I'm still really disappointed. I deleted my entire Dodgers search history in frustration a few weeks ago, lol. Like man, what the fuck dude? Losing to the team that we have owned so much. We went 13-5 against these dudes and we let them win the 3 gamer? Come on. They literally had one victory at Dodger Stadium all year and we let them take Game 2. It doesn't really help that my other LA teams (Lakers and Rams) are really bad right now. Just a really bad time to be a fan for me, plus the stress of school in real life. But hey, I and you went through this before. Will next year be the same? Maybe, and maybe not. We don't know. I've also pretty much decided that I will not watch the regular season next year, like the entirety of it. This is the first time I will be doing this as a fan of this team. We are an auto lock playoff team so why even watch 162 games? I want to see if we can win the games that matter. I wanna win that hardware in a full season. You heard me.


“Why even watch?” Because baseball is a great game, and the Dodgers are an amazing team, whether or not they won the World Series. If you only care about wining titles, then just check the Wikipedia in mid-November.