Every time someone brings up Bungie store support, I like to weigh in with my experience to show some solidarity. I ordered my raid ring in August 2020 and the parcel was lost in transit. I opened multiple tickets asking for assistance or clarification if I could get a reshipment, got no response on any of them, until I requested a refund. Someone responded to that refund request ticket within a day and reshipped the ring to me. It took me almost 12 full months to recieve my purchase. I refuse to ever purchase from the Bungie Store again.


I am also still waiting for an answer to my ticket or my raid ring... maybe I should try your route!


If you are going to contact them about a missing parcel, do go through the delivery services' claim service too. USPS disputed my claim on the grounds that they had never received the parcel from the vendor. I was able to include that claim information in my final ticket requesting a refund, and I think that is what led to the store support taking action. Document everything, save emails to PDF, and never stop until you get your goods or get your money back.


I’m waiting well over a year for a t shirt and 6 months for a coin, from now on I’m not buying from the store and I’ve refused to buy anymore dlc’s


Absolutely agree, the worst I've ever experienced. It's one thing that the deliveries take over a year for preorder items, but even if the item is finally shipped (or they claim it is), it's impossible to get any information. Whomever they outsource that service to has seriously issues even understanding English it seems. Either that or they are deliberately giving you "answers" that do not match your questions.


100% agree!


Same for me. Ordered in Feb and havent got it yet.


I just canceled my pre-order and re-ordered normally. I\`m interested to see if it\`s gonna be here faster than the headsets ordered by my friends.


I bet it does. Here's my guess at what happened. They put in an order for the pre-ordered headsets. The order is taking too long to fulfill so they lined up a different vendor to get the same product. When they did this the new item on the Bungo store was given a different item code. In their system it's a totally different product so they *are* doing first in first out. It's just that they're too dumb to fill the pre orders with a *technically* different product. Even though that product is the same as the pre orders, it's got a different item number in their system.


That does indeed sound pretty logical. But pretty dumb for the customer


Bungie on LIFO for orders, lol


The items you're looking for are on Amazon, mine took 3 days to arrive after ordering and I ordered the entire Steel Series bundle.


for real, why the hell would you wait so long, and then cancel, and THEN re-order through Bungie?!?!?


You see friend, it’s a test


I'm going to do the same if it works.


I can guarantee it will be


I had to do the similar thing with grimoire books. They couldn’t deliver for 10 months then cancelled the order. Amazon then delivered in ~2 weeks, lol. Especially interesting cause I ordered books and MMXX t-shirt at the same time just two different orders. T-shirt arrived ok, books never came.


I ordered a moments of triumph t-shirt last July and it hasn’t shipped. It’s been nearly a year now. I ordered the override sweatshirt and it took every bit of 10 months. I’m done with the bungie store.


My 2020 Moments of Triumph t-shirt arrived in late July of 2021. Hopefully you’ll get yours soon.


Still waiting for my 2020 t shirt ☹️


I ordered a strange coin in October and they said it's coming next month


Would have been quicker to track down a collectors edition of Taken King for the strange coin inside.


Those didn't have the chip inside, if that mattered to anyone.


Would have been quicker to not lie, because the strange coin opened up in december. Ya know, when dares of eternity actually launched? Of course the top comment here is a blatant lie. This is why you can never take people here at face value.


I ordered my Strange Coin on 2/21 and they sent me an email on 5/5 to expect another email in July for a shipping update. I knew going in Bungie isn't on top of things when it comes to shipping merch and honestly forgot about it until seeing this post. On one hand it would be annoying to attempt to buy an item as a gift as you really have no idea when it will come but on the other hand you need to be a D2 player to even be able to purchase a lot of items so I don't think a ton of them are being purchased as gifts.


Its not about shipping, its about production. People need to realize these bungie rewards orders are made in limited quantities based on how many people got them, with some extras made for any issues. These long times to arrive are reasonable for that, as thats how long production schedules really are, especially with covid shutdowns in the mix.


Please stop apologising for these massive companies as if they don’t heavily market and sell these things to get as many peoples money as soon as possible and then just tell them to wait while they slowly get stock and ship it out. Where was the warning saying they didn’t expect things to ship for 6+ months? Oh wait there want one because if people see they they don’t order.


Still waiting on mine from January…. And I did exactly this. I want that one with the chip in it, though.


Bungie obviously not running enough dares of eternity


Because they are still traumatized from playing it 100 times when it came out.


I love dares. Adas bounties need to be updates to include more seasonal events and things like dares.


Same. Sent an email out about it a few weeks ago because I actually remembered I ordered the darn thing. Got the same reply that it'll be here by end of the summer ish


Let\`s see if that will be the case. It\`s more likely that they just send another mail stating it will arrive even later xD


Ordered my splicer hoodie the day it was available and got it in January


I just got mine last month.


