I’m curious. How many of you all actually willingly run the Master Lost Sector for chances at Exotics?

I’m curious. How many of you all actually willingly run the Master Lost Sector for chances at Exotics?


A couple of them aren't that bad, the one with the unstoppable ogres in the caves come to mind, only takes a few minutes. Saying that I ran it quite a few times and got nothing


Yeah that one is super easy. Once you get on your groove it goes so fast. But those long droughts without a drop just sap my desire to farm so quickly ...


Yeah, if I've been in a Lost Sector for more than an hour without an Exotic drop, it's time to go do something else. On the bright side, I was running the Legendary Lost Sector ladt night for the No Backup Plans and actually got quite a few legendary weapons from the chest, so at least we aren't coming out totally empty handed anymore (unless it was a fluke that I was getting legendaries for a change).


Same here. Took about 12 runs to get the NBPs, but I left with some decent rolls on guns I want to try, a few bits of gear to bump my level up, and only 3 times where I just got glimmer. Plus it was nice and easy, so I was able to get some decent thinking done while doing it stress free.


Yeah, I got a couple Ikelos handcannons and shotguns with some decent rolls to drop from the chest, more than I've gotten from Prophecy in the past in fact (it was always stingy to me with those 2 specific guns). I'm glad the days of numerous LS runs with nothing to a handful of glimmer at the end are over.


I did around 40 chamber of starlights yesterday and when bunker was the lost sector, around 40 of those as well and haven’t gotten an exotic. Meanwhile, my friend did around 5 chambers and got 4 exotics. RNG is gonna RNG and it sucks. :/


that’s crazy unlucky bro, go buy a lotto you’re due for a lucky break


Maybe I'm just doing it wrong, but I always end up getting fucked by the first Barrier Knight. He sprays so fast up that tunnel that he destroys me if I try to hang back at a distance, but if I charge up to try to kill him up close he just teleports behind me and melts me.


You've gotta be prepared for how and when he spawns. The trigger for his spawn is about 2/3s of the way down the tunnel, but he takes a few seconds to walk in. You can either bumrush the end of the tunnel to catch him outside (risky, but fast) or my preferred way is to spawn him and then back up the tunnel to use the slope as cover.


I feel like you ignored what I said.


A more helpful recommendation might have included some loadout suggestions. One fairly reliable way to take care of that guy is stick him (or the ground) with Anarchy and then back up out of sight or behind a barricade, and then pop back down as he puts his shield up. He stops shooting when he puts up the shield, so that gives you a window to bust the shield and stun him. Anarchy then resumes dealing damage. You can put in a little extra with your primary at the same time. If you don't have or don't like Anarchy, Witherhoard is also pretty decent. I don't like rockets, though, because half the time a few thralls will run out and one will take the rocket in the face before it can connect with the champion. Also, if you're having trouble surviving, concussive dampener helps, as does arc damage resist, if you're using an arc chestpiece. Protective Light and such can also be useful. Otherwise, he can be a bit of a pain. His boomer spam makes it a lot harder to get quick precision hits on him if you're trying to use a sniper, and it's hard to do enough DPS on him to get him to barrier up if you're using other special weapons from that range.


Last season I took him out with a combo of Salvagers Salvo and the anti barrier kinetic. You can even use heavy at the start as you're pretty much gaurenteed to get more further in


Stasis ftw. Freeze him around the corner or as he approaches and delete him.


Chamber of Starlight isn't too bad imo either. I ran it yesterday once to get Nothing Manacles. Lucky enough to get it the first run (shit role tho. 59 total. really Bungie?). Didn't run it again after that but it only took me roughly 8 minutes to platinum it.


Yeah I farmed it yesterday for both Warlock exotics. Best run was 4:58 on my final go, where I did get the drop. You can speed it up if you pull both of the Unstoppable phalanx back to the staircase by shooting them as soon as they spawn. Otherwise they run around the rock and you have to fight them back there. Le Monarque does the heavy lifting there.


That LS has to be an absolute joke this season. Sub 2 minutes.


Which one is he talking about?




Most times, the difficulty of the Master isn't worth the time investment in comparison to the Legend version, since it feels like both have nearly similar odds of dropping exotics, so you might as well do the extra couple of Legend runs for the same chance. If Master had 100% chance on Platinum to drop an exotic and Legend was 50%, I think people would be more willing to do Master...but after doing both, neither feel worth the grind, and once I get the new exotic, I stop doing them because the odds to farm for the same thing but with better stats are straight up garbage. Someone said it's like a 20% chance on Legend with Plat just to get a drop...then you need the drop to be the item you want...and THEN it has to have the spike placements you want....it's a less than 1% chance.


