Everyone say thank you Arte Moreno

Everyone say thank you Arte Moreno


i talked shit about this signing and i’m here to eat crow. i admit i was a doubter


I was positive ish on this signing but really only because Raley and co were so fucking horrid that I figured he couldn't possibly be any worse than that. But he's done way better than I could have ever expected.


Even if he stunk he was so cheap.


Bigger man


I don’t see why there was anything to doubt. Worst case he doesn’t pan out and we are out less than a. Million lmao


Its a win win , Puljols gets treated like a rock star ( because he is ) and we benefit hugely , The boys look so happy to have such a great role model ON OUR SIDE , so yeah thank you ARTE MORENO ,


Less than half a million.


it's ok man, in all fairness he wasn't good w the angels this year and was probably dogging it a little.


You have my respect, we’re all wrong about things sometimes, I thought Will Smith was gonna be a bust and I was wrong


I'm still laughing really hard at the fans who thought this was a big-brain signing when it was just a lottery ticket move the Dodgers had to make because of how terrible the AAAA guys were. Edit: the hard-on this sub has for a 41yo guy who compiled a cumulative -2 fWAR from 2017-2021 with the Angels is crazy. If he regresses, it'll be interesting watching the folks dump on him.


uhh, it is big brain dude, these front office guys are way smarter than you baseball-wise. They knew what they were doing. Just eat the crow my guy.


Just like Matt Kemp was a big brain move for that one last season for the Dodgers and then he was bad again. For every lottery ticket move that works out, there are 5 that don't. This sub is ridiculous, talking shit on Doc but praising Andrew Friedman like he's a god when Doc just does what Friedman says he has to do. If he sucks, you just cut him. If he does well, pay him league minimum and laugh to the bank. How is that a big brain move when your AAAA guys suck ass? I'm happy Pujols is doing well, but he's still a guy who's over the hill who has posted negative WAR for the past 4 seasons. If the Dodgers can squeeze one more average season out of him, great. He's still negative on WAR this year. If he somehow recovers for a 1 WAR season, awesome. But this whole attitude of, "haha we fleeced the other team!" is dumb. Friedman makes bad moves too. Pollock and Yordan Alvarez are pretty easy examples. Y'all should go out and congratulate everyone who buys a lottery ticket in real life and tell them they're really smart.


I honestly don't get what you're trying to get at. Betting on a future hall of famer to regain some magic with a winning team in LA for the league minimum is an extremely savvy and smart move. Not to mention the clubhouse boost... By your own words, if he sucks you cut him, or reduce playing time. But as it is, he fits perfectly in the lineup for a number of reasons and I'm sure both Doc and Friedman saw that. I still don't understand how you can't credit this organization for an extremely intelligent signing?


Dude, it's not that smart if it's low-risk and potentially high reward. Just like paying $1 for a lottery ticket and hoping to win a million bucks. I'm not saying it's dumb. I'm saying it's dumb how fans are stroking themselves off thinking this was such a brilliant move. It was pretty much a no-brainer with how shitty Raley/Rios/Neuse were.


ok listen, I think we agree on some things, but your main argument that the Dodgers won the "lottery" is just false. The odds of winning the lottery are infinitesimal. The odds of the dodgers getting some good play from Pujols are nowhere near that unlikely, especially because they had the smarts to understand how he could stack up in this lineup...and a lot of other teams didn't sign Pujols, but the Dodgers did! And the org. should get credit for smart move. And that's all the internet arguing I'm doing today.


>Dude, it's not that smart if it's low-risk and potentially high reward. Yes, yes it is. Sounds like a perfect investment. Your lottery ticket analogy falls apart because the odds are literally one in several million. The odds here were far better than that.


You understand how cheap we got him, right? Even if these call-ups were raking there was nothing wrong with taking a flyer on a Hall of Famer for the peanuts we're paying him.


What???? Why would you make room for a guy who has had a cumulative negative WAR for the past 4 years if your call-ups (who are also making league minimum) are raking? AM I CRAZY? Should we try signing Ichiro then?


Because you don't *have* to play Pujols. You can try him out, see if he's worth playing, and then waive him if he's not. And it won't have cost you much.


