Ugh imagine permanent meat sweats


Can you imagine sharing a home with a person who has constant meat sweats


Almost as bad as sharing a home with a person who has constant explosive diarrhoea?


My sister's dog was on a grain free food that was too high in protein or something, and he started to reek of cat piss. Changed his food to grain-containing and now he doesn't stink. I wonder if these people all smell of ammonia/cat piss?


Ugh, those high protein dog foods can cause organ failure.


Yep, that's what I told my sister. I'm glad she switched.


The next episode of the Maintenance Phase podcast is scheduled to be about this ✌️diet✌️ and I can’t wait lol


Ooooh I love Maintenance Phase!!


My favorite one is the guy eating nothing but beef, is baffled over his symptoms, and someone just tells him it's all good and normal no worries💀


No no no, you just have to push through all the diarrhea and then you'll eventually find nirvana on the other side! It's not for all you weak plebs.


Like keto flu. Carni flu.


This reads like the kind of medication side effects that get people immediately pulled off said medication (Metformin with your explosive diarrhea, I'm looking at you). That should be the sign that something is very, very wrong and 'adjusting' isn't really worth attempting. I know someone who tried carnivore, and watched them put down an entire pound of meat because they were so hungry, only to throw up after and be so nauseated the rest of the day they couldn't function. If that is how you feel, *something is very, very wrong there*. You shouldn't fight your body to "overcome" that.


My dad put me on a meat diet when I was like 12, this was my reaction and I couldn’t eat cold cuts for years afterwards


I’m so sorry for your trauma xxx




guys my brain feels like it’s regurgitating itself, been happening for 2 weeks straight, is this normal? “yeah it’s a common side effect, don’t worry about it, it will eventually go away (still praying that mine do 😜😜😜😜). how much weight have you lost?”


In saying that someone not used to fibre, fruit and veg etc can experience pretty bad digestive upset from changing diet.


True, but this is why it’s important to talk to a doctor or registered dietician, and introduce changes slowly. I am literally working with my dietician to introduce fruit and veg to my diet right now (complex health issues mean low residue is the only thing I can handle really) and it’s a mess, but it’s not all the time because it’s like a teaspoon of well cooked veg a week right now.


While that should be the answer, you are definitely not wrong but last time I talked to a doctor about changing diet, she recommended I eat what my arfid partner eats, and when he eats (so like nothing for 1.5 days, fried chicken, processed chips, and have to completely cut out all veg +fruit, and she knew this about my partner but he's skinnier than me so 🥴) and last time I went to a register dietician their plan was a bowl of oatmeal, a vegetable sandwich and a small serve of like .. stir-fry or chicken curry etc. (Which would be far below my TDEE ) . everything is just messed up 😅


Yikes!! Please report that doctor for inappropriate advice if you can?! And definitely seek a decent dietician if you have the time/money. I’m sorry for the difficult situation they put you in!


And they're still saying being vegan is unhealthy/unnatural because you have to supplement b12


“there’s a genocide of bacteria happening in your gut” do these people know you’re SUPPOSED to have bacteria in your digestive system. they’re called probiotics. unless you have something like SIBO then bacteria shouldn’t really be a problem. and if they’re only talking about purging “bad” bacteria and fostering “good” bacteria, they need FIBRE of which meat has none!


C. diff is the key to unlocking our next stage of evolution, clearly


i wanna award you so bad lmao once you smell it, you never forget it


Maybe as a vegetarian I am biased, but eating even one meal that consists of only meat with meat and as a side dish also meat sounds like a nightmare. Even if I imagine it with meat alternatives🤢 Why do people insist on trying bullshit diets with absolute horrible side effects, if they could jist eat everything? And intutive eating isn't for everyone, but I count calories and I can eat every food. I don't have explosive diarreha and brain fog.


I’m omni and it sounds like an awful meal to have just meat. I love carbs and veggies!!


...but why though? Is this the logical extreme of some kind of fragile masculinity "vegetables are for girls" situation?


Carbohydrates are necessary for higher level brain functions. I doubt they can think clearly, which is why they keep posting the same things instead of eating a carrot.


Possibly. I love the dude who thinks his lingering issues are from too many plant-based foods. Fruits and veggies are so good for your body!! I can’t imagine not eating them. Think of all the fiber and nutrients you’d be missing out on without them


I don’t get it because humans were never strictly carnivores? This is going against millions of years of evolution lol


I misread the sub as 'cannibal' and became very concerned


that’s the next diet fad


why would you ever subject yourself to this?


I'm sorry did they say they were supplementing with ox bile?????


Oh yeah that’s surprisingly quite the thing. I assume they think they don’t have enough of their own?!


