Slightly related I saw a Sharks fan door ding my old car a few years back. Fucking asshole




It’s because they’re clouded with all that smug that they can’t see straight.


Insert South Park Smug clip: Randy engulfs his fart because it’s saving the planet, yet also adding to the smug swallowing SF.


At least the guy at the end tried to be decent. But still, fuck the giants


swing the door open without a care 😤😳


Did they leave a mark? That's annoying either way.


Small scratch. Very small. Gonna have it buffed out


Very small? So larger than the giants chance of reaching the post season?


Haha. Yes!


Fellow Giants hater & MY owner here. Was it a Giants fan who dinged your door, though? Based on the 3rd guy in an LA hat (maybe even a blue LAFC hat) who holds the door (who was likely a friend, based on how close he got to the dinging douchebag), it looks like it's a car full of mixed fans. I can't make out the team name, if any, on the douchebag's hat or clothes, so TBF it could've been a Dodger fan who did this. Maybe we should just agree that people of all types can suck.


Looks like a blue yankee hat


Nicely done.


The guy with the blue cap is wearing a NY Yankees hat, but if you pause at 23 seconds you can see that the guy that’s getting out of the car is in fact wearing an SF Giants hat. It’s kinda hard to see though.


It is


So they made the spaces even smaller. We went to a preseason game this year and you could see the old lines com aired to the new ones. It sucks but the spots are smaller.


Get worse scratches driving on the freeway lol


I always try to park where there’s already established parking on both sides of me at dodger stadium Glad you had sentry mode on One time I parked Lot G - upfront, right next to the stairs. Came back to over 100 “events” 🤣🤣🤣


Yea people are careless af... just wanna add in the damn spots are so tight here.


Bruh that could’ve been any person in your outings. Lmao talk about a shit post about getting your car tapped. I thought they were gonna key your vehicle.


I thought the same. It looks like it literally touched the car. I’m SHOCKED it left a scratch.


Just speaking for myself: I tend to be VERY quiet 😶 whenever Giants fan banter comes up and just read the comments. I just can't live past and have yet to forgive my own self for what we did to Bryan Stow in the parking lot that night. (BTW: I'm speaking as Dodgers fans collectively... I wasn't there that night) I used to have lame excuses like, "That wasn't us: Those were some area gangsters wearing our jerseys that night. They were just really into being a fan turned fanatic and things got 'a little' out of hand" So seeing this car in a parking lot brings some PTSD type of really dark and negative shame being a Dodgers fan and took the fun out of the game of baseball because it got personal. Emotions were allowed to rule over sound reasoning, friendly counterarguments, spirited discussions, and logic. Too many regretful memories that dented my armor and is why I give them free passes to tease us. Hopefully, I'll come out of my self imposed exile soon. Oh yeah and I should add: I was raised Catholic (not a believer per say) so the ingrained shame kinda comes along with it