Banshee is selling the godroll for Falling Guillotine

Banshee is selling the godroll for Falling Guillotine


pretty close, but no jagged edge(since ammo isn't usually a problem/backup mag).


I've had 3 of these almost-Godrolls for FG, none of them had Jagged Edge ffs 😭


if you have honed edge, it’s a minimal difference! Impact of 66 with honed vs 68 with jagged (or 3%), you’ve still got a fantastic roll.


I tested the edges extra damage, its so negligible. The other 3 perks are what make it


Sword masters is better because of energy regen though right? That’s what I always heard


You can have both at the same time, swordmasters is in the guard slot, jagged is in the blade slot.


ooooh I see


Tossing this question up here to give it the best chance... Is Falling Guillotine better than Steel Sybil or not? I've heard conflicting reports. If not, people who picked up the godroll Sybil from Xûr last week wouldn't be needing this FG roll.


The "spin to win" heavy attack on Falling Guillotine (and the other vortex frame sword) is generally considered better than the uppercut heavy attack that Steel Sybil has. Unless I've got my frames mixed up...


That's what I thought too, but like some clanmates tell me Adaptive (Sybil frame) is better. I think FG was better when it came out... maybe? Is the 3 normal hits + heavy still the go-to combo?


If you want an adaptive frame you’re best bet is probably bequest


Is it on any way better than Sybil? I mean I bought the one Xûr had last week - and I already have the perfect version of FG as well (jagged edge, sword master and all) Edit: I guess you might also have meant that as like general advice (perhaps to people who missed the Xûr offer)


Actually I should clarify. It has the highest base impact of any adaptive sword by a decent amount, but it can’t roll whirlwind. It can get surrounded though. It’s great for things like legend lost sectors but in raw single-target dps steel sybil probably wins


It's not a finite number of swings - afaik you want to spin when heavy is fully charged, otherwise spam light attacks.


It's a closer call now and not sure which is better for different scenarios. FG has been nerfed like 3(?) Or 4 times lol.


I'm in the same boat as you, then. FG was definitely the bee's knees when it was released, but I know it's had at least 2 nerfs since then. I *think* it still does more damage with a heavy attack and has slightly higher burst and sustained DPS, but even if I'm wrong on both counts, I'd still prefer it because it does good damage to both a single target and to a crowd (or targets with a wonky or large hitbox). As for the combo, it depends on your specific roll and it's charge rate. Basically do a heavy and then spam light attack until the heavy is charged again. If it's a boss that's going to stomp, you should do light until they slam, then use a light to cancel the knockback, then heavy - light until heavy recharges - heavy.


Any sword that has Whirlwind on it, you want to do the five Light Attacks first to build up the buff, then Heavy Attack.


I think the question now is how does ammo last, since I think the spin costs more ammo than the uppercut




[I see your god roll and I raise you the godgodroll](https://i.imgur.com/xReW6BV.jpg)


isn't that the same roll?


It is, with the only difference being the second perk slot has surrounded too.


I have that roll but on a crown splitter. It's a thing of beauty.


I have that exact roll. It is a beast


Makes me happy I have the exact same one. It was the first weapon I master worked.


Off topic but how did you get your view in DIM to display like that? Far better than what the default is (just showing icons with no perk name).


Seems like they’re changing it, as https://beta.destinyitemmanager.com shows it like that, but not the default app. You should see those changes appear when they get pushed, but if you want to use it like that now, use the beta of the app.


Ah! Perfect there it is. I appreciate it


Is it still possible to get that ornament?


It's from the season pass in season of arrivals, so not to my knowledge.


Shame. Thanks for the info.


I did read that there was a way to access old seasonal pass stuff, I haven't done it but it was posted on here some time a while back. I believe it was through a 3rd party source. Try a search and maybe you can find it? Good luck friend.


You can access only the pass from previous season. And I believe you you need to have the season pass level to unlock it.


