Solasta is free this weekend

A game often recommended on this sub as being similar to DOS1 and 2 is Solasta: Crown of the Magister. It is free to play this weekend.


It's a little clunky, but the interactions are hilarious. I like that everyone in the party gets a vote on the dialog.


And keep in mind, one of the (admittedly few) categories in which this game beats Divinity Original Sin: user created campaigns. You do not need a DM like you do in DOS. You just grab the campaign, and start it up. Some of them are ridiculous, but some are actually really good. All depends on what you play for (murder hobos unite!)


Oh nice. Played when it first came out but hadn’t done much sense. Any campaign communities you recommend?


Morrows deep by Artyoan had a plot that rivaled the main campaign, though not as long. Path of a Hero Campaign by Acadiantri is great for a diablo-style murder hobo dungeon crawler, but the plot leaves much to be desired (it says "will you follow the path" more times than "a dozen rotten eggs dipped in a vat of vinegar"). The guy I play with has a severe case of gamer ADHD, so we've only done a few of them, but those are the two that stuck out as definitely worth me mentioning. Not sure how well they will work with the new DLC though, don't know how that affects everything.


Awesome, thanks! Tell your friend Bree I hope they’re keeping it together


*table flip*


The newest expansion is bumping the level cap up to 16. Fingers crossed they reach 20 eventually too.




Dang. Well, that's pretty good already. 8 level spells at least.


Tried the game but dear god does it lack the adventuring aspect of BG3 and DOS2. It's like 70% combat focused and then there's everything else. Don't expect an epic adventure.


It just had to be this weekend of all weekends :(


Right? I’m out of town all weekend with no access to a computer. (Also I suppose you’re living up to your username.)


Steam app on phone ez


Well it is 70% off as well. Definitely worth it if you’re into tactical rpgs.


I wanted to give it a proper try first since I heard Solasta doesn't really have a good story


I just finished DOS2. Will this game fill the void?


Baldur's Gate 3 (made by the same devs) is slated to come out at the end of August. You can play the first act currently!


Yeah man, I'm waiting for the release, I played it but it still unfinished and need more polish, but certainly looking forward to it


The built in campaign story is bad, but if your looking for a game that plays dead on D&D 5e, it's awesome. And some of the user campaigns are very good.


I mean. Half of the game is dlc hahahaha


*coughs in xbox gamepass* ^You ^get ^it ^as ^part ^of ^the ^deal ^too ^guys ^in ^case ^you ^didn't ^know. Also, convenient timing since I just started playing it on gamepass. Expect a more DnD game than even Divinity, but I haven't played too far into Solasta to know otherwise yet


It’s very good turn based combat, with a bit of a story to string the combats together. Uses DnD core rules, with subclasses mostly invented by the Solasta team.


Can I download it and keep it or is this like a demo thing where if I can play this weekend only?


This weekend only.


hmmm it looks promising on the surface but the reviews and comments are really putting me off..


That’s the beauty of trying it for free. You can see whether it’s your cup of tea.


"hit dice" Uhhhhhhhh.


Is it free to play this weekend or free to download? If I download it this weekend, can I play it next week?


This weekend only, sorry.


It does look fun but the blatant day one dlc live service model for a game that isn't free to play rubbed me the wrong way.


What? The game came out two years ago. It's not new, it's not early access, and it's not a live service game. This isn't a "Day 1 DLC." It's also not Free 2 Play... this is just a weekend promotion. There are no live-service monetization issues with this game. No battle pass, no cash shop, nothing like that.


I'm not even aware of any in app purchases, just the DLC that came out naturally.


What I was referring to is having to pay for access to base classes and ancestry options. I didn't get the game until recently so admittedly they might not be day 1 dlc but the game presents them as base options you have to pay extra for.


Dude, it's an expansion for a game that came out two years ago. The game has been complete since launch. I gather that any expansion that offers new mechanics, races, etc, is somehow questionable? That's basically every expansion.


I catch your drift dude, that makes way more sense. Not opposed to expansions at all, this arose purely from my perception of how the class and race options are presented. I didn't check any dates and I only got the game six months ago