DAE worry about their aging parents finances or is it just me?

DAE worry about their aging parents finances or is it just me?


I will probably be downvoted but it's not your responsibility to support them financially unless you can do it without jeopardizing your own future. If they are in the US they have been been eligible for social security and Medicare since 65. After dealing with your father's awful choices and addictions, I'm sure the last thing your mom would want is to see you sacrifice too much of your own possibility and future security.


I worry about my MIL, but only because I know her irresponsibility and poor life choices will one day soon become me/my husband's problem. She is in her late 60's, but hasn't worked for much of her adult life- she mooched off her own father until he died, and then his money ran out. She refuses to work even though she's physically capable, but instead lives below the poverty line on less than $600/month she gets from social security and has no savings or assets to speak of.


Do you know why she didn’t want to work?


I know it might feel like it, but its not your responsibility to provide for your parents.


I actually don’t worry about my parents finances at all. But it’s not for a good reason. My dad died just before his 55 birthday and my mum (who has plenty of money) has terminal cancer and might not make it to xmas. So yeah…