Tonight, we got stuck on Guardians of the Galaxy for 35 minutes before being escorted off the ride

Everyone on the ride got one future Lightning Lane pass and the queue was evacuated.


Lol at the person reading a book


Was coming to say the same thing. Who brings a book to read on a roller coaster?! lol


Queues I suppose?


I'm more shocked at the people shocked that someone brought a book. I always bring a paperback with me. Always. Never know when you're stuck in a line or a waiting room. I mean smartphones are great but you're still held hostage by battery and connectivity. You know what's not held hostage? A library checkout.


due dates hold you hostage.




Who brings a book to a theme park at all?


I do. I have a book in my bag no matter where I go- I don’t always read it, but whenever I don’t bring one I want to/have time to read it, and my bag has room to bring one so why not.


My girlfriend is the same way, I only wish I enjoyed to read as much as others.


You probably just haven’t found the right book


It's a practiced skill like anything else. Some of us were fortunate enough to learn that very early on in life but even if you weren't, it's always learnable. Hit your closest library, get a card and talk to the librarian. They'll help you find some things to start learning how to enjoy reading for pleasure. Doesn't take long. Those that can read can literally do anything...


I do as well!! Well. Edit. I did until I am now carrying a diaper bag


Same. I am Rory Gilmore


If you’re doing a solo trip, books are a godsend for lines


Yesss. As a cast member I often went alone to the parks and you'd never catch me without a book


That’s just the thing, I don’t mean to jump on anyone but I was just telling my buddy I don’t see how anyone can go to a theme park alone. You gotta have atleast one friend or acquaintance that can come with. Otherwise what’s the point? I can’t sit in those long of lines by myself without talking to anyone.


I think there are two types of people at theme parks. First type are the ones who are all about the rides. The second type are the ones who are all about the atmosphere. I think ride people might have a harder time alone at theme parks. Atmosphere people are more likely to have fun just wandering around and looking at things which generally isn’t fun for a group. That’s my take on it anyways


I think you’re right. I just went to Disney recently and I was obsessed with some of those rides they had. Me and my buddy rode one like 5x in a row.


I don’t deny myself experiences just because other people in my life don’t wanna do it. I would definitely PREFER a buddy, but I’ve stood in lines alone before and I would do it again!


Readers. I have not left my house without a book since high school. I’m 34 now. Great way to kill time vs mindless scrolling.


I bring my kindle everywhere, you never know when you’ll find time to read


I read so many books on my kindle queuing at Disney!


Imagine reading while waiting in line. What a crazy idea!




Come on let Belle live her life undercover


Someone who came prepared.


The person who had to spent an hour or more in line?


i literally started a conversation with a girl in the guardians queue since she was just casually reading game of thrones lol


I think that’s brilliant. Great for killing queue times!


Not all heroes wear capes Edit: autocorrect


That would literally be me in this situation


Cool pics. Reminds me of the first time I saw Space Mountain with the lights on.


Yep I did too more than 20 years ago as a kid. My parents took pics on film while we were on the people mover.


Oldest ride with the longest line WOOO


35 minutes? Jesus, that's a long time to figure out they're not gonna get the ride back in operation.




I got escorted off of Toy Story when it shut down much faster than 15 min.


That happened to me too. Although it definitely took at least 15 minutes before we were escorted out at which point a cast member yelled “YOU CANNOT TAKE ANY PHOTOS. ALL PHONES MUST BE PUT AWAY”


Don't piss of the Mouse.


My little brother did once. It’s nice to be the favorite only child at Christmas.


If they think the stop could be recoverable, they gotta wait up until 15 minutes before evacing, like an auto ride stop or something, but if that turns into an auto emergency stop or just takes too long to recover, that’s when an Evac is performed. In your case, most likely an auto or manual estop that led to an immediate evacuation


That only applies if they think it's something recoverable without taking the ride down. Regardless, the additional 20 minutes is still quite the wait.




The wait was 35 minutes, not 20.




Just walk out, get escorted out and banned from the park.


You are definitely not a CM if you’re telling people to walk off themselves. Any ride CM would know that’s an **immediate** park trespass for safety concerns.


