There's probably going to be a rocket launcher meta next season

There's probably going to be a rocket launcher meta next season


did you unironically mention apex predator as a good rocket launcher


With the right roll anything can be a good rocket launcher, for the most part they all kinda work the same


yeah but have you seen apex predators perk pool? There’s literally zero reason to use it over almost any other rocket


holy shit I never realized how small of a perk pool it has. Ambitious+kill clip is the only good thing I can see but that requires nearby ads to do literally any damage




royal entry can run auto holster and lasting impression or clusters and is a precision frame


Getting a God roll royal entry is near impossible. 25rpms are best, but any rocket deals the same damage. For consistency, do vorpal. Lasting is only 5% more damage and has a timer before it explodes, so vorpal is by far the best in my eyes. Clusters are only a 2% bonus. Impact casing isn't a requirement either, as it is a small bonus as well that is negligible. Autoloading Vorpal is king for hotswap dps but clown vorpal is also good. If you want the best rocket in the game, just run Ascendancy. If you need to match elements, run a royal entry or Hezen. But honestly just get an ascendancy. DPS matters in raids and you'll usually have people doing supers for orbs to proc explosive light easily.


Royal entry doesn’t roll vorpal


I know I was just saying to keep one in your back pocket got matchgame content. Even if it did its near impossible to get a drop you want.


I fully expect next season's 'particle deconstruction' to be rocket related. I would bet on it. Between ghally coming back and them just throwing great RLs at us, it's definitely gonna happen sooner rather than later.


I maen even if we hadn't got Ghally back the seasonal weapon has been a meta weapon with the artifact the next season for like the last year


I excited for when they bring out a ritual weapon that is a primary, having a curated weapon that will be meta the next season will be great!


I really wish we had another aggressive 4 burst pulse rifle..I did GoS once and got a meh roll on the auto rifle (under pressure swashbuckler) and some bad stat armor. I'd rather not have to do a raid that most people loathe just for a slim chance at a rare archetype


I just want my Blast Furnace back, man 😭


Me too. Believe me when I tell you that pulse rifles are my least favorite weapon type in the game, and yet blast furnace felt *so good* that I used it almost as much as my recluse back in the shadowkeep days. I still remember my first drop; appended mag, feeding frenzy, rampage, and a range MW..


I remember my first Blast Furnace too, because it's still in my vault and I refuse to shard it. Meyrin RDS sights, steady rounds, feeding frenzy, rampage, stability MW. Was an absolute laser and carried me from that season all the way to sunsetting when we regrettably had to part ways.


My Blast Furnace doesn't have the *best* rolls, Meyrin/DropMag/Snapshot/KillClip/RangeMW But i used her even into the Beyond Light campaign, for the aesthetic of my Black Armoury Warlock. Maybe one day, BF and Hammerhead will be in my regular loadouts again...


True! I got a solid sacred with rapid hit kill clip which slaps! Bungo should make more of them!


I think a machine gun season would be awesome


Right? I expect S16 will have a machine gun ritual weapon. After that probably a bow or PVE shotgun or even a trace rifle


The ritual weapon foreshadows the next season's Meta too


It will be hard for a machine gun season to not just be the xeno show


Season of the Chosen also had Sundering Glare, a debuff for snipers


Sundering Glare just required rapid precision shots from 40-50m+ away from the target, it wasn’t sniper specific.


I feel like that was more designed with DMT in mind.


Is that when we had anti barrier sniper at least though?


Yup, forgot what its name was so I omitted it lol


Just use Gally. It’s a safe bet that the rocket launcher will be so OP in PvE content it will be required and will outshine every legendary by miles. 1. You pay for it so they wont make it ass. 2. It was the best PVE weapon for raid content almost all of D1. 3. The relaunch of Gally with the next season is 100% tied together to make the most money. A lot of people are waiting on how well Gally performs before sinking the 30 bucks to buy it, if it can be outperformed by any legendary rocket launcher in the game they will lose millions in sales. Zero percent chance it doesnt drop an unstoppable to 20% hp in a GM nightfall with one rocket.


In an interview Blackburn said Gjall would be low skill floor, easy to use, but not the highest DPS. It sounds like the niche Xenophage used to sit in.


yeah! gjallarhorn and xeno are the "ol' reliables". they get stuff done without much thought. stuff like deathbringer that takes more thought will probably outshine gjally, though.


Deathbringer requires all bolts to hit the target (perfect timing and height for detonate) and fall a considerable distance for max damage. In most real world boss scenarios and for most players that is impossible to reliably hit. I could easily see gally outperform deathbringer considering those variables. In a lab setting where the boss is gigantic, alone, standing still then sure deathbringer could outdps gally, but against a boss like atheon? No chance


I mean, I've done more damage to Templar in VoG with Deathbringer in D2 than I ever did with Gjally in D1...


Huge boss, stands still, easy to time perfect rockets, requires zero movement. About as close to the lab setting I described above. In either case a fireteam full of Gallys will still be overkill and require 10x less thought for a minimal dps difference.


Gun ain't even out and your saying it will only be minimally less that deathbringer there is no way you could possibly no death


Gally got a pretty hard nerf toward the end of D1 that made it kinda doodoo


Gjallarhorn in Rise of Iron was a fine weapon. It didn't do the highest dps in the game, but it was competitive enough and easy to use that no one would question you using it. It'll probably return in that place. Two in the tube, tracking, and decent damage. A less damaging, more consistent Deathbringer.