In addition to that, Legend is only 1320 power requirement whereas Master is 1350, *30* power levels higher. Legend takes less time, is available sooner, and after you get the exotic once, you can get it in exotic engram rolls. So why bother with Master at all unless you're doing it for the clout?


Not long ago I suggested a focused fated engram system for rolling exotics you've already acquired, and was basically told by some folks that I want a specific exotic I need to deal with it and farm master lost sectors. But that's a terrible system for trying to get good rolls on exotics, since on a glove day there's 10 hunter gloves that could drop, and you have to hope for good stat distribution and good stat totals.


I am 1350 so the master is just as fast as the 1320. Also the dreaming city ones are super easy. I generally don’t do masters on the moon though, those ones are awful.


Hard agree on skipping moon lost sectors


Even at-power it can't be *just as fast* as the Legend. You've got more champions, and enemies still take longer to kill than in Legend. In 1320, at least your 1330 weapons get that 10 light above damage bonus. Being 1350 will definitely make the Master easier and faster, but there's no reason you shouldn't be able to do the legend version quite a bit faster.


Yeah, I am not a fan of the Moon lost sectors, except for K1 Revelation-all the others just feel like a slog.


i've been doing master post sectors for fun since i'm 1345 5-6 minute clears on average with the moons ones being god awful no matter the difficulty


I find I get an exotic around every 20 legend runs and every 5 master runs. My master runs also don’t take 4x the amount of time as legend runs, so master it is for me.


I usually find an exotic within 5 legend runs, sometimes it takes a few more but never more then 10. You must be really unlucky.


Probably used up all my luck when I got 1KV and Anarchy first try and first week of release. Took me 34 legends to get star eaters and 22 to get dance machines. Took me 7 masters to get Athrys and 1 Master to get Omnioculous.


Wanna trade, i get all the exotics from legend first try usually, never got 1kv and took 5 runs to get anarchy after the lockout was lifted.


Eyy, "1k Voices on the first run" gang!


The actual drop rates are about 24% for legend and 36% for master


“You guys are getting spikes?” -me after I pull a 53 roll Nothing Manacles.


Honestly, I've given up farming exotics with decent stats. Not a single one I've gotten since the legendary lost sectors has been even close to 60...let alone 70. Did I mention that includes random drops as well? I can get legendaries with better stats WAY easier than I can with exotics: I have multiple legendaries in every slot with multiple elements that have at least 25 recovery w/ MW, and then there's my exotics like Cuirass with 15 recov...requiring me to equip a 4 energy recov to get to 100. There needs to be a better way to farm exotic armor, because the legendary/master lost sectors are good at introducing the new ones to us, but do a piss poor job of giving us a reliable place to farm because the chances are so low.


If it makes you feel any better they're Nothing to write home about, anyway. Probably the worst lost sector exotic for Warlock.


If they worked properly they'd be very good, but now they're just used for 2 grenade charges. Maybe when void rework comes out?


It’s assumed to be some bug with them. There was someone who posted a breakdown with video clips and they are actually worse than not wearing manacles at times. One of the community managers responded to that post and said the team was looking into it


Two handheld supernovas isnt a joke in PvP ngl. Idk about PvE because i dont run voidwalker for PvE but in crucible nothing manacles is very punishing if people try and push you. Kinda like having a fusion rifle on demand.


Not to mention, once you unlock the exotic, you have a chance at it dropping in the world.


Slightly curious, does this also apply to the exotic engrams from Xur or the Season Pass or to Playlist rank resets? I don’t see the newer stuff I’ve unlocked via Lost Sectors in recent weeks listed when I preview the engram, but I can confirm I had a random Icefall Mantle pop out of some Taken schmuck I hit with my mallet while grinding The Corrupted ordeal last night.


I’m almost positive it applies to Xur and the SP. I seem to recall getting assembler via both.


It does indeed, I’ve gotten a few Falling Stars from Xûr


You have given this Thundercrash lover hope


You still have to get it from the lost sectors first, but after Yeah they go into your Exotic engram pool


Yeah the stats on my Cuirass are just total ass so I'm hoping to get another


I lucked out last season when I finally started running Lost Sectors and got 60+ rolls on the exotics. I also had RNGesus shining on me as I rarely had to run a lost sector more than twice to get something.


I lucked out and got a cuirass with 64+ on my titan the first time it dropped for me. Elated, and thinking I'd never see a better one, I masterworked it right away and cemented it's place in my inventory. Then I "lucked out" again and got a better drop. Luck sucks sometimes.