I know you can access the previous season pass from the bungie app. But I'm like 95% sure someone posted about the ability to access further than that, not through bungie but, by downloading some 3rd party source or something. It's been a while so I don't remember the details. Edit: from my very limited and unenthusiastic searching I have not found anything confirming what I said, so I'm probably wrong. Sorry for the false hopes. Edit 2: check this out, I think this is what I found courtesy of /u/Redouanfaka https://www.reddit.com/r/DestinyTheGame/comments/opra4p/thanks_to_the_fine_people_of_this_community_i


I’ll have to look into it. Thanks for the tip.


Look at my other post, I linked someone else's post with an apk download for an older version of the companion app to access older season passes (im guessing you needed to own them though) not sure how it works since I haven't had to use it for anything.


That method only works if you owned the pass and unlocked the reward. Accessing old passes for new players only helps people that but the deluxe edition access whatever paid track stuff they have access to for season 12 and 13


Sure, makes sense. Didn't know whether the guy asking owned/unlocked anything from the other passes or not, though. But I think its good info for anyone else who did own/unlock season passes and forgot to claim.


Not. From a Jedi


I just think rl may have a chance cuz of how the ritual weapons have dictated the meta for the next season.


makes me excited to see some sort of breach and clear for RL's once explosive light gets buffed. Big boy damage


>explosive light gets buffed. its already buffed earlier this week isnt it?


Already was buffed


Unless it's been changed there's actually some valid debate (imo anyway) that Burst Guard is better than Swordmasters. For whatever reason Sword masters Guard + Lucent Blade, with an arc mod to turn on the increased sword energy regen speed, actually ends up being slower energy regen compared to Burst Guard + Lucent Blade. Again this is assuming they haven't "fixed" this seemingly bugged interaction between Lucent and SM Guard. Then on top of that Burst Guard is far better if you ever happen to want/need to actually block with the sword which can be handy if you need to block a boss stomp or such. The reason I mention this is because the roll Banshee is selling actually has both options. Of course if you aren't using Lucent Blade there's much less of an argument for Burst Guard over Sword master's guard.


Nobody uses FG for bosses anymore; it's burst DPS to kill majors, champs and mini-bosses. At that point the extra damage is usually overkill and I'd rather have the ammo economy to ensure I always have ammo




Jagged edge with Swordmasters grants the highest damage and fastest recharge rate, making it deal the most overall damage. Factually better.


nobody uses FG for bosses anymore, it's burst DPS to kill majors, champs and mini-bosses. At that point the extra damage is usually overkill and I'd rather have the ammo economy to ensure I always have ammo


Honed and Tempered (both on this roll) are better, imo Edit: https://giphy.com/gifs/ghosts-side-bunch-enqnZa1B5fRHkPjXtS lol 🤷‍♂️


Jagged edge's whole shtick is that it gives up a little ammo efficiency for higher DPS, on other weapons that might be a problem but swords have an incredibly efficient ammo economy to start. What content are you doing where you are having ammo issues with a jagged edge sword?


GMs. Ammo economy is rough in those to begin with, and I prefer to have at least one extra spinnyboi swing than +1 damage over the other options. We'll see how sword economy goes in GMs this season with the new changes to ammo in general, but that's how I see it.


Well using swords in GMs is suboptimal amyway


Eh, depends on the GM, and the seasonal mods. Now, most situations you could use one other things overshadow it's burst dps, like Thundercrash or 1k with the artifact mod. Last season I was absolutely stomping around with my crown splitter+energy accelerant+Warmind build to great success, and strikes like lake of shadows where you can speed burn the boss the sword is usable. Most of this season I'll have my threaded needle or 1k on, unless my team really needs an overload sword for some reason


Idk what there is to are argue about, god roll is obviously one that has jagged edge as well as whatever perk gives the most ammo so you can swap between the two depending on the situation.


There’s no reason to not want extra damage. Swords already have really good ammo. Relentless also increases that. Jagged edge with Swordmasters grants the highest damage and fastest recharge rate, making it deal the most overall damage. Factually better.


