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Why is this comment so fking funny 💀💀


![gif](giphy|L3X9GvVhP1nY23Ah6u) I imagine it like this 😂


Gifs you can hear




I’m actually curious about the psychology behind being a famous person’s sibling. Celebrity itself is IMO mental illness inducing, but this has got to have the potential to really mess you up too


I honestly wouldn't wish on my worst enemy to grow up in the shadow of a sibling that for while there was Disney's little queen i.e. one of the most famous and beloved children in the entire world.


I know this isn’t really the same thing, but it reminded me of Jennette McCurdy’s recent statements on how challenging it was being compared to Ariana Grande. I could see how a sibling of someone famous, especially a network’s big star, would be really tough.


Totally – also it’s not to say that Noah never mentions being the sibling of a “more famous” person – but every article uses it as the headline, regardless of what else she talks about, which must be even more crushing Even this article is mostly about her recovery from her Xanax addiction and how it influenced her new music, but the headline suggests that it’s about her feeling overshadowed by her sister It must suck to be as open and forthright with an interviewer as Noah often is, and then for the publication to redirect the headlines back to the old storyline you’re expressing to them that you’re trying to get away from


Frankie Jonas has talked extensively about how damaging being called the bonus Jonas was during his childhood and how all that affected him. He was dragged into Jonas Brothers projects for years.


That really figures! I feel even worse for people like him and the Jenners who had not one, but several siblings they got compared to while being in the public eye themselves


Kendall and Kylie had no chance because of this (and many other reasons).


I thought you said Frankie Grande 💀 so I started reading this like "oh, okay" but quickly delved into serious confusion on why he was involved with the Jonas brothers lmao.


This isn't exactly the same, but a family member of mine had a child with the son of a very famous athlete. It's so damn weird seeing them post photos of their grandbaby/my relative and have hundreds or thousands of randos commenting on it.


Oh god I could never do that if I were her! I’d be too anxious about people saying mean or creepy things about my child


Yeah I have ugly duckling syndrome just from being the disabled child vs my non-disabled sister. I can’t imagine how bad it would be if she were a fucking star.


I feel the ugly duckling syndrome from being the only girl with a big nose and autism I knew for a long time! I’m so sorry you go through that, that insidious feeling of being insufficient is really tough to deal with even if it’s not true


Thank you so much. It helps to hear. Also dear god are you me? Same insecurities and diagnosis!


Hey, our faces are built to support strong noses! Something I heard from a comment here was “I’ve never seen a nose that doesn’t look like it belongs in the face it’s in” and it helped me with that insecurity too. Big noses are criminally underrated and constantly slandered tbh, justice for bumpy bridges and wider nostrils!!


> Hey, our faces are built to support strong noses! girl you are so right!! I am right there with you on the big nose justice crusade


Being famous or closely associated/related to a famous person is my absolute worst nightmare. Every year a project I work on at work does some publicity stuff and i always get a week or two of strangers dming me about various things on IG and LinkedIn bc of it and i hate it so much. I could not imagine having the entire world know me and my family relatively intimately and have to deal with that all the time, every day of my life. Especially when it's only bc you're related to someone. Absolute nightmare. And that doesn't even begin to delve into the trust issues you probably have with everyone bc anyone could be using you to get close to your famous relative (and she's got 2! [Three if you count trace i guess...])


Oh god you consistently live my own personal nightmare, I get anxious by texts from people I *like*, I would die with a bunch of random people trying to talk to me. But yeah, I don’t know how they do it, I’d go mental in about a month of the level of exposure they get


same! it just sounds so awful. i always feel bad when people make fun of the “ugly sibling” of a celeb, like the Hemsworth’s brother.


And I believe he got into acting first (because he’s the eldest)… he’s really good!


Growing up I experienced the “well sibling” syndrome . Through my early to late teenage years my younger sister was diagnosed with schizophrenia, depression, anorexia and had really horrible anxiety. Because of the seriousness of my sisters mental health my parents didn’t have the capacity to look after me in a way that I was previously used to and began feeling really neglected and was often forgotten about. I deffo grew up in her shadow (I understand of course that it wasn’t anyones fault at ALL and I’m glad they focused on her) but I ended up becoming really depressed and formed an ED and had derealization for a quite a few years before my parents noticed that I wasn’t ok. I feel bad for the people who’s siblings are famous


i feel this so hard — my older sibling has had a myriad of health issues from the time we were teens and i had the exact same issues as you, down to ED/derealization/depression which flew under the radar. i recently learned about “glass children”, meaning siblings whose needs often go unnoticed and unmet because they’re looked over (“glass” meaning transparent, not fragile) due to the high needs of their siblings. i also always feel the need to convey how i’m not resentful and i understand why it happened too lol but yeah — right there with you. having that name helped so much, it perfectly conveys reality (because i wasn’t “well” myself, i was just much more quietly unwell.)


Sending love to you 💗💗


I’m so sorry to hear about this! Depersonalization is honestly one of the most terrifying experiences I’ve had. I hope you’re doing better now ❤️


Thank you so much 💗 I’m doing a lot better now that my sister is better and not living in that environment ! but can slip in and out of depersonalisation when I’m going through a hard time. Being in lockdown in aus was wild for me! I hope you are okay xxxx


I was just thinking about this, too! Especially if the sibling also wants to work in the entertainment industry, they would never be able to escape the constant comparisons. That would drive anyone wild. Lorde's younger sister, Indy, just released her debut track - she says she's been working on music for the past 4 years and has always dreamed of being a singer. The production of the track makes it sound like it was a Melodrama reject and Indy sounds and looks SO much like Lorde that the comparisons are inevitable. I'm sure she's thrilled to be releasing music but I wonder how the Lorde comparisons will weigh on her. I also hear a lot of similarities between Noah and Miley's singing voices, but I think it helps that they make different types of music. I'm glad it seems that Noah is in a better place, too. She said: >But as I’ve grown as a musician, especially in the past three years, I would say that bothered me less and less. I might be doing things that other people in my family do, but I’m doing it in a way that is mine. I think with this album I’ve healed a part of me. I'm also curious about the dynamic of working for your celebrity sibling/family member. Like Austin Swift reportedly handles the licensing of Taylor's music in movies.


