Destiny Tracker In-Game Overlay App - In-Depth Personal & Trials Stats

Destiny Tracker In-Game Overlay App - In-Depth Personal & Trials Stats


Doesn't D2 not like overlays? Or was it changed since Battle eye was added? I remember Bungie was warning people not to use the Discord vc overlay as the game could ban them for it.


My first thought on this. Unless they’re specifically partnered with Bungie maybe?


Maybe they are more lenient with battle eye now in effect? But gona try it out regardless


I haven’t personally looked at the app yet, but I almost guarantee you’ll have to be in windowed/windowed fullscreen. But at that point, why not just use steam overlay? Or a normal web browser?


/u/Cozmo23 should we be worried of using apps like this & BattleEye potentially banning players? The app looks awesome, but on the other hand, I’m afraid I can get banned by accident :(


Same thing I wanna know, hopefully a community manager responds, or DTR themselves.


Oh hey, since I don’t know where else to give feedback for the site, I’ll just throw this here. Any thoughts on changing what playlists are tracked under the Glory header? It’s a bit of an odd and misrepresented stat because a lot of the playlists under it don’t reward Glory points, like Crimson Doubles (at least to my memory), elimination, trials of the nine and Osiris. I think that header should only be for the Survival and the old comp modes since that is what the two categories are meant to show, Glory and Valor. It’s kind of frustrating that my glory KD stats aren’t really accurate since multiple non-glory playlists are rolled into it.


I love the work you guys do for the site! I mainly play console but having an app on my other monitor will be really nice!


Our mobile app support is coming very soon. Cheers.


Now it'll be easier to see I am facing a 3 stack of 100x flawless players when I tried trials for the first time this weekend.


Hi folks Pijinnn here. I've been using the overlay for a test period (as a TRN team member) and I see people worried about using it. I can say comfortably it works in a manner that is not against ToS similiar to how things like XBOX game bar works. It isn't resource heavy either so won't require different window modes to appease. BattleEye hasnt blocked it from being used either. Hope this is helpful!


Cheers :)


Dang, doesn't support insider builds. Can't run it on win11 beta


Should have made it an app for Xbox Game bar.


So clunky


Does this not mess with Battle eye?


It will not.


Amazing work and the destiny stat tracking support by you guys has always been phenomenal. Any thoughts on a more recent trial K/D that is the 3 most recent seasons. Most ppl improve or stay the same over time. And its just daunting not being able to undo the work back when you wernt as good at the game.


We have it for lifetime, season, and last 7 days. You think last 3 seasons avg. is also needed or showing the specific last 3 season? Not sure if too much, let me know.


Hotkey to pull it up don’t seem to work


Does it still happen to you?


Doesnt work still :/ not sure where the source is. Overwolf or the app


I’m having this same issue. Tried changing it from the default Alt+X but still can’t get it to work.


Hello! Recently downloaded your app but I can't use my cursor on the in-game overlay. Not sure if it's a fault on my part or something going wrong. Thanks!


Does it still happens to you?




I'm also worried about the ban hammer for overlays. The reason Discord doesn't work with D2 was due to people getting falsely banned and them not wanting to deal with it. Can we get a Bungie mod/dev to confirm? This is from a highly rated and used source after all.