How many people still use their original Guardians???

How many people still use their original Guardians???


Never changed my Titan, and never will


"This war has changed", said the Titan, slowly wrapping the dressing around his wound. His Ghost has offered to fix it of course, but he sometimes preferred the old ways. *What do you mean?* Chirped his Ghost, upbeat and cheery as ever. "I remember the threats being... Smaller, I suppose. I remember having a moment to breathe. Now... Not so much. I think I'm starting to feel the wear, old friend. I'm starting to see why Osiris sometimes uses a stick, why Ikora is starting to show grey hair." *Thats just aging, silly goose. Everyone gets old.* "Do they? Have you ever seen an elderly Guardian? One that grew old, I mean?" *Come to think of it... No, I haven't. You were all just brought back exactly as you were and that was that.* "No aging?" *No aging. Keeps you fighting for longer.* "Then why do I feel like this?" *Well, 4 raids, 3 grandmaster nightfalls, crucible, trials of osiris, dungeons and quests for new exotics will wear anybody out.* "Remember forever 29?" *Don't remind me.*


LMAO forever 29 actually made me shudder. Forever 29, Forever 31. Jesus...


“Fake Iron Banner 30”


Have my upvote good guardian, you made my night with: "Remember forever 29?" goodness gracious...I haven't laughed so hard like this in a while.


Yep. Same exo titan since the beta for the first game. Bungie will have to take him from my cold dead hands.


YES! Exo Titans for life!


Exoooooo Titannnnn


exo Titans!!!!!


Exo Titan !!!


Exo Titans!


Exo Titans!


Glad to see I'm not the only one. On top of that, while I technically have a Hunter and a Warlock character... I've probably played them both for no more than a couple hours each since the original Destiny launch. Titan4Life


Hah! Same here... I just log in with my hunter and lock at the end of the season to get the armor and ornaments.


Same. Sunbreaker since day 1, but now I dabble with Cuirass in Gambit and Ursas in GMs. You know, to stay fresh.


There weren't sunbreakers day one I don't think.... only defenders and strikers were in at launch. Third subclasses were like 2 years later.


One year later, Taken King


Ah thanks :) good times.


God, Ursas in GMs are absolutely CRACKED!! 😱


Yassss king. OG Titans forever


Still got all three of my OGs.


Haha really? I’ve deleted my D1 hunter and titan and redid them dozens of times but yeah I can never seem to replace my Warlock. To many memories with him


Same with my Titan. I will never delete them and honestly I don’t even bother with other characters anymore lol, I’m too attached.


> "You won't have to explain this to Zavala. He, of all people, will understand." —Deputy Commander Sloane


whats this quote originally from?


I've had a purple-eyed batman lookin Exo Hunter since 2014 and I expect to keep him around a long time


Same. He might be blue with a blue chad cut, but he’s mine.


I don't really understand why anyone would delete a character, it's not like you can respec abilities or something. I have all three of my OGs too. I will say that my original main, my hunter, has slowly been getting replaced by my warlock as my main because I'm finding warlock more fun to play with better exotics. I don't think I'll ever be able to fully replace her, though. Like you, I have way too many memories with her. Plus, I fucking hate the warlock jump after triple jumping for so many years.


Replaying campaigns and fixing ugly faces are the reasons I've done it.


I switched from an awoken to an Exofor that reason but now with the new lighting changes I wish I could go back— if I made one now though it would technically be a new light so I’m stuck with the EXO.. it would’ve been fine if they didn’t remove the metallic textures from the EXO heads


I got a PS4 when I was in college, and downloaded the Destiny demo version before buying the game. Since it was a "demo", I gave precisely negative six f\*\*\*s while creating my titan, chose the exo with no real eyes, and made it all green and orange. Actually bought the TTK version, and it just "borrowed" my character from the demo. Ended up just going with it, and have kept him as my titan since just for being a real OG. But, let's just say, there's a reason "the helmet always stays on" lol(Literally too. I have the setting activated for wearing your helmet in the tower). My warlock and hunter came much later, and I didn't make the same goofy mistake with them, by making them look like a meme. Although I'm not nearly as sentimentally attached, Bungie keeps coming out with new wierd bugs relating to people doing old content, like new characters not being able to do Forsaken and unlocking the tangled shore or whatever that deal was last season. Anyway, that stuff only would have applied to me had i deleted a character, so I feel like I'm just passively being rewarded for not trying to do character exploits when they exist.