I just got omnioculus from xur, and I was super surprised, so yeah they do


Like others have confirmed, it does. the loot pool grows so preview is limited.


Ahh, okay. Thank you for confirming; the ones in preview seemed to indicate only pre-BL exotics were in there, which seemed coherent enough for a Bungie choice, rather than just a result of preview limitations.


I refuse to ever waste time in there after getting the new ones. Double nightfall rewards on Master and GM are all I'm farming because I'm actually guaranteed to get a bunch of stuff. I'll either get a better roll there or out in the world naturally, but I sure as hell am not farming those lost sectors ever again.


SGA in case people don’t know… the Armorer mods on your Ghost work on exotic drops including lost sector drops. So you can at least target a little bit, not that it completely solves the problem.


Definitely this. If you’re gonna spend the time effort doing a master lost sector to farm exotics you might as just do a master or grandmaster nightfall where exotics are pretty much guaranteed for platinum


When I'm looking to get a BL or other new exotic I don't have yet I always wait till the appropriate Master rolls around. Why? Because I've had multiple streaks of 10+ runs in Legends where I get *no* exotics. I don't mind if Masters take longer overall, they feel more rewarding and less frustrating. I think my maximum streak for no exotics on Legend was about 20, but on Master my maximum streak was only 5. I did bay of drowned wishes yesterday to get path of burning steps on my new Titan character, and I got Peacekeepers on my first run and Path on my fourth. It makes me feel like my time is now rewarded. I will probably never do another legend lost sector.


I only do masters when perdition and veles come around


I do them on bunker e15 as well as those


Bay of Drowned Wishes is really easy too. If you're using Trinity Ghoul this season, that is


It's difficult when that first overload stuns 15 seconds after the shot


Witherhoard, rocket, and pulse. Use ranged solar melee to debuff champ, hit them with Witherhoard+rocket, profit. I was getting consistent 3:30 runs on master with this. Witherhoard also destroys the screebs and ravagers for you


Awesome build! I ran Heritage, Trinity, and Threaded Needle and got similar times. I think I consistently hit 3:45ish. Trinity will clear all of the small ads, heritage and Threaded for everything else. It's also arc singe so Trinity really excels because of that


I used le monarque yesterday and it slapped ! The poison dot would re proc overload and that allowed me to take cover of the champ decided to spam shots before or after I stunned him which saved my life !! And the damage is good to !


Le Monarque is definitely my go to against overload this season, it just buys so much extra time, because if you hit him full a full poison draw as he’s standing back up it will last long enough to stun him again


Exodus Garden 2A (I think that's what it's called, the other Cosmodrome one) is also really fun! I was able to get 2 minute runs on Master when solstice was around with the arc empowerment buff


Master Perdition kicked my ass two days ago. The barrier goblins are so hard to deal with.


I'll suffer Week 1 or 2 of a Season for a new Exotic like I did for Manacles. I happily do it though once I'm 10-15 below recommended again. I'm currently waiting for Chest Armour to be the Master again.


Drop rates are unfullfilling for either Legend or Master. I liked the idea at first and tried to do a few runs each day. Not worth the time, specially since I'm drowning in Aeon Souls and Sanguine alchemy, and it seems that's all I get in arms and chest days. Sicks distributions, tho. Fucking rng haha.


The *idea* of them seems good at first, until you look at what you're actually trying to do. Limiting the rewards to just a single slot is STILL terrible RNG. The average number of items in each slot, for each class, is 8.25, so even when you do get a drop the average chance of getting what you want is less than 1/8. The actual number can vary from being 1/5 for WL boots, to 1/11 for Titan gloves.


It should drop exotic engrams that you could focus on the helm with some other currency. Getting 1 exotic drop feels great, never in Destiny history we could farm exotics like that. But there are so many now, that getting what you want is just a waste of time, like the odds your math points out. Even lesser when you factor in desirable stat distribution.


It's fantastic for targeting powerful drops though. My Hunter's legs were 1322 Vis my overall light level of 1326. I farmed yesterday for the first exotic then infused.


For a decent or good roll yeah I’ll try till I get one


I used to and now it's fucking a complete waste of time. I've run a total of...maybe 50 master lost sectors since the season started and got 5 exotics. A fucking disgrace that one of the most annoying champ-infested activities that has plenty of one shot mechanics from sniper enemies gives me fuck all for completing them on platinum rewards. ​ Edit: Legend doesn't feel any better though it is far easier to clear them in 2-5 mins max for a slower player.


