(On Console) Aim Assist should work like it does in Call of Duty (Warzone). The "Precision Aim Assist" Setting.

(On Console) Aim Assist should work like it does in Call of Duty (Warzone). The "Precision Aim Assist" Setting.


also please add gyro aiming. it already can be done with steam or ds4winows but cumbersome to set and finicky


Great idea


So frustrating when the aim is stolen


I could write you a book on how annoying it is.


yeah they need to make it so that you can see the whole part


And on Keyboard & Mouse it shouldn't exist to begin with.


It doesn’t, only bullet magnetism is on mnk, reticle friction is controller only


I'm quite obviously on about aim assist in general. Why would Reticle friction be on MKB? Snipers are meant to be precision weapons, but they can't even thread the needle most of the time bc of that shit.


You're getting down voted but I do know what you mean. It's most obvious on bows. But having magnetism is better than not, you ever see their servers? Looks like an arts and crafts project with a few wires here and there.


I mean, I haven't seen their servers, and I doubt you actually have either. But every weapon (excluding swords obv) having both Aim Assist and Bullet Magnetism makes it insanely easy to hit heads compared to other shooters, and so it feels unrewarding and boring the more skill you have (i'm not exactly a god player, i've never even finished a Master NF), and I feel the need to moan about it. For how the servers feel, when an enemy teleports you're not gonna hit them either way, same with if damage is ignored or reversed by that weird healing bug. I'm fine with it being on controller, there's not really much reason not to with the lack of sensitivity options and less controlled turning and aim, if people wanted it to be a setting they would've asked for it. But on MKB, there's no reason for a setting because then it would feel unfair to those who had it off, and also then there wouldn't be any detriment to cheaters (while I know we're getting anticheat, it still needs to be thought about), as how aim cheats or hacks or whatever you want to call them work better using aim assist to target bodies and heads even faster. I don't know if anyone really cares about this as much as me, but it's just something I like to think about being better, after all, if you want assistance with hitting heads, you shouldn't be using something you can control so much IMO.


There is definitely some of this problem on PC with mouse still. It's extremely noticeable when you have multiple opponents in pvp strafing side to side with one in front of the other.


Reticle stickiness literally just doesn't exist on mnk. You might be thinking of flinch. If you're aiming close to a target but not quite at them, flinch will pull your reticle towards them. Other than that it's just placebo.


I think bullet magnetism is one of the biggest reasons destiny's gunplay feels so good. Most shooters have a handful of weapons but destiny has hundreds. In order to make them all feel unique they have to add more stats than just the standard damage/range/recoil/reload that most shooters have. Adding all sorts of metrics like recoil direction, aim assist, target acquisition, etc makes all the guns feel more unique because there's more combinations of what a gun can be.


I have to disagree, i'd maybe understand it with *fusion rifles where the bolts feel like they have more spread than shotguns.* If all that makes a gun unique is it's stats, then changing them for balance would mean it's not the same gun. Also, Aim Assist is Target Acquisition. I, as someone who isn't gonna hit heads consistently in most games, feel the gunplay isn't rewarding because of how easy it is to do so. Plus, it's not even like recoil is much of a factor in this game, let's be honest we're not turning our mice 90 degrees and using all of our desk to deal with a submachine gun because they're not that strong, even on low sensitivities. The main appeal of guns in destiny is the perks and the stat that you can upgrade (masterworking), I wouldn't think much of two guns that had very similar stats and the exact same perk pools, i'd go with the easier one, which invalidates the point of the harder one. It would be the same thing if there was an option to turn off AA and BM, no one would have it off because those who did would feel invalidated by someone who has a pointless advantage. I think a gun can be unique beyond how much you can borderline cheat with it. I mean this only for KBM of course, controller users need it to be able to keep up, but what is it actually doing for KBM? I know for sure it's not to keep up with a different option that has more control...


whats your settings?