Just got mine 2 weeks ago




Splicer hoodie wasn't even available until quria was able to be killed


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Funny, I ordered my Strange Coin Dec 8 and it shipped a week later. Now the Penguin figure....that took damn near a year to get (longest item I've ordered).


IIRC the page for the strange coin said there was limited stock already available, so if you were in that first wave, you got it in a normal time frame




yes it did


?? The Strange Coin was a 30th anniversary reward that didn't appear until December? I ordered mine in December and got it months ago.


I ordered it just after the update and I’ve yet to even get an email about it, also got the coin collection for the last 4 seasons and nothing about that either


That\`s actually horrible :(


I tired to order one, had all of the requirements but the link never worked. Reach out to them and never heard anything back.


I pre-ordered the moments shirt last year. Now I added my name on the side except it was typed wrong and so before I hit order I went and changed it and all was dandy til I hit order and I checked again and it has reverted to the original misspelled name. I immediately messaged customer service. And they didn't respond. I messaged again. Nothing until they responded 3 months later saying they had already shipped and there was nothing they could do. Blatantly shocking seeing as it's their fault in the first place of the error and that they didn't respond. No I'm sorry or any voucher. I genuinely haven't had such a bad online shopping experience until I shopped on the Bungie store. Unfortunately I'll still be using it as it's the only way to get deluxe editions and rewards. And when it works it's great but my god... When it doesn't I feel sorry for others who went through similar stuff


That\`s basically the same as my experience. It does make me sad to see how they genuinely do not care about you. No 'sorry about inconveniences' or anything like that


It's genuinely sad. Like I don't mind the spelling mistake it was one character. But I just wish a little more empathy and humanity was shown. Hopefully your headset comes soon though :/


Indeed. Their customer service is one of THE WORST if not the worst.


And that's actually sad IMO. I really enjoy playing the game :(


Still waiting on the Moments of Triumph shirt, IDK if anyone has gotten theirs yet. Honestly from Bungie I just order stuff and forget about it, when it shows up it's a nice surprise lol


Usually I'm with you but I did order the headset out of necessity (at least 50% other 50%being the looks) because my old headset died. I've been playing for 4 months without a headset now lol.


I'd ask for a refund and see if they take the bait. You may get a totally different response if want to keep the money. The best customer service is always the refund department.


Exactly. Until that point they don't think you're mad enough.


Yeah. If you’re not threatening their profit you’re doing it wrong.


Nah for sure your situation sucks, especially when your friends are getting theirs on Amazon Prime timelines and you're getting yours on canned food expiration date timelines.


Loool🤣🤣🤣 Just the ones who did not pre-order and waited for 4 months received it this fast 🙄


Same situation man. Ordered one to replace my broken one, now I’ve got my old broken one held together with a rubber band and a staple waiting for the new one lmao.


Ordered mine on December 11. Got an email on June 9 that the order is going to be shipped in 2-3 weeks. The status is still processing on the website. I hope I can get it till the end of summer at least lmao


That "Processing" status means nothing. 2 years ago I ordered and got a collectors pin and this order is still on "Processing".


That sounds about right, I think I ordered it around the same time. Though I'm pretty sure I'm an XL now and I almost certainly ordered a L...


I guess ordering a big L was a mistake (ordered an L as well)


Haha yeah exactly. I'm either buying an emblem code, or just straight up donating. And sometime down the line a toaster might show up at my door lol


Ah Jötunn enthusiast huh? Replica toaster :'D


Haha, yeah. Ended up getting a nicer toaster before it showed up but hey, the sandwich holder is pretty cool (Also it is such a sick emblem lol)


Just got it last weekend. Honestly forgot I had ordered it at this point haha.


Ah so they are going out. Dope.


If it helps at all, I put my order in December 7th


I got an email a while ago that it's supposed to ship in late July. I ordered it early February.


Yup, that sounds about right. I think they estimated March when I ordered it, got one or two update emails since about estimated delivery.


Ordered mine in December finally, showed up 3 days ago


Which one did you get? (or not get ig) because i ordered the one from 2020 i think and it never arrived. Upon contacting customer support, they said it had arrived, which it hadn't, so i said so to which they basically responded "oh its in amsterdam rn" (i live in Switzerland) so i asked if they can send it again, which they did, but they then got it back or sthg and about a month and a half after they had allegedly sent it i asked again, to which they said they had gotten it back again and asked if it would be possible to send it a different way, when we said sure, there are addresses in germany and england you could send it to, but it had to be in the same country, so fine, send it to this other address we have then, whatever. Same problem. It never arrived. Guess where it was? Amsterdam. Ordered the shirt around september or something 2020, february 2022 and it hadnt arrived yet. I cancelled the order and got a refund, which really sucked because it was personalised and everything and i was looking forward to getting it because i thought it was really cool. The worst customer service i have ever seen, they didn't give any reason as to why they couldn't send it to a different address in germany/england or it supposedly came back every time they sent it. Nothing, just that it was in amsterdam rather than here.