same kinda thing with my hunter, I mained warlock in d1 and made a hunter just because with no real intention of playing it so I went crazy with the customization he looks like a Seahawks fan that you would see in the stands with dyed hair and face paint and I love it


Kept my warlock too! Hunter and titan are just ehh


I still rock my original 3 as well. I never saw a reason to redo them since I never remove my helmet in the tower. I do main my hunter, but I keep my warlock and Titan leveled as well so if RNG really hates me I can use those 2 to make more attempts at things like thousand voices and other once a week weapon rolls.


Same. And really wish we could change their appearance.




Add another to the All Three OGs crew


Same here! I havent touched my hunter since I think TTK, but I've got all three OG's.


I still use all of them too


I re-did my day 1 hunter at the launch of D2 to get rid of the poopy face paint he had (it looked red in the character creator, but it was very much brown), but my titan and warlock have been around since at least taken king.


Same, Not like I ever see any of their faces.


It legit makes me feel surprised when I see my guardian's face in a cutscene...


My exact sentiment.




I would if cross-save was enabled when D2 came on PC :(


One of my biggest gripes with the game. I'd have been somehow more invested in the game if I could have brought them over instead of starting fresh on PC.


Yeah, also sucks that we can't get the emblems for D1 triumphs or get the veteran dialogue


The veteran dialogue is one of my biggest gripes. Like Bungie at least give us PC players an option.


I wish they would do a toggle. So people who made the switch from a different platform, or those who started “fresh” but are still vets can have the option. I ended up restarting my hunter back when D2 was stale and tried to make them look better, biggest mistake because I miss my D1 hunter a lot now.


Isn’t that the truth, it’s sad to think he is collecting dust.


Mine isn’t


Yeah this was a dick-punch. I basically re-created my characters in the PC version, but by the time cross-save was enabled I had way too much gear on my PC account to over-write it, just for the continuity.


Yep, you and literally 50% of the PC player pool :(


What if you shove all your stuff in the vault, keep one of the pc characters, and save 2 of the old characters? I think that was possible but I'm not sure I remember fully.


Unfortunately there's no account merge of any kind. You have your D1 console characters on one account (Xbox or PS) and your PC characters on another (Steam - Battle.net at the time cross-save launched). When you designate an account as your cross-save account, you have to pick one.


It didn't do it by character, it chose one savegame from one platform and made that the only one you could use. If you chose to bring forwad the console saves, your entire PC file was gone.


I threw away my PC progress to revive my PS4 characters. Totally worth, if only for the emblems.


Yeah, I did this too. Lost a pretty sick god roll Austringer but definitely worth it to have my original D1 guardians.


Wasn't worth it for me since I played a lot of D1 on Xbox 360.


Same. I moved to PC in 2017 and wasn't able to port my Guardian over. And unfortunately migrating your Guardian is no longer a thing :( My D1 Guardian lives forever in D1.


i'm still hoping someone at bungie is listening and allows us to get our legacy emblems from D1...there isn't much hope but there is some...


This right here please! u/dmg04 u/cozmo23


They killed me in 2017, and they killed me again with all the bullshit they made this game in 2020.


When I first started my very first character, a Hunter, I was unsure of how interested I'd be in the game. When I designed him, I basically made him look like The Joker. Fast forward three years and thousands of hours, and I was (still am) addicted to the game. With Destiny 2 looming, I decided to delete my original Hunter and remake him with a more "normal" appearance. Other than that, I believe I deleted one Titan at some point, but my Warlock is still original. I let my girlfriend (now wife) design her, somewhat in her own image. Which, once the visual overhaul happened going from D1 to D2, she looks terrible... I contemplate deleting her and remaking her in the new system, but I've been holding out for a character editor instead.


LOL. Exactly. I know, but during the Beta, I made a warlock thinking "They will just start over". Well, I got to keep my first 8 light levels and my experience in the Vanguard, so I kept my dumb ass mullet with eye highlight makeup dufus, and have had him ever since. I put more care into my hunter and titan, but carried them over too.


I have my D1 day 1 Hunter that woke up in the Cosmodrome with Dinklebot. Made him when I was 11...