That's your intestines SCREAMING for some god damn fiber! Goodness, have a fucking vegetable and shut your butthole up!


wait does this mean they eat literally nothing but meat? also, barf


Yep. Meat only!


meat and butter lmao. A lot of the purists use animal lard but i see people suggesting dipping every bite of steak into melted butter. Health.


this is disturbing. they need help for thinking this is ok in any way


I feel for the one guy saying he is hungry but the food in front of him makes him want to throw up. This was *exactly* how I felt when I was trying to eat an insanely high amount of protein. I wasn't doing "carnivore" or keto or anything, but I was trying to build muscle and some calculator spit out a super high daily amount of protein, and I thought that's what I had to do. It was exactly like this person describes-- I was hungry, shaky, and weak, but the thought of eating another forkful of meat was so disgusting I couldn't even finish most meals. I needed a goddamn piece of bread. Y'all, the body needs carbohydrates to function!!


It’s almost like your body tells you what it needs but these people insist on powering through all the warning signs


That's why i gave up trying to eat high protein . It's not for me . I want to gain muscle and if I eat 50-70g a day it's good enough 🤷‍♀️ I feel sick if I eat more and have zero appetite for the rest of the day, it's not worth it


The idea that these diets destroy your health is also somewhat unconvincing IMO. Now that it’a clear dietary cholesterol doesn’t affect blood cholesterol, I think a lot of that wisdom about meat and cardiovascular health is more dubious. It’s super hard to get definitive information about nutrition. A legit all meat diet seems really extreme but I wouldn’t entirely rule out it being beneficial to some people.


... yeah but if you feel like trash, that's an indication that what you're eating isn't fulfilling your needs. Simultaneously being hungry and also wanting to throw up isn't normal. I'm kind of scratching my head at why you made this comment in response to what I said above... I don't see how it's related.


people will try EVERY diet except for a balanced one lmao


What does "balanced" mean to you when applied to diet?


eating a variety of foods (when applicable, meaning disregarding allergies or other reasonable restrictions for this purpose); nuts, legumes, fruits, veggies, grains, meat and dairy or their respective substitutes. i don't believe in diets. i believe in eating a variety of foods that are nutrient dense, a majority of the time (yes, and still being able to enjoy things like pastries and other desserts).


It's interesting that balance is seen more so as balance of food groups and not of nutrition. Something worse than putting the cart before the horse. Sadly, the original definition of "the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats" is getting replaced with "a special course of food to which one restricts oneself, either to lose weight or for medical reasons". Both of these telling of societies shift in perspective.


that is nutrition, hence why i said nutrient dense foods. that comes first and can be done by eating the foods i listed above in moderation. i'm not sure if you actually wanted my answer or to postulate your idea of why society has its issues. edit: ah, you're a carnivore diet fanatic. makes sense. humans never "habitually" ate meat to the extent we do today and were never 100% carnivores.


>eating a variety of foods (when applicable, meaning disregarding allergies or other reasonable restrictions for this purpose); nuts, legumes, fruits, veggies, grains, meat and dairy or their respective substitutes. Is what you said though... Idk what plants you think we ate during the height of the quaternary glaciation with everything being frozen over. I also don't see how you could think meat is missing a nutrient when that animal needs it to have lived in the first place. Your and my meat is made of them too. I saved my life eliminating down to just meat, so until I see evidence otherwise, I am of the belief that it's pretty good.


convienent to leave out the second paragraph where i specifically state nutrient dense foods. that's like me saying going vegan saved my life (as it has). you wouldn't agree with that, i'm sure. one thing you don't get in sufficient quantity from cooked meat is vitamin c bc most people that do this diet aren't eating a variety of meats. interesting how variety comes in again. anyway, fibre, as well. you're going to get a majority, if not all, of your fibre from plants. interestingly enough that you bring up the ice age and no other time period before, nor after. i wonder why that is? edit: any diet that is causing effects like the ones from the post means it's not working. you're killing your gut flora, essential to your microbiome. regardless, there is enough evidence to suggest plants, i.e., fruits and vegetables, are good for you. idk why you would want to limit your food to just meat, but whatever works for you. either way, why are you on this sub?


>i don't believe in diets. i believe in eating a variety of foods that are nutrient dense, a majority of the time (yes, and still being able to enjoy things like pastries and other desserts). Would mean it pertains to diets, not what you said is your understanding of "balanced". You say you stopped yourself from dying, I will believe it. Fiber is not a nutrient. It appears that the amount of vitamin C in cooked muscle meat is more than enough, as I, someone with multiple defects making it much easier for me to get scurvy, haven't gotten it since I started April 30, 2018. The time before the ice age we were able to consume nuts, roots, berries. The time after has not even come yet, we are yet to finish exiting the quaternary glaciation. ALL of our sibling species that had not adapted for consuming meat died out, we actually could have had a diverse array of very similar to human species hanging out with us today if not for the ice age. This period is the most recent evolutionary pressure that had time to show results. People doing things not advised and getting expected results from doing so....you get the same thing from everything. You should know this yourself with veganism, you know there are things you are not supposed to do. I have this [https://www.reddit.com/search/?q=carnivore%20diet&source=recent&sort=new](https://www.reddit.com/search/?q=carnivore%20diet&source=recent&sort=new) when I start typing in reddit in my address bar. When I first checked out reddit I wanted to see what peoples perceptions of it were.