Oh god, the fact that I had to google her three times and could only find her after including “lorde” is such a real time example of this 😭 I hadn’t thought about the “under the shadow of” experience of being a celeb with a celeb sibling vs working *for* your celeb sibling. I’d have to imagine the former is tougher since pursuing a career in entertainment kind of implies you do have aspirations to make a name for yourself, or at least for your work.


There is certainly a trade off. They’ll always be compared to their sibling and if they become successful, people won’t think it was due to their own merit. The flip side is they get opportunities most other people could even dream of. Having your music out there for people to be listening to in the first place is something most people aren’t able to achieve. Talent only gets you so far. You usually need luck and/or connections as well.




Not quite what you're looking for, but the show The Other Two on HBO is about this very thing and it's fantastic


Ohh I had seen this on HBO but it didn’t catch my eye, I’ll have to give it a watch


Same! I have always wondered what that family dynamic looks like, especially when only one person in the family becomes famous.


Ashlee Simpson wrote a whole song and some of her album about this perspective.


This is what I think it means when people say celebs sell their soul to the devil. Not the literal illuminati, but these people give up so much and end up so damaged for money and notoriety. It can’t be worth it


100%, it's funny how literal that phrase got in the 2010s with christian and alt right conspiracy theorists. I was into it at the time (tragic, but I was a lil dumb teen) and Kesha had a song named "dancing with the devil". The channels I followed were like SEE! PROOF! Meanwhile, she's over here probably talking about Dr Luke


It's very Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.


So are her family surprised her boyfriend, named *Lil Xan* introduced her to Xanax or…


Whenever I think of him, I think of the pic of him faded with his face SMOOSHED against hers. Hilarious


I think of him going to the hospital because his flamin hot Cheetos were too hot for his lil tum tum 🥺


That happens a lot more than you think. My mom was a peds ER nurse, said a lot of kids stomach aches were caused by flaming hot chips. They would think the dye was bloody stool, too.


my favorite part of that was when he got asked about it by paparazzi later and he was like “yeah basically i ate way too much hot cheetos, i have a really poor diet 😀” just so matter-of-fact and cheerful lmfaooo


That is *all* I think about. Xanax is a hellova drug.


I actually reallllly like her voice and music so far. Really happy to hear she got clean and is in a better place.


Her new album is actually pretty good…worth the listen imo


Does anyone else remember a year or two ago when Harry Styles did a magazine spread and she posted it on her Instagram story with the caption, “you nappy headed hoes could NEVER”? Because I remember it every time I see her.


was that the one directeed at Candace Owens for calling for "manly men" to come back or something??


Not sure but she claimed she didn’t know it what it meant and thought it was just a clapback.


She said she thought it meant tired 💀


Ugh I love Noah’s music so much I’ve never been one for sad emo ballads but her songs are so intimate and her voice is gorgeous – I listen to her album of duets with PJ Harding, _People Don’t Change_, when I’m overwhelmed and need a sad girl nap Her single ‘All Three’ was my most played song of 2021 – an underrated gem of a record and one of my all time favourites


I thought that said PJ Harvey and I was like 🤯


Same! I was like, I don't know much about Noah. I like what I've heard but an album with PJ Harvey!? That would be sick. Now I'm disappointed.


Debut album? I could have sworn she already had one. It can’t be easy and I can’t even pretend to understand growing up in the limelight & in comparison to your sister who at the peak of their fame was the Hannah Montana. Then have people comment negatively about your looks as well. I wish her well.


Yeah I thought The End of Everything was her debut but turns out it was an EP. It’s 8 songs though so was pretty substantial as far as EPs go.


It's been a recent trend for artists to release long EPs (which are essentially an album) so that they have a more established fanbase for their "debut". Gracie Abrams did this with a 12 track EP.


We go to the same medi spa and I ran into her a couple of times. She seemed very sweet tbh


July on repeat forever


I was so shook by July. I was like... Do I rly like a Noah Cyrus song???? Like on repeat like it???


Hard same. But Mr. Percocet getting a few spins in too.


Omg I love your username 🥹


i remember the bullying she was subjected to as a little kid and that stuff was very ugly. her music is nice. that family has talent, but they got some drama. i hope she continues to carve her own lane and stay away from all that toxic bullshit.


I’m always surprised by how much I like her music lol


It’s GOOD.


I remember her parents allowing (or making) her walk the red carpet at 9 promoting her LINGERIE LINE while wearing it


It wasn't dessous but it was tight bandeau tops with mini tutus. Definitely not appropriate for a 9 year old [Noahs Red Carpet Look](https://amp.nine.com.au/article/0639187d-2409-423c-8dfb-b28542f8a3e4)


Oh gross


I remember reading some magazine that captioned those pics “looks 14 but really 9!!” as if that was a compliment to look that old and when she really didn’t look that old at all…


Wait WHAT?




She mean her team came up with a sound that's different from the rest of her family.