I got mine last week


Only thing I ordered so far was the prophecy hoodie and got that one about 8 months later. Then about halve a year later I saw a viode of a Destiny Youtuber that mentioned that his hoodie just arrived, so that guy waited over a year for his Hoodie


Still w8ing for mine too with techian hoodie, ordered them in like october last year, got tracking number for tshirt like 2 days ago and still not shiped from bungo office to ups post...


I'm waiting on my shirt as well. Got an email late May stating when they'd ship it based on when you placed the order. I made my order Dec. 15, the email says it'd ship Early June and here it is Mid - Late June...still tracking number.


Yeah the Bungie store is pretty horrendous and god help you if you live outside the US. It's like if UPS had five people total working there doing everything.


I had ordered a stasis shirt from the Bungie store last year as part of another purchase. Everything came in, but they had sent the wrong shirt. The shirt I ordered and the shirt they sent had the same product code, with the only difference being a placement of a 1 (ex, it read xxx1000xxx instead of xxx0001xxx). Understandable enough mistake, so I emailed them about it and asked for the correct shirt and a prepaid shipping envelope so I could send the wrong shirt back. They sent me an response in December with only a shipping update. By Feb or March it still wasn't here, so I emailed them again, this time threatening to issue a charge back on my card and a complaint to the BBB. It finally showed up either the end of April or beginning of May. The Bungie Store has the worst customer service I've ever seen, bar none. It shouldn't take close to a year to get this stuff and get it right.


I ordered a pair of the Moon themed Palladium boots during SDK, after like 6 months when they finally shipped them out, I never received them. Messaged bungie, was told to wait a few weeks. After a few more weeks, they basically just told me to fuck off and have my money back, which was very disappointing after such a long wait.


I feel you. And the funny part is that the boots are still shown as 'on sale' on the website till this very date. I think the customer support could use at least the normal phrases like: 'sorry for the inconveniences' so the customer doesn't feel like shit lol


And also that you could probably order them directly from palladium, get them cheaper, and get the size you want instead of ladies 7 (US).


Same thing happened to me with the Deep Stone Crypt jacket. Ordered it in December 2020 and they shipped it from within the EU in October 2021. It never arrived. After being unresponsive to my emails for a few months they finally replied in April 2022 saying that the item was lost in shipping and that they're sending me a refund. Very disappointing experience, I never encountered these problems with their old store website.


Same thing happened to me! Fucking joke.


After 10.5 months I finally got my Expunge hoodie last week. Great, right? No. I ordered the Solstice shirt at the same time. Package arrives (still had to pay the $10 shipping, that was delayed twice), hoodie is there, shirt isn't. Packing list says it is. Contact CC, 3 days later get told they let the shipping center know but couldn’t tell me if or when my problem would be fixed. I still have an Ager's beanie (apparently it's shipped, or so I've been told), a Techeun hoodie, and this last MoT shirt still on order, with the last two still being in production (I usually order late). At this rate I'm gonna have to switch my shipping address to a family member's so I can move and they just ship it to me since my timeframe is still pretty loose.


I’m still waiting on my fucking Expunge hoodie. Got the email saying it would ship in 2-3 weeks, but that was almost 6 weeks ago now.


I'm in the same boat, but last time I sent an email asking them what was going on, their answer was basically "It'll get there when it gets there."


my VoG jacket took 11 months to arrive last physical purchase i'll ever make from them


Yeah I'm curious how long my Vow jacket will take to arrive.




I've gotten two raid jackets (Garden and DSC), and both took a lot longer than expected (something like 8-9 months). I totally get it takes time to actually start making the jacket. For me, the main issue is that both jackets took so long that I actually moved to new apartments so I had to contact customer service to update the shipping both times. For the garden one, it was relatively smooth, though it took about a week to hear back. For DSC... it literally took 3-4 emails and over a month to get things updated.


> For the Vow jacket, they give a timeframe if 6-8 months after ordering. If you keep an eye on the Bungie Store Twitter account as that gets closer, you'll be able to see how accurate that estimate is holding up. i have no problem with production taking 6 months when being warned beforehand. which is what Bungie did what i do have a problem with is when they start sending out "orders will be fulfilled next month" in november of last year, repeat that every two months until it is eventually sent in may and any request to customer support in the meantime just gets a reply saying "a third party handles logistics, we don't know specifics"


I guess you’re the third type that doesn’t realize they’re blatantly lying about the lead times. It doesn’t take months to print their design on premade jackets from China. Same with their hilarious shipping times. They simply wait a few months to even start production because you can’t *issue a chargeback through your credit card company after a few months * It’s by design and this is the only reason those “lead times” exist.