God damn do I wish they would’ve kept him. All because he was too busy filming GoT and look how that ended!


Nolan North does a way better job with Ghost than he did


My titan has accompanied me in all my adventures, I have no plans to change it within the near future, too many memories for that


Same. My Titan's from Oct 2014 and has been my main since.


Titan and my warlock are still original from D1. But me and my buddy agreed to “lose” a guardian to the tower attack and my hunter got a refresh


I switched from Xbox to PS4 between D1 and 2 so my OG's were sunset long ago


Ah that sucks I’m sorry dude. To bad cross save wasn’t out yet :/


Yeah that came out after about two years of grinding on my PS4 characters so there was no point in bringing them back. PC player now, was very tempting to bring the OG's over when I first enabled CS but it just isn't worth the regrind *Salutes OG characters*


Same. Kinda sucked not getting the veteran dialogue as well in d2


Same here. I’m still bitter about how they killed off the Kinect.


Me too man :( Had so many cool legacy emblems from the years of D1 all to be reset to nothing when I switched. I’ve still got my Xbox one where my OG’s live though.


Still have all three of my original ones.


Haven't deleted any of my OG characters.


I would have, if Bungie made it possible to move characters from Xbox to PC in D2 vanilla. But I basically made the exact same character in D2, so I do feel like it's my original D1 character.


In the same boat here, i really just want the veteran dialogue and emblems


I still use my original Guardians. Warlock was my first character, made on D1's launch day, Titan was made a few weeks later and quickly became my favourite, finally made a Hunter during Dark Below content as it became obvious that they were the best character to run sword against Crota. Warlock and Hunter are a bit neglected these days but they still sit waiting for action.


all 3 of mine are the same exo male gang


The only male one I have is a warlock, because I couldn't stand the semantic heresy of having a female warlock.


Since i hit lvl 30 in d1 vanilla. Before that i made like 8 titans to farm vog.


Im still a hnuter main for 5 years


Still on the same Titan I created the first time I launched the game.


[Still using mine](https://imgur.com/mCgiw8U). I need to create an updated D2 screenshot, especially with the recent engine changes. I just can't bring myself to delete and recreate any of them.


All three


I made my Warlock look like Ultron as I was super hyped for AoU back then, and stayed with it since. Hunter and Titan I've changed the looks of but Ultron Warlock STAYS.


I've had many different Hnters since 2014 but my Warlock has never changed I would love to get a character's (or account) date of birth a tracker but since the subclass kills are frozen since Beyond Light, I don't think they even know trackers still are a thing Edit : I had a few Titans in 7 years but none survived, I really don't like to play this class


Still rocking my Vanilla D1 Titan main. I only run one character, just don't have the time to start a whole new one. Me and my Titan have done it all together #TitanMasterRace


Still using same Hunter from D1 !!! never got into running all 3


My Titan and hunter are from D1 vanilla. My Titan has had the same stupid bowl cut for 7 years. I created a warlock around the time Well of Radiance became necessary for everything.


Warlock and Hunter are my day ones. Titan I've changed a few times.


Characters didn't come over if you went to PC. Never got that cool memory thing at the beginning of D2. It was kinda sad. All 3 of my guardians from D1 gone...


Still got my warlock from taken king, never actually made any other class in d1


still got my 2014 optimus prime titan


Still got my good ol Titan from when I first started in the taken king!


I am! I have always been a hunter main. Thematically I can’t bring myself to use a different class through the first campaign run. Even when switching to battlenet, I recreated his face exactly the same.


Reuben, my hunter, has been with me since day 1 D1.


My warlock, Hunter and Titan are all from day 1 of Destiny 1


This girl right here!!!!!


I was Triple Titan, still have my OG Exo


Since day one. Mostly my Warlock


My ORIGINAL original was a Titan that I picked because I thought it was going to be a tanky up close type. In Vanilla D1, it was decidedly not that. I deleted that character after 1-2 missions and made a Hunter. Still play that Hunter today.


i used to delete characters like crazy in d1


Back in d1 i had two titans so both my titan and my hunter are my originals, i later made a warlock in d1 during forsaken then just copied her over to d2 so i like to think its the same guardian. My personal head cannon with my second titan was that he died during the red war and thats why he isnt in d2


I deleted one of my original 3 from early 2015 so I could run kings fall 4 times one week lol. All three are from 2015 with two being from February.


