Boudin bakery

Anyone else hoard Boudin sourdough when you’re at DCA? I’ve got 2 loaves here ready to go in my freezer. Love this bread and can’t seem to find it easily.


No, because I have a restaurant location at home. But I do try to always bring home the Mickey ears because the holiday shapes just don't taste the same!


Come to NorCal. It’s easily available. We have local bakeries who make much better sourdough, but Boudin is pretty decent. However, I was once motion sick from riding Incredicoaster 3x’s in a row in a short period of time and the Boudin baguette was a lifesaver for my stomach. Brought me back to life. I had to leave the park to hunt down ginger-ale but am forever thankful for the baguettes.


I was also reading this with NorCal eyes, as I thought “wait sourdough is everywhere…”


Yah I got confused, I was like…it’s the same bread as outside the park. It’s like Chipotle locations for us, lol.


Boudin’s is also at our Fountains shopping center in Roseville. It is yummy!


There are 5 locations in North OC. Irvine, Main Place, HB, South Coast Plaza, and Metro Pointe. Our son is a bread maniac and loves going there!


absolutely! i "discovered" the bread cart over a year ago and now every trip i make sure i swing by the cart at least once for a fresh loaf in the morning (when it's still warm out of the oven and suuuuuuuuuper soft!), then i snack on that all day long rather than taking a long break for food, which cuts down on idle time that could be spent on rides. when i was there in december, i bought 4 loaves during the 1/2 day i had in the park before catching my flight. one i snacked on in the park and on the plane, and the other three i put in the freezer as soon as i got home. i snacked on those over the next couple weeks.


That is amazing. You just break off hunks? I’d get some cheese and wine with that but what a solid plan


yeah i just rip off small bite-size pieces (although it tends to be strips, haha!). i also grab 2-3 pats of butter and spread a little bit on each bite, too, especially while it's still warm so that it melts the butter into the bread. so good! the carbs help keep up my energy levels when i'm really pushing it for a lot of walking to get around the parks to do a ton of rides, and i keep my hyrdoflask filled at all times so i'm hydrated throughout the day. simple bread & water diet tides me over well until later in the evening when i eventually stop for a real meal (usually in downtown disney, like Tortilla Jo's or Black Tap Burgers). i like the cheese idea to go with it. they allow outside food in the park so it wouldn't be too hard to bring in some brie or slices of cheddar/etc to eat with it. stop somewhere for a glass of wine in DCA (especially during one of the food & wine events) and you're set!


Know what? I’m gonna head to Uncork CA, use my last tab on a cheese plate, and get some wine, and bust out the sourdough! 🤗


If you get it from the restaurant they will slice it for you if you ask. And you can get butter.


Getting bread is one of the main reasons I go to Disneyland.


We do clam chowder sourdough bread bowls for lunch, and then munch on another sourdough loaf throughout the afternoon. Every time. Without fail.


Grabbed 2 Mickey loaves on Sunday. In my freezer!


Depending on where you are, Costco used to sell it. I’m not sure they still do. It was two loaves in one bag.


It's available in grocery stores here. If it's going to be frozen anyway, no reason not to buy it at the store.


The still sell the 2-pack set at my local Costco in SoCal.


I buy it at our Costco in MN. It is sold by the single loaf and it is pre-sliced.


I’m lucky that I live a 3 minute walk from a Boudin’s. The sourdough made in Northern California is incredible, and has a history that stretches to the gold rush and westward migration. Boudin’s has a large bakery and cafe at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, and they have the mother dough on display, which is a fun thing to see. But every local bakery up here makes amazing sourdough.


Hell yeah! I'm from NorCal, now live in SoCal, and I can only find "real" sourdough bread at DCA. Boudin is from SF and has been using the same sourdough starter and baking its bread since 1849. SF has its own bacteria, Lactobacillus Sanfranciscensis. And yes, of course, there are people that argue this bacteria is available elsewhere. I don't care. I know what San Francisco sourdough tastes like and as far as I'm concerned, it is the best sourdough bread, period, and I can only get that taste at Boudin at DCA. Boudin Bakery is the first place I go to when I walk into DCA. In fact, I'm leaving now. Gotta go buy a loaf! 😉


You can order it shipped fresh from the Boudin bakery in SF. I send a box of goodies to my fam in MN every Christmas.


Last time I went to DL I brought back 2 mickey heads and 2 regular loaves all the way back to FL. Cut it up and stuck it in the freezer immediately and had it all year afterwards. I wish my sourdough came out like theirs.


Absolutely...we live in Orange (so DCA is the nearest "store") and pick up a loaf almost every day (we use our Dream Keys as an exercise program for our autistic daughter - go walk the park). It's just routine. Will say that we've found the round and baguette to be much tastier than the mickey for whatever reason. Not sure if the dough is worked over to form the shape, but it's just not the same.


My two cents: the Mickey shape isn't baked long enough. It's too light.


How many loaves can u get n bring? 😂


Working retail back in the day at a higher end boutiquey mall had its perks and the fact that there was a Boudin I could order lunch from was one of them.