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Closest thing would probably be when Felwinter said: >“A Ward of Dawn? Your people will freeze. A Well of Radiance is what you need. My Light will be the wall.” Looks like it suggests Well give off heat, but I don't think there's ever been a comment on their actual restorative properties


I think it can only heal other lightbearers, and the only reason it gives off heat is because it's a solar ability. There wouldn't be much of a need for doctors and such if guardians could heal mortals.


I just don't see any reason for our wells and healing grenades not affecting regular people


I don't either. My best guess it they don't have the light? But Bungie has just never expanded on it, so who knows.


I would assume that’s it. It probably imbues lightbearers with an overcharge of light, allowing supercharged healing compared to a ghosts’ regular healing capabilities. Like jump starting a car, maybe.


Yeah that would make sense.


I imagine it's due to the nature of Light. Something like a Healing Well or Rift might pump huge amounts of Light into the Ghost, not the Guardian, allowing the Ghost to "turbo charge" their Guardian. If that's the case, it wouldn't have any impact on normal humans, purely because there isn't a Ghost to overcharge.


Drifter used his light to heal mortals now and then in a village.


We do have a piece of lore from Season of the Haunted that goes: >With one swift motion, the Praxic Warlock combusts brilliantly with Solar Radiance that emboldens the firing line of Cabal shooters and fills the Splicer's heart with courage. Heated slugs puncture and the Arc pistol finds its mark, shorting out one of the automaton's exposed knees. So clearly the Well does have an effect on non-lightbearers, though it may not be as pronounced as what we experience. My thought is that the Light in general has a tendency to heal things, and cause growth (just look at that Pyramid). While a rift or well won't regrow a limb, or instantly cure diseases, or prevent death in a mortal, it will still make them feel better, and cause them to heal noticeably faster than they would normally.


The ability described is not the Well of Radiance but the D1 Sunsinger super: Radiance. Slightly different as it would boost your allies' grenade cooldowns, and allow for self rezzing (which is also described earlier in the lore piece). This distinction is important because it's not a healing effect that is described here. More like a courage boost.


Either way, the Light does have a tangible effect on their non-lightbearing allies. Which makes it not unreasonable to assume a Well or Rift could also have some kind of effect. Also, I don't think they use self-res. They are described as coming back to life, pulling the Eliksni into cover, _then_ bursting with Solar Light.


It's a reference to Radiant, which debuted that season with Solar 3.0


It’s not a healing effect, but earlier in that same entry the Cabal’s weapons are said to clang off of the automatons metal plating, but after the Warlock uses Radiance the "heated slugs puncture." Which implies that the Warlock imbued a buff into their weapons. I don’t remember if it’s from a weapon tab or a lore book, (it’s from Season of the Chosen I think?) but there’s also an entry where Shaw Han is fighting Cabal with a unit of Redjacks. In the entry he draws a golden gun and fires it into the ground to grant the Redjacks surrounding him a buff strong enough to allow them to cut down a charge. Which shows that Lightbearers can even grant non-sentient entities buffs. Edit: It’s the Lore entry for The Swarm machine gun. He buffs a couple of Redjack Frames enough for them to vaporize a charging group of Gladiators. Which is pretty incredible given how much armor Gladiators are packing.


What’s that from I would like to read it.




Thx so much


Could just be that the "healing" is guardians sharing light which does have restorative effects on guardians (i.e. revive) 🤷‍♂️


As other people have mentioned, there’s plenty of lore about guardians affecting regular people positively with their powers, but nothing actually saying they can heal them. It seems like they can’t directly heal a regular person in the same way they can a guardian though, because of things like us not being able to help Cayde right before he died, with Ghost explicitly saying “there’s nothing I can do”.


They do. Theres felwinter lore about him holding a well for 24 hours to save Shaxxs people. And then Shaxx joined ul


That was to keep them from freezing to death.


More specifically it was to keep the cold out. Shaxx was gonna try his Ward of Dawn but the cold would still slip through the openings.


I know Shaw Han made a bunch of frames radiant. So it works on frames at least.


I would only think resistance in the light is over you and your healing has more to do with ghosts so probably would not help mortals