I’ve used the same FG roll since Arrivals, which is Jagged/Whirlwind/Relentless, but no Swordmaster’s - didn’t feel the need to grind for just that last perk. But now I’m curious: is trading Jagged for Swordmaster’s by getting Banshee’s roll worth it? (The guard options on my current roll are Enduring and Balanced, if it matters)


Sword master charge boost is actually not enough to change the amount of light attacks before having a full heavy energy, you can just run the Keened mod which does do it


This. If you're not using lucent blade with fg then start now. And activate the second perk. FG is still an insane heavy weapon option even after the sword nerf.


No. Guard is a push as long as you have not-Heavy Guard available and selected.


> as long as you have not-Heavy Guard available and selected. I have the same roll (Jagged/Whirlwind/Relentless but NOT with Swordmaster's Guard) and have Enduring and Heavy for the guard option. I don't quite understand your advice. Should I be using Enduring instead of Heavy? Additionally, to confirm, Jagged Edge with Heavy or Enduring Guard > Honed or Tempered Edge with Swordmaster's Guard, correct?


> Should I be using Enduring instead of Heavy? Yes. Heavy is actively bad, all the others are neutral. > Additionally, to confirm, Jagged Edge with Heavy or Enduring Guard > Honed or Tempered Edge with Swordmaster's Guard, correct? 100%. Jagged is "needed" for god-roll, Swordmasters is just a "nice to look at" kind of option.


try and lets us know


Balanced is the best guard on this sword. [Swordmaster's Guard does not increase DPS at all](https://gfycat.com/bruisedidlehalibut) as it doesn't recharge the heavy attack fast enough to reduce the number of light swings in between. Swordmaster's has terrible defense. Balanced Guard has solid defense and equal DPS.


I like having more guard available. Tbh, jagged edge usually isn't worth sweating over b/c the extra damage it gives is so small.


Does anyone else find it weird that back in D1 we went to some serious lengths to get the exotic sword Dark Drinker, and now the gunsmith is like "Yeah I got that. Also comes with a thing where hitting stuff with it makes it stronger."


Considering they blew up my f**** vault, I’m glad I can just buy it and not have to scavenge Mars for 18hours again


Every time I pick up destination materials I get flash backs to that fucking quest needing so much relic iron.


One of my earliest and most vivid memories of D1 was farming iron in those trenches in the scablands


At the time It was a rough grind but when I voluntarily choose to look back on it now, it’s nice. D1 Mars and the thick cabal there were very original and it just felt nice to be around there. Very vivid memories.


Bungie shot themselves in the foot, they nuked all our loot and now have to just hand us godrolls. Most people aren't gonna bother grinding for one again as long as there is a chance it just gets taken away.


I looked at my inventory from D1 in DIM yesterday out of curiosity and got really sad. All that grinding for exotics for nothing.


I still prefer Dark Drinker's look, it'd be cool to at least get an ornament for Falling Guillotine in the style of Dark Drinker.


Or at the very least an ornament that doesn't make FG look like a portable Omolon billboard.


This. I get that Destiny can sometimes lean into anime quite a bit but if they going to do a sword, I would at least expect it *look like a sword* and not a giant cricket bat.


But looking like you came straight out of Shaun of The Dead does seem pretty cool


There is a shader that hides the logo, I wanna say it’s one of the gray-ish ones from around the season of St.14


Oh yeah Dark Drinker was incredible in both power and feeling. If they wanted to bring back the exotic swords in some form I dunno what would make the most sense. You could maybe fuse them together into some sort of Borialis type thing where you could swap between the blades tho.


And seeing as how Swords don't reload, you could have it as a press instead of a hold. *rainbow combo*


Oh god. I don't think Bungie code could handle building all three swords into one. An element shifting caster or beyblade would be pretty awesome, though.


Pretty sure you could spam heavy attacks on them because there was no sword energy at the time. That could be their exotic perk compared to other swords, and they probably wouldn't require much else to be worthy of the exotic slot since it should increase DPS quite a bit. Raze Lighter would need a significantly beefier uppercut to live up to the D1 version though.