If your light is high enough, the Master is just as easy as the Legend.


Sometimes easier, because champions will replace enemies that usually have shields. Will sometimes reduce the element coverage you need for match game.


I run em, but the drop rate of exotics last I heard was the same on legend and Master though im very particular on which champions and modifiers I'm willing to run. But I ran a legend yesterday for my first time this season and got nothing manacles on that first run. But you're right enhancement prisms would be nice for running masters solo. Like I've got the exotic why keep running it?


It's definitely not the same. Tests on this sub have shown varying numbers, I've seen 20/25, 24/36, 20/30. Not sure which is exactly accurate, bit they are in that ballpark.


The only one I've bothered with churning out a Master for is Bunker E15, on account of the braytech frames being excellent distractions. Legend is just easier, and less of a disappointment when I don't get an exotic since ill expect it to be rare.


To be honest I don't do either of them anymore. The RNG just isn't good enough to make either version rewarding. The chance of getting any exotic is too low; if you do get an exotic, the chance of it being the one you're farming for is too low; and if you get the exotic that you want, the chance of it having the stats that you want is too low. There was a huge push in this sub to change lost sectors to always give a "meaningful" reward, but that doesn't go nearly far enough. **Master lost sectors should give an exotic drop 100% of the time on completion.** Anything less in unreasonable. Just look at Titan gloves: even if you got a glove drop for every single completion, you'd still only have a 1-in-11 chance that the drop you get is the one that you want, before even factoring in stats. Farming a roll that you wanted would still take a SHITLOAD of time. Our system goes beyond that, so that you probably won't actually EVER get a drop, let alone the one that you want. As an example here, I went out farming for a roll of Ursa when BL came out. I have no idea how many runs it took. I wasn't keeping track of the number of runs, but I know it was in the hundreds. What I DID keep track of was the drops. **It took me 40+ fucking DROPS before I got a single roll of the exotic that I want.** Not 40 RUNS, 40 DROPS. And the stats on my drop weren't even good. That's completely insane.


I do when the exotic is important. I hate LS farming for exotics. Why encourage solo play in a multiplayer game. I've done solo flawless dungeons but that's by choice not by restricted game design, it's weird and I hate it.


the comment about solo is so true, they should’ve scaled in difficulty per player instead of disallowing it, my buddy just started playing and i’m trying to avoid telling him the best way to get exotics is to play by yourself


Well, the best way to get exotics is to farm Master or GM nightfalls - especially if there's double drops or a fast one available. So you don't gotta tell him that at least.


Well you don't get the new exotics to drop until they discover them. That's my only issue with LS solo farming. GM farming is tight though :) multiplayer game, play with friends! :(


I only usually run Masters for a seal triumph or a seasonal challenge. I've no idea what the difference in drop rate is, if there is one. I usually get the new exotic within 5 or 6 runs at legend; got Nothing Manacles in two in the Bay of Drowned wishes, which I think is one of the easiest and quickest lost sectors.


When I wanted a dual 100 stat with my falling star, I ran it. But I dont just run them for fun.


I did one Master for the title, super sweaty experience that I raged at. Legendaries are just a lot more manageable while still offering a challenge.


I only run legendary lost sectors at the end of the season and build up a stash of exotic engrams for the new exotic.


Do you mean having full engrams so that they go into your characters postmaster and then opening them next season to get a newly released exotic armor for the character? If that works I'm gonna do that as well.


Yes, it works.


Thanks for this info!


I guess most run Legend because it’s easier. Personally I run Legends the first weeks of the season, and switch to Master if I want to farm specific exotics, when I get enough power later on.


The master ones take longer for me, Even if its a higher chance with the exotic, ill take my chances with the legend version that i can do 2 in that time.


I ran a 1350 E15 bunker eight times and only got cores Which I think is bullshit.


I do. My luck tends to be incredibly good when I am farming for a specific exotic. I wouldn’t if it was any worse honestly. I’d resort to speed running legends and saving the engrams in my postmaster for the master to be the slot I’m intending on farming.


I only do them when I don't have an exotic. So only at the beginning of seasons really with the new ones introduced. I run GMs for shots at exotics as they drop much more regularly and they are more fun and rewarding in general.


Did 73 fucking bay of drowned wishes to try and get path of burning steps. Got every titan exotic 3 times over and no steps. Waste of fucking time.


