It's possible that after you died and lost your items you picked up, for example, a random white two-handed weapon on the way to your corpse (simply by accidentally clicking on it). What happens then is that your character automatically equips that weapon cause your weapon slot was empty at that point and when you got to your corpse and picked it up, your weapon slots were 'already filled', so your character didn't pick up the weapon + shield from your corpse. This is something that's happened to lots of players and has most likely lead to a LOT of frustration for many people since they clicked save+exit before they realized that they were still missing some of their stuff.


Had this happen before. Luckily it was early into a character so nothing of importance was really lost. I think for me it was a chest piece


You picked up shit weapons that auto added to your arms, and you didn’t hVe enough space to hold everything. Your body is probably still in the sewers.


Press W


No -- this wasn't & isn't a "w" issue. Both my items just vanished....


Press it again