Raze lighter is still the best sword


To me, it's like real life itself. Technology often leaps like crazy in our world, why shouldn't in Destiny? If I compare my first roomba robot to the one I have now, I could see the guy who sold it to me saying a phrase similar to what you wrote :)


Shame the new one is hideous as all fuck. I miss Dark Drinker…


omfg, and if iirc, we need to kill the yellow bars at the end of the alak-hul strike in a particular order so that we get the elemental burn we want right? the destination materials though lol wtf possibly one of the grindiest exotic quest we've gotten? bolt caster was my fave. was so happy it came in a legendary version in D2


Its been like a year since it got added. So..


You could probably justify it that Omolon got a hold of the technology and that the different frames are available because of this. Although wasn’t FG part of like the darkness weapons that we got as part of season of arrivals? I need to get better at my lore lol.


It's been years since then. Banshee was able to look at the og swords and model something after them.


A lot of D1 exotic stuff is now legendary standard issue


I have 17k kills on a different one, I will buy the sword put it in my vault and forget about it forever


I wonder if they have been secretly counting per particular weapon kills account wide, starting sometime this past year. The weapon crafting system sounded like it'll count every unique weapon's kills account wide so it would make sense if Bungie added the counting system in the game beforehand, in preparation.


Yea, API tracks how much kills you have had with a weapon, regardless of its roll. Masterwork separately tracks how many with that specific instance of the gun. This info is available in discord with charlemagne integration, and for example you can use destiny 2 LFG discords "destiny-stats" channel with /weapons command to find your stats.


Was in a raid the other day, and someone told me, "Damn dude, you have 37,000 kills with Trinity Ghoul. I was confused on two fronts. 1, really? That many? and 2, where are you seeing this number?


Nice. I've actually asked about this multiple times in LFG Discord but no one seemed to have solid info. Most people told me that Bungie doesn't track that data as far as they know. Imagine, come February, if we Bungie allowed us to do max crafting of weapons we have already used for many hours before, that we've gotten every single possible perk to drop at some point in time and that we already have 1000s of kills on. I'd love to max craft my Stars in Shadow or Darkest Before or Truthteller or Igneous Hammer without having to get another 1000+ kills with them.


Honest question. Who guards with a sword? Is it really that helpful?


Me, a dedicated strongholds main Different sword frames have different damage resistances - a crown splitter will always have a much much higher damage resistance than an adaptive with heavy guard. Conversely, a quickfang will always have much less dr than an adaptive no matter the guard. Learning to guard properly will dramatically improve your survivability in all content. You can still use jump abilities while guarding for faster movement, and learning to time your blocks helps conserve sword energy while still negating big chunks of damage. Guarding blocks almost all forms of knock back and all types of environmental damage. Taken blast holes, taken phalanxes, boss stomps, you name it, as long as there’s no physical object also pushing on you, you won’t be moved. The only exceptions I’ve seen are the prophecy phalanx boss’s blasts and if you have an over shield up while guarding. Environmental damage ranges from fire hazards and zones like in Presage, to vex milk, to actual physics - I have a clip somewhere of blocking a wall after being flung into it in gambit, perfect parrying it, and getting full health due to strongholds. In crucible, swords are just funny. Strongholds users are so rare in crucible that most players have no idea what to do when an unkillable energy barrier floats at them. The only issue is that lag makes the healing inconsistent - you can perfect parry a hand cannon shot, getting full health, but then in guard and die to another single hand cannon shot


Heavy attack uses guard energy. Swordmaster charges it fastest so you can heavy attack more frequently.


You misunderstand my question. Do you actually use the guard ability? It's so far from my standard moveset that I forget which button is guard


It's useful in a few niche scenarios. As a warlock, eternity's edge has an innately high guard, so it's the best at guarding I believe. That being said, you can reduce damage taken on damage over time effects in the environment. I always take a sword to shuro-chi in last wish because you can stay on the puzzle platforms longer by guarding because you take reduced damage. Outside of that, in regular combat it's pretty pointless. If guarding fully blocked damage from all angles, then that'd be a different story and would likely be a bit more useful. Now that I think about it, a "bubble frame" sword that allowed you to create a aoe shield while blocking that consumed ammo sounds like it'd be really fun to use in certain activities.