I'm honestly not willing to run lost sectors at all. I've been missing most of the lost sector exclusive exotics since that became a thing and it's not about to change. I did it once for mask of bakris and I don't want to do it ever again. It's an rng infested exercise at frustration and bs (like boomers 1-2 tapping you with all the modifiers). I will survive without those exotics, screw the lost sectors. I just wish they didn't lock all of the new exotic armor behind those.


Juice ain't worth the squeeze. I play enough I get an average of like half a dozen exotics a week just from random drops. I'm not farming some miserable bullet sponge hellscape for a shit chance at shit rolls.


Maybe if master would give you the exotic drops as a party i would bother. For now, as everybody already said, it is just not worth it.


I'll do Master when my light level is high enough. Overload champions are completely ridiculous if you're under geared.


Not rewarding enough I guess. If they dropped some prisms I'd be more interested.


I only run master when its easy and fast. Veles master can be done in 2-3 mins consistently. Others are too long.


I run strictly master lost sectors, and I’ve run a LOT of them. I find the drop rate to be about 1/3 whereas a legend is 1/5. That’s “only” a 13% increase, but that’s over a 50% buffed drop rate, which is quite substantial. Something like Veles is fast. Let’s be conservative and say that a legend run is 2 minutes while a master is 3. If I run both 15 times, then legend would’ve taken 30 minutes and I should’ve gotten around 3 exotics; master would’ve taken 45 minutes and I should’ve gotten 5 exotics. That’s 1 exotic per 10 minutes on legend and one exotic per 9 minutes on master. The difference isn’t crazy, but it is there. The gap closes the longer it takes you to do the master over the legend, which is why I’ll generally only run certain lost sectors on master where the time difference between the difficulties is very minimal.


I got two or three of the exotics just to try out the new levels. and then the Telesto catalyst because it’s Telesto, and stopped. They are no fun and none of the exotics seem like must haves to me. I only play for the stuff I want, not to collect just everything. Saves tons of time and frustration. I’ll add that I haven’t even attempted the Master version. That seems like nooooo fun.


I did it to get no back up plans right away but otherwise don’t usually care to do them


I will be once I am at level.


When legs come around on master lost sectors I tend to spam it until I get a new dunemarchers roll (or give up) cause I want a good one


I will only run master their not too bad with correct loadouts and knowledge of what's coming plus exotics drop at a higher rate so kinda more worth it plus the challenge is fun


I dont want to say anything specifically because it might jinx me, but I have run a total of 3-4 legend lost sectors every season since they were a implemented and I have every lost sector exclusive exotic so far... so no real reason to run the master lost sectors


I run enough to get the new exotic and even that is too much. I don’t understand how people can “enjoy” playing such a mindless hamster wheel.


That is Destiny in a nutshell though.


I’ve always preferred to play a variety of content with my weekly time budget clear back to the beginning of D1. I find it disappointing that so much of what is considered the core identity of Destiny is playing in the least enjoyable way possible chasing good rolls. I’m hopeful that weapon crafting will more closely align with what I prefer for rewards as opposed to gambling time for pure RNG everywhere.


I believe some statistics showed it's only like an 8% increase to your chances (1 in 4 vs 1 in 3) to do Master. It's just not worth it when even with an optimized loadout you'll be taking at least twice as long compared to doing a Legend. I think they need a Reckoning type system to guarantee exotics every x number of runs.


The only one ive ran for the exotics is the one with the Frames that help you on Europa. Otherwise it’s just to dip into and test builds for endgame, even those I don’t usually finish cause it’s nothing worth it


Every day for at least an hour, that way i'm making sure that eventually i'll have all the exotics i want with the stat rolls i want.


I tried to run whatever the one in the dreaming city was yesterday and holy shit never again, some of them are alright but the same amount are so frustrating and not worth


They’re pretty ez and take me like 8-9 minutes depending on where it is. Bunker e15 is the easiest by far and I always run it


I did it a few times, but I absolutely hated it. It's no fun, and I really hate anything that's on a timer. Even if the timer is incredibly generous, it just adds internal mental pressure for me. Not to mention you are extremely limited in loadout and build, and everything has to be crazy optimized. I wish exotics had a small chance of dropping from the world loot pool, and then if you want to focus on them, run lost sectors at your convenience. The current system is just horrible for a lot of people. I haven't gotten an exotic piece of armor in almost a year due to the new Lost Sector only policy.


time vs reward same drop rate as legend. Additionally, with the higher LL requirement, im not really geared for it until later in the season, and by that point ive already gotten the exotic from legend, so im not really running master. Master is one of those things i might do a couple of times, but its not really rewarding enough for me to do consistently.


Never, but I play solo. If my friends still played it's something that we would do.


