The vengeful one https://youtu.be/8nW-IPrzM1g


Looks bootleg asf, could be wrong tho


He's in a lot of album covers. I'm sure he's on the indestructible album cover and the 10 thousand fists album cover. "The guy" is called the dark Messiah or something. He's also in the video of the "vengeful one" song.


Ok so The Guy is Disturbed mascot, if you will, like Eddie is Iron Maiden's, he is featured everywhere to do with Disturbed. Yes there is a song called 'THE vengeful one' in which there are lyrics that contain the words "dark measiah", but The Guy has been around a lot longer than that song! The Guy is also in a lot of Disturbed videos as the main feature too not just the ones you've listed here. The OP is referring to the artwork on the top as a whole and where does that feature within the Disturbed artwork basis, unless I am mistaken. OP, I personally have not seen this artwork before on any album or single cover. However, there are new bits coming out so it could easily be linked to that? Otherwise I am unsure myself.


I have this shirt! Disturbed played Ottawa with Chevelle and Nothing More. Got this shirt while there!