach ulcers from Rimadyl are pretty rare and it was unfortunate it happened since it usually works great for most patients post neuter. But we did end up getting the ER and our regular vet follow up bill reimbursed by the manufactuerer that makes the drug! We sent them all our bills and they mailed us a check since it was a medication side effect that caused it. They also said they were happy we reported it since they want that info for their own knowledge and testing. I'm glad your pup is feeling better! But if you notice any weird side effects or anything, don't hesitate to bring them back to the vet! Rimadyl can just have not so great some side effects in dogs even in short term uses. Doesn't seem to be super common but good to be aware of.


I was just going to comment the same thing, so I'm glad somebody else did! It's fine for a few days, but it can be incredibly dangerous long-term. It's good that your vet stopped using it, I know a lot of them have because of the side effects. It's definitely good to let people know though, because unfortunately it's not always prescribed safely and we need to advocate for our pups!


Your dog looks exactly like mine. I’m curious if she was part of the litter mine was from. Are you located in the Northeast by chance?


No, I’m in Colorado and she came out of a hoarding situation in Denver. I never met the parents. Is yours a Malinois GSD mix?


I've been quietly following this saga and I'm so glad to see those big beautiful ears standing tall.


She seems relaxed and i wish to see that clueless tailwag in the first video again😍


Yay! She looks sooo much better! I’m so happy to see her looking more like her old self and not being so scared.