Still have all 3 of mine. Human hunter(main), human warlock, exo titan. Never had it in me to delete any of them to create a new guardian hahah


Have had my warlock and hunter since the beginning. I never even played titan until D2.


Yep made my Human Hunter back in September 2014 and we've been on an incredible journey since then!


Still have my OG Hunter and Warlock. I used to get bored in D1 and remake my titan all the time though.


I still have my OG warlock.


My Hunter is my OG. However in the process of leveling them up I created and deleted characters in the other slots to do Daily Public Events to get more Ascendant Shards and Energy to help level to get up to Nightfalls and VOG. My Titan and Warlock were finally made when I had gotten my Hunter up enough and didn't want to continue that process.


I still got my ugly main Titan with a black skull face-lift and blonde Mohawk. I also have my own Warlock and Hunter who actually look decent


All three of mine are from D1, but I remade my very first hunter because I made him look ridiculous cause I built him in the demo and didn't realize that this would be the most hours I put into any video game ever. Also I wanted the first cloak that was more like just a scarf.


I've still got my OG Hunter, human female with purple hair. I was playing Saints Row IV at the time, and modeled it after my character in that game. Of course, in Saints Row games you can change your entire appearance and gender on a whim. I didn't realize you wouldn't be able to do that in Destiny. But here I am like 7 years later with the same character.


Brought my beta era Warlock and post launch other two from my 360. One of these days, when I get an XSX, all 3 will move to their third console.


All 3 are my D1 guardians


Two ogs one new warlock because the female armor looks better lol 😂


I have been playing titan since the d2 beta and haven’t deleted any of my characters


Titan 4 ever!


I switched from ps3 to pc when D2 came out and I don’t think there was an option for it but I only had a exo titan on D1 and that was my first char on D2 and I still have him so I’d say that counts


Me! Have never deleted a character.


I've deleted my Hunter and Titan over the years. Started a new Titan with Forsaken but haven't played it in over 2 years. Still running with my OG Exo Warlock since I got the game in 2015 though!


Lost mine when i switched to pc bc they didnt have cross save then and I wasnt about to lose literally all my stuff on my pc account T.T


Had to make a new account just before House of Wolves, right before the whole fallen cache sparrow run things came about, but I've been playing that character ever since.


All three of mine are from Destiny 1. Only really play my warlock though.


After I had my son, I just don’t have time to run all three classes, so I wiped two, and just played as a Titan main. It stung a little, as I had had all three D1 (All) -D2 (Red War). But afterwards it was freeing. Instead of work, grinding the same quests on all three characters, I could put my limited time into just my main. And it was a great decision in the long run. Revitalized my internet in the game by making it less a chore and more an enjoyment. But, it is my original Titan. Unchanged since D1. Still loving that beat up old Exo Titan.


Mine haven't changed. I originally had three hunters, kept the og made a titan then during rise of iron or a little before I made a warlock too. They all came to d2


Unfortunately, my D1 Guardian only lives on only on my non-cross-save Xbox Account. I hopped onto PC when it went Free to Keep and got a lot done on my character before Cross-Play was announced and I didn't wanna go back. So here we are now.


I used to be hunter all the way, this last few weeks I noticed how much I like some of the warlock gear so I switched. My hunter’s face looks exactly like my warlock’s so I don’t feel like I’m betraying my roots lol


my main (hunter) I've had since the release of D2


I still have my D1 titan.


My main (hunter) is the D1 OG. As a forever 29, I did have 3 hunters - which I deleted 2 for a Titan and Warlock when Bungie took away the reason to run 3 of 1 class.


I only have one Titan. He is me and I am him.


I originally played destiny 1 in ps4 all the way back when dinosaurs still existed (2014) but because I switched to Xbox in 2017 and played destiny 2 on the Xbox, I couldn’t use my og characters which yeah kinda sucks but I don’t want my hunter looking like a baldy fuck anyway so 50/50


There was no way to carry over my warlock from Xbox onto PC until cross-platform was added..... so unfortunately not technically my original guardian. But same race and facial looks so close enough


I have one of each class, all masculine humans with the same face. I copied them over from D1. I wish I could switch them to feminine characters because hunters are starting to look more and more like titans. I wouldn't mind restarting my warlock or titan because I barely use them, and haven't even got stasis on them yet. But my hunter's been my main since D1 and I've sunk too many hours into that guardian to get rid of it.