that's your opinion. i'm not sure what you're getting at there. fibre is not a "nutrient" in the broadest terms, but is beneficial for colon health. enough studies show an ample amount of fibre lowers risks of cancer and otherwise tearing, for lack of better phrasing. the coating *is* necessary to an extent for the body, even if in small amounts. i would love to see some sources on lack of meat being the exact cause of our fellow homo ___ (they're not sibling species, as we could mate with them). is it lack of meat or famine in general? that's a genuine request, if available, bc i have never heard that denisovans nor neanderthals did not eat meat. veganism works for me bc i don't limit my diet *overall.* i get all my macros, micros, vitamins, and minerals. if someone were to become vegan, but do it the wrong way (as those in the images above), i would advise against it. regardless, the carnivore diet was brought to the forefront for people with certain health issues. perhaps it works for you and i'm glad to hear that. a majority of people do not need to do this, and again, may not be effective. going back to why i said what i initially did, people will try every fad diet without actually trying to eat a variety of things, in moderation, that are nutrient dense. this includes veganism, not just carnivore diet.


There are also studies showing its participation in causing cancer. Sooooooo? It's not the lack of meat that killed them, it was the lack of food in general. They werent adapted for consuming meat, including the hunting part, and their primary source of nutrition was replaced with ice. They starved. A lot of species went extinct due to the ice age. Yes, everything has right and wrong ways. Glad we agree. I actually have yet to find carnivore to not be effective in reducing or resolving conditions after I have followed through on a report of it not working (always something simple like someone starving themselves or inducing rabbit starvation). This is just because as we agreed on, there is always a right and wrong. I was just interested in what you thought balanced meant as pertains to diet.


Every day I learn there is a diet trend even stupider than I thought possible


Interesting! I’d have expected crippling constipation due to the lack of fibre, but every day is a school day. Is it the excess amount of fat? The intestinal flora genocide? (They say it like it’s a good thing.) Your gallbladder’s last gasp for survival? But hey, nothing says primal apex predator manly man like diarrhoea-stained underpants.


holy shit, 70% fat. there is no way that is healthy


Reading these posts is making me feel ill!


carnivore is the dumbest diet i have ever seen and im shocked that people actually do it


I am truly flabbergasted. I’ve tried a lot of diets in my day but this is crazy.


You know, there was a time when I thought that "raw vegan" and "fruitaritanism" were the worst fad diets ever. Then keto came around. And then carnivore.


One of my coworkers said he was doing this and I was disgusted. He swears it’s the only thing that makes him feel healthy. I prefer fish and chicken because beef makes me feel sluggish and nasty, so I can’t imagine only eating meat. No idea how people do that.


I bet it's just the only thing that prevents him from eating a load of junk food.


The grossest diet to me, and I’m a meat eater. I can’t imagine how bad their bowel movements are


Any diet that has a mantra of “don’t trust a fart” (carnivore, certain vegan protocols, keto) should really re-examine themselves. Regularly having explosive diarrhea or almost shitting yourself is not the hallmark of a healthy diet or gut lmao


In my personal experience doing keto for 3 months and then carnivore for 1 month, I had diarrhea for a week or so beginning keto. I started supplementing electrolytes and that solved my issue. I went from 330 to 250 using keto/carnivore during that time. I no longer follow it because ffs I want some carbs in my life but it did change my diet and how I look at food for the better. Sometimes these extreme diets are the only thing that allow people to reevaluate their food choices.


If you have to go on a extremely restrictive diet to lose weight and re-examine your food choices, then you should be going to see a therapist or a dietitian, not doing a dangerous protocol that can fuck you up if you miscalculate your electrolytes or do long-term damage to your gut.


Disgusting! Have these people no respect for their bums?


Excuse my ignorance but I’d rather ask here than click the carnivore page and have Reddit send me post suggestions every day for the rest of my life 😂 but what exactly is carnivore? Is it literally just eating meat or primarily meat with other things like veg fruit whole grains etc? Regardless, I’ll pass on all that diarrhea lol


> but what exactly is carnivore? Is it literally just eating meat or primarily meat with other things like veg fruit whole grains etc? literally just meat and meat products, they think carbs are the devil


Gotcha! Thank you for that. I would die lol


Ground beef cooked in lard and “no spices other than salt” sounds absolutely disgusting


I can feel the gluconeogenesis and it's *not* a good feeling


Like your body isn't just doing that for no reason.. it's telling you something 🙄




Please talk to a doctor or dietician if you can xxx


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Withdrawal + the body adjusting, plus not being used to the way of eating. Consider easing into it. Not unlike quitting smoking.


One can cure supposedly incurable conditions but if the process is not mainstream, then suddenly people act like they would rather die than even try to look into why it's working.