Different fluids?

Different fluids?


What type of bike would greatly help.


2017 ktm 250 xc


Ktm manuals are really in depth on my 2017 exc f . I would recommend you check it out as there is really good info in there. They leave no page unturned.




You use 2 Stroke oil in your fuel and 4 Stroke/Motorcycle Oil in your Gearbox, you got a manual? you can likely find a pdf version online. You dont use the same oil for both, gearbox oil on a 2T only needs changed like every 30-40h if you are not racing it since its not being used as engine oil.. You want a motorcycle specific oil for your wet clutch, brand is up to you as long as it meet specs.


30 to 40 hours.. remind me not to buy a bike from you. Book says 5 to 10 hours.


My book says drain the factory fill at 5h, and from there change it every 40h my dude.. proof: [https://imgur.com/a/1zfTmTr](https://imgur.com/a/1zfTmTr) and worry not, I wont sell my bike to you..


This is wrong. ​ If youve got a 2 stroke you run gearbox oil in the gearbox and premix oil in the gas. you could get away with running a JASO rated engine oil in the gearbox, but why would you? ​ edit: i am seeing that KTM actually specs a JASO 15w50 for the gearbox on the 250xc but that just seems nuts. I always ran belray gearsaver in my YZ's


KTM Gearbox failures are rather rare as long as you follow the recommendations, so perhaps you are nuts... or it dont really matter as long as its lubed up and not full of additives that have a reaction w/the clutch surface. My son's KTM has ATF in its gearbox, mine has motor oil.. both are fine.. mine cost several orders of magnitude more and is under warranty so I follow the manual exactly.


Is that what the 4t and 2t is? Also is the 15w 50 the 4 stroke oil?


yeah its short hand for 2-stroke and 4-stroke.. its often on the oil bottles them selves.. and yeah the 4T 15W50 oil is for the gearbox, the OEM Part for gearbox fluid is: U6913027


Is it TPI by a chance?


It isn’t


Yeah that looks like a 2 stroke model so you will have Engine or Gear oil - 15W/50 that gets changed like on a car. Then 2 stroke engine oil that you mix with the gas. Engine coolant as well if it has a radiator. I recommend you find the spec sheet for specific change intervals and capacities. Can usually find them online by searching your model and fluid capacities…


https://www.ktm.com/en-us/service/manuals.html has all the official KTM manuals. Get the owners manual and use the fluids recommended in the manual.


In a 2 stroke you have... Gear oil: use recommended gear oil or some use atf type 4 fluid. Change this between 5-20 hours depending on bike and use. Premix oil: mixes with gas before you I u out it in the tank. There are a bunch of brands, I like motul 710. You will mix this in a ratio of something like 32:1 to 90:1 depending on the motor. I use 50:1 in my enduro and 80:1 in my trials bike. Use it in every tank of gas. If you don't, say goodbye dirt bike, hello expensive repairs. Coolant fluid: just like in a car, goes in radiator, let's motor cool off. I like Engine Ice but there are lots of options. I usually end up changing this about once a year, but MAKE SURE IT ISNT LOW because its pretty important for not destroying your engine. Brake fluid: goes in brake lines/cylinders. Transfers motion from levers to calipers. Replace when brakes start to not work great? Sorry don't have a better estimate of lifetime. Clutch fluid: depending on bike, you may have a hydraulic clutch. It works just like the brakes, but controls the clutch. Some.use brake fluid, some use mineral oil. Blinker fluid: helps control the flash rate on blinkers if you have a dual sport. Ask at your local auto parts store and they should have some products available.




I’ll hop on that blinker fluid change right away


Yeah don't neglect it. Its easy to change, but bad news if you dont


Use a good quality gearbox oil, that’s what goes in and out of the engine. Premix is what goes in your gas and is t interchangeable with anything else. The gearbox and crank are separated in a two stroke motor that’s why you need two different oils. Besides that you have coolant, brake fluid and your hydraulic clutch fluid.


Put rotella t6 or t5, whatever your clutch likes in the gearbox and mix your gas ~40:1 with your favorite premix oil, I like motul 710 or maxima M. Done deal. Dont listen to a lot of this nonsense