The drop rates are too low to do Master level imo


I barely run lost sectors anymore. After I ran Veles Labyrinth for literally 2 days straight and never got what I wanted I’m done. I’ll do the sectors for triumphs or if there’s a new exotic. But otherwise I ain’t touching them. It’s a garbage farm.


I can farm out more legends more consistently than Master


I've never once ran a master for loot. I did whatever was necessary for a couple triumphs and have never touched them since. 5-score triumphs are certainly not worth touching them again


Never Master. I only did that once for the Splintered seal. Never again.


Once I get the new exotic, I never touch them again.


I don't run Masters because I would rather not have to deal with the increased difficulty AND still not get a drop. Legends have bad chances, but I can make multiple completions without having to run a perfect build.


I never do master level lost sectors, nor am I interested. I don't feel like master respects my time invested for such a minimal increase of an exotic chance.


It's a shame the EDZ and Cosmodrome lost sectors aren't in the S15 rotation because I farmed the hell out of those last season for my key drops.


By the time you're at the level to do Master, you've probably already done the Legend version and got the drop already. If Master had double exotic drops, or maybe even some sort of exclusive weapons (perk choices in the last column) or something then it would actually be worthwhile.


I like bunker e15 and concealed void for masters the rest can get fukt.


I used to think running master lost sectors was what the community always did. I ran some last season for my hunter parts without too many issues (breach and clear) but after running these Legend lost sectors yesterday and the day before….man it’s a much better grind. I feel like I end up getting the exotic after having plenty of revives left.


I'd like to but my power level is never close enough to really give it a good run. Everytime it gets close enough, they change it.


Plus, the lost sector exotics this season become NF rewards the next season. Never did a legend or master lost sector last season but the first NF I did this season, Boots of the Assembler dropped for me as a reward.


Not worth it. Period. Ran my first Master LS last season and didn't get squat. I ran a Legend LS to get Nothing Manacles and got it after third attempt. 5 minutes afterward had an exotic engram drop and it was Nothing Manacles again with a better roll. Just don't do Master.


Honestly when I feel like doing some kind of endgame-y content but don't feel like LFGing a GM, I tend to just spend an hour or two running the daily master lost sector to see how good of a time I can get. I normally don't worry about the loot too much, I just think they're a fun, short, solo challenge. Not exactly what you were asking but yeah, I certainly do run them willingly.


When it still takes 34 runs to get any exotic drop, there’s a problem. I’d love to do them, but I’m not wasting literally hours of my time pointlessly.


I usually get the exotic to drop with 1-5 runs on Legend. That is where my RNG is. Took me 60+ runs of DSC for the exotic to drop... Still no mythoclast


Much harder and takes way longer for a minimal increase in drop chance. Not worth it.


Why Master when Legend is easier and gives the same loot. Plus the Postmaster Exploit exists.


No interest at all in doing content like this. Not fun at all, and the reward payout is a snooze fest.


Now, while it’s early in the season, I’ll generally stick to legend. But as the season goes on, I hit max light and I creep my artifact level higher and higher, I’ll start going into Master. At a certain point, I’ll clear Master in a bit more time than Legend. So even if the drop chance isn’t *that* much better, my time investment isn’t that bad to go for it.


0. I’ll gladly wait until the legend lost sector is dropping the exotic armor I want.


I run them at the end of a season to see what rolls I get, but I farm the legend to get the exotics in my loot pool asap


I don't find them that fun. I play for fun first, so I just try my luck in Legend.


The % increase in drop rate is not equal to the extra effort of master difficulty, perhaps if the incentives in general for legend/master lost sectors were higher I could see myself doing more than the bare minimum to unlock the new exotics each season.


I only run Legend. The additional challenge of Master just isnt worth it


Nope! Wouldn't run a master with the current rewards under any circumstance. It just isn't worth it.


There’s never a good time to run masters. I can do legend the same week the new season starts for the new exotics, and by the time I’m high enough to comfortably farm master lost sectors, GMs are up, which give way more loot way more frequently. I suppose if I were a solo player who wanted to farm exotics, it’d be cool, but that’s not the case.


It's just not worth the time investment or the potential stress to complete it. There is nothing in a master lost sector I can't acquire elsewhere easier.


I feel like master exists for the challenge, Legend for the farm.


I've literally had better luck getting exotics from GM's, than running Legend LS's. let alone Masters. The time investment sucks, the stat roles far more often than not fucking suck, and the drop rate is appallingly low even on Masters. Its only worth it on sectors like Veley's Labyrinth, where its easy to get a sub 1 minute time on a clear, but then the game will hard cap the rate of which you get exotics, so there's that too which sucks.