A mini Ward of Dawn exotic sword sounds so fun


And useful too, if overload swords are a thing then you can stun champions and use it to res team-mates.




I rarely use actual guard. But I use guard energy every single time I use a sword because heavy attack consumes guard energy. The faster I get my guard energy back after doing a heavy attack, the more heavy attacks I can perform.


Lament. but outside of that, never (EDIT: it’s just your ADS button btw)


It is life-saving and makes certain very powerful builds/playstyles possible, especially in seasons where the artifact has Passive Guard (like this one). But it isn't necessary if you're just using it for DPS.


The only thing missing for it to be the absolute God Roll is Jagged edge... But it is, none the less, a God Roll


Alright, let's see if I can try NOT to dismantle this one by accident. I accidentally dismantled the one I got back in Season of Arrivals. And I even lock my weapons to prevent this, but my dumbass legitimately unlocked it because I got it mixed up with another weapon that I was using for infusion.


God roll is Jagged Edge, swordmasters, relentless strikes, whirlwind, with boss spec.


Not quite. No jagged edge, but still damn good.


How long will it be available?




u/AverageTitanfallGuy Banshee Resets his weapons on Tuesday and then the rolls reset on Wednesday. They will be there for the rest of the week


Nice, i can get the fg on tuesday then


As long as you get it before reset. His weapons reset on weekly reset


It resets for me at 7 pm, i get home at 5 xD i get this covered


Perfect. For me it's 12pm so I'm at work at that time




The rolls only change on wednesday. They don't change again


So it won't be there tomorrow?


It probably will be there tomorrow, the rolls don't change every single day, usually every few days.


Not the same roll, no. I don't believe so. That said, I know there are some finicky ways to use stadia's free version on your phone to pick stuff up. Post a few days ago I think.




Use Stadia on your phone and link it to your bnet account. Using the on-screen controls sucks but it's enough to make it to Gunsmith.


Seconding stadia on your phone! It’s quick and easy to set up and comes in super clutch for times like this The controls and performance aren’t anything you’d want to like *actually* play the game on, but it’s plenty good enough to load into the tower and buy stuff without being frustrating


I just did that, can confirm.


It'll be there until the weekly reset. It changes once at reset (which for me is 4am Wednesday) then changes rolls at 11am Thursday. So 31 hours after your reset it changes then stays for the rest of the week.


Thanks. I honestly had no idea why/when Banshee's rolls seemed to be different sometimes during the week.


I have tireless blade, whirlwind, jagged on mine. Should I switch?


Depends on how you use it. God Rolls are subjective, especially with swords. I main Stronghold so I'm using my sword to kit red bars, yellow bars, champions and boss damage. So what I want my sword to do is different than someone who only pulls it out for boss DPS. If you're killing things with your sword Tireless is very helpful on these frames for ammo consumption. If you're only using it to mindlessly wail on a boss? Then this banshee roll is better.


Damn, extended maintenance. Guess I missed it!


You've got an hour left. Hoping shit comes online before then!


IT DID, and I got it :)


Does it change each day? It was borderline good yesterday.


Changes twice a week I'm pretty sure


Why don't people like Surrounded on swords? Especially this season with the artifact damage resistance mod, I would think that using it with the Surrounded Spec mod would be pretty good. No?


Only works if you are surrounded by 3 or 4 adds at a time. So when you are just doing dps to a boss/major without other adds near you, it's a wasted perk. Plus as you kill things with the perk, it makes itself useless. Perks that are difficult to proc or require specific instances make them mediocre in general use which is why damage perks tend to be preferred.