Yeah fair, ordered the DSC raid jacket back in december 2020 and I still havent gotten it despite contacting the customer support mutliple times


In what world is this ok? That’s ridiculous


I ordered a hoodie with my gamertag on for one of the triumphs (UK) Last I heard of it was it was in the Falklands and that was a few years ago. Should be arriving any day now


From what I can tell Bungie places manufacturing orders in batches and not as orders come in. This is why you see all these cut off dates for when you can order. It's not until the cutoff date has passed where they actually place a order with manufacturing. The stuff that has to be manufactured received and then finally shipped out to the customers. This can take a really long time. I've had almost a year between when I've ordered something and it actually arrived. Bungie does a very poor job at letting you know the status because it's much more involved than just having it already in the warehouse and shipping it out. The way they do it does make sense from financial perspective. They don't have to forecast anything but it makes for a very poor customer experience.


Bungies store just sucks. Still waiting for my moments shirt to ship, but I ordered a where twab shirt and that took two weeks to come in. Not to mention the whole jotunn toaster debacle. They definitely need either new vendors or an actual warehouse, not to mention at least doubling the amount of staff.


I ordered the Vidmaster pin and received the Deadeye pin instead. Contacted the store and they said they were checking with the warehouse to see what had happened. It’s obvious the person packing the order just wasn’t doing their job right and didn’t read. Then they said the warehouse would be shipping me a new one “soon.” This was over a month ago and they stopped responding to emails. File a report on the better business bureaus website. That seems to actually light a fire under them and gets them to actually do something from my experience.


BBB is a joke of a company. Years ago they mattered. No longer. Your states consumer affairs is what you want I believe.


it's a joke when they actually get involved in something, but the threat of them usually gets companies moving


Yeah, the threat of them has gotten Bungie moving multiple times from my own experience.


The BBB is pretty much just an official sounding paid endorsement for companies. Seriously. You could have the best damned business in your area and if don't pay the BBB, they'll never know you exist. But if your business gives them money, all of a sudden you'll have more BBB awards and endorsements than you know what to do with. The shittiest HVAC company in our city has BBB awards going back 10 years yet everyone (including myself) that has used them has had the shittiest experiences with their staff and their work. The fan in my furnace went out this last winter and I hired them to fix it. The fan they replaced it with was way too small for the unit and was fried 2 weeks later due to not being able to handle the amount of power going to it. Hired another, smaller, not BBB accredited HVAC company to come out after to fix and they were like "What bozo thought this tiny fan was going to work in this unit? Was it the only one they had in the truck at the time or something?" Told them who fixed it then he gave me the spiel about the BBB basically being a paid scam. Looked into afterwards and from what I've found out, they speak the truth. At this point, I'd take the opinions from Yelp reviews and social media comments over BBB accreditation.


I said something very similar here before I saw your comment. My friend worked for them several years ago. The way it was described to me was that his job was to cold call businesses and try to get them to become a member. The sales pitch was fucking weird, like almost "nice store you got here. Shame if anything happened to it" kinda shit. The absolute best part is that they can't really do anything. They aren't any kind of authority. They can't make the tire shop or whatever do right. They can ask them about it, and make recommendations, but as long as they pay the dues, I can tell you the BBB doesn't give a damn.


While I agree, every time I’ve had an issue with the Bungie store I’ve made a complaint there and Bungie has responded within days and had replacements out the door shortly thereafter.


They refused to send me a new Vidmaster pin when I showed them it arrived scratched, they said there weren't any more in stock to replace it with. I hope yours actually arrives one day!


At least you got a response....they completely ignore me :(


i bought t-shirts last August, never had an update and if i try to contact support they just tell me to eat shit lol 50$ emblem


So they stole your money, basically.


That's when you issue a charge back and make a complaint to the BBB.


I just don't buy anything from their store at all anymore because the experience is so bad. I order the lore books from Amazon, free shipping and they arrive faster.


At least you got a reply. I've ordered A LOT from the Bungie Store over the years, and I've never had a problem until I ordered the Arcadia Class Jumpship Sculpture. It arrived damaged with pieces broken off of it. I contacted them three times, each time explaining the situation and asking what I can do to exchange or get an unbroken piece, and they never replied to me. In the third attempt I even linked pictures to the damage. Not one reply from an actual person. Just the automated "we received your message" email. It's been months now and I've since found a local shop that was able to repair it, and it looks quite nice, but it cost me about as much as the original purchase. Not ideal, but at least I have what I originally paid for. I'm still waiting on my Techeun hoodie that I ordered forever ago, but I haven't ordered anything since because I just don't want to risk not being able to correct an issue if I have one.


I feel that burn of waiting. I ordered mine day and date of the pre order opening up and just received it maybe a week ago. Not to mention the other stuff I've ordered and hadn't/never received/ gotten a reply on. Ordered the CE for witch queen, got the digital code but none of the physical stuff. Emailed them twice about it and STILL haven't gotten a reply yet. At this point I'm giving up...