Neither felt worth grinding. Get the new exotics and forget about them unless you have tons of time to waste and you could care less about your sanity. Legends are pretty simple...but it's common to go a dozen runs with no exotic. Master can be tough but I usually would average no more than 5 runs with no exotic. With lots of exotics, getting the one you want with a good roll is hard enough but all the runs with nothing makes you go insane. It's not a good use of time unless you just want to waste time. If drop rates increased I would recommend lost sectors but as they are it's just not worth it.


I guess I consider myself too casual or too lazy to run anything with champions, so i only get the exotics once and that's that. I'd maybe run legendary lost sectors if they were more rewarding in general instead of just giving me glimmer at the end of the activity


Masters? No. I get a good loadout, get into a groove, and run the Legends for the new exotics, but that's about it. I don't do a ton of master level content though.


I usually wait until later in the season when I'm at least at level for master lost sectors, and at that point it doesn't take so many runs to get the exotic to drop. Usually takes no more than 5 runs for me, I just had one outlier where it took more than 20 runs to get one to drop. Figured something bugged out or my rng was on a "cool down" for getting the other exotics so "quickly". But yeah I don't mess with legend, same amount of difficulty imo for worse chances, no thanks.


I've run I believe about 60 of both Legend and Master, and I've found the drop rate for both to be about the same at \~1/3. So if that observation is representative of the true drop rates, there's no reason to run Master


I only run the 1350s, but obviously I wait a few weeks into the season until I'm no more than 10 light under with gear+artifact. We're in the fourth week of this season and I'm already at 1330+15, so not that long of a delay. For me, the lower light version isn't rewarding enough in terms of exotic drop chances, which is the only reason I'm there; the materials doesn't have any impact on my decision making. And, to be honest, while it would be neat for Enhancement Prisms to drop from a Master Lost Sector, I don't really believe the activity is difficult enough to justify that level of reward for an easily repeatable, solo, ten to fifteen minute activity. As it is right now, I'd rather spend an extra two or three minutes going slowly and carefully through a Master Lost Sector than run the Legend Lost Sector multiple times to get the same chance at an exotic roll.


I've actually found at some point last season I think they stealth tweaked the drop rates and stat distributions of Exotics from Master LSs. Prior to the change it felt like exotics dropped more frequent from Legend and had better stats... almost like they got it backwards. But I can say that most of the exotics I've received from Master came w/ almost a guaranteed 62+ total stat and they are actually common now (as opposed to prior this hypothetical stealth buff)


I run it just to fill collections. I hate facing champions solo.


Depends on the exotic. If its radiant dance machines, lmao nooo


I've only done it when a triumph calls for it and/or until I got my Cuirass (checked that box a month or two ago).


Later in the season when you’ve got power boosts, they’re essentially the same difficulty and it’s more options to farm if you want. Agree that there could be more rewards, higher drop rate doesn’t feel like enough to warrant the extra time it takes per run.


Every time the master sector is for legs, I've got a pair of lucky pants that is overwhelmingly intellect based and I'm a hunter with no time for smarty brains and only time for fast as fuck boi and knives I do end up clocking 20-30 runs in throughout the day if I can manage, and also, if it isn't a pain in the *ass* to accomplish


I do them to try out builds before GMs - speed of champion take down, crowd control, stuff like that. I don’t do them for the exotics: I don’t think there is any difference in drop chance. I’ve had a blue reward for a platinum Master solo clear which felt a bit rubbish.


Honestly, running GMs off of LFG or even master nightfalls is more rewarding if you’re simply looking for exotics. While you do have a focus on what kind of armor you’re getting with lost sectors, it can be possible to never get anything other than glimmer. It feels super lame to run a lost sector like 15 times and get nothing. But that’s the way it goes.


I think it's maddening that it lists drops as "common" but you can run it 10-20 times without anything more than an enhancement core.


Masters are always my go-to later in the season after leveling up enough for them not to be overwhelming. The exotic chance is much higher and they aren't much more difficult than the legend ones.


Fuck master, I just do legend


Depends on the lost sector. Some are terrible on master and not worth the time. Some can be blitzed for a reasonable exotics/hour. Basically if you cant clear master in under 6 minutes it isn't worth considering (in my opinion). My typical goal was four minutes or less (seen people push low twos in some of the easier ones).


I will do each one once solo flawless for the triumph for each season. That was actually kinda fun last season. But that's it. Then move on. If I want to farm Lost Sectors (which I don't) then I will just do the Legendaty version.