I get the argument, but to me it's not usually difficult or even annoying to proc it, as I'm most of the time near 3+ adds for most big guys I'm swording, other than raid and some strike bosses (so things like champs, majors, ultras, etc). The spec mod keeps the buff active for long enough to kill the majority of things that aren't raid or strike bosses, and the artifact mod makes it less risky this season It's definitely not going to be 100% uptime and it does take *some* thinking/attention, as opposed to the perks on the gunsmith's roll that are always passively de facto proc'd and don't have conditions I've never thought that a surrounded one is even close to as effective as the gunsmith one, but I still feel like that perk is better than the community seems to have decided it is. On swords, at least


It's overkill where you have a sea of harmless red bars, and too risky when you're dealing with really nasty customers, like GM enemies. Even with passive guard this season it's kind of iffy to go toe to toe with 4 GM level enemies. In my opinion.


I accidentally sharded the Godroll FG the 3rd week of Arrivals because I didn't realize what it was. I've had [this one](https://i.imgur.com/5b6aMs5.jpg) ever since. It doesn't get much use now, though. I have 2 different Godroll Crown Splitters & use the one with Vorpal + Major Spec daily.


The FG is a must for people who solo endgame content. With the right mods and perks you can melt anything that comes your way. I use it for soloing lost sectors.


I got it because it looked cool, didn't know it was a god roll


Jagged really doesn't matter that much


I have a god roll already heehee


I miss the sword meta, it was so much more fun than this fusion meta. I got bored of fusions in just 1 month and now only use rockets, ticu divination and ignition code with bottom tree dawnblade for max kabooms.


You can still just use swords. Passive Guard is in the artifact and it’s an extremely good mod.


Still with the mod it wont be viable in GMs.


I do use them but they are still not as good as they used to be. Although I am willing to accept that meta do need to change or it will get stale so swords needed to be nerfed. I am sure in the future we will be back in a sword meta again.


We'll probably be looking at a rocket launcher meta next season, so that should be fun.


While I would love to see that, I think by the time WQ drops they would want to focus on the new glave weapon so they might give it a super op mod like fusions got this season.


That could be possible as well. I just think rl may have a chance cuz of how the ritual weapons have dictated the meta for the next season. Chosen had salvagers so Splicer was gl meta, Splicer had null composure and now Lost has a fusion meta. Not to mention the fact that a very special rocket launcher is returning that the devs will likely give some time in the limelight....


Also Hunt had adored and Chosen had Sundering Gaze, not as closely related or as OP, but just adds to the rest.


Yea I'd have included it too but i couldn't remember what the mod was called. Thanks.


Close! Sundering *Glare That was the season with anti barrier snipe. I miss having any real reason to use them. Also miss not having to use ARs or Eriana’s Vow all the time


Almost had it lol


I doubt they’d make a new untested weapon type the focus of a season’s mods. Imagine if there’s some game breaking bug with glaives in the wilds of the player base that crashes you when you do a certain thing, or if they are grossly overtuned. You’d have to deal with the mega-debuff weapon mod being unusable or broken for a whole season, which is a bad look for a new toy


Rockets and smgs, help push that new exotic


You can literally use swords right now and do great damage.


Right! I'm so glad it's back, the first season we had it I got used to it and now I pull out sword when I'm in danger even tho for most of the last year or so that does nothing for me


"Meta" is in people's heads. Yes, this season fusions are very strong thanks to the seasonal mod, but that doesn't make other builds obsolete. You can run anything you want if you think things through. Rockets are strong, swords are strongs (and are supported by this seasons mods even), etc. Fusions are one strong option, they're not "oh no we gotta use only fusions for 6 months" strong though.


Something being meta isn't the same as everything else being obsolete. Meta is just was is best and most optimal. While you can run a lot of things effectively it doesn't change the fact there is a best in slot that is meta


Swords are still very good.


Did you play Warlock last season as well and there was sword meta? I thought it was a Titan thing last season because of the 2x damage. Still rocking Stronghold this season, Crown-Splitter plus the seasonal sword mod Passive Guard, Striking Light, Reactive Pulse, Lucent Blade, Taking Charge, Recuperation and bubble. Even without the 2x damage from last season it's still really strong.


