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We recently moved into a new house with a loft that has enough room for our huge gaming table so that is where we gather. Currently have no artwork but we do have plenty of dice and this will make excellent decor.


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These look so great! They are going up in the living room!


This will go on the wall in my office/D&D/Lego room, with a frame or two on my desk with other character-specific items that those dice will relate to.


Very cool. This is for my wife who loves dice and dice decorations but doesn’t have a Reddit account. She says: “In my office, where I play from. And eventually our dedicated D&D room.”


Good luck! :) And when will "eventually" come? lol


Haha. Great question. We have a 3 year old, so it’s slowed us down a bit. But we are building those savings everyday to finish the basement where the room will go.


We have a 5 year old and 3 year old, and the word "savings" have been deleted from our dictionary for many years now.


I hear you!


I'm going to sound aweful. But as much as I would like to say I would put them up in my living room where we game, I have a feeling Ill get all "my precious" with the dice and they will end up in a dice bag xD


Maybe that's because you just don't have enough dice yet. lol


Idk. Can you have enough dice?


I'd hang them in the dining room where (1) we usually play (2) so everyone that comes over can see them!


This would be my dice jail. You roll bad you go in the display box


Well, I personally think the Dice Frame beats any dice box or dice bag as accommodation where each dice are pushed against each other in a small dark space where light never gets through. lol


This would be hanging in the game room with a sign saying, "In case of adventure break glass"!


lol I thought I already mentioned that there is no need to break glass!


Right behind me when I DM - to strike fear into my players when I turn around to decide which one to use to kill them with…kidding!!


Math rocks behind glass?!?! How can they make the clickity-clackety noises when they're behind glass?!?! Frames look great though!


This will be going in my traveling DM kit until I can someday build my forever table. Then the players will come to me!


I've never expected the dice frame to travel outside the house. lol


Haha, yep. Not ideal but I'm still renting so unable to host all to well. Instead I reserve tables at restaurants/bars and set them up before players arrive. Someday I'll have a proper table top gaming space.


I'd put them above my desk for now and hopefully into my new apartment once I get set up! Most of my gaming crew has moved away so it'd be nice to put the dice I got as gifts from them up there.


I would put this in our hallway so everytime my players arrive to play at our place, they can collect their dice immediatly.


Imagine a hallway covered with frames and frames of dice... That would be so cool!


Omg yes! That would be the dream!


This are so cool! Would love these for an anniversary gift!


Mine will be on the wall behind my DM chair, so my players can marvel at the dice that destroy them! Muwahahaha!


Muwahahahaha indeed!


Next to the big collection way o


This is such a cool idea, that I never even considered before! Would look great in the war room lol


Without a doubt, in our gaming room. It would look awesome next to our other art in the room.


I would gift this to my DM for years of dealing with all of us coming to his house each week


If I won, this would go on the wall right next to the shelving for my ever growing mini collection! Conveniently located behind the table where our weekly sessions are held!


Definitely going on the “nerd wall” in my office. It’s lacking compared to my hobby and sports walls.


Oh wow, this is nice. I'd put one of the frames near my work desk, one in the living room and another in the hall.


Awesome design. It would have to go in the game room. I couldn’t think of a better place.


In my living room 📺🛋️


Just beside my character portrait on the living room's wall


Definitely in our nursery that we're currently assembling for our new party member. Gotta get the little one recognizing dice early!!


100% be going in my new DnD room i'm decorating!! these are awesome!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHH :D


Will go pride of place in my gaming corner when I get one, but for now on my dnd bookshelf


I these are really cool. I would definitely hang it in my room, but bring it out when it's dnd time


Pfft... Those will be going on my ceiling above the game table for when the next Meteor Swarm spell goes off. Will run a tether to the edge to pull the glass away.


lol I have never imagined it would go on the ceiling!


Definitely on the mantle, make it the center piece!


My fiance is starting to question why I keep buying dice so this might be the perfect reason to keep collecting 😁 Edit because I didn't answer the other part, this will attempt to go in my Living room but eventually be moved to the second bedroom with maybe some smart lights


This is just what my gemstone dice have been asking me for!! Proudly display them in my home office :D


This would look awesome above my porcelain throne.


I have a little nook that is going to be my lounge and dnd ideas where Im going to chill think about some dnd concepts read,etc Hope to make it as awesome as possible.


I would definitely put it on the wall in my room. Those look awesome.


I've been redecorating my room, and the wall over my desk is completely empty, it would be perfect!


These would go to my DM if I won. He's gotten a few guys from work that you'd never think would play DND together. He helped us create our characters, takes plenty of time to make sure we're enjoying the game as we learn and progress, and makes the adventure fun as anything.


My respect for all the DMs out there, with out them, there will be no adventure.


We recently moved into a new house with a loft that has enough room for our huge gaming table so that is where we gather. Currently have no artwork but we do have plenty of dice and this will make excellent decor.


Definitely need more wall decorations, probably would put it above my desk where I usually play :D


The Dice Frame looks very nice. I am curious... can you "shake" the whole thing to "roll the dice"? xD If yes, I'd put it next on the wall behind my place on our DnD-Table so I can use them to roll If no, I'd put it next on the wall behind my place on our DnD-Table so everyone can see them in jealousy :P


If you put standard size dice inside the dice foam that is sized for non-standard large sized dice, then the answer is yes! You can shake the frame to roll the dice! ;)


Nice. Very,very nice


If I won I'd DEF be hanging them up in my living room so all my guests and friends could see my lovely dice collection!


They'll go perfectly in my office.


If I win, these are going in my office so I can get them admired on video chat!


These would look amazing on my shelf in my gaming room next to my 5e books!


Over my desk with me medals


Already backed, but excited for a giveaway chance too! These would go in my office on the wall above my computer desk. I think it's so awesome you made options for larger sized dice because I want a better way to display my handmade dice but they're usually too large for normal dice cases and displays.


Just moved into a new place recently, and realised just how many dice I have... since we don't play as much in person anymore, it's a shame to have them all sitting in a dark, velvet prison in a box. These would help to prominently display a few of my more interesting sets while I'm also backing for the dice wall in the kickstarter for the more "run of the mill" dice. :)


My office wall at work


I may not hang it But I do have a mimic chest that needs filling


Perfect for the bedroom!


I've got a board game room that could use a little extra decoration and some beautiful dice sets to show off!


My guest room. My wife calls it my “Hobbit Hole” as it’s where I spend most of my time. My desk and walls would be thankful for some dice art!


Where I live now, I'd probably only be able to display one frame, but when I eventually move, I would like to display even more of them.


I'm a backer. Thanks for the chance to win. I would put them up in our Rec Room.


Mine will go right next to the woodcut mario near my apartment entryway, to make certain that anyone entering my apartment knows immediately to abandon all hope of me being anything but a nerd (in case the wall of board games didn't do that already).


On the walls of my apartment. Already backed KS. Great product!


Definitely going in my basement right next to my crystal sully dragon artwork and d&d knowledge poster ^_^


Our basement where we have our whole dnd set up! Would go perfect with our wall art! 🥰


Definitely on the living room wall above the gaming table


I would be putting them up on my walls at home and the small one I'll prolly bring to work to sit on my desk, next to my vases full of dice lol


Oh boy, I'd be proudly handing my dice up proudly above my kallax unit where I store my boardgames and tabletop stuff!


I'd hang them on my BF's wall!


Still mulling over whether to put it above our D&D shelf or right on the long counter in the living room...


If I thought I could get my security deposit back, I'd hang mine in the past-through between the kitchen and living room, so the light from either room would illuminate my favorite dice no matter which I'm in!