> just walk out the ride yourself if you don’t want to wait then! So as a CM, you're telling us its acceptable to get out of a stopped ride on our own and walk out, despite the announcements telling us to remain seated? Am I understanding that correctly? > I’m sure if OP or any of the guests had an issue with the wait they could go go guest relations for the best possible result! OP did say they got LL passes to come back and ride it later. I was merely commenting that 35 minutes was a lengthy time to remain seated in a ride waiting for a decision. The longest I've ever recalled staying on a stopped ride was around 10-15 minutes, and it's usually nowhere near that long (despite the "15 minutes" you claim it takes for them to make a decision to evacuate).


They just wanted a chance to pull their “I’m a CM” card. You were just making fair commentary, it’s probably fairly rare to have to wait 35 minutes on a breakdown. My wife and I got stuck on DINOSAUR for about 20 minutes before getting evac’d once. Was an interesting experience. Got LL passes that we forgot to use before the end of our trip haha.


I don’t think that’s fair to say they “wanted a chance to pull their ‘I’m a CM’ card”. They clearly have experience and was sharing their knowledge on why the ride would take over half hour to evacuate. I concur as I too (pulls out card) was a former cast member! I worked at one of the most broken rides ever, Toy Story Mania. You could say evacuating was our specialty 🤣 We were on it like butter on toast. But we made it fun for those who we escorted around the track, pointing out the hidden Mickey and overall people enjoy seeing the details of the ride and such. Also their first paragraph was clearly /s about walking out by yourself. Pls don’t. Probably won’t get banned but you’ll cause a safety issue and the reason it takes take to evacuate is mostly safety procedures.


When we went to Disneyland we waited in the Cars queue for about 2 hours before they kicked us out. Ride broke down multiple times til they finally called it. Was originally a 30 minute wait too.


I was stuck on Remy once for over an hour. The cast members were very rude about it too, kept telling us to put our phones away as they didn't want anyone sneaking a picture.


Okay but what song did you get?


Well I know your asking them but I rode it Saturday night and got the Conga song 😁


I got Conga on my second ride. I really liked it!


That's the one we got.


The Conga song was the exact one we got.


The person with the book is my hero. I always have a book, now I feel less alone!!


This is my biggest fear whenever I get on a ride, I would 100% have a panic attack after 10-15 min max


I don’t mind it on rides where I know I can easily exit myself ala Living with the Land or The Peoplemover, but I got stuck on Rock n Roller Coaster once and I really hated the sensation of having to be in the overhead harness for like 30 minutes. They kept us sitting there in the area just before the unload platform before deciding after a long time just to unload us where we were since there was a perfectly fine exit platform next to us. I was a CM at the time riding single rider and was seated with a first time visit family from the Midwest who were getting a bit panicky so I was trying to keep them calm and tell them that this happens from time to time and they’ll be OK.


I got stuck in the Mission Space orange pod once. I accidentally put my harness on a little too tight, and couldn't move my arms far enough to touch my face. The little air conditioning vent was blowing straight on my face and making my little flyaways tickle my face, and my arms couldn't reach to move the hair. There was a delay in starting the ride. The minutes dragged on just sitting there, in a too tight restraint while hairs constantly tickled my face and I couldn't quite get a full breath in (that's how it felt at least). They kept repeating the recording about it being delayed. The couple we were in the pod with, who we didn't know, started joking about nobody coming to help if we needed help/out. The woman started (pretend) saying help, we need help. And no one came (I'm sure there are cameras in there, but it was still a little frightening). I started to feel panicky myself, the wait kept growing. And then, finally, the damn ride started. And that's how I discovered I'm mildly claustrophobic. Or maybe caused it.


That sounds like an absolute nightmare. We once got stuck on the Hulk in Islands of Adventure on the tall platform out in the hot sun for probably another 30 min before we were released. It was horrible and I totally relate.


I totally get that. I had to keep myself entertained with my phone because I too get claustrophobic in these situations. It was a huge relief when she finally unlocked us.


Did they communicate with you at all during the 35 minutes? Or were you just trapped there waiting with no clue what was going on or how long it would take?


Yes two CMs stood there discussing things in terms that we couldn't easily understand, haha. I believe we had to wait for the people who were stuck on the tall platform at the beginning of the ride to be evacuated first.


