Don't trust the displayed values. The skill works, but it gets added to all your frw sources like boots, amulett, charms, whatever you have, then the armor penalty gets subtracted. For me this skill is a 1point wonder, not more, to save 5secs per run or so, which adds up on long term. You notice the effect by 1point and all your +skills on endgame gear, when the skill gets like 10 or more levels from your items.




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The FRW from increased speed is actually eFRW (effective FRW), meaning it doesn't go through the diminishing returns formula that gear based FRW does. This is why it doesn't show on the advanced stats screen just like the velocity bonus from vigor/burst of speed don't either because they are also eFRW. The bonuses themselves actually do work. See here for more info: [https://www.theamazonbasin.com/wiki/index.php?title=Walk/run\_speed#Player](https://www.theamazonbasin.com/wiki/index.php?title=Walk/run_speed#Player)


Thank you so much! I couldn't find anything regarding this issue.


I don't play barb but it certainly appears that Bvcs run much faster then my nec or Dru in PvP.


My guess is that it's a display bug, and not a mechanical bug but I could absolutely be wrong. Try finding someone with a brand new barbarian without any points in Increased Speed or speed on their boots and see if you outrun them without any boots equipped yourself?


Same with burst of speed .


You kidding? Burst of Speed has a noticeable speed increase.


Lol, good job reading!! Hit C go to advanced stats , that is what we are talking about... Durrrrrrp!!


Well you didn't say that, you said it doesn't do anything, I was pointing out it does. You want to prove otherwise then explain in your comments, I can't read your idiotic mind.


I said same with responding to the OP... And you sat I'm idiotic , that's simple right in your face answers... I wonder how dumb that means you are ?