I had a warlock phase for a while. But I'll always be a hunter main at heart


I imported my og character from D2, but her face never looked quite right. I remade an awoken warlock as my main and moved on.


My hunter is my main and I've had her since Beta. Or D1 release? Can't remember if we got to keep our character or had to remake at them at this point. It has been so long.


I have the second titan I ever created from Taken King but my other characters are from Destiny 2 base game (definitely my warlock, although my hunter might be more recent)


My female Titan is OG, Warlock and Hunter I switched from male to female in D2.


Redesigned my hunter I still have my OG titan and warlock. Although now my hunter looks horrible after the update to character models I wanna change it but I don’t wanna redo everything


My hunter is the first character I made, December 2014.


Made a new account when I moved to PC, but I perfectly recreated my warlock.


All the way from beta on 360, to launch, to Xbox one, and now on pc. Still maining my OG warlock, giant forehead and all!


I still have my original Titan (main) and Hunter. Remade my Warlock when TTK dropped just to get the Grimoire cards for human and Awoken (originally made all 3 characters Exo's so I needed the other cards), but I've had them ever since.


Day one D1 warlock main and still main. Have a titan from mid taken king that I haven't played since before Beyond Light. Only ever had a hunter for the khvostov 7g-0x quest and immediately deleted it after banking the gun.


I still have the same titan and warlock from day one


I've carried my Hunter from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One to PC. So thankful for cross saves. I've redone my Warlock and Titan like 3 or 4 times each though


All 3 are my original characters, though I did remake my titan at the start of d2 bc the transfer turned him orange. Hunter and warlock are the exact same.


Warlock and Titan are OG. Hunter was an Exo, didn't like her so I swapped her to human. Plus I wanted to see if anything changed in D2 character builder, it did not. Warlock and Titan are from D1.


Still using my D1 Day one Hunter. Never made another character. So I've never even tried playing as a Titan or Warlock.


I still have my Warlock, but I changed my Hunter and Titan once in D1. I'm very attached to him although the color I chose for him changed from D1 to D2. It was a cool copper in D1 but kind of an ugly yellow in D2. It almost made me delete him and make a new one, but I couldn't bring myself to do it.


I have all three as well.


I would if they let me move them from d1 to PC but they only just did that, and I started the pc guardians as soon as it released.


All three are still my OGs. Titan is the oldest of the bunch, "born" a couple of days after D1 release. Warlock was next in December 2014, and finally the Hunter around February 2015. Didn't play THAT much early on, so it took a few months till I ran all three classes. But after I got them all up to speed I never looked back, lol.


I really didn’t understand the benefits of having multiple characters until like... Y2 of D2 so I’ve been sticking with my Warlock (the Nova Bomb in an early D1 trailer hooked me)


I have all of my 3 originals but really wish I could change facial features. I made my Titan look like Awoken Elvis just to make my son laugh. His helmet always stays on


My Hunter has been the same since D1 everyone else I remade more than once.


I never change my hunter since the free demo of D1, the other two I've had many experimental characters, but my hunter has stayed with me for so long.


Still got my original hunter human male with his stupid haircut! 😅😅😅😅 that dude will come with me on every destiny adventure


I've kept the same Hunter. Deleted other characters for the Hell of it, since I really only have time to invest in my Hunter if I want to be able to enjoy other games. :/


Not me. I played most of D1 with a Titan but made a Hunter near the end for fun. The abilities were a better fit for my cowardly play style so I switched and have never gone back.


All 3 of my Toons have been present and active since vanilla D1, have not once subscribed to the delete your toon for teh farm idea that occasionally raises its head in this game.


Yep, all 3 are from Destiny 1


I have all 3 of my OGs.


Og titan🙋🏻‍♂️


I believe on xbox if you go to the compare games with friends section and look up destiny you can see your characters 'age'. Just a random bit of information for anyone that cares lol.


I had to delete my ildest Guardian (female warlock) at the start of D2 because she was fugly aa hell and that was the best time to start a new one. Hunter and Titan were good looking enough to keep.