Master lost sectors should have higher odds (obviously) and should drop Shards for solo players, that would really be the only way I could see them as a better time to effort ratio compared to legends.


I run each Master once for the triumph, but as others have mentioned, it's almost always significantly less efficient than Legendary as a farm for exotics. (Lots more time required per run with only slightly better drops means fewer exotics per hour overall.)


Veles Labyrinth, Perdition, Bunker 15 and a distant fourth of Exodus Garden are the only lost sectors worth farming. They are all worth farming on Master if you are within 10 light level. Master is about 2/3 drop rate and legend is about 1/5. All of those lost sectors can be done consistently in <5 minutes on Master (veles is by far the best). ​ I will run other lost sectors only to get the first drop of a new exotic because I'm impatient and don't want to wait for the rotation to bring me a good farming sector. In particular fuck the moon lost sectors, too many enemies hiding behind too many walls. The dreaming city lost sectors are also pretty shit because they are also full of an insane amount of enemies but you have very little cover as the player.


I’d me more willing for a chance at ascendant shards.


I can't do either.


I only run them for new exotics. I do enjoy them though. If they ever become equally rewarding in comparison to nightfalls, I think we’d see a huge decline in nightfall interest outside of pinnacles, so I don’t see bungie significantly increasing drop rates.


The return rate of the master is much higher, that's the one I usually farm. I just wait until later in the season when I'm within 5 power so it's comparable in difficulty. Then again, I've spent countless hours farming out the rolls on exotics I wanted so there's not a lot left to chase on that front


I love running master lost sectors for good exotics


I’ll do it, but only for the new exotics that don’t drop from other sources yet. One it gets it, I don’t care about the stat roll I just head out


I djd master just to get the triumphs. Other than that legends seems the way to go for exotics


I’m farming them usually 30-40 runs each week. With the new ghost mods I can replace my existing ones mostly.


I did a couple of them last season, not only did I get nothing from them, but the difficulty just made me hate them.


Bro fuck running legend lost sectors 20+ times just to get nothing or an exotic I already have.


I generally prefer the Master ones because I find the Legend ones almost never drop exotics for me. Probably just unlucky but at least the Master ones I tend to walk away with at least one drop where the Legends I sometimes go for an hour or two and leave with like 5 cores.


I've got all my exotics doing the dreaming city ones, they are by far the easiest ones, you can do the bay of drowned wish and chamber of starlight around 3 minutes.


If I'm within 15 levels of the Master and it has an exotic I want/need, I'll farm it. It can be a little rough but it's a fun challenge.


If there is a roll I really want to complete a build I'll go in way under-light and honestly it's kinda fun to perfect them but can be frustrating too like if a barrier servitor is ducking behind a bunch of immune enemies or the other various situations that can arise with champions sometimes.


I run them to test certain builds in more realistic high end scenarios, but for the loot? Nope, too much of a headache


Lol, fuck that. Never. The rewards for both versions suck so I don't bother at all beyond just getting one drop of the new armor exotic and move on.


i generally have really good luck in them compared to what i’ve heard from others on the sub. on a day where the sector isn’t too hard and i like what the armor is i’ll run one to get a feel for what loadout i’m gonna need and do my best with what i have and then i try to get runs to about the 4-5 minute speed as fast as possible as i learn it until i get something i like whether or not it’s what i wanted or i’ll keep going and sometimes i can get 2-3 exotics in a row and i start to play with different loadouts get upset when i’m going way slower with a crappy loadout and finally stop


They don't seem any more rewarding for the amount of additional time and effort to complete them. Ain't no pro speedrunner either, so theres no way I could run some very specific strat to get around the annoying bits.


I do


No point imo. Even a 1320 NF has such a higher drop rate. I'd sooner run that. Ok a solo can't, but if you're in a group it's a no brainer to run NFs instead.


I farmed 1 for a day and didnt get 1 so never again lol


Either the drop rates need to be fantastic or let us run with a fire team, that high of difficulty content for such a low chance at anything good isn't fun.


I ran master perdition day one like 10 times for my nothing manacles so pretty willing. They aren't really all that hard once you get the technique down.


I'll run it until I don't get drops. I've run it about 30x strait with an exotic every 2 or 3 runs. But when I don't get an exotic after 5, my personal rule is to stop. It's not fun. I don't enjoy it. But it's the only way to kind of focus an exotic drop


I’m 1341 or 1342 max light at the moment and it’s a long season. When I’m on level with masters I’ll probably farm them if they have the slot I want. Until then it’s easier to breeze through legend.