Alright let’s get Verlander signed today! Then I pose the question: Should we be thinking about Benintendo as a bring in for the outfield? 1. Just watched Klaus with some a couple other couples and though it was clever and really great. A good example of a modern Xmas tale that will become a classic 2. Personally I think it will be a constant tug at either end of the spectrum. Much of social media has demolished people’s self esteem, ability to delay gratification, and ability to develop real social skills. Corporations use it to harvest tons of data so they know exactly what to sell us and when, while allowing us to still believe we are choosing to purchase what we purchase. Even our “conscientious” decisions have actually been marketed to us. 3. A log hauler on sheer size, on tonnage likely to be my FILs log Skidder, an old beast from the 70s I’m not a woodsman as I am an Angeleno born and raised, but I am qualified and even to this day I take PTO each summer to help my FIL in the woods of northern Maine