I still got all 3 of my OG's but at the start of d2 I modified them a little just to imagine that time has passed also for them


2 are ogs from 2014 never deleted them and 1 is from, 2015 after deleting a 2014 one as I wanted a hunter instead of a 2nd warlock


Ayyyy! Warlock gang gang


My Hunter, Warlock, and Titan from D1 day one are all still going strong


My Titan and Hunter are the same but I deleted my OG Warlock because I wanted to change the gender. Only reason it didn’t feel like a total loss was because I had veteran status so my dialogue wouldn’t change


I’ve got my day 1 Titan. He even has these red smears across his face and red eyes cause I though ‘heh evil robot’ not realizing that there would never be a way to change his face ever again...


All three of them - started with a hunter, made later a warlock and than in the cosmodrome I saw this purple crazy punching guy and everything afterwards is history - Titan took part in all activities from Vault of Glass till DSC - it is my favorite one even my hunter is the first one.




Created a Titan and a Warlock Day 1 of Destiny 1, and have basically alternated my “main” between them ever since. I also have a Hunter that my son made in D1 and imported to D2 as my third character. He plays on his own account now though...


I swapped from warlock to hunter this season Bc I got tired of the nerfs


All three OG's. I played my original hunter for a couple hundred hours in D1 before I even made my second and third characters, but I haven't changed em since.


I still have my D1 Hunter and Titan. I've remade my warlock a couple times... can't settle on a look but I think currently it's *similar* to my D1


I definitely should not have done what I've done, but the amount of times I have deleted characters to start a new class, only to go back to a new one a week later is ridiculous, I am sure my OG hunter is out there wondering where the hell I went.


Still have my D1 titan and he's staying. For good


i got d1 on PS3, can't transfer it to my pc account. So no, had to re-create my guardian


This thread makes me unrationally angry. Played D1 since beta. Decided to play D2 on PC on launch. So I got all the "new guardian" dialogue. Then the cross save stuff happened before Shadowkeep. Had to decide if i wanted my original guardians or all of my d2 progress. That included all 10 titles (at the time), not forgotten, my exotics, scourge day 1 and other exclusive emblems, etc. Chose to keep my d2 progress. Couple months came by and decided to jump on D2 on Xbox... to realize it acknowledges my achievements from D1 (like the days and fireteams of first raid clears) but still forced me into New Light and treats me as a nobody. It really bothers me that I know all the lore but still get dialogue like "What's a warmind?" And Bungie has yet to include a simple toggle for veteran and new player dialogue.


Hunter day 1, titan the dark below, and warlock a little before house of wolves


Me :)


Switched to PC before crosssave. Bungie continues to have veteran dialogue. I realize they probably can’t merge accounts or give me any of my old stuff back, but being told what the taken are feels bad.


I have all 3 classes, but I started with my warlock and bounce between him and my hunter depending on what I'm running.


Didn't play d1, deleted my warlock in curse of osiris cause I didn't like the exo dance, I am a warlock main and I have deleted my hunter over 15 times. The only reason I haven't deleted my titan is because I have now unobtainable warlock emblems on my titan (as in unobtainable, I mean that you cannot get warlock emblems on a titan anymore, not that you can't get the emblems, it's just the base yellow emblem and the void walker emblem) My only "OG" character is my titan, but I main warlock (which I have deleted once or twice)


Have original vanilla day 1 Titan, and started my warlock around Dark Below and Hunter shortly thereafter. I still have all three.


Have all my original characters My hunter from day 1 My Warlock from when The Taken King was released My Titan from when Rise of Iron launched. When making my warlock and titan I played the 1st mission over and over again, after I had made the character I had to make sure the voice suited the face so they had to be deleted and started over numerous times until I was happy with them...and now they all have the same voice as my hunter


Sort of? My hunter is my original that I went through all of D1 with. But then a few years back I got into a D1 kick again and made a warlock who is now my D2 main. And then just before Sunset, I ran a Titan through all of D1 (except Rise of Iron because I didn't feel like taking the time to raise my light level to get to that content) and then did the campaigns for D2. Finished Shadowkeep before Beyond Light. So I guess my hunter is the original and she still exists, but I play my warlock mostly.


All three


Been on the same character since D1 hour 0. Can’t imagine deleting it.