Yeah... so basically... it's a no brainer... That is what I'm trying to say. It costs you nothing, and you potentially benefit a lot. I don't know why folks want to say that it was such a smart move when it was a no brainer. It's not like the Dodgers took a risk and picked Pujols up on waivers. Pujols was free to sign with whoever the fuck he wanted to after he passed through waivers.


Because most of your other posts are acting like it was something the Dodgers shouldn't have done.


Quote my posts then and show me where I said the Dodgers shouldn't have done it lmfao. Just because I'm not here saying it's a big brain move doesn't mean it's stupid. Y'all acting like every pickup is a chessmaster move when it's simply a flyer on a guy who passed through waivers and signed for league minimum 🙄. One thing I hate about winning 2020 is this new defensiveness about how every move the FO makes must be super smart and super amazing. Literally like parents cheering on their kid for putting his shoes on.


I agree with you that this wasn’t a genius move - that it was actually always a no-brainer. Pujols has some deep roots in SoCal. I wouldn’t even be surprised if his agents called the Dodgers - and if us and the Pads were the only team he’d consider. It was a no brainer move for us. Worst case it’s League minimum for a coach / mentor for a young team that was struggling at the time. There was literally no downside. However, I see the sentiment of this post as more-so poking fun at Arte letting him go rather than it being some ‘genius move’.


To me it's the same as that stupid "Thanks Boston" billboard that Pantone bought with Mookie on it.


No brainers are a subset of smart moves, and that's what you're arguing about? That's wild.


I put on my shoes today, it was a no brainer. Cheer for me.


But now you contradict yourself, bingbangbaez. Before, you characterized it as working out through sheer luck, since buying a lottery ticket is a waste of money. Whereas putting shoes on is a certainty, especially with the velcro straps on your pair.


I hope this is tongue-in-cheek, otherwise it just reinforces my perception that a bunch of dumb dudes want to be associated with smart guys that they don't even know lol. Y'all would clap for Friedman for eating his lunch lmao. This level of worship is cringey as fuck


Thank you, Arte Moreno? Nah. More like thank you, Andrew Friedman!


Arte's picking up the tab. The least we could do is throw him a little gratitude.


67 OPS+ in 24 games for the Angels. 129 OPS+ in 22 games for the World Champion Dodgers. Something changed. Wasn't the player.


It’s 100% the player. What changed was his motivation.


I would be very, VERY pleased if Albert could hit 20 HRs with us this year. It's totally possible too which is the crazy part.


I would lose my mind


I saw him as a statistical replacement for Edwin Rios, and he has come in and done that while being a total clubhouse boost. The guys seem to love playing with a legend, and he seems motivated by them right back. Really enjoying this for him!


Who wouldn't love playing with Pujols? He's the epitome of a ball player, stand up and model individual for class and professionalism, and one of the all time greats. There's literally nothing to hate the guy on. Plus he still has one of the best Sportscenter commericals of all time.


i think he definitely brings something that makes the other guys wanna be better or emulate him.


Unless you are talking about Edwin from 2020, Albert is waaay beyond the production Rios was giving this year.


I think thats probably the point hes referencing especially considering that Rios' numbers were clearly negatively impacted by the shoulder injury resulting in season ending surgery


was his shoulder hurt from the jump or something that happened a few games in?


Not sure but if I recall he looked pretty good in ST but slumped hard. So maybe after season start?


well im glad he was injured instead of just being bad.


Probably being downvoted for saying “glad he was injured” but I know what you meant, at least there’s an explanation for why he was doing so poorly as unfortunate as the injury is


Yea, imagining that the roster slot Rios was gonna have this year in the team's model was somewhere closer to 2020. He was probably hurt the whole time he played this year, so I'm not too down on him for the future. Statistically, having Albert be basically that is fantastic, *and* we've got a guy the clubhouse seems to love and learn from. :)


Hope everyone can take a moment to realize how cool this is. A no doubt about it hall of famer taking a legit victory lap with the dodgers. This guys is a legend and we are blessed to see him performing at the level he is.


