Something on Mars seems to be EXTREMELY important!! > The Traveler moved across **the face of the iron world. It opened the earth and stitched shut the sky.** It made life possible. In these things there is always symmetry. Do you understand? **This is not the beginning but it is the reason.** This is the same thing Ikora brought up for the Season of Undying cinematic. > We say the Black Garden is the birthplace of the Vex. **But it was not the beginning. It was the reason.** The life in the Garden called out a question; **the Vex are the answer.** They will do anything to protect the Garden. In these things is symmetry. But why? Why Mars? Notice how a lot of powers converged on Mars? Rasputin, Nokris and Xol, the Black Garden, the Vex. There’s something more here but all we have are poetry to go on.


Knowing from the Dust book that there are two factions of the Nine; 5 seeking to manifest themselves in our reality to understand us, and four who wish to free themselves of their dependence on life, my take on it is this - the four planets cordoned off are likely that latter faction; the inner planets. We also know that one of the Nine obscured the Cabal’s approach into the solar system, and was rebuked by the Nine for that fact and was paying a price as a result - the Almighty could have destroyed the Sun and the Nine with them. At first, I’d always assumed that it was Mercury that had done that; I mean it was half torn apart by the Almighty. But what if it was *Mars*? It was a calculated risk for whichever planet that did it, but if the Inner Nine are in cahoots, Mars could have been trying to help the Earth free itself of the Guardians/Traveler and its influence. It was close enough to hide Ghaul’s fleet on approach - and its pretty clear the Black Garden is tied very strongly to it; we did get to the Garden the first time on Mars. I’m not quite clear on why the Garden being tied to Mars would be a punishment (or how Xol, Rasputin might possibly fit in) but there’s a reason Mars is at the conflux of those paths.


I would assume it’s a reference to the Black Garden if it could be said to still be on Mars. Also, where do you get this book from?


The Garden isn't *on* Mars, I think the only reason it said Mars in D1 was because that's how the engine worked, the Garden was part of the Mars map. Canonically, the way I understand it is the Garden exists everywhere and outside time. The gates, known ones being on Mars and the Moon enter the Garden plane from within any timeline. Explains why in VO and GoS, there is a planet and its moon visible in the sky, but the Garden isn't visible from anywhere except the Garden itself - pretty sure that's meant to be Earth and the Moon.


You can enter the garden through the tunnels in Mars during the Tenebrous Tunnels mission from The Taken King's post-campaign. This doesn't utilize the Vex gates at all, we just walk in. So this would inply some aspect of it physically exists on Mars. I do think there is still some spacial/temporal fuckery going on though.


And back in the vanilla D1 campaign, right after you kill the Heart, Ghost says something like "We're on Mars now." So my impression was that the Heart was holding the Garden outside of time and space, and when we killed it the Garden became "anchored" to Mars for a while. And now, based on the Aspect lore book, *something* has "powered up" the Garden again so it's outside of time and space once more.


I received 3 pages from Eris after the shadowkeep campaign. 1 per charater, I recieved 2 last week and 1 this week. They seem to be unlocking weekly. Just like the Dreaming city lore book. Its not transcribed in the Ishtar collective so you have to collect and read these in game.


I finished the campaign but I don’t believe I’ve gotten it yet. Edit: Nevermind lol, I got it.


I got 3 last week, and one this week. Seems like it was glitched last week because I tried on my alts this week and didn't get any extras. The 4th one is particularly interesting to me.


At the end of Vanilla D1 the Black Garden gets anchored to Mars considering that Ghost immediately recognizes we’re back on Mars following the destruction of the Heart, and that a hole in the subways of Freehold leads into the Garden in Taken King (and is not only how we but also the Taken get into it. Plus Shaxx was able to set up a Crucible map in the Garden which would be hard to do if we had to calibrate the Gate Lord’s eye everytime.