does anyone have news on trey?


Nothing concrete. People keep saying the Phillies are the favorites, but no one really knows anything for sure.


According to spotrac, we should have 62ish million before we ever hit the luxury tax. We can go youth movement and still sign a couple guys. I think we should grab one ace level pitcher and 1 mid tier bat and then let the youth fill it out. I’d go verlander 2/75-80 Then maybe trade for Adames and Burnes. That would put us right around the 1st threshold (we can obviously go more if the right player comes along) Rotation would be Urias Burnes, Verlander, Kershaw and either May or Gonsolin (the other being traded to Milwaukee). Pepiot, GroveJCkson Miller-lots of depth arms ready to come up. Lineup would be Betts RF Freeman 1b Smith C Muncy 3B Vargas DH Adames SS Lux2B Outman Cf Taylor/Thompson LF