[506 Sports] Broadcast map for Week 2

[506 Sports] Broadcast map for Week 2


Fuck the raiders.




I'm always kinda curious what goes into some of these decisions, like why is there one market in New Mexico that gets LV/Pitt, why does a small portion of Iowa get our game, etc.


It's frustrating as a fan in northern Idaho because it seems like the southern half always gets it but we never do


We’re not getting it in Boise for the 2nd straight week 🤦🏻‍♂️


We like the correct broncos. Small price to pay haha


Meanwhile Tampa Bay and Dallas have Steelers vs Raiders while the surrounding areas all have something different


If I were to guess the portion of iowa goes off of Omaha’s cable network As for New Mexico…. I’m guessing that county has the El Paso cable network


It all depends on the closest TV market. The part with the LV/Pit game is Las Cruces, which despite being the second largest city in NM, ends up being in the El Paso market for basically everything. Same with the eastern side of NM. Those areas (Clovis, Hobbs, etc) are all much closer to their respective TX TV markets instead of ABQ, so they get TV programming from those areas.


I'm guessing it all has to do with advertising revenue. Sadly.


I live in Texas and we didn't get the Houston game last week. Buffalo and the Steelers were on. I could care less since I'm Broncos all the way but the mapping is dumb. I'm around 8 hours from Denver but since the super bowl I have had to use other means just to watch our team.


The small portion of NM is considered the El Paso TV market, and the small portion of Iowa is the Omaha TV market. That’s really it.


Hopefully this weeks map is better than week 1... Utah was supposed to get the Denver game instead I got Aaron Rogers tanking the Packers into oblivion.


I was disappointed as well. Through Saturday evening the maps I found on 506 and other sites all said that Utah was getting the Broncos.


I was right there with ya. Was a lookin for my rabbit ears so I could tune in the Casper stations.. Radio came to the rescue.


To the high seas again this weekend... Ahh well, it is what it is until the NFL gives us a decent option.


I hate living in the missouri area for this reason Luckily I have a VPN and YouTube TV Edit: Everyone asking. 1) Get a VPN that allows you to chose your location. I got NordVPN because my research suggested it works well for this. 2) Get a fake your GPS location app for your phone. 3) Log into your VPN on your streaming device. I use Amazon Firestick so this is super easy. Chose a location near Denver (or city of choice you want). 4) Log into YouTube TV on your phone while faking location. It will update to the city you are "in". (Denver for me). Confirm and you are good to go. I left my home location as STL. 5) That's it. Now log into Youtube TV to the same account you did from your phone, and with the VPN running, it will stay as being in your new city. You can disable the fake GPS app and delete it. Just don't log into that Youtube TV without your VPN. I have two logins for Youtube TV right now at my house (remember you get 5 logins off one subscription, and 3 streams at once) so I can watch my local channels except when I want to watch Denver TV.


I live in KC. so can I get a VPN and have my YouTube TV think I’m in Denver? I run it through my Apple TV. Sorry I’m not very tech savvy. Just looking for help watching my Broncos.


So what I did was I got nordvpn and then I have it auto connect to a spot in Denver I then faked the GPS location on my phone to Denver I've been logged into YouTube TV from my phone so it recognized me at being in Denver then I made sure I don't log into YouTube TV from that account. And I only watch that account while on the VPN If you have an Amazon fire stick being super easy to do and it cost me a total of like a hundred and twenty bucks for the next two years to watch the Denver Broncos. Because I didn't have a VP in before


FWIW, my nfl app on Verizon is showing that we will get the Broncos game in KC. So maybe this map is not accurate? Guess we will find out soon Edit: they switched it right at kickoff ugh


Also curious about how to work this setup!


Help me too please !!!


Does this actually work? I have Hulu Live and it disables streaming when on a VPN.


Yes it does I had to fake my GPS location on my phone and login to YouTube tv from my phone so it would think my account is in denver, but now it loads up that account from denver while on the VPN (I choose denver as my location on the vpn)


Salt Lake area did not show Broncos even though that same map last week said they would.


They changed it on Saturday before the game.


My buddies guide still said broncos game was on during the packers game lol


Brutal trying to catch a game in Manitoba


As a Broncos fan in South Texas, it hurts not being able to watch Broncos games


If we start winning, then maybe we'll get more generous coverage


has anyone used the paramount+ app to stream Broncos games, I'm in Colorado so local TV should apply https://help.paramountplus.com/s/article/PD-How-can-I-watch-NFL-games-on-Paramount


Interesting, I used locast with a VPN to watch the Broncos since Madison, WI isn't really prime Broncos country. But since they shut down I had to use other means this past sunday, but I'm going to give this a shot this week. The only reason I have Paramount+ is for the Champions League so it will be nice to have another excuse.


Bruh, i love how I live in Pensacola, and yet I’m stuck with the fucking raiders…


Damn we got the D team this week. I miss Kevin Harlan


But at least no Schlereth.


Just put Dave Logan on, makes for a much better experience.


Oh, c'mon!


Vacation lined up just perfectly to miss Denver week 2 and getting stuck watching Houston two weeks in a row...




Go figure I'm just out of the watch area in ks. Fml


Why Boise, Why


2/2 weeks where I have to “legally” watch the games. Unless it’s a prime time game I fear I won’t get it :(


Time to break out the ol IP address ping


I live in central SD, where most people are either Denver or Minnesota fans, and we get the fucking raiders. Ugh.


Fuck me. North Dakota always gets fucked, looks like I’ll be sailing the 7 seas again this week.


The main reason I miss Peyton Manning is the nationally televised games. Living in Chicago as a Broncos fan is wack