I get emails saying my stuff is shipping soon for stuff I've already received. Granted it's a better situation than many of you are reporting but it just makes it abundantly clear they have piss poor management


i wanna buy the new dungeon Hakke hoodie but that 6-8 month shipping period is beyond ridiculous


It will probably take even longer than that. My VoG jacket said it would ship out in 6 months. It took 11.


Wheres the Bungo reply?? Who's even keeping up with the community? Is u/dmg04 still floating around?


I think it\`s pretty 'early' where the Bungie HQ is located.


Not too early. It's 8:22. I wonder when they start working. Looks like DMG hasn't posted in a few days, though.


It’s a long weekend. Juneteenth is being observed today


Something like this would require them to say something more than "we're listening", so don't count on it.


And the emblem code you get from it worked?


It sure did. It came with the order confirmation back in February.


Cause you made me buy the headset now^^ And the code isnt working (happy)


Oh damn I'm sorry xD But I had not problems redeeming it on the website.


Well ill wait and try it again later. But that emote you get from the headset....looks nice


It's amazing. My clan mate emoted me with this exact emote to show he received his headset before I did. 😂


> why does the customer support not read the actual messages they receive? a common problem among any customer service. you could send them a dick pic and still get a friendly generic troubleshooting response.


I tried to order a stocking cap back in October or November. Some thing you had to earn in game. The website wouldn’t let me order because I needed to verify my email address. It was already verified. Then it said change password. Did that. Nothing. Emailed bungie about it trying to get help. Got sent a picture of the exact directions and was told to verify my email. I just took my money elsewhere. Their store and service blows.


Just so you know you can buy all of the Destiny edition Steel Series products on Amazon and they'll arrive in 3 days, I have the entire bundle and have had it for about 2 months now.


I ordered a Splicer Seal Pin in August with an estimated shipping time of 4-6 months. I wrote two emails in early March and one in April and received no response until last month, when I realized that I always received an immediate response with the picture of the pre-order shipping update (which did not include my item). After that, I understood that by checking "Where is my order" on the request form I would only receive automatic replies and I therefore circumvented the problem by checking "Other Order-Related Issues", which I recommend you to do if you do not have tried yet. My experience afterwards was not the best, I was told that the order had already been shipped in December but it was back in warehouse for unspecified reasons, asking me to confirm that my address was correct. I pointed out that I had never received a tracking number and it seemed absurd that no one had contacted me in 5 months about this, as the order on the Bungie Store was "processing". I trusted the customer service that actually sent the order to me a few days later (a half-opened box with no tape to close it, smh), but I'm not sure I want to order from them again, I felt cheated by the automatics replies and by the initial responses of the staff, that despite everything helped me quickly.


I purchased the Eris statue when it first came out, waited for months(I honestly don’t mind waiting as it’s just another dust collector for the shelf) then in December people I knew started getting theirs and I figured mine must be coming soon too. Well it apparently got lost in transit but because I waited too long to let them know that it had been lost in transit (over 30 days after the shipment date) they told me sorry, nothing we can do. So I’ve basically refused to order anything from there since. This coming from someone who would regularly order a few hundred dollars of stuff every year.


That's actually pretty bad. I mean they loose a lot of money doing it the way they are.


Oh man, oh man, oh man. I could talk about this all day. Items they claim are in stock that take months to ship (if ever). Preordered items that are literally forgotten till they arrive 6-8 months later, and my favorite story of all......I was sent a deadeye pin instead of my vidmaster, i reported it to the Bungie Store, and their response was more or less 'that sucks, we're sorry'. And that was it. No remedy presented. I was provided a product i did not order, did not receive the correct one, and nothing was done about it. I get Covid wrecked havoc on this world but I am getting the feeling they are hiding behind that shield to compensate for terrible customer support. It's simply nonexistent. It's been this way for YEARS.


not only that, but the shipping prices are absolutely horrendous, most of the time i have to pay half of the items price in shipping or more, and i’m literally a state away from where they ship stuff


When WQ came out I had pre-ordered the Collector's Edition and received a bugged code, provided the Season Pass and Pre-Order goodies but not WQ itself. I spent a week & a half back and forthing with CS and their final response to the matter was "we've seen reports from our social spaces that the code was included in the shipping container under a false flap in the box, did you try checking there?". I had already informed them I'd looked for the spare code to no avail, and they'd stopped responding to two tickets about the issue by that point. I had had enough and sent a complaint to the Better Business Bureau, in about one day the issue was resolved and I had been sent the correct code. BBB also confirmed in the month of WQs release they'd received over 100 complaints. Posting for solidarity in Bungie having a shit CS team.


I ordered my Undying Triumph medallion as soon as it unlocked and got it 7 months later. Take this info as you will.


