Might be a partial seizure. Definitely watch her closely and get her into the vet ASAP. Show them that video.


seresto??? BAD STUFF


Time for emergency vet visit.


Hi. This looks like it’s a petit mal, a small seizure that doesn’t seem to be stressful to dog as much as a normal seizure. That being said it would be wise to call the vet and explain what is happening and for how long it has been happening. They should be able to say wether a weekend visit or a Monday morning visit is needed. Make sure your dog is left in their favourite place and are nice and calm and reassured in the meantime. Hope everything is ok for you.


Possibly safe to wait until Monday. HOWEVER, if they become more frequent, more severe, or if any other symptoms show up, vet ASAP (even emergency vet). Don't want to mess around with neurological symptoms!


Since this could be neurological, take my opinion with a huge boulder of salt. To me it absolutely looks as if doggo is listening for something and, then, getting startled by it. My dog does the exact same thing when she finds a cricket. Any other dogs in the neighborhood barking or reacting to something you (hooman) might not hear?


Coming here to say it could be neurological. My dog had focal seizures that looked like strong twitches, she’s been on keppra for about 2.5 years now with little to no breakthrough seizures. Look for other neurological symptoms such as teeth chattering. Definitely show videos of symptoms to your vet Edit to say seizures can also be caused by internal issues, so a whole blood work up is probably step 1


There's no sounds that I can't imagine she'd be used to by now. I generally live in a quite neighborhood but a lot of people have dogs and she seems fine with the barking. Thank you though! Going to explore this


Definitely should see vet to be sure, but I was also thinking it looked like a dog listening and then being startled. Is it possible you've had rodents move in and she hears them in the walls or floors? Is there construction happening close enough to make the ground rumble? Just some thoughts.


I meant that neighborhood dogs start barking more or less at the same time this happens. My dog will often get jumpy like yours and I cannot hear anything. Then neighbor dogs start barking as well, as if they are now all hearing something. But, in my case, the only time she did it like yours was when she came across a cricket or frog I didn't immediately see. I hope it's nothing serious.


My dog has started to randomly twitch. Hello! Hoping that I can get some help here. My doggo (f2 golden retriever/Labrador mix) is experiencing these strange twitches and I'm not sure how concerned I should be about them. The twitch seems to happen by her front legs and but jerks her body backwards. This is the second time this has happened. The first was over 2 months ago and I haven't seen it happen since. I'm worried because they seem to be throwing her off balance. She's not in any pain from what i can tell, but it definitely seems to make her uncomfortable. I'm planning to take her to the vet, but my worry is that my vet only opens again on Monday. She's an incredibly anxious dog, so it's taken alot of training to get her used to our vet. Assuming the twitches go away like they did the first time. Is it safe to wait until Monday, or rather find an emergency vet? Overall she's been healthy her whole life and we haven't had any major issues other than her anxiety which she I'd now on medication, for about 1month now. Any idea of what could be causing this or what the issue is? Any feedback will be super appreciated and thank you in advance! Edit: The twitching has stopped, about an hour since it started.


How old? I’ve been through a whole saga of events with my 16 year old golden in the past 2-3 weeks and believe she has a nerve sheeth tumor. The way this relates to your problem is about 3 maybe going back 4 years ago I noticed a twitch. It was mostly noticeable when she was trying to get up from the laying position. She would get half way up and suddenly get stiff her head would quickly twitch to the side with a simultaneous blink and then it would stop but she’d stay in that position for quick minute like she was trying to pull her self back together. Then she get up like nothing happened. I think I noticed they were more frequent in evenings after a good amount of exercise. Not confirmed that those episodes have to do with he nervr sheeth tumor but she’s have neurological issues now and losing control of he limbs and the episodes just look similar (more extreme) versions of those twitches) the twitches. Hope this helps. Yea


She's 2years old. Thank you, I'll chat to the vet about this


I'm glad they stopped by I still hope you intend to visit the vet, this looks really concerning. I definitely don't think this is sound related, something is going on you really need to talk to a pro about this, definitely show them the video. (Be prepared, they may want to send you to a specialist, such as a neurologist. My dog sees a neurologist, these specialist vets are top experts in their field and totally worth the visit). On a side note, you have a gorgeous pup!