I got stuck on ratatouille the other week, thankfully that wasn’t a tight restraint but I was still getting a bit panicky about being stuck after a while, as was another guy. Especially as we were the last evacuated! Doesn’t help that my claustrophobia has come back in earnest in the second half of my 20’s 😂


Few weeks ago we got stuck on the Jurassic Park river ride right at the top of the final drop. Sat there for about half an hour before they ultimately shut it down and came to get us. It was pretty cool. The only rides that such a situation would frighten me would be one’s with a vertical lift hill like Rip Rockit. Getting stuck in that position would be a nightmare.


We also got stuck on guardians during our holiday in March. It was really unpleasant being restrained on the ride whilst stationary for around 20mins. There were a few announcements that the ride would continue momentarily but overall communication wasn't particularly good. Eventually the ride continued moving and took as relatively slowly to the end and without and sounds or video. We got off and they shortcutted us back to the boarding area


During the slow return to the end did your vehicle do all the twists and turns or did it stay oriented forward.


It stayed forward. Was all very strange. Really pleased it wasn't our first experience of the ride as it obviously really spoilt the experience and wow factor! It was really disconcerting being completely restrained and knowing we couldn't get out without assistance


Woah! That must have been trippy. Yah I wouldn’t like being restrained for too long. On the ride I don’t notice it, but I bet it would be super uncomfortable to just sit there


Ugh that sounds awful. I’m very claustrophobic and have a lot of anxiety around being trapped/unable to escape. Every time I get on a ride I get a little scared that I’ll get stuck but overall I guess I’ve decided it’s worth the risk!


Been stuck on PotC recently and the CMs asked we not take photos of them. Understandable they don’t want their pics on Twitter or Reddit. Not something I would have thought of if the CM didn’t say it. Something to think about, may want to consider not sharing the CM photos.


The girl with the book 😂


Ok, but what SONG was playing???? 😁


Conga by Gloria Estefan.


One thing I’d hate about being a cm is the fact that random guests will just take photos of you for no reason and post them all over the internet.


Oh my god yes. I worked in quick service food and the amount of people who, without my permission, filmed me handing the food over to them presumably for tik tok or something was just ridiculous. It's not even like they were just filming the food, a lot of them had the camera pointed where they were absolutely filming me


Exactly. Social graces appear to be a thing of the past.


Yes!! I had no problem at all with the people who just wanted pictures of their food. It was really clear when people were aiming their camera at the tray or the item in my hand, but I just couldn't believe the people who pointed their cameras directly at my face without even a quick "hey is it ok to film?"


Imagine how many pics you are already in the background of. Even just as a guest


That’s not even close to being the same thing. That being said, that also sucks.


Well yeah, you’re probably in over a thousand different pictures from people from around the world. If you are not doing anything illegal or immoral, then I don’t understand what’s your concern? You made the decision to work at Disney World.


I mean, you're out in public. It's no different from people taking pictures of police, firefighters, store clerks, etc., and posting it online. If you're living up to the standards established by Disney, I'm not sure why you'd be so concerned about it.


What's the hip box? Some kind of digital release? Is there a manual override too? Curious, if anyone knows.


It communicates with the vehicle and pops the lap bars


It's an electric lap bar release tool. There is also manual tools to get people out if the electric one doesn't work. They try to use electric release tools on rides first as it unlocks all lap bars instead of (depending on the ride) manually doing one lap bar at a time.


Oh I’ve been stuck on Pirates of the Caribbean for an hour before the fire department could get us off the ride and we’d only gotten around the corner and then it broke we at least got 3 lightning lane passes that were all used on Big Thunder Mtn so that was nice


I want to get stuck on that ride so badly lol. There’s so much to look at and I wanna see it all with the lights on


Lucky you got evac’d! I got stuck once and they just launched us backwards with the lights on and no sound. It sounds cool until you realize the coaster is about 10 times more intense if the ride vehicle isn’t rotating with the turns. I love coasters, don’t get me wrong, but I genuinely felt sick at the end.


Ugh I hate the stairs after that ride. I am always so discombobulated after the ride that it takes me a minute before I use them😆


Dang. Sorry that happened. I'm glad Disney plays fast and loose with the passes. Each member of my family got 2 when me and my dad couldn't ride the Avatar ride. (Fun fact, my sister was in the 1st month of her pregnancy when she did. Thankfully, the baby seems fine).