I was mainly referring to the season of arrivals and season of the hunt back than swords were insanely strong.


Ok. Last season Crown-Splitter was insanely strong with the one seasonal mod ;)


"god roll"


It is a bit funny to call it a god roll with 1 of the 4 slots missing the ideal perk.


What's a godroll? what's a roll?


Most loot comes with random stats or perks. A "roll" in this context is similar to the concept of a "roll of a die (or dice)." If I rolled a die, and it came up 5, I would say, "I rolled a 5." Similarly, if I got a sword in D2 as a random reward, and it came with a good perk, like Jagged Edge, I would say, "I rolled a Jagged Edge sword." A "godroll" is a roll that the community agrees is the best (or one of the best) combinations of random perks or stats on a random-rolled item for a given activity (usually PvP vs. PvE). It's a useful concept for people who like to curate the best rolls they can, but it's also important to recognize that there are many "godrolls" that can be rolled, and it all depends on *exactly* what you want to do with it. For example, even in PvE, a godroll sword for boss dps is going to look different than a godroll sword for slaying lots of champions and yellow bars and add control. Even on a boss, some rolls will be better than others, depending on if the encounter requires you to conserve ammo or if you can drain all your ammo asap for bust damage, and other factors. It's a concept that's extraordinarily useful. But just as useful as it is to acquire godrolls, it's useful to understand *why* the community prefers certain godrolls, and what those godrolls are for. light.gg is your friend. The website tracks the community preferences based on number of people using each perk on their randomly rolled weapons.


Thanks for explaining it.


Where is Xur this week?


We will find out when he spawns tomorrow. Xur is only up from Friday morning to Tuesday morning, every week.


Thanks - I’m clearly new to this lol


No worries, Guardian!


Just got a buddy to play this game i will pass it on


Oh shit, good catch! For some reason I thought it had energy transfer on it this week. Thanks!


Rolls can change mid week, it actually had energy transfer initially.


I am away from home, but I want this roll. Is there any way to get it via a companion app or otherwise?


Log in to Stadia via Google and do it on your phone. It gives you an on screen controller.


Thank you! I totally forgot about this feature.


No problem! Glad I could help.


You can do this for free?


Yeah. If you sign in with Google. If you actually sign up for stadia itself you can still use the free trial to get it. So it should work either way.


Ah so it's just a trial. Well damn. I'm not paying for that shit lol. Thanks for the info though.


Why are merchants selling god rolls now is it random? Genuinely just wondering


It likely is random. They also have absolute f tier garbage rolls. They have had great rolls in the past as well but I think we've gotten pretty lucky


i already have jagged, sm, relentless and whirlwind like 4 times, its the only weapon i have any luck on :(


I still have the exact same masterworked falling guillotine godroll I got fromthe contact public event. Really miss that event especially because of the conversations between moon lady and drifter


No jagged edge on a sword? no god roll.


Depends, if it still has Honed Edge it'd be better than not having SM Guard.


Eh, SM guard doesn't reduce the number of hits to fully recharge the next heavy so I don't really see the point of SM on the lesser blade. SM guard is better on non-vortex frames I think.


I thought it reduced it from 6 → 5 hits for full recharge?


I could be wrong... but IIRC it's only 6 hits with heavy guard. All of the other guards are 5 hits.


That may be. My roll is Heavy & SM Guard so when I swapped between and compared (this was a good chunk of time ago so I don't remember completely) that may have been the difference I saw.




Guess i missed it due to extended maintenance, been playing for a while and had no clue the rolls changed throughout week on the vendor weapons since the weapons didnt ever change. Thats actually pretty sneaky


I have one with Jagged Edge, but it has Surrounded instead of Whirlwind Blade. Is this better? What first perk should I select for this (Honed, Hungry, Tempered)?


Depends if you play as a titan. Put surrounded spec on it, run synthoceps. Time to die!!!