Daily Chat 11/21 ⚾ Offseason

Good morning, r/Dodgers!

Welcome to day 16 of the offseason. Only 96 days until the Dodgers' first Spring Training game of 2023!

Questions of the Day

  1. What are some goals you have already achieved?

  2. When was the last time you stayed up through the entire night?

  3. Do you think people read more or fewer books now than 50 years ago?

Have a great day, r/Dodgers.


1. I've lived longer than my father. 2. Not since I retired. 3. Definitely less.


3. Less books, but we’re definitely reading more materials


Hey guys, Padres fan coming in peace. What role do you think your top prospects will play next season given the recent changes to your roster? Diego Cartaya looks ready for the show, but can Will Smith play somewhere else? Would you even want him to play somewhere else? He seems like one of the better hitting catchers in the League. Miguel Vargas and Michael Busch are the #41 and #42 prospects and both play infield positions / outfield. You guys have 7 prospects in the top 100 and they all look to be MLB ready.


Cartaya probably spends the next 2 years in AA & AAA. Austin Barnes deal will be up and the dodgers will probably use Cartaya at DH and back up catcher if they keep him. There’s been talk of moving Smith back to 3B, his college position. That would be in the future if Cartaya forces his way behind the plate. I definitely think Vargas and Busch should be playing with the major league team in 2023. They’ve earned it.


I don’t know the stats behind this but we have to petition for CT3 to bring back zombie as his walk up


So are we all expecting JT and cody to be on other teams next season?




Is this the starting line-up C- Smith 1st- Freeman 2nd- Muncy SS- Lux 3rd- Vargas LF-Taylor CF-Thompson RF- Betts DH-Barns