I hope they played thru all the songs while you waited, lol.


It actually got quiet, and we kept hearing the pre-recorded announcements about the ride experiencing technical difficulties. Occasionally a cast member would speak on the loudspeaker.


Oh where along the course did you get stopped. Looks like it was toward the end?


Yeah that’s never fun. When I was in college I worked at Cedar Point. At the time, the tallest and fastest roller coaster, Top Thrill Dragster was pretty new. I’d routinely see a 4+ hour wait for it. The ride was always breaking down, and when it would go down it could be for hours, days, or even weeks. People would be waiting in line for 4 hours, literally next in line, with hundreds if not thousands of other people in the line waiting, and the ride would go down. There were times the crowd got so rowdy over this that I thought there would be actual riots. As far as I knew the park did nothing about it for the guests who waisted all that time.


Better than getting stuck on the guardians ride at Disneyland that’s for sure.


I don’t know why the 6th picture hit me like damn that’s neat. It’s so normal and cool looking.


Even tho it ruins the magic, I love when rides break down when I’m on them and I get a longer special experience.


This is why I carry a book with me everywhere. As well.


That’s a bummer, it is an amazing ride


Remys broke down right when we boarded. We got in the vehicle and it broke down this was at 7:35 we hung around in the rain hoping it would reopen but they gave us a useless fast pass and sent us on our way. The same happened on resistance yesterday. It closed around 5 and opened up around 8:15 luckily we were heading to fantasmic from smugglers run and caught it.


Nice. We ended up using the lightning lane pass today for Guardians and then drove back home.


It was my last park day unfortunately we’re driving back tomorrow


Love the behind the scenes look. I wish there were more photos of stuff like this at Disney.


Who brings a book onto a roller coaster??


Someone who came prepared.


By 20 minutes I'd be asking her to take it from the top and read aloud


Anything that you bring to the park ends up on the coaster…it was just in her bag along with everything else


My daughter brings a book everywhere…🤷🏻‍♀️ I had a friend in high school fall asleep at an Aerosmith concert…. Were a fun bunch lemme tell ya 🤣


Someone who really likes Bridgerton, it seems.


Someone who had it in their bag??


Disney makes you queue even after you’re on the ride. (Chef’s kiss.)


Welp Disney is gonna have this taken down soon. lol


Damn this sucks. I'm glad this didn't happen to me. i would have been so upset. I got to ride it for the first time on Monday & I'd been waiting in virtual queue since 1pm, didn't get to go on until around 6:20 or so.


Why is this common for this ride? We went in January did child swap with family. What was supposed to be probably a 20 minute wait during child swap turned into an hour and 20 because the ride shut down while my fam members were in line but eventually it started back up and they got to go. Then we hand over my nephews and my fiancé and I get in line (it was 8:50, the park was closing in 10 mins) and as we’re going up the ramp the ride shuts down AGAIN. And we legit waited for an hour and it finally started back up. We missed the fire works and by the time we got off the ride, the park had closed and it was cool having to walk thru two pavilions to get to the gondolas while the park was shut down. But why is this so common on this ride?! We got disco inferno as our song btw


Complex ride vehicles are the short version of it. They have on-board batteries that need to charge wirelessly which can lead to a lot of problems.


Who cares?


Are you new to Disney Parks fandom?


Nope. Just a troll.


They shouldn’t have had people waiting that long! That’s ridiculous


The person reading the book 😭😂


Did the song you get shut down too or did the song keep playing on a loop?


No, it stopped.


Bummer. This is in my top 2 rides at the parks now. Did you get to see the guts of it with the lights on? Or were you still pre main ride


We had just finished the ride, approaching the station when it got stuck. I didn't get to see the inner parts unfortunately.


My cousin’s seatbelt wouldn’t stay fastened on test track so they stopped the ride and turned the lights on and took us off it and it was all just cardboard cutouts everywhere. Really underwhelming lol.


I miss the original test track. I don't know what they were thinking but changing it to what it is now.


How long did the music stay on and did it cycle through songs???


It shut off as soon as the pre-recorded announcements came on.