That's about right. Seasonal items, like the medallion pins, don't go into production until after the last day to order them, because Bungie only orders enough made to cover the purchases + some to come cover replacements. And then "you" need to take into account the fact that the company they go through to make these items isn't just sitting around, they moist likely have orders from other companies ahead of what bungie needs.


Clanmate ordered TWQ Collector’s Edition (he has ordered every CE so far) and it just never showed up. After repeated enquiries to CS (over the course of several months) they eventually just refunded him.


I remember ordering the deep stone crypt jacket. While in production, I moved. I put in a request to get my shipping address changed. Right before shipping happened I made sure to check to see if it was updated. On the website it was my old address, so I put in another request. After assurance that my address had been changed, BungieStore shipped it to the wrong place. It wasn’t either of my addresses, but a weird mix of them. The street and house of the old one with the city and state of the new one. It ended up bouncing back to BungieStore and I was able to get my item, but the customer service really made me not want to buy anything else ever


I ordered the starhorse shirt awhile back and it is not listed as a pre-order on the site but I never received it. My solstice 2021 shirt with my Screenname should be arriving in the next month we will see what get here first tye shirt or solstice 2022. I really like the shirts the are really comfortable to me so I tend to order all the bungie rewards ones and some of the miscellaneous as I wrote this I am.wear the Witch Queen shirt with Savatuns symbol


OP. Get your money back. No more shipping updates. Ask for your money back. If they don’t give it immediately, call your bank/card company. Right now. *Get your money back*. The longer you wait and the longer you go without a solution, the more upset you’re going to be. Just do it. Rip the bandaid off. Accept that your first order? *Was a HUGE fucking waste of time and your emotions*. Order the headset, now a second time, if you dare. Get it within a week. If the problem repeats and you don’t get it in a week or two, accept you’re doomed to not get this headset. But more importantly? GET YOUR MONEY BACK! The longer you wait, the harder it is to reach a resolution with Bungie and your bank/card company, and a sour taste is going to be left behind anytime you want to buy something by Bungie.


I ordered my strange coin as soon as their website verified that I did whatever the in game requirement was. It said at most Id have to wait until around March and I have yet to recieve it. The kicker is on their shipping update it says "Strange Coins ordered after X date" and I ordered mine 3 full days before then. Yeah I think Im done with the bungie store.


I order the splicer Hoodie last August. It arrived a week and a half ago.


I have been meaning to make a post of sorts here about the store, but I figured it would not be taken well or that people wouldn’t care. I had preordered the crucible/vanguard/gambit underwear as well as one of my friends. We both received our underwear in the same week, but it was the weapon manufacture sets instead. We both then made a customer support request cause really we just wanted that crucible underwear pair, and my friend immediately got a response and in the same week a correct pack of the set. I waited a month to hear back on my ticket, and then created 2 more with 2+ weeks between each. I was never responded to until the final one where I threatened to cancel all my orders (I have 3 active orders that I placed months ago now) and they responded immediately. I get Covid has put stress on the supply chain of a lot of businesses, but when friends are getting responses and fixes to their orders while others get nothing is crazy.


Wow, that’s just bad. Like really bad. Any decent order/accounting software will prioritize FIFO. I suspect they intentionally decided to ship the most recent orders so they could change the website in an effort to get more orders now. That takes advantage of the pre order customers in a nefarious way, as they know they’ve been waiting and figure “what’s a bit more time to them?”. That’s a horrible business practice.


That's exactly what I thought tbh. I really felt bad because I as a pre-order person give them my money so they can do with it whatever they what.


They use it to buy more inventory of the items. But doing that, and then not shipping to you first is scummy. Say there’s a 30% markup (it’s probably more in all honesty), that lets them order your item and everyone else who pre ordered it, while also not having to use their capital to fulfill your order. The salt in the would us that not only did your preorder money help them order more than just the quantity of preorders, they also used it to get inventory to ship to people who ordered after they were “in stock”. That’s straight BS. I’ll never order anything from Bungie after reading your experience. Send all this info to content creators and Paul Tassi. Maybe one or more will make content on it to bring this major issue to light.


That\`s the sad part. I really like the game and the products are okay as well. But it seems like a lot of people have at least a comparable experience to mine when it comes to customer service. When the products actually arrive they are nice.


Whatever someone says before the word "...but..." doesn't matter.


I pre-ordered my raid jacket, confirmed multiple times it was still being sent, then they finally told me they "oversold" it and didn't have it. They sent me a men's large. I fucking hate their shitty support team. They did absolutely nothing for me.