Hi OP! My pup did the exact same thing and we later found out it was epilepsy. These are smaller focal seizures (they are focused in the face and front legs rather than grand mal seizures which affect the entire body). It’s much more upsetting for us to watch than it is for them to experience; seizures are painless for dogs but may leave them feeling a bit tired afterwards. This is not an emergency in that you need to rush to the vet right now, but it is important that you get her seen. Keeping the videos to show your vet is extremely helpful in diagnosing as well. Seizures become dangerous when they last for an extended period of time as they can cause the body to overheat. You should keep an eye on her in case a grand mal seizure develops and time it if it does. Anything approaching the 5-minute mark is when other neurological consequences can happen. You can keep her cool using a cool washcloth on the back of her neck and on her paws. Do not put anything in or near her mouth, and be careful not to get bit—your dog would have no control over muscle function during a grand mal seizure. Afterwards, your dog may be nervous or scared (mine sometimes wouldn’t recognize me for a few seconds) and may go hide. You can talk to her in a calm voice and just be there to reassure her. There’s obviously no cure for epilepsy in dogs, just like there isn’t one for humans, but it is treatable with medication. Some pet owners will also used CBD to help with seizures (I tried, but I don’t know that it had much effect. Others will tell you it’s like a miracle drug). We found that my pup’s seizures got worse when he was stressed or I was stressed and increased that feeling of tension in the home. Regardless, identifying triggers and using medication can help reduce seizure frequency and slow disease progression. There is no reason for an epileptic dog not to live a long, normal life. Mine lived with the disease for years until he passed away last spring from a completely unrelated cancer. I’m happy to share videos of mine for comparison or discuss anything once you hear back from the vet. Best of luck!


Hi! This is exactly what my vet said. She suspects that it may be focal seizures but she says she wants me to monitor my pupper when it happens again (now that I know what to look out for) if it is the seizures. So far she says that she's not too stressed because there has been a 2month gap between the two incidents, and there's no evidence of any negative neurological problems. Going to closely monitor and see if it happens again then immediately take her to the vet and start with some meds. I'm so sorry about your pup! Honestly don't know how I would handle losing mine. Also thank you so much for this, although it's not the greatest circumstance, it's nice to hear of other people's experiences!


Do you have teenagers? She ate their acid tabs


No kids


How often does this happen? Like the dog looks uncomfortable being videod, but to me this looks like it’s being startled by something. Sit down and try to relax and see if your dog still does it.


Hi, sorry this is happening. Like others have said, looks like petite seizures. I also saw you would like to wait and not go to an emergency vet. If you have a chewy or a long, try giving her one when she's having an episode. I worked with a dog once who would stress seizures and getting something to focus on helped relieve the seizures. Get an appointment soon though Good luck!


What type of flea and tick control do you use? Many today use neuro-inhibitors that can give dogs seizures. If topical, give a bath in DAWN liquid, if pills , get to the vet NOW. The more time passes, the more likely they will get worse, become permanent or worse.


Is it possible your dog could be dehydrated?


please get to the vet ASAP.


I met a King Charles once who would snap at nothing in the air. It was hallucinations caused by breed defects... But maybe something similar is happening here? Good luck!


Fly catchers syndrome. My friend has a Cav with this. :-(


Awww poor baby. Yeah I would definitely have that checked out, take the video with you to the vet. It seems like she gets “stuck” for a second, then the twitch, then is able to move again, so like others said, could be a possible mini seizure. Beautiful girl btw!


Could your dog have gotten into some edibles?


Yeah my dog did this behaviour when he got into edibles. He was also a lot more anxious, frightened of noises and generally sensitive and off balance. He also stared and looked around like this dog is although he was too unbalanced to stand.


No, I don't have any edibles in the house 🙈


Could she have found something outside? Like if someone dropped their joint on the sidewalk?


unrelated to OP but you guys have this issue? My dog's repulsed by the smell of weed itself. Edibles are different of course. I don't think he'd put his face anywhere near a joint once he caught a whiff.


My friend’s dog had to be rushed to the vet for THC-toxicity because he ate part of a joint he found while they were out hiking


Another vote for this. If there’s any chance she got into weed or weed products, unless they were concentrated form or in chocolate, that’s best-case scenario because she’ll likely just sleep it off and be fine. Also, you mentioned anxiety at the vet. Any chance you’ve started a new anti-anxiety medication for her? Or any chance she accidentally got doubled-dosed on something, or got into another medication by accident?


this was my first thought especially since she said it’s stopped shortly after this.


Glad you have this on video for vet. Best treatment and recover puppers!