I love my Tio Albert


I hope that becomes a shirt. I’m going to start calling him tio too, lol - that’s so good!


I always talk shit on him but defended him and talked so much shut when they released him but now I say thank you for doing so he deserved to play for a winning franchise again


He legit looks like he's wearing a fat suit just to fool everyone. What a Legend I say!


So glad to see him getting a victory lap. Those numbers are insane for Abuelo. It’ll be so fucking cool to see him playing in October


It’ll be equally cool to me to see Trout getting to play in October, if we don’t get Scherzer at the deadline I hope you guys do!


So this entire time it's not that he declined, he just fucking hated playing for the angels.


Ayyeee you guys are welcome! We’ve played better with him gone. You guys have played better with him there. This is kinda the definition of both team benefiting.


yeah. the Angels simply didn't have any room for him. As they said when they released him they owed it to him to let him keep playing.




Albert Platoon-jols


As an (primarily) Angel fan, I am happy to see Albert doing well with the Dodgers. He deserves a better end to his career than the Angels could give him, based on the performance of Ohtani and Jarred Walsh. Thankfully, the Dodgers needed him and he can end his career as he deserves. Go Dodgers!


Thanks Angelbros


Didn't understand all the shit talking when he was signed. It was out of nowhere, but it made sense with absolutely awful some of our players were hitting, to say nothing of the veteran presence he brings. Playing even better than I hoped though, stoked he's with us this season


Also have to thank him for declining the ross strip trade, Andy Pages like a top 10 prospect for the dodgers by next year


It's been fun just having him on the dug out pumping up the guys, but the fact hes found a little fountain of youth too has really made the Pujols signing great. No risk, great reward, great for chemistry, and he has a clear role he can excel in, these were good circumstances for him to find a little more.


Crazy this dude is still playing well even at the age of 50


Except he's only 41.


Very likely is actually 43.


And this is including a bunch of ABs vs righties because all the injuries have forced the Dodgers to play him against righties. Pretty sure the long term plan is for Pujols to play almost exclusively against lefties, and he’s been hitting well over 1.000 OPS vs lefties for us so far


I thank Arte every time pujols or Andy pages hit a bomb


I already said *”Thanks, Arte”* when he lowered the beer prices a long, long time ago.


gotta admit a lot of his hits and homeruns have been kinda meaningless or in a loss but it's cool to see him hitting in dodgers uniform, especially after angels dumped him. he's still got something in the tank and i think he's gonna be huge for us in the playoffs.


Thank you Tio Albert


Hahahaha 'Poo-holes' that name will always kill me.


I admired and liked Big Al when he was a Cardinal and always rooted for him on the sly. Have no idea where TF he went for the past 10 years, but I am more than happy to welcome him to LA. ☝🏻This comment will certainly piss off my Angels fan wife should she ever discover this thread.


I knew he’s been good with us but didn’t know he’s been good for this much. Long live the man


I wonder is having to play the field has reinvigorated Albert. Playing for a winner doesn’t hurt either but I do wonder.


If Pujols turns back the clock 10 years in the playoffs, Arte Moreno for the Dodgers World Series MVP?


Being on a good team makes everyone better.


Do wish he'd drop some weight. Slowest man in MLB. But pleasantly surprised overall.


Cut the guy some slack, it’s tough to keep the weight off once you’re over 50.


Exactly. Just ask Bartolo Colon


No need to run the bases quick if you're popping bombs every time


Dudes always been glacially slow


Might be faster in a wheelchair


Thank based fartie moron-o


Last 15 games he's hitting .282. I think that's roughly when he joined. As of a few days ago his season average had gone up at least 0.025 points since his first AB as a Dodger. Good stuff!


Thank Based Moron-o


r/angelsbaseball really called us “desperate” when we had him batting cleanup his first game 😂




I hope he doesn't. He belongs to the Cardinals, plain and simple.


Hey you never know what he might accomplish in the next 13 years


Trolling? There is a absolutely no chance he even considers putting the Dodgers hat on his HOF.


Ángels weren’t worthy of Albert Puljos , no class organization




Gracias, Don Arturo!


Arte must be a Dodgers fan.