I think this only happens to things like the jackets and shirts, or maybe pins item which you earn by playing the game I have ordered the grimoire collection, the comic volume one and things like that even the poster one and all of them arrived within a 1 month and i live in India


If you love this game you would appreciate the humor of "first in last out" shotgun from arrivals


I do like the shotgun. Killed a few thousand guardians in pvp with it and melted some bosses as well. :)


Hey hopefully you get it ENYO-Delivery box soon enough


I hope so too 🤣


So I've ordered almost every Bungie Reward product I can get (seals, shirts, hoodies, etc., Not raid jackets cause they're too expensive to care about). I've gotten everything within the window they advertised when I ordered it (4-5 months, some 6 depending on if there was a delay and they emailed me about those instances). I reached out to customer service twice across my purchase history which goes back to 2017-18 essentially. First time, I got a duplicate Hunter Guardian Games package when I had ordered one of each class. Hunter than warlock came, was supposed to get Titan but got another Hunter. I asked if they could send me Titan in exchange for me sending back Hunter, they paid returned postage I got Titan about 2 days after I sent them back Hunter. Second time, splicer hoodie was ordered at the end of that season. I wanted to get that gally shirt from the 30 anniversary so I ordered that when it was available. This means the hoodie would come around December judging by when splicer season ended. Got my gally shirt in my size I ordered XL...then got another gally shirt XXL at around the same time shipping confirmation said splicer hoodie was ordered. Contacted customer service offered return of XXL gally shirt, sent pictures bada bing Bada boom, splicer hoodie came before I could send extra gally shirt, support didn't ask for status on return so ended up with a free shirt. Today, Ager's (Kingmaker according to in box shipping packet) beanie ordered at the end of season of the lost came in today. But something weird, a drawstring Bungie bag was what I saw when I opened the package. Beanie was inside the drawstring bag. Product page didn't say it would come that way either. So essentially my point is, for whatever reason mileage may vary and it seems like they prioritize Bungie Rewards pre-orders when it comes to delivering and issue resolution. TL;DR Bungie Store operates the same way Destiny 2 does, RNG


I guess they were using Internet Explorer. They have no excuses now! Kidding aside, that's a shitty situation. Whomever they're outsourcing this business to is probably on the *cheap* side I guess. Reading other comments, taking people serious when they demand a refund, that's just lame.


their third grimoire book has an absolute horrendous editing issue where it repeats paragraphs more than once, ruining the segment of the lore you're reading. And the customer service does not care.


That's a massive let down. Guess I'm glad I skipped those.


Yup. And might I add it progressively got worse with each book.


Honestly just chargeback and don't bother with them, thats what I've done on 3 orders now, they're useless and still sit behind Covid as their reasoning whereas the rest of the world is well past that now


That’s so messed up, maybe your headset is stuck in the Chinese custom or still on the sea and it’s going to your shipping address so they are reluctent to send you one from their stock, which is kind of stupid. From my personal experience, everything shipping out of Shanghai is delayed or even cancelled, a lot of crazy things happened there for the past few months so that’s just unfortunate for you.


Definitely and I do not blame Bungie for anything that happened over there. But not sending the thing I ordered does not sound like a positive thing to me. :(


I'm still waiting on stuff and I live near their HQ lol. It's a joke at this point.


Living near their hq doesn't mean anything. I don't believe the shipping center they use is in or near WA.


tbf i'm yet to see differential treatment even if you were an upper whale user the only thing publishers/devs reply are stuff that blow up in social media (in general) me? i've paid for shit thats 'vaulted' i guess it was hidden somewhere in the ToS


Also had bad experiences with the customer service from the store. My garden of salvation shirt they estimated it’d be sent out within 4-5 weeks so when it was 9 weeks later and it still wasn’t sent out I felt like it was a fair question to ask for an update. The response I received was them explaining what the word “estimate” meant. Feel like when you overshoot your estimate by double the length of time it’s not really an estimate so much as a period of time you pulled out of thin air


That's because this is how Bungie feels about most of the playerbase. You're a dollar sign and once they get that dollar with false hope and lies they couldn't give 2 craps about you after. Look at what they do to the game, only changing when players are so fed up they leave.


I almost became the owner of my oldest son's jacket because of how long the VoG coats took to ship and he nearly outgrew it before it ever shipped. He still might outgrow it, because it was too hot to wear it when it finally came in. He's gotten to try it on once or twice, but hasn't had an opportunity to wear it out of the house.


Shit i order the guardian games golden chalice for my gf bday in august. I didnt know they took this long!!!


Just as bad as their game support. Crazy how a game this big has shit for support


We are going to go into the next Moments of Triumph before people get last years merch


That's unfortunate to hear, but hopefully they get you a satisfactory resolution to your issue. I think I've been waiting a month for a reply from Bungie Store CS about two missing shipments.


Ordered a strange coin back in Dec and emailed to check just like you did. And just as you described I got a basically automated message back with the same estimated dates I had referenced in my email. It's a lesson learned I guess. I'm never buying something on the Bungie store again.


It's like ordering from DHGate, you forget about it so it's a nice surprise when it turns up.


I'm in Latin America and I had been able to buy from the store for years, but after the recent changes, I'm no longer able. Sucks cause I can't buy the new pin. I can buy digital stuff from EU store because they have PayPal, but it's too expensive to buy physical items from Europe to ship back to the US.


