Well we really had Trea, Freddie, and Mookie, an amazing starting rotation, and couldn't even win three postseason games. Thanks for the beautiful slides and HRs, Trea.


Do something


Cody to the cubs :(


Dodger fans: "We want a new 106-win team!" Andrew Friedman: "We have a 106-win team at home"


Will we do anything fun this winter? lol


Anyone signing with us? Looks like everyone is signing elsewhere


The Dodgers were like the Henry Cavill of baseball teams the last few years. Theoretically they were sexy as fuck, but missing the one thing that would have catapulted them to the upper echelon


Feel like everyone’s leaving


I think everyone here needs to chill.. dodgers are not known for making big splashes in free agency as it is and guess what we still got 100 wins..


Lol the Cubs gave Cody Bellinger $17.5 mil. RIP Cubs


What else are they going to spend it on?


It’s a one year deal for a low risk, very high reward player.


Y’all might have to accept this team will struggle to crack 100 wins next year. Maybe we will struggle to crack 90.


Fine with me, these boys need more adversity during the regular season.


Anyone look at this top golf at dodger stadium? I’m seeing $840 for one hour?! 😂


yeah it's batshit. you have to buy a whole 6 person bay for $125/each. Who is paying this?


I feel like it has to be a mistake. When they’re saying 6 person bay, can 6 hit at the same time? Or is it like being at an actual top golf and multiple people are hitting off the same tee?


Pretty sure it’s like actual top golf. Only one person can hit at a time, and each bay holds six. But you have to reserve a whole bay.


That is just fucking bananas. Bummed I really wanted to go but it’s not even close to what I’d be willing to pay.


It's certifiably insane. You could almost buy top deck season tickets for the amount it would cost for a 1 hour bay rental, lol.


No way we win the division next year as currently constructed crazy how much money came off the books and how little we’ve done. Super disappointing.


Currently constructed we enter the season with 5 rookies on offense. I know Friedman says he wants to give the youth some run, but he’s going to sign a couple bats.


Dodgers won the division by 22 games, please do tell who the dodgers lost and who the other teams in the division have done to lose that ground?


These players will not play for the dodgers next year. - Walker Buehler - Trea Turner - Cody Bellinger - Justin Turner - Tyler Anderson - Tommy Kahnle - Craig Kimbrel - Andrew Heaney - Blake Treinen - David Price IDK It feels like we lost a lot.


From that list, only Trea and TA will be felt. None of those other guys were significant contributors to our success.


Walker Buehler- was lost in june, and prior to that was mediocre for the most of the year prior to that, but I do think he will be back with the team after this year Trea Turner- 6 fWar this year and half the sub didnt want him back because of how bad his defense was Cody- love him and his glove but an absolute black hole at the plate for 95% of the year Justin Turner- while he wasnt that good this year on both sides of the ball, he is the team leader, and I think he ends up coming back on a smaller deal Tyler Anderson- yes, this one hurts, but almost every offseason we end up finding a guy like him. We can def replace him Tommy Kahnle- pitching a grand total of 12 innings in 2 years, not a big loss Craig Kimbrel- LMAO, you really put him on this list? Its a net positive with him gone Andrew Heany- was hurt on and off a lot of the year and when he was in, was a victim of the homerun ball, a lot. Not hard to replace him Blake Treinen- pitched 5 innings this year David Price- had a decent year but is also 37. He is easily replaced by another mediocre reliever No where do I see any major losses that would cost this team 20 wins, and besides the rest of the division hasnt done shit. Even if the giants land Judge, they were an 81 win team last year, what does he get them? 90 wins? This sub does this bullshit every year, crying that the dodgers havent done anything and that we are going to finish 3rd or worse in the division (lmao). And they prove those people wrong every year