For sure, I dont think the gun will be absurd like it was back in the day but i believe it will be stronger in almost every situation than other exotic/legendary heavies. Just good enough to warrant paying 30 bucks for the item but not making it an obvious pay 2 win option that will melt master Atheon in 1 phase. But hey, who knows, it just may


Well they also mentioned that it will be balanced for the D2 sandbox. I highly doubt it will be made that powerful. The original one was definitely unbalanced, which is why it got sunset.


Balanced w/ or w/o an artifact mod? B/c thats really the pattern here. Remove the artifact, heavy weapon is generally balanced for wxotics, but qith it, there is almost always a clear outlier.


Yep, the mod is going to turn Gally into its D1 glory days. Then the next season it’ll just be a deathbringer you never bring out because the new seasonal artifact is Machineguns or something


Pff, who would waste their exotic on a heavy?


Some D2 newb downvoted you. This forum now has players ignorant of their heritage.


Haha. Ah, I can't fault them too much, that's a "you had to be there" joke.


There have not made a sword one yet. Looking forward to that season.


There was one for a short time when Falling Guillotine came out lol then it got nerfed.


Overload sword and lucent blade, both are available this season.


Passive guard as well. The main issue I guess is that in high level content getting close enough to use most swords is a death sentence even with all the mods. Castor frames and Black talon are probably worth checking out, but I’ve not tried them yet since overload bow is so good and can be run alongside unstoppable fusion


I main black talon unless I absolutely cant. It's not the highest DPS option tbh but it's consistent and if you can get the guard reversal times right with lucent / keened proc'd it's "straight nasty" and outputs a phenomenal amount of burst damage. The trick to caster frames in high level content is to treat them like tracking rockets and not rely on the overload mod. Stun, sword cast, fusion.


That lasted a while actually. It peaked probably during beyond light with lament but arrivals was an extra long season dominated by swords. They went through several rounds of nerfs before they finally got it dialed in. Actually yeah the real peak was the beginning of arrivals when they were doing double spin attack damage. But even with that fixed they were DPS outliers for many months after. IIRC it was like 8-10 months between when guillotine dropped and when they finally did the last sword nerf and they stopped being the obvious best choice.


Isn't there some bug in the overload sword mod?


I think Overload champs are just buggy, I use a bow and freeze them. The overload Mod for worked about half the time for me when I did try it out.




in my experience its to hit two light attacks to proc the stun _before_ the overload champ teleports again. not a bug. it just feels buggy sometimes.


Swords are good this season


Season of the Gjalerhorny


In other words, don't use rockets too much this season or you're gonna be tired and bored of them by the time they're the seasonal meta.


Hopefully they'll make DSC farmable in moments of triumph so I can actually get EoT


I just can’t wait for the big boy horn to come back. I love rocket launchers


My royal entry is ready


I mean using argent and ascend is viable now. Zero chance it won’t be with Gally


I'm prolly just gonna stick with Royal Entry and Hezen Vengeance (with Lasting Imps + Impact Casing), unless I get a good roll on Hothead. Chased the tracking module + vorpal roll on Hothead through its nightfall for dozens of runs and yet couldn't get a single decent drop. Fucking Hung Juries ruined my hopes of getting such a specific roll now that the loot drop pool of NFs has been unnecessarily inflated.


My friend got a really good roll (tracking/explosive light with a handling mw). I got a Surrounded/Danger zone roll :/


I got shitty rolls too, I had it drop for me 5 or 6 times and none of them had Vorpal or Tracking. feelsbadman


give us overload rocket you cowards


We have said this since chosen, maybe it would actually happen


Yes that was obvious on the first day of season of the lost... Even before when they said the new pinnacle weapon is ascendancy


Sleepless team MFs


My Royal Entry with Field Prep/Clown Car is ready.


Wait, two tailed is anti overload?


I think maybe the burning just keeps Overload champions from regenerating so quickly.


Two tailed fox's void rocket doesn't stun overload champs (doesn't put them in the stun animation) but it prevents them from regenerating or teleporting (50/50 on the teleporting part).


I have a 4/5 royal entry with clown cartridge and genesis. Most of the time, genesis is awful, but when you go against a boss with a void shield, it just pulls a rocket out of nowhere, turning your first mag into a 3 round. I love it for the fallen cosmodrome lost sector with the servitor boss, easiest melt ever


I have my eye on a Demo/Explosive Light Hothead (Adept)..... Especially on Atheon, that thing is gonna RIP.


Now that it comes to mind, Explosive light is perfect for Gjally. It especially fits with the theme of the Alpha Lupi exotics, where both they and Ghally originated from Twilight Gap.


Unstop Rocket would suck unless you it works with lasting impression or reloads your rocket launcher considering champions only take extra damage when stunned, meaning the shot that stuns them would be a waste.


They'd probably fix the Unstop mod so that the first shot provides full damage if they brought it to rocket launchers


You're the 100th person to post this, we know.


Oh boy, what do I win!


why do ppl think rockets will get a champ mod, the ammo cap is 7 excluding mods and most GMs have more than 15 champs


...did you read my post at all?


yes ab the pattern and shit and particle deconstruction for rockets but still the economy of rocket ammo would be horrendous for champs


Yeah U right soz for being kinda passive aggressive lol.


They could just bring back Heavy Finisher or fuck Gambit by making more people aware of Aeon's blue mode


Aeon cult exotics and a finisher my dood. That's all I can say.


With only 7-8 rounds of rocket. You can barely use them as you did with Grenade launchers.