I mean… I don’t feel like there’s a ton to dissect in it, it’s an amazing piece of art but I feel like it pretty much speaks for itself. Unless Cole’s gonna go at it from a musical/compositional perspective I don’t see what there is to unravel, loved it a lot though so i’d love to be proven wrong


I agree that the lyrics mostly speak for themselves but all the different styles of music could be discussed. Also the recurring “Come out with your hands up we’ve got you surrounded” line is a bit ambiguous, in my opinion. I don’t know if it’s Cole’s thing or not, but I think it could be super interesting to learn if there is symbolism in the way it was filmed, with the lighting and camera work and all that. Not to mention Cole already did his usual thing with discovering he turns 30 at the exact halfway point and the tone of the special changes at that exact point. All that to say, if Cole thinks it could be worth a mini series I trust he thinks there’s enough interesting, dissectible stuff about it. We’ll see though.


Wouldn’t focus on the music as much as a typical dissect series. More on the narrative and the MANY layers of meaning in it


1000%!!! Bo deserves the recognition for this funny, depressing but very real special.