Blast from the past: cleaning out my garage and found a set of Fasst Flexx handlebars

Blast from the past: cleaning out my garage and found a set of Fasst Flexx handlebars


People still love that crap..


Nah they are horrible




Heavy, and they make you feel disconnected from the bike. Ok for an adventure bike, but for MX or endurocross they feel strange.


I run em and love em on a moto track, wont ride without them


They recently had another big push with Instagram/YouTube moto guys lol. Meh.


They love a shit gimmick.


The guys at Rocky Mountain ATV and MC seem to push this product like crazy. Felt like every bike they build they put these on. I never really believed these could actually be good.


They do work, but a little too well. They just feel vague and mushy, and for way too much money. I’ll stick to renthal twinwalls with a cut crossbar.


Never seen those before, what's the point of them?


Separating OP from his money


Haha I was gifted these from a supplier when I owned my own Moto shop many moons ago. They were bloody expensive back then!


Reduced hand fatigue


Prevent arm pump


What’s the gimmick?


They have elastomer dampers to take some shock out. Interesting theory, but always felt funny to ride with. They weigh a ton, too.


Yeah sounds about right. A set of bars that introduce more stuff to break and weigh more than regular bars The only bar stuff I’ve ever had is new grips, a set of renthal bars and some bar risers on my backup bike


They seem more suited to adventure bikes than dirtbikes. Not having my hands buzz after I get off my KLR after 600 miles of highway would be nice.


600 miles is the length of 7603181.1 'Bug Bite Thing Suction Tool - Poison Remover For Bug Bites's stacked on top of each other.


Funny you should say that, the only reason I’ve kept them is as I plan to start an adventure bike build soon. These will be nice for that! Never enjoyed them on my YZ though.


No gimmick at all. They work exactly as they look and are described. Pending what elastomers you are using and how tight you have them, they can allow the controls section to pivot vertical, slightly. The biggest con is the weight. They are heavy. A good 2 pounds on a typical moto bar. However, with that weight comes two possible benefits: vibration reduction and more resistance to bending/breaking. It is noticeable on the front end for handling at first, but you will adjust. I've had one for almost 3 years. Finally bent them in a gncc race(after many wrecks and clipped trees/injuries) and sent them back for half off of a brand new one. If you are doing long days of trail riding or racing xc races that are 2-3 hours long, it's.very noticble for fatigue. My 2T has pro taper fuzion and my 350 has flexx, my wrists/shoulders get beat to shit doing a race with the pro tapers even when switching them to the 350.Much happier with the flexx. They also help a bit with absorption on braking bumps/whooped trail sections, roots/rocks. Suspension is by far and away most important but it's a great supplement. I wish they were cheaper but they are made in the US and made very well with excellent customer service. If they were somehow able to be designed as sturdy as they are now but lighter, they would be more popular even at that price point. On side note: they have a lot of options ot sweep, length, and height. This is a small plus.


Great for healed broken wrists that can’t take big drops. Had them on my 450. I was still able to use protapers on the 300 tho


See if u can find me a $300 muffler


I actually found my original YZ250 muffler.


I been wanting to upgrade my exhaust for years. I just can’t seem open my wallet for $300 for something so damn small and I don’t even know for sure if it will perform how I expect it. Maybe one day I’ll gather the courage.


What bike do you ride? Certain bikes will benefit from a muffler, certain bikes there is no benefit.


It’s only a weak ass trail bike. 06 Yamaha ttr225. Like 16 hp. I added a tooth in my drive socket and that’s about it. I need a 2 stroke.


Dude even those 225s are a whole bunch of fun. Instead of worrying about the power of it, just try a bunch of different things: balance practice and whatnot. See how long you can balance on the spot, do some tight circles with the steering on full lock, practice doing 90-degree skids and coming to a stop without putting your feet down, things like this. You’ll be much faster and go way more places by learning balance and control then you ever would by getting more power. Practice some slow riding, seeing how slowly you can ride from one point to another, as this will help you develop amazing clutch/throttle/brake control. A universe of fun and skills-building can be had on a 225.


It’s a tad heavy for some of the precision exercises you mentioned. It is a fun bike,great for beginners. I just feel like I’m ready for more power. I ride trails and roads in between trails. Moto cross really doesn’t appeal to me. I just feel like I’ve out grown it and I’m ready for a new challenge. You know


They work very well.


Interesting! Protaper Fuzion is a current version of these.


Not at all. Fuzion is to make your bars stiffer for more feel or softer for a more relaxed ride.