This reminded me I forgot to order the guardian games tankard and missed out. But with how long the estimated delivery date was everyone’s stories I guess it’s alright.


Clearly you've never purchased a Dyson product lol


They are awful.. I had a problem with my WQ collectors edition. No tracking at all.. just turned up without any notice. Then got tracking a week later.. they honestly don’t care


Bungie store definitely feels like you're either donating (with the hope of receiving a shirt or something in 6 months, probably more) or just straight up buying an emblem code, that may surprise you with a pendant after another 6 months. In my case, I donated 100$, got a cool emblem, and like, a year later a bungie toaster arrived lmao. Edit: to clarify, (cuz i got yelled at) Idc as much that it takes a long time for most things, (Especially if it's a donation, I mean, I'm not expecting ANYTHINg in return for donating). But I definitely feel for people who get shirts, or raid jackets and stuff like that. I mean I understand it's been difficult for... well, everyone. But the sense of accomplishment from a day 1 really fades away by the time the jacket would arrive lol


Yeah I ordered the splicer hoodie and got the guardian games one instead. It was around the time witch queen was dropping and I kept getting the witch queen timeline photo of preorders and shipping updates. I had even sent a photo of my shipping sheet not matching the actual jacket but no actual response that wasn’t automated. I got fed up and said screw it. I’m never ordering from the store again.


I'm still waiting on the strange coin I ordered back in December. I tried checking for updates and all I found was some post saying covid may cause shipping delays.


I ordered the Europa Raid Parka and there are some issues on it. I contacted Bungiestore Support several times and sent pictures of the issues....NOT EVEN ONCE(!!) did I even get a response. They completely ignored me. That was the last time I ordered Destiny merch.


There seems seems to be a LOT of issues with Bungie's customer service, and this has been a consistent theme I've seen for years on this subreddit. Obviously if people usually only bother to post when the are negative experiences, but still... this doesn't seem to be a rare occurrence.


Back during season of the undying, I've ordered the seal after qualifying. Never got it. That was when I decided to never bother with that pos again.


I’d prob try cancelling the order and reordering since it seems preorders are getting screwed. Or if you can, place another order and if it shows up quickly just cancel the first.


I feel you dude. I ordered the mousepad when it launched on the bungie store. That was months ago and I still haven't received the product or a email that it will be late or anything


I ordered a shirt back in November and still haven’t seen it. If you’re buying a lot I wouldn’t hold my breath. It’s hard to get a lot of materials depending on what you buy. It’s like that in almost any industry depending on the product. It’s just how things are now. Y’all better get used to it.


I made order from them in 2020 and it just disappeared. I’m never getting anything from them again. I don’t care who it’s supporting.


Could not agree more. I pre-ordered the Witch Queen collectors edition back when it was first available and still have yet to receive it, despite it apparently being shipped. Sent a ticket only to receive a generic automated response back.


Aside from the annual t-shirt, I stopped ordering because it's the worst logistical/CSR shop in the country. I ordered some funko pops a few years ago and they took like 14 months to arrive, and only after I had to complain via email for six months striaght. Sad, but I can't buy accessories from them anymore.


I'm surprised you're actually getting updates at all. My emails went unanswered OR were answered *after* the delivery. This was all before the pandemic so it was always like this. Just the worst merch store ever. Not only because of supply chain issues. I'd go months without an update on order status and get no replies to my messages. With how overpriced all their stuff is, it's just not worth it. Each time I told myself, "Never again. This is too expensive to have this much trouble." But I'd order something else and have the same problems. The *only* time customer service every replied to me quickly and addressed my issue was to cancel and order that I was sick of waiting on. So at least one time kinda worked out.


Everything I've ever ordered from the Bungie store has taken 6 months or longer to arrive. Except the BLM pin, that arrived less than a month.


Same. I got one of the jerseys on Black Friday last year. Was supposed to arrive in a week; took until January. It was a size larger than I ordered. I contacted them about this (in January) and they only responded last week (in June) with “your one month of free returns has expired.”


I ordered the SteelSeries set back in February on the same day they announced it. I just got it on Friday.


How are you liking it so far?


No real complaints. Nothing is stellar but I think the $240 or whatever it was fits what I got. Biggest oddity is the headphones have light blue volume wheel which doesn't really fit the aesthetic of anything else. Just wish they made a keyboard as well to complete the set. I'd describe the quality of everything as like a B-. Fairly cheap materials but made to look nice. Edit: You can barely see the volume wheel in this [picture.](https://bungiestore.com/media/catalog/product/s/t/steelseries_headset_02_1000x1000.jpg?quality=80&bg-color=255,255,255&fit=bounds&height=600&width=600&canvas=600:600) That is the most